Schumer and Pelosi's full response to Trump's border address

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  • Joylandi 9-Yan, 2019
  • After President Trump addressed the nation Jan. 8, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer delivered a response. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on UZclip:
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  • TORO Texas
    TORO Texas Kun oldin

    Reptilians do exist!!!

  • Connie Lopez
    Connie Lopez Kun oldin

    You are all stupid the only evil is Trump he is the cause of the shut down the government.

  • Dallas Fan
    Dallas Fan Kun oldin

    This are 2 idiots who know nothing or cares about the people.. democratic is a joke, they’re much of a problem.. when Obama is a president the walls have already built and now they wanna to stop it? Not this 2 are evil and lies

  • anjie teng
    anjie teng Kun oldin

    Look their dick faces

  • Gabriel Andy Fono
    Gabriel Andy Fono Kun oldin

    Absolutely right

  • B1G R3D
    B1G R3D Kun oldin

    Trump has successfully turned the political parties against each other which were nothing but a classification for a citizens political ideology. I voted for him but I can’t support a man who lies, commits felonies including treason(allegedly), has temper tantrums that cause 800k federal workers to be unpaid and more. I’m very disappointed in the man I voted for.

  • Steve Sanzari
    Steve Sanzari Kun oldin

    Somebody should shut these two Cocksuckers Down ?.... Permanently !

  • PureHankyPanky
    PureHankyPanky Kun oldin

    I don't think people are actually listening. These are valid points. Unfortunately, they had to film it in such a weird way and they sound so stiff and rehearsed, so it comes across weird. But still, people should listen to what's being said.

  • JD 240sx
    JD 240sx Kun oldin

    “The symbol of america should be the statue of liberty not a 30 ft wall”

  • JD 240sx
    JD 240sx Kun oldin

    Everyone in the comments you’re all horrible people

  • Judy Norris
    Judy Norris Kun oldin

    Ewww , yuck, they look like the corn walls!! Build that Wall Mr President!

  • George Campos
    George Campos Kun oldin

    They prefer technology vs a concrete wall because once you put a wall is there for ever to do what is intended for vs technology that they can manipulate at their will for their convenience do they really think people are that stupid. Two demons talking doing satan's work lying deseavin people,
    Go trump we are behind you all the way.

  • Damasito Gonzalez
    Damasito Gonzalez Kun oldin

    Fuk u

  • Akym Rinkovsky
    Akym Rinkovsky 2 kun oldin +1

    Wow, thats what im talking about. Way to go

  • Joe Qin
    Joe Qin 2 kun oldin

    Build the wall!

  • regina kangela
    regina kangela 2 kun oldin

    We must be realistic, don't say things that you know it will not happen for the sake of winning election! Now it's taking all eternity to put it into action. I don't blame Democrats for what is happening now! U said Mexico will pay for , so what happened?

  • JJoy225
    JJoy225 2 kun oldin

    That eye shadow tho

  • Miguel Peralta
    Miguel Peralta 2 kun oldin

    The wall is more useless than recreational park bathroom stalls 👎✋

  • Hi Bye
    Hi Bye 2 kun oldin

    They look evil 👿

  • nooahrj
    nooahrj 2 kun oldin

    They look like characters from epic rap battles of history 😂

  • mtongoli daniel
    mtongoli daniel 2 kun oldin

    This two are enemie of USA progress they support illegal migration actually they're very dangerous people Americans shouldn't believe this IDIOTS

  • Stacy  Kagzi
    Stacy Kagzi 2 kun oldin

    5 billion is nothing compared to trillions of dollars used to help others countrys arm themselves for war 😋


    Chuck stands there like Pelosi has a tight rubber band around his scrotum and yanking on it???????

  • adrian garcia
    adrian garcia 2 kun oldin

    Nancy talk bull sith

  • Jon St.
    Jon St. 2 kun oldin

    I wish there was a shut up button for these peeps.

  • Gage Larez
    Gage Larez 3 kun oldin

    Very creepy...looks like out of a horror movie.

  • anthony evans
    anthony evans 3 kun oldin

    BS,BS,BS,BS,BS,BS!!!!! I WANT THIS WALL!!! He aint holding me hostage. He will get my vote! I aint voting for you two assholes!!!

  • Owen LFC
    Owen LFC 3 kun oldin

    I really don’t understand American politics

  • MC Hammer
    MC Hammer 3 kun oldin

    U guys dont get it. What come at the port of entry is just 20% and 80% comes towards the southern borders. The wall of trump is the best.i am a democrate but I support the wall

  • Brutus Jackendy
    Brutus Jackendy 3 kun oldin

    Trump is the reason why I hate the white house, you guys are the reason why I love America. I love you Democrats, keep it up!
    This wall is not gonna be built with the taxe money of American people. The fact that the shutdown even happened proves that he doesn't care about the American people. If he doesn't reopen the government pretty soon, the American people will go out to manifest their discontent.

  • Dawn Helmes
    Dawn Helmes 3 kun oldin

    They sound so fake lol

  • JD
    JD 3 kun oldin

    Love this new SNL skit

  • ufoguyspaceman
    ufoguyspaceman 3 kun oldin

    Insane Democrats.

  • Shake it Off
    Shake it Off 3 kun oldin

    These two f****** make me sick their biggest pieces of s*** that I know stop fighting with Trump and build the f****** wall f*** you Nancy and Chuck

  • Jose Rivera
    Jose Rivera 4 kun oldin

    You Think a wall is going to make a difference, how about the under ground tunnels? That run for miles,

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez 4 kun oldin

    The shutdown is very unnecessary, not matter what anyone says. I was going over this in my IB Global Politics class and we went over on how all 6 terrorists were not found entering through the southern border it was planes, and during 9/11 those men came from the Canadian border. The only thing he has partially right is the humanitarian crisis during the journey the USA. However he provides inhuman methods and strategies to repel those immigrants. Most of drugs aren’t even brought from the southern border but instead on shipping boats. When u have information that simply easy to find I question his legitimacy.

  • Doug McKinney
    Doug McKinney 4 kun oldin

    Build the wall! Leather man and bobble head don't speak for me

  • Ozzie Gamer God FREE giveaways

    These two are like some weird scripted Southpark characters with some aliens living in their delusional heads

  • severrnijKGU
    severrnijKGU 6 kun oldin

    Hey, they should call the movie title The Last Guffaw.

  • j f
    j f 6 kun oldin +1

    If they dont wont a wall, they should take down the walls and fences that surround their homes. Trump didn't cause the shut down. Dems did by not working with president.

  • xavier sanches
    xavier sanches 7 kun oldin +1

    What if we pay to Chuck Norris to take care of the border????😁

  • Jorge Santiago
    Jorge Santiago 7 kun oldin

    These two idiots should be kick in their asses

  • davesid1477
    davesid1477 7 kun oldin

    Souless zombies out for their own agenda.

  • pasta noodle
    pasta noodle 7 kun oldin +2

    These two clowns voted for more then 25 BILLION for border walls in the past that never got built….these politicians are just like the third world country corrupt one.....the race to making America a third world country....even the liberals cant see that.. wow

  • Isaiah 53
    Isaiah 53 7 kun oldin

    They look so weird. This is very uncomfortable to watch. This is why people voted for a business man and not politicians. Couple of freaks

  • Larry Melmon
    Larry Melmon 7 kun oldin

    what a waste of human skin I can't believe these mouth breathers are still sucking air

  • Matthew Snyder
    Matthew Snyder 7 kun oldin


  • James Travis
    James Travis 7 kun oldin

    We voted for trump to build a wall so why don't you resign or get out of the way,you democrats will destroy this country

  • Equinox
    Equinox 7 kun oldin

    Its like i m watching a trailer for the conjuring 3..

  • starlodear
    starlodear 7 kun oldin

    I find this hard to fap to

  • Tudor Văsieşiu
    Tudor Văsieşiu 7 kun oldin +1

    Maybe they should invest in another podium...

  • IantheGrove
    IantheGrove 7 kun oldin

    Suck my nuts you old fuckers

  • King And Lord
    King And Lord 8 kun oldin

    Add an old-style organ grinder standing there grinding for these two monkeys. Give each one a hat. Might not be a good show but at least it would be accurate.

  • drew quick
    drew quick 8 kun oldin


  • John Gaither
    John Gaither 8 kun oldin

    What is yours and your husbands net worth Nancy? We want to see 10 years of your tax returns and yours too Chucky.

  • William Potts
    William Potts 8 kun oldin

    These are two poster children for a military tribunal court. Then.EXECUTIONS.

  • Craig Hutchinson
    Craig Hutchinson 8 kun oldin

    Who's wearing the most makeup Schumer or Nancy

  • Harvey Wood
    Harvey Wood 8 kun oldin

    They even look like they’re lying 😢

  • Jennifer West
    Jennifer West 8 kun oldin

    Who the hell cares about these idiots. They dont like Trump so lets screw the American people? They literally look like 2 corpses hanging from the ceiling behind a podium. Whay do we have to hear their absolute crap.

  • Roach DawgLoko
    Roach DawgLoko 8 kun oldin +1

    Nice looking well put together people I don't get completely disgusted looking at them like the rest good for you

  • Frank Nicoli
    Frank Nicoli 8 kun oldin

    Why is Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer so wholeheartedly against funding Trumps wall proposal? In 2006, Democrats supported legislation to secure our borders by voting for "The Secure Fence Act of 2006" authorizing construction of a 700 hundred mile border-wall supported by Democrats, including. Sen. Obama, Sen. Pelosi, Sen. Schumer, and Sen. Clinton all voted for it. At that time Congress put aside $1.4 billion for the wall, but the whole cost, including maintenance, was pegged at $50 billion over 25 years. Is it because today's Democrats are playing politics just because Donald Trump is in office?

  • Jk_ordean Neil
    Jk_ordean Neil 8 kun oldin

    27K dislikes


  • Prism X
    Prism X 8 kun oldin

    watch the eyes watch the hands ...... everyone can feel it there abnormal

  • Sundar Pichai
    Sundar Pichai 9 kun oldin

    Its kind of like American Gothic painting with the farmer and his wife holding the pitch fork

  • Michael Smaltz
    Michael Smaltz 9 kun oldin

    Pelosi has never “met the needs of American people”.

  • Matt Matterson
    Matt Matterson 9 kun oldin

    Trump outmaneuvered them big time. They thought he was going to declare a nation emergency, but he really baited them. Look at Pelosi drop her mask right after she stops speaking at 2:06. She's terrified. Fidgeting Chuck was as well.

  • Jun hee Bae
    Jun hee Bae 9 kun oldin

    I disagree

  • musicalmermaidish _
    musicalmermaidish _ 9 kun oldin

    Not even a fadeaway or a cut to black? Very lazy.

  • musicalmermaidish _
    musicalmermaidish _ 9 kun oldin

    I know how they say they have the facts but the entire video they just spout 100% Pathos and buzzwords. Donald actually had statistics.

  • musicalmermaidish _
    musicalmermaidish _ 9 kun oldin

    Why make billions when you can make *TRILLIONS?*

  • Reshard Jones Jr
    Reshard Jones Jr 9 kun oldin


  • Janice Hankins
    Janice Hankins 9 kun oldin

    Build the Wall

  • Thomas Price
    Thomas Price 9 kun oldin


  • Jim Wyatt
    Jim Wyatt 9 kun oldin

    Wouldn't be surprised if they BOTH are on Soros's payroll. They both look sooo creepy!

  • Gster326
    Gster326 9 kun oldin

    I bet it your check is being affected, you would have a much different arguement.

  • T T
    T T 9 kun oldin

    Weirdly odd and devilish!

  • Trap Logic
    Trap Logic 9 kun oldin

    Disgusting pedofolk.

  • VidMasterEon
    VidMasterEon 9 kun oldin

    I dont think Schumer has a problem with Israel having a wall. I think we can allocate that 38 billion for israel towards our own

  • Lee paul
    Lee paul 9 kun oldin

    What a disgrace to the public? You two ASSCLOWNS need to move to another planet!!!

    • sentry8535
      sentry8535 9 kun oldin

      Okay but we need 50 Billion to send them there.

  • Jacob Katz
    Jacob Katz 9 kun oldin

    A modern day American Gothic, only thing missing is a broom and a pitchfork.

    • sentry8535
      sentry8535 9 kun oldin

      A Modern Day American Gothic would also include the lawyer that's handling the sexual misconduct charge .

  • Dave stateside
    Dave stateside 9 kun oldin

    One question, why are you government employees getting a pay check?

  • Albert Daniels
    Albert Daniels 9 kun oldin

    What's my instinct telling me here.
    Run away....

  • Sophie gomez
    Sophie gomez 9 kun oldin

    I guess the trump supporters will gladly help build this wall then. Get ready to empty out your pockets 🤣

  • Chris P
    Chris P 10 kun oldin

    I agree with a complete shutdown of the governments of the world.

  • Chris P
    Chris P 10 kun oldin

    Cough cough bullshit

  • TruthMaster2020
    TruthMaster2020 10 kun oldin

    it's like ailens just dropped out of the sky and held a press conference showing their evil brand of politics.

  • Min Rod
    Min Rod 10 kun oldin

    Ok, because the Great Wall of China worked 🧐🙄

  • Nancy Batista
    Nancy Batista 10 kun oldin

    This is the moment to work together, but you choose the president, and we all have what you asked for, now you might be right in some things, but you have to acknowledge and accept that he is the president, we need the wall, anyways, we have the right to put a fence on our back yard, or not?, if democrats continue holding back we are going to crash sooner.

  • Glam Barbie
    Glam Barbie 10 kun oldin +1

    Any small or big UZcliprs want to support each other?💖✨💜

  • Omar Abdi
    Omar Abdi 10 kun oldin

    I absolutely I agree this two people you know our current president is racist hate Muslim and Africa also Mexican come on who can stand this man..

  • kittens vs dragons
    kittens vs dragons 10 kun oldin

    Welp 🙀 a house divided can not stand no matter who you support supported believed in or were bought by this was not cool at all🇱🇷🦅😾

  • driverx 36158
    driverx 36158 10 kun oldin


  • Alexs Apple Orchard
    Alexs Apple Orchard 10 kun oldin

    "Women and children aren't a security threat, they're humanitarian issue". Sexist psychopath 😂😂

  • A R
    A R 10 kun oldin

    Anyone think those are PLF's (Program Life Forms)? Someone forward this to Steven Greer lol

  • Carol S
    Carol S 10 kun oldin

    You're right. Still, this two headed Leviathin, slithering before a row of American flags, is asking for a litany of scathing remarks.

  • Mark Fisher
    Mark Fisher 10 kun oldin

    wow, are these two CREEPY AND PATHETIC

  • Joel Crouch
    Joel Crouch 10 kun oldin

    Chuck Schumer supported building the border wall in the past. Now he doesn't support it because president Trump wants it. Sounds like Chuck is the one having the temper-tantrum, and he is hurting our country because of it. I pray our president inacts an executive order to get the necessary funding for the wall.

  • Xaiiden
    Xaiiden 10 kun oldin

    So people think Trump is more evil than these two? Lol

  • G.P.T. Productions
    G.P.T. Productions 10 kun oldin

    Chuck is having a stroke

  • strawberry lemonade
    strawberry lemonade 10 kun oldin

    thanks for disregarding the people who want a wall!!!!