30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

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  • Joylandi 30-Noy, 2018
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  • HordiqHordiq

Fikrlar • 15 692

  • Halo Queen
    Halo Queen 11 soat oldin

    Half of those she kicked out I would’ve taken in

    • Halo Queen
      Halo Queen 10 soat oldin

      I like how she didn’t choose one, I kind of felt she was looking for a life long connection with someone

  • PvCMAN forever
    PvCMAN forever 11 soat oldin

    Lauren got a lil cake tbh 🍑

  • tonderaimsonza
    tonderaimsonza 11 soat oldin

    Before watching this expected her to swipe left on all the guys who are shorter than her

  • alexander g
    alexander g 12 soat oldin

    I wonder what are her expectations

  • Bulma Briefs
    Bulma Briefs 12 soat oldin

    1:59 i dont saw him

  • hellu
    hellu 13 soat oldin +1

    The tall guy is the one from Are you the one what is he doing is here tf

  • 음악왕
    음악왕 14 soat oldin

    3:13 I like him . He got beautiful smile :)

  • Galimatias Starset
    Galimatias Starset 14 soat oldin

    i like how some ppl knew that she gonna cross swipe em .. that glasses asian one xD

  • 7LeopardStar
    7LeopardStar 14 soat oldin

    Don't people have a "type" ??? It seems that both the guy and girl who did this didn't even really have a type and I couldn't tell based on what they were swiping yes or no 🤔

  • Daysicc is my jam, y'all!

    1:54 He is sooo cute. His personality is also so much fun. 💕

  • pite9
    pite9 14 soat oldin

    Talk about being picky.. Sure, maybe she wasn't feeling it with either of them, but give one of them a proper chance atleast in a normal setting without the cameras.

  • dancetodis
    dancetodis 14 soat oldin

    1:48 so cute omg

  • Mr Venus
    Mr Venus 15 soat oldin

    why china ?

  • Butternut squash
    Butternut squash 16 soat oldin

    She is cute but pretty damn picky. not even one guy she wanted to pick after all the interviews

  • Elif Genç
    Elif Genç 16 soat oldin

    what if no one that she liked likes her back?

  • Ian Smith
    Ian Smith 17 soat oldin

    The world is coming to an end!

  • Unprepared Hero
    Unprepared Hero 18 soat oldin +1

    Next to this guys i think i‘m a Model 😂😂🤦‍♂️

  • Sommer62
    Sommer62 19 soat oldin

    Yeee.. those two guys who left, would never have swiped no to her, they simply knew they weren't going to be picked anyway xD pathetic.

  • zap  Branigan
    zap Branigan 20 soat oldin

    She is pretty

  • Perfect Tionist
    Perfect Tionist 20 soat oldin

    Imagine if she only swiped right one.

  • EstablishedHeritage
    EstablishedHeritage 22 soat oldin


  • E.U.T.S
    E.U.T.S 23 soat oldin +1

    obviously shes the type that go for the LOOKS

  • Noah Hood
    Noah Hood Kun oldin

    Why are these people not wearing shoes?

  • Kate Atkins
    Kate Atkins Kun oldin

    I knew she was from the Midwest right away

  • Caitthegreaat One
    Caitthegreaat One Kun oldin

    The last dude was 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Olivia lovesbeauty
    Olivia lovesbeauty Kun oldin

    I’d feel so awkward

  • Marialg2023
    Marialg2023 Kun oldin

    dude she kinda look like amy lee

  • Wonder Boy
    Wonder Boy Kun oldin

    How many nuts can she put in those cheeks?

  • Kaylee Zimmerman
    Kaylee Zimmerman Kun oldin

    I feel like she chose like all tall guys

  • Musha III
    Musha III Kun oldin

    Where's the black people mfs

  • Jaidanime
    Jaidanime Kun oldin

    NOOO! I ship her with the tall guy

  • GermanSniper
    GermanSniper Kun oldin

    "Lion king and independence day are really connected" LOL

  • Ana Munitić
    Ana Munitić Kun oldin

    When you look at the video where a guy is picking someone you can see that all of the women seem so accessible and act"like-able", all these guys were quite frail and hard to talk to honestly.

  • Caleb Petersen
    Caleb Petersen Kun oldin

    Did anyone else think her ass was nice

  • Yeahthtssteph
    Yeahthtssteph Kun oldin

    Who did she pick

  • Willa Roberts
    Willa Roberts Kun oldin

    *Buzzfeed has left the chat*

  • 5000 Subscribers Without A Video

    Ohio gang😤

  • Kyle Herman
    Kyle Herman Kun oldin

    Well 5:48 of my life was wasted!

  • The Heumperor
    The Heumperor Kun oldin

    Is it just me or do they seem to have an excess amount of asian people in these videos 😂

  • Game Soundtracks
    Game Soundtracks Kun oldin

    I’m a straight guy, but all of these guys were so ugly! I’m very honest, I will admit if I think a guy can be hot. The girl version, was so much better and beautiful girls, this wasn’t fair for this girl! I don’t understand the majority of these girls here thinking some of these guys were hot???

  • Nyla Stewart
    Nyla Stewart Kun oldin

    3:04 oof the size difference

  • Zapper Zapped
    Zapper Zapped Kun oldin

    This is more organic and natural. People need to change to how they used to be.

  • a s
    a s Kun oldin

    it was niCe to mEEt YoU!!

    SEEWI Kun oldin

    whos the beautiful tall man tho?

  • 1woo
    1woo Kun oldin

    i thought she passed on some really cute guys, what a shame
    eg. 1:48 and 1:51 (he was the cutest of the bunch tbh)

  • Shoe0nHead
    Shoe0nHead Kun oldin


  • Litlooees Gaming
    Litlooees Gaming Kun oldin

    1:30 what happened to the music

  • Striker Fabia
    Striker Fabia Kun oldin

    Peep Mr. Clean

  • AedamBro
    AedamBro Kun oldin +1

    lol..wanna choose partners based on favorite movies?
    this is messed up

  • Petty Kam
    Petty Kam Kun oldin

    The one at 1:38 was sexy 😍

  • wen li ritchie lee
    wen li ritchie lee Kun oldin

    @1.57 she accidentally swiped right/// noo

  • Isa Efron
    Isa Efron Kun oldin

    1:52 He was so cute whyy

    • Justin Ostrea
      Justin Ostrea 13 soat oldin

      +Isa Efron justinostrea

    • Isa Efron
      Isa Efron 14 soat oldin

      +Justin Ostrea You should drop your ig. Asking for a friend

    • Justin Ostrea
      Justin Ostrea Kun oldin

      aww thank you :)

    ILLUMINATOR Draws Kun oldin

    I wanted the guy at 1:49

  • Natalie Imkotta
    Natalie Imkotta Kun oldin

    What happened with her?!

    TOXIC ANIME Kun oldin

    She thicc

  • Theo Sol
    Theo Sol Kun oldin +1

    I feel so bad for the first guy that got elimidated. Does he have a gofundme?

  • Roman A.
    Roman A. Kun oldin

    She chose none, guys

  • ixxme hello
    ixxme hello Kun oldin

    She about that milly rock

  • Keiana Kabolian Baghbani

    Why do they never wear shoes?I am confusion🤓😑😂

  • Pyfaggorus Theorump

    Y r there so many ching chongs

  • Aida Madigan
    Aida Madigan 2 kun oldin

    She’s so cuteee!! I’m from Ohio too 🖤

  • MrKitty TheKitty
    MrKitty TheKitty 2 kun oldin

    1:58 OMG it’s mr. clean

  • kathy platten
    kathy platten 2 kun oldin

    is it just me or did anyone else realize they are not wearing shoes lol

  • I dOnT cARe EnGliSHkwA

    Bro she’s funny

  • Sentlee
    Sentlee 2 kun oldin +1

    1:57 the small guy almost went left.

  • thicboy
    thicboy 2 kun oldin

    top 3 movies:
    shrek 2
    shrek the third

  • Cade Lopezzucker
    Cade Lopezzucker 2 kun oldin

    There are a lot of asians.

  • eliza lynn
    eliza lynn 2 kun oldin

    whyyy didnt she stick with the tall guy smh

  • Jennifer Sylvester
    Jennifer Sylvester 2 kun oldin

    Is the tall guy from Are You The One??! I LOVE HIM

  • Haawi ·
    Haawi · 2 kun oldin

    She would probably pick me, Because I look hella hot that my cousin's call me gay because I look the most beautiful then them all whiches makes me wanna get lost because people always wants to be my girlfriend.

  • Ashlie Long
    Ashlie Long 2 kun oldin

    "I can hear them 0.0 sup dudes" hahaha

  • millie detullio
    millie detullio 2 kun oldin

    i peep tyler from AYTO

  • Nkechi Nnachetta
    Nkechi Nnachetta 2 kun oldin

    Man these kind of videos really bring out the worst people in the comment section. A lot more incel-like attitudes than I was expecting.

  • Vanessa Jackson
    Vanessa Jackson 2 kun oldin

    This would honestly be fun

  • Bibek Pandey
    Bibek Pandey 2 kun oldin

    Well her ego was lit

  • Reaper MA
    Reaper MA 2 kun oldin

    I will never ever in a million year or if the world ended date her

  • Kathleen Kennedy Sexist Evil Witch Of Satan

    I believe this woman is just too picky.

  • Cool Sheep
    Cool Sheep 2 kun oldin

    1:24 *It be like that sometimes*

  • Elizabeth Romero
    Elizabeth Romero 2 kun oldin

    I don't blame her...

  • Ashley Good-Lang
    Ashley Good-Lang 2 kun oldin

    I would date her

  • Ashley Good-Lang
    Ashley Good-Lang 2 kun oldin

    I hate the drones guy

  • c2l
    c2l 2 kun oldin

    she would have swiped them all left..

  • The Patriot
    The Patriot 2 kun oldin

    Are we just going to ignore the fact that their all wearing socks, but the chick is barefoot

    • R.O.T.C SEEM
      R.O.T.C SEEM 2 kun oldin

      Pornhub has a selection of foot fetish videos no need to drop hints

  • Imi D
    Imi D 2 kun oldin

    WHy aRE ThEY ALL bArEFoOted??

  • Saucedaddylog
    Saucedaddylog 2 kun oldin

    Dudes out here really getting swiped around like an app... smh

  • Ugh Ugh
    Ugh Ugh 2 kun oldin

    Damn I’d swipe right so fast on her

  • Hill$
    Hill$ 2 kun oldin


  • Min Suga
    Min Suga 2 kun oldin

    From Ohio, no wonder you looked familiar

  • ブランドン브랜든

    Ohio same where i'm from lol shes so right its boring lol

  • Bella Gefen-Alves
    Bella Gefen-Alves 2 kun oldin

    i wanted her with that tall guy SO BADLY

  • Steven Bosley
    Steven Bosley 2 kun oldin

    1:53 it wasn’t his hair that made her say that

  • 2 seok!
    2 seok! 2 kun oldin

    1:48 i can’t stop wheezing

  • another user.
    another user. 2 kun oldin

    2:47 *why are they whispering*

  • Hello There
    Hello There 2 kun oldin

    Ohio is fr fr boring i live there

  • Vinicius Spindola
    Vinicius Spindola 2 kun oldin

    Whasup dudessss

  • PhilTheCockatoo
    PhilTheCockatoo 2 kun oldin

    their should be a version for homosexuals

  • Erik Contreras
    Erik Contreras 2 kun oldin

    Lol she picked all the black dudes

  • Princess Parisa
    Princess Parisa 2 kun oldin

    That guy say she has a beautiful eyes and say no in the end so which means some ..... guys are ...... really.....just only ......bla bla bla bla.....

  • Paul von Hindenburg
    Paul von Hindenburg 2 kun oldin

    So when the camels version of this came out it as called sexist and offensive but this is apparently fine.

  • VloggerVashisht
    VloggerVashisht 2 kun oldin +1

    No one can understand woman. So complicated.