Erika Costell - Karma (Official Music Video)

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  • Joylandi 2-Noy, 2018
  • The official music video for Karma!
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    Directed by: Taylor Chien
    Assistant directed and edited by: Shannon Curry
    Styled by: Kara Wilson and Ali Molan
    Hair by: Chris Dylan
    Makeup by: Aaron Paul
    Song Produced by: Harvey Mason Jr.
    Song written by: Erika Costell and Brittany Burton
    Special Thanks to the crew:
    Gonzalo Digenio
    Nick Serabyn
    Ben Smith
    Jacob Steagal
    Massimo Legittimo
    Shoutout to DOPE for helping us make this happen.
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Fikrlar • 23 829

  • Maribelle Patino
    Maribelle Patino Soat oldin

    I love You

    SAVANNAH PALMER 21 soat oldin +1

    why does she look 50 and 22 at the same time,oof

  • JJ & KK
    JJ & KK Kun oldin

    I mean sometimes u got to fix your on problems u can’t just rely on karma to fix it all

  • MemeGangTV
    MemeGangTV 2 kun oldin

    Jake paul

  • Emily Fletcher
    Emily Fletcher 2 kun oldin +1

    There are alot people think they are Pretty

  • Janna_ Edge
    Janna_ Edge 3 kun oldin +5

    I just came straight to the comments and barley even listen to the song

  • Gabrielle Villarreal
    Gabrielle Villarreal 3 kun oldin

    She is dissing team 10 in this song

  • LydiaBisland
    LydiaBisland 3 kun oldin +1

    Why after 6 months... still my fave song EVER!!!

  • Kennedy Foreback
    Kennedy Foreback 3 kun oldin +2

    her eyes look so pretty in the scene where she’s wearing the remastered sweatshirt

  • Melissa Martinezcarino

    00:37 actual song

  • Chubby Oink
    Chubby Oink 4 kun oldin +1

    Song: I don’t have to be a b*tch, I know karma’s gonna deal with it

  • Sergio Cabrera
    Sergio Cabrera 5 kun oldin +1

    Go to jake pls he misses you he won't do it again

  • anna wright
    anna wright 5 kun oldin


  • LazerBean
    LazerBean 6 kun oldin

    That’s pornography

  • Gramt Wood
    Gramt Wood 6 kun oldin +1

    Cotton one of your biggest hugest fans and I'm kind of wondering if you could go to Canada and if you find a school that's a chibi Robo let's go straight in straight and if you find the corner store it's like a store and you look straight there should be building that's my house and I'm very very sorry that and I also like your song I was there for you there for you and I'll be right be right here for you I like the song and I'm hoping you can stop by some time and if you see a place with tons of bikes on Canada in the building just wait by the door and then I would see you and then I'm like your biggest fan I really want to say hi to you like I also like goats to buy like okay bye

  • Sten Terje Fagerland
    Sten Terje Fagerland 6 kun oldin +2

    Love youre song 👍😀😀😀

  • WillistylezZZ
    WillistylezZZ 6 kun oldin

    I am only looking at the but and the booies.😍😍😍

  • Chris Terpos
    Chris Terpos 6 kun oldin

    I love you

  • unicorn pals
    unicorn pals 7 kun oldin +1

    I listen to this when. I get bullied because my mom died

  • Chloe Wood
    Chloe Wood 7 kun oldin

    Erika is gorg

  • Chloe Wood
    Chloe Wood 7 kun oldin

    When the girl called Erika a b* at the start she looks like a horse who doesn’t brush her teeth even tho it’s for the video she actually looks like it

  • Rise Snowyy ツ
    Rise Snowyy ツ 7 kun oldin

    She has a better six pack than jake... -_-

  • Nevaeh Morris
    Nevaeh Morris 8 kun oldin

    hows him

  • Shy Price
    Shy Price 8 kun oldin

    you got pretty cool song i like .

  • Timmy Turner
    Timmy Turner 8 kun oldin +1

    Bruh Erika looks like a 40yr old that’s been smoking since she was 12

    • Chloe Wood
      Chloe Wood 7 kun oldin

      Timmy Turner bro she doesn’t your probably jealous

  • Debbie Phillips
    Debbie Phillips 9 kun oldin

    Yo u fit

  • Tommy Boon
    Tommy Boon 9 kun oldin

    You are the best friend in the world

  • Bill Wood
    Bill Wood 9 kun oldin

    I want her hair so much

  • Roxana Castro
    Roxana Castro 9 kun oldin +1

    Whos watching in April 2019?

  • Don Holmes
    Don Holmes 9 kun oldin

    Great tune !

  • Tucker S
    Tucker S 10 kun oldin

    She is so hot who agrees

  • Francine Major
    Francine Major 11 kun oldin

    Arica is so cute

  • Anushree Jeenath
    Anushree Jeenath 12 kun oldin +3

    This song is for all the haters best song ever

  • ninja_chex
    ninja_chex 12 kun oldin

    Is this to Jake

  • kathleen hardie
    kathleen hardie 12 kun oldin

    I love this song

  • Sabrina 28
    Sabrina 28 13 kun oldin +1

    Who is here after thots not feelings??

  • Ketan Oliver
    Ketan Oliver 13 kun oldin

    Your hot

  • lilbesni g
    lilbesni g 13 kun oldin +1

    she is naked in 3:25

  • Janna_ Edge
    Janna_ Edge 13 kun oldin +4

    I love her hair it's so pretty💝💋

  • Chloe Couszins
    Chloe Couszins 13 kun oldin +1

    I love it

  • Nasra Ibrahim
    Nasra Ibrahim 13 kun oldin

    This is horrible 💀

  • Cassie Rivers
    Cassie Rivers 14 kun oldin

    Her hair is goals. I soo want her hair!

  • Guillermo Garcia
    Guillermo Garcia 14 kun oldin +83

    Who else watching in April 2019

  • Emily Barnes
    Emily Barnes 14 kun oldin +3

    The first part sounds like farts lol

  • Teresa Molina
    Teresa Molina 15 kun oldin +1

    OMG I LOVED KARMA GIRL KEEP IT UP and those people who are calling you in your 20 and 40s are people who are jealous of you.

  • Gunther Ultrabolt Novacrunch

    Who else is having ear bleeds in 2019?

  • Chloe xoxo
    Chloe xoxo 15 kun oldin

    Her ex has a tattoo of the word karma on his right shoulder....

  • Haitham Mahmoud
    Haitham Mahmoud 15 kun oldin

    So nice

  • Deisi Valadez
    Deisi Valadez 16 kun oldin

    You are pretty

  • Theresa LaRue
    Theresa LaRue 16 kun oldin

    i love your new video Karma,its supper awesome

  • Rebecca Fuller
    Rebecca Fuller 16 kun oldin

    Wow jake messed uppppppp

  • Sune Friess
    Sune Friess 16 kun oldin +7

    Karma's gonna deal with this
    Rip my ears

  • Joshua hutch
    Joshua hutch 16 kun oldin

    You are the best 😎😎

  • Mike Smith
    Mike Smith 16 kun oldin +1

    Plz date jake Paul agin it was so good win i figerd out that you guys broke up I almost cried

  • Romela L Pollard
    Romela L Pollard 16 kun oldin

    all i got to say is NO!

  • Rebecca Francis
    Rebecca Francis 16 kun oldin

    This is the story of my life

  • melissa Armenta
    melissa Armenta 16 kun oldin

    this song is stuck in my head

  • Arun James
    Arun James 16 kun oldin

    She's has a voice and she looks seductive too

  • Alicia Sauriol
    Alicia Sauriol 17 kun oldin

    You took the clout and left...

  • Angela Usry
    Angela Usry 17 kun oldin +1

    You are karma though

  • Alicia Copeland
    Alicia Copeland 18 kun oldin

    Stop,get a voice.

  • Christine Fleckney
    Christine Fleckney 19 kun oldin +1

    Erika have hot abs😍😍😍

  • Martin Lopez
    Martin Lopez 20 kun oldin

    Who is watching this video on 2019 and jake and Erika broke up . this is like Jake is going to get karma for that break up

    ASMRLOBE 21 kun oldin

    shes right u know... :)

  • Maja Kania
    Maja Kania 22 kun oldin

    He wants u back

  • Maja Kania
    Maja Kania 22 kun oldin

    Why did u break up with jake paul

  • dacey thompson
    dacey thompson 23 kun oldin


  • MTF: Nine Tailed fox
    MTF: Nine Tailed fox 23 kun oldin +1

    Auf der Heide blüht ein kleines Blümelein
    Und das heißt?

  • rachel botha
    rachel botha 23 kun oldin +1

    I miss the love of jake and Erika😭😭😢😢😓😓😪💔

  • Ya Ad
    Ya Ad 23 kun oldin +15

    My thumb is sore from liking these comments

  • Tayliahna Jarrett
    Tayliahna Jarrett 24 kun oldin

    I think this is to jake

  • Brokenofficechair Singer

    Wow this Auto tune tho. You should just stick to UZclip hun..and not singing. Also, you look like you're in your 50's

  • It’s Daesha!! And video

    Bruh qween naija made a song called karma are u copying her😤😮

  • Jimmy Hoehn
    Jimmy Hoehn 25 kun oldin

    i love u Erika Costell and i love all u songs and goats are my fav animal

  • Katelyn Warfield
    Katelyn Warfield 26 kun oldin

    Your such a good singer

  • Alexandria French
    Alexandria French 26 kun oldin +6

    2019 anyone?


  • Jaylen
    Jaylen 26 kun oldin


  • Mistina Peterson
    Mistina Peterson 27 kun oldin +2

    I love your music I’m such a big fan

  • Michaela Olson
    Michaela Olson 28 kun oldin

    is this about jake

  • minecraft gamer 2000 200

    Yuvan copyrighted this vid

  • minecraft gamer 2000 200

    Whoever subscribed to the channel is a doucebag

    FINLAY G 29 kun oldin


  • Bill Wood
    Bill Wood 29 kun oldin

    I watching it in march anyone else ?

  • Teagan and Alex blue Always

    My favourite part is 1:53 and dk

  • Zapotron
    Zapotron Oy oldin

    you forgot that part 0:51

  • Tenzin yangchen
    Tenzin yangchen Oy oldin

    Morning one of fav UZclip song 😋

  • Lily Shelton
    Lily Shelton Oy oldin

    Me and my dog how always stilles my food

  • takuj luv atakin
    takuj luv atakin Oy oldin

    i can tell this song is for jake paul why dont she get over the breakup already

  • I’m irrelevant
    I’m irrelevant Oy oldin +1

    Omg she is soo beautiful😍😍😘

  • Super Sam The incredible

    0:36 me “look dat (no kids allowed) maaaaaan

  • asome watermelon
    asome watermelon Oy oldin


  • Richard Goodman
    Richard Goodman Oy oldin +32

    Who else is watching in March 2019?!?! just me ok..

    • I’m not Avira
      I’m not Avira 8 kun oldin

      Money can’t buy happiness

    • G Rules 2
      G Rules 2 15 kun oldin

      Richard Goodman haha np 😂

    • Richard Goodman
      Richard Goodman 15 kun oldin

      ayyyyy tysm!!

    • G Rules 2
      G Rules 2 16 kun oldin

      Richard Goodman I now love ur channel I saw that video money can't buy you everything lol

    • jalia swagerty
      jalia swagerty Oy oldin

      Gwen LovesCats! Me too 😂

  • Evan Drew
    Evan Drew Oy oldin

    Erica Jake Paul is good person

  • Mailyn Estrada
    Mailyn Estrada Oy oldin

    Do you still love ❤️ jake yes or no I am asking you this question because you guys looked so cute to together ❤️❤️

  • Samantha Flores
    Samantha Flores Oy oldin

    Who else is watching March 2019 ?

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus Oy oldin

    Damn you look 50 in this

  • Wade Arthur
    Wade Arthur Oy oldin

    I love 💖 you

  • Michelangelo Aguilar

    your hot mery me

  • Calvieyonna Keeley
    Calvieyonna Keeley Oy oldin +1

    Why did her and jake break up???

  • Jorge Alba
    Jorge Alba Oy oldin