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  • Joylandi 3-Noy, 2018
    It's Damien vs Boze in the case of the second missed fist bump in the return of Smosh & Order!
    We've got Brianna Boho as the judge, a very dope bailiff, and only 30 minutes to prepare!
    Courtney Miller
    Wes Johnson
    Mari Takahashi
    Damien Haas
    David Moss
    Dakota Jones
    Kimmy Jimenez
    Creative Director: Matt Raub
    Directed by Boze
    Produced by Garrett Palm & Kristina Nikolic
    Associate Producer: Katie Michels
    Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Director of Photography: Billy Yates
    Cam Op: Brennan Iketani
    Cam Op: Nick Goto
    Cam Op: Jameo Duncan
    Sound: Greg Jones
    Editor: Spencer Agnew
    Production Assistant: Austin Davis
    DIT: Tim Baker

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  • GamingGaming

Fikrlar • 2 326

  • JakeGoesOnline
    JakeGoesOnline 19 soat oldin

    Judge Tana Mongoose

  • Alexis FX
    Alexis FX 2 kun oldin

    I have seen the original

  • Allison Harrelson
    Allison Harrelson 2 kun oldin

    This should be called “Courtney is now in session”

  • Izzy Laufuason
    Izzy Laufuason 3 kun oldin

    how I went from watching destiel crack to this I dunno

  • HardScope XD
    HardScope XD 4 kun oldin

    “I wish someone could bend me over like that!”
    - Courtney Miller, 2018

  • Zodiac
    Zodiac 4 kun oldin +1

    Prick, Damian is so cute 😂

  • Victoria Balanzar
    Victoria Balanzar 5 kun oldin

    That is sad

  • Norton Gartino
    Norton Gartino 7 kun oldin


  • Amberfoot5
    Amberfoot5 7 kun oldin

    I feel bad for Damien

  • Emaleigh Schultz
    Emaleigh Schultz 7 kun oldin

    Bose: “ I told him day one I didn’t like him”

  • omega jacob
    omega jacob 11 kun oldin

    Next do courtney freaking Miller as judge please

  • Orbital Junior
    Orbital Junior 12 kun oldin

    TBH Courtney is kinda hot

  • Hotaru-chii
    Hotaru-chii 13 kun oldin +2

    4:43 She smiled at us! she smiled at us! oh my gosh!!!!!

  • XxxpoisonouspandaxxX
    XxxpoisonouspandaxxX 13 kun oldin

    Damien come back from that with actual emotional damage

  • Doodle Dave
    Doodle Dave 14 kun oldin +1

    Haha, COURTney

  • Ishaz Balao
    Ishaz Balao 14 kun oldin

    Mari looks like a fire nation governor

  • mythos gacha prosuctions


  • saxon reid
    saxon reid 20 kun oldin

    14:20 judge fred misses the fist bump (3rd on the way?)

  • Skywytie
    Skywytie 21 kun oldin

    At first, I didn’t know who “David Moss” was when I read the description, but then I looked at Lazercorn’s last name again during the theme song......🤔😮

  • RageGaming
    RageGaming 22 kun oldin


  • RageGaming
    RageGaming 22 kun oldin

    She said she had "Cum in her mouth" XD

  • Quien Dice?
    Quien Dice? 22 kun oldin +1

    Omg this series definitely need to continue. Lol it’s so funny

  • Jingle Studios TM
    Jingle Studios TM 23 kun oldin

    Next smosh in order lasercorn sues Brianna for not accepting fist pump

  • Gabriel Gaona
    Gabriel Gaona 24 kun oldin +1

    Hahahah Courtney killed it! This is probably my favorite Smosh & Order 👍

  • nxat
    nxat 26 kun oldin

    i know everyone is talking about the show but who is that girl in the jury with the glasses? also is she somehow into girls?

  • solomal reacts
    solomal reacts 26 kun oldin

    Why boze Damien needs to win

  • Hatsune Milku
    Hatsune Milku 28 kun oldin +1

    I feel like this isnt scripted... They just go along

  • Bazzer Bazzington
    Bazzer Bazzington 29 kun oldin

    Court(ney) is in session 😂

  • Siddharth Prabhu
    Siddharth Prabhu Oy oldin +1

    1:45 fistbump ignored

  • Kutoy
    Kutoy Oy oldin

    Can’t believe they hired Lady Gaga to be the judge.

  • The Musical Potato

    Are you on the toilet reading this rn

    • Mary Nicolson
      Mary Nicolson 25 kun oldin

      😂😂😂 no on the couch at 1 a.m.

  • Sapphire Guzman
    Sapphire Guzman Oy oldin

    MARI !!! R.H Sin is my favorite author

  • Patrick Volpone
    Patrick Volpone Oy oldin

    Who played the bailiff in this episode???? He looks familiar but I cant place his name

  • Skull Gaming 5782-Neon Savage

    12:13 left me in tears 😂😂😂

  • Vicky Machin
    Vicky Machin Oy oldin

    Lmao I love this 1.

  • Jacob Somerville
    Jacob Somerville Oy oldin

    Damien should get all the fist bumps

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow Oy oldin


  • Fox 115
    Fox 115 Oy oldin

    Damien didn't win :(

  • Slia Tapeluelu
    Slia Tapeluelu Oy oldin

    i just realized wes looks like quick sliver

  • Onyx Orchid
    Onyx Orchid Oy oldin

    3:09 does Wes have huge hands or does Damien have small hands?😂

  • Butters Stotch
    Butters Stotch Oy oldin +1

    I thought wes was quicksilver ngl

    • Mary Nicolson
      Mary Nicolson 25 kun oldin

      I had to take a double take when was looking up Quicksilver and saw Wes now I follow him. So cute.

  • Mia the chicken nugget 666

    Laser corn misses the fist bump

  • Big Guy Little Girl

    Where is Ivan Nobangieu?

  • Slug Gaming
    Slug Gaming Oy oldin

    I'd smash courtney no cap👌

  • Alex Talluto
    Alex Talluto Oy oldin

    I mistook Courtney in the thumbnail for lady Gaga. I would like to file a complaint for clickbait

  • Clorox Bleach
    Clorox Bleach Oy oldin +1

    Another missed fist bump why does this keep happening 1 like will stop the miss of the fist bump 1:46

  • triniti korneli
    triniti korneli Oy oldin

    The bitch judger is very much like the east european female judges. Honestly. Just believe me.

  • Eren Jäger
    Eren Jäger Oy oldin

    More Mari in a suit please 😅😅

  • Jayce Jamieson
    Jayce Jamieson Oy oldin

    I think Damien should've won that case.

  • Apex Legends Clips

    Mari looks so old

  • Poke - Detective
    Poke - Detective Oy oldin

    They didn’t have closing statement

  • Poke - Detective
    Poke - Detective Oy oldin

    1:47 Brianna missed a fist bump sue her

  • Leontyne Gbegan
    Leontyne Gbegan Oy oldin

    is that mari?????

  • Emma Erickson
    Emma Erickson 2 oy oldin

    So mean, I'm too sensitive and cried.

  • mizuki playz
    mizuki playz 2 oy oldin

    Could their be one about missing a dental appointment?

  • Velchar
    Velchar 2 oy oldin

    this video just made me mad im sorry Damien that case was bs

  • HeyItss Mikey
    HeyItss Mikey 2 oy oldin

    This has to be the best smosh in court i have ever seen

  • Ok Ok
    Ok Ok 2 oy oldin

    I want Wes to win

  • blue nugget
    blue nugget 2 oy oldin


  • T E D
    T E D 2 oy oldin +1

    Judge Brianna is embodying twitter all the way

  • Matthew Stevens
    Matthew Stevens 2 oy oldin

    This is bullshit the man fucking threatened him then fucking took him out side to fucking beat the fuck out of him WTF

  • Unicorn Studios
    Unicorn Studios 2 oy oldin +2

    Why does the judge remind me of Tana??😂

  • honey uwu
    honey uwu 2 oy oldin

    “oh my god tea.”

  • Payton Benoit
    Payton Benoit 2 oy oldin

    We love the low key shade on Tana that is Courtney's character

  • Turd Less Man
    Turd Less Man 2 oy oldin

    This is how tana mongeau would be if she was a judge

  • Greenie Fox
    Greenie Fox 2 oy oldin

    Just imagine if this is how Damien Left Smosh... (also imagine if Wes turned crazy after this)

  • sad
    sad 2 oy oldin +1

    it's so different watching all these videos back after watching WesIrl's latest video...

  • RandomR4
    RandomR4 2 oy oldin +5

    Courtney as a judge in this episode made my face hurt! I was laughing so hard!!

  • suga glider ;-;
    suga glider ;-; 2 oy oldin

    Damien....throughout this whole video was just a mood

  • Travis
    Travis 2 oy oldin

    Damien looks like my cat when he goes to the vet.

  • Taehyungs_ Mochi_Girl
    Taehyungs_ Mochi_Girl 2 oy oldin +2

    Can i just say that James is cute!😍💯💜

  • aaron
    aaron 2 oy oldin


  • aaron
    aaron 2 oy oldin +1


  • aaron
    aaron 2 oy oldin


  • cool sloan
    cool sloan 2 oy oldin

    I want you to make a video of Shane and damien recreating parts of so random man I loved that show

  • ThisRescueRiviera
    ThisRescueRiviera 2 oy oldin

    Tana come'n through with the verdict

  • Khang Nguyen
    Khang Nguyen 2 oy oldin


  • Dynamic Revolution
    Dynamic Revolution 2 oy oldin

    What music were you using for 15:19-15:47

  • alyvia keeler
    alyvia keeler 2 oy oldin +3

    Judge Cortney, I knew this day would come.

  • Good Gregory
    Good Gregory 2 oy oldin +3

    Courtney is now in session. hahaha I totally came up with that

  • Denise Cruz
    Denise Cruz 2 oy oldin


  • Goldenglare_thewindeater

    James McCannus is still hot. Why is Wes so hot? He makes every character he plays attractive, even if they aren’t supposed to be.

  • Jason Sky
    Jason Sky 3 oy oldin

    This is an improper ruling

  • hello i am bored oops

    Is nobody gonna talk about the “all rise I know I sure have”

  • koolkids
    koolkids 3 oy oldin

    Fake court

  • Logan Blaikie
    Logan Blaikie 3 oy oldin

    Poor damian

  • manicpixiecassidy
    manicpixiecassidy 3 oy oldin

    Lazercorn: Shoot him!
    Boze (Not The Judge) Bozington: Sustained.

  • Jensyn Bowman
    Jensyn Bowman 3 oy oldin

    LOVE Courtney in this

  • Bronwyn Aubry
    Bronwyn Aubry 3 oy oldin

    everytime i see Damien play that part, i always just wanna run over and hug him XD

  • Dazziling Souls
    Dazziling Souls 3 oy oldin

    maybe courtney needs to go on trial for missing that fist bump

  • angu2290 angu2290
    angu2290 angu2290 3 oy oldin

    Best version of legally blonde ever

  • I poop a lot I poop a lot

    Ill bend u over like that

  • Maya Singh
    Maya Singh 3 oy oldin +1

    I love it when courntey does brianna boho its too funny

  • Rutherford Outdoors
    Rutherford Outdoors 3 oy oldin

    What's the theme called

  • Ahmed Kamran
    Ahmed Kamran 3 oy oldin

    Get judge fred to judge between logan paul and ksi

  • Jaidyn Gainer
    Jaidyn Gainer 3 oy oldin

    Love yalllll

  • Insipidrook 4595
    Insipidrook 4595 3 oy oldin

    It’s briana boho bitches

  • Lilly Pinto
    Lilly Pinto 3 oy oldin

    14:21 yet another missed fist bump. :(

  • alpha.
    alpha. 3 oy oldin


  • Mallory Mallory
    Mallory Mallory 3 oy oldin


    • Mallory Mallory
      Mallory Mallory 3 oy oldin

      +bozey bozington OMG YOU ACUALLY REPLIED

    • bozey bozington
      bozey bozington 3 oy oldin