Chefs Review Kitchen Gadgets | Vol. 5

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  • Loona Spoona
    Loona Spoona 6 soat oldin

    To be honest, I thought the sheep was going to be a knife holder based on there reactions

  • Josie-Ana Edenshaw
    Josie-Ana Edenshaw 2 kun oldin

    I love these videos!

  • Eli Galbraith
    Eli Galbraith 6 kun oldin

    Most useless kitchen gadget in history: the banana slicer! Reviews on Amazon are hilarious!

  • Alix Wilde
    Alix Wilde 6 kun oldin

    I'm mental.

  • LenaPlays 01
    LenaPlays 01 6 kun oldin

    4:00 does he have a glass of WKD? Good fucking man

  • Meaghan Merida
    Meaghan Merida 8 kun oldin

    5:18 letting his inner Cat out🐈

  • Andrea Davies
    Andrea Davies 8 kun oldin

    A kid would love to use the crumb pet to clean!

  • Lp G
    Lp G 9 kun oldin

    One giant box for Two spatulas?

  • Rhiana Chatterjee
    Rhiana Chatterjee 9 kun oldin

    4:39 is Barry drinking a glass of Bombay sapphire

  • Matija Kavčič
    Matija Kavčič 10 kun oldin

    So we have to tell you what to review and review it? Why does your channel exist?

  • Camarila
    Camarila 10 kun oldin

    This is great!
    Actually want one of the little sheep vacuums for me now!

  • sharky girl
    sharky girl 11 kun oldin

    what is a pence and what is a quid

  • Ronald Chow
    Ronald Chow 14 kun oldin

    I would have thought to use the turn plate to create a spiral on mash potatoes or hummus or something like that.

  • Laura Karen
    Laura Karen 16 kun oldin

    No one's going to bring up the fact that two f-ing spoons were packaged in a massive box?

  • Fribeepig LaNou
    Fribeepig LaNou 17 kun oldin

    You should do a colab with Barry Lewis from my virgin kitchen

  • Jim Sturgis
    Jim Sturgis 21 kun oldin

    But where was Mike?!?!

  • Christoffer sköld
    Christoffer sköld 22 kun oldin

    MORE Kitchen Gadgets 2019 PLZ !!!! you are aswome dudes :)

  • Ryan Paton
    Ryan Paton 22 kun oldin

    I would love to see you guys try out that spoon for a month or so and let us know if it saves you time and money?

  • KamekoBruns
    KamekoBruns 25 kun oldin

    As a parent, I would never give a plate that can spin to a child.
    I have no desire to clean food off walls.

  • Just A Dude
    Just A Dude Oy oldin

    Well, that Suppon thing thing was intriguing.
    The measuring-spoon part is a bit of fluff, sure, but that thing was probably designed in a CAD program. If you've already got the model pulled up it would take like 5 minutes to slap the measurement marks on. Seems to mesh with their goal of thinking of every possible way to make a better spoon.

  • Andy Brown
    Andy Brown Oy oldin

    The spoon having a measure in seemed totally pointless since you'd need a second spoon to put the stuff into it because the first is way too big to be scooping out of a jar.
    The kink in the handle might stop it hitting the worktop (good for hygiene) but won't stop any drips from dripping so an actual spoon rest (or wooden spoon) would still be a better option to stop mess.

  • eris smith
    eris smith Oy oldin

    Why does that spoon come in such a HUGE box?

  • Christopher Junkins

    Useless, Useless, Useful.

  • Jackie Solis
    Jackie Solis Oy oldin

    We paid 25 cents for a crumpet at a yard sale. Ours is a cow. It keeps my younger cousins entertained.

  • ZiMRA
    ZiMRA Oy oldin

    the blonde hair monster is gone! thx jesus but those kids are still not chefs

  • Hellsong89
    Hellsong89 Oy oldin

    Spatula thingy seems actually pretty useful. I had some issue of used spatula messing up the table top when middle of using, but this design solves it and same with scraping everything from the container, though these should be spoon sized one to get into for instance mayo plastic spurt container thingy that most are in these days, or ketchup similar thing. Over all great looking product and i might even get a set if i run into them.

  • ragnaice
    ragnaice Oy oldin

    Surely they should have eaten spaghetti off that spinning plate, put the fork in the middle and spin the plate...?

  • JannieJubille
    JannieJubille Oy oldin

    1:08 1. No sleep till broccoli
    2. I'd do anything for lunch (but I won't eat that)
    3. Only happy when it's grains
    4. Like a vegan
    Are those song titles really for the kids or a pathetic laugh for the adults?

  • TheWhiteGyrfalcon

    aww James return to your natural self - you have have been reading comments again - seeing you be PC is sad from your natural sarcastic self..please return to yourself!

  • stecky87
    stecky87 Oy oldin

    "If you have friends like Barry . . . or kids" XD
    Also, congrats, Barry!

  • Morkvonork
    Morkvonork Oy oldin

    Test one of this automatic donut making things!!! :D

  • Torrel1
    Torrel1 Oy oldin

    One might say that black sheep vacuum was a little bit 'crummy'

  • Jstolk23
    Jstolk23 Oy oldin

    You should really try the Dutch flessenlikker. I recently found out that people don't even know that outside The Netherlands. 😂😂

  • A. L. Michael
    A. L. Michael Oy oldin

    I want a crumb pet solely because of the pun

  • Noblebird02
    Noblebird02 Oy oldin

    I like the spoon thing... even though spatulas etc are cheap, they are just another thing that takes up resources in the world, so something that does multiple things is better.

  • Rosalind Alexander

    Haha I was given a supoon 2 years ago and it's definitely what i use most and prefer it to other spatulas. I have never used it for measuring so agree it's over engineered. But I do love it and use it all the time so ...

  • Linee DeMouy
    Linee DeMouy Oy oldin

    I love Barry's reaction to the DJ Dinner Plate!

  • Howard Phillips Lovecraft

    The spoon thing ... why not use centrifugal force and spin it into a jug what you need out the jar then use a spoon to scrape the jug ? That's what I do ? ...

  • Matteo Rasemont
    Matteo Rasemont Oy oldin

    In het West Vlaams is "Mussel" iets anders

  • Gromsterino
    Gromsterino Oy oldin

    So, if you guys want ideas on useless gadgets just search crazyrussianhacker on youtube. He gets all sorts of useless junk, only thing with him is he almost always likes the gadget.

  • Redfox Films
    Redfox Films Oy oldin

    It triggers me that he said he was turning the volume up but moved the pitch fader 😂

  • Bonnie Chang
    Bonnie Chang Oy oldin

    That DJ dish... I can see peas flying as the record gets spun

  • Lawrence Sheard
    Lawrence Sheard Oy oldin

    As soon as I saw the sheep thingy (gadget number 2) I instantly knew what it was. Not even joking, my gran has one of them...

  • Jack Moll
    Jack Moll 2 oy oldin

    there are some hotties up in this mix

  • koleca var
    koleca var 2 oy oldin

  • Amy He
    Amy He 2 oy oldin

    I actually adore Dreamfarm products! The Supoon isn't meant to replace 3 different things, it's just meant to make cooking easier when you do need to use a spoon. I definitely love it more and more as I use it to cook. They're all about improving existing gadgets and getting rid of the flaws they come with, not replacing them. I have had a lot of "WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE?!" moments with Dreamfarm stuff XD Also, their packaging is usually really compact. I'm guessing this was special packaging for Sorted. I think it's probably recyclable like the normal ones are.

  • Nettles
    Nettles 2 oy oldin

    I fucking hate this opening song it's aids. You guys are cool though

  • peterinbrat
    peterinbrat 2 oy oldin

    How about spiroolis and other veg cutters? I esp like the dynacuber($400) for commercial use.

  • Jackson Kennedy
    Jackson Kennedy 2 oy oldin

    I wonder if these chefs have any gimmick items at home they like? .. or the best kitchen item that's not topical (no knifes, jar opener... ect

  • Joker 91st
    Joker 91st 2 oy oldin +1

    I kinda want along with the gadget testing....why not a kitchen cooking hack testing? Test some "hacks" and have the chefs and the lads review how well they work?

  • Mallory Klenda
    Mallory Klenda 2 oy oldin

    Gluten free, PLEASE!!!

  • Poppy Taylor
    Poppy Taylor 2 oy oldin

    Well that Scraping Supoon box was obviously not its original packaging, its got shipping labels all over it! I brought one from Lakeland and it came in a tiny box :)

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin

      Hey Poppy! Thank you for the comment! We hope you're loving your Supoon. And thanks for noting the giant box wasn't "normal" :) We made that just for the Sorted Food guys...and as with all our packaging, it's recyclable too!

  • Cassie Moyles
    Cassie Moyles 2 oy oldin

    I kind of want the crumbpet......

  • Gurgle
    Gurgle 2 oy oldin

    I went to this Christmas sale a couple weeks ago, and there was this booth that was selling these little hedgehogs. You put toothpicks in them and leave them next to something like fruit that you can skewer with them. They were pretty cool.

  • wopor333
    wopor333 2 oy oldin

    “Great for kids ok for me”
    Thats the slogan they need to use

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude 2 oy oldin

    I love that they actually use the spoons and stuff

  • xEmpty.Abyssx
    xEmpty.Abyssx 2 oy oldin

    I really like the intro song.

  • Crymson Nite
    Crymson Nite 2 oy oldin

    this video has Michael Bay quality camera shake.

  • Jesslyn Olivia Bun
    Jesslyn Olivia Bun 2 oy oldin

    Soooo james ate mussels as a kid?

  • swank lemur
    swank lemur 2 oy oldin

    "cRAnK uP tHe FuN FaCToR"

  • Theo Hercules
    Theo Hercules 2 oy oldin +1

    Is anything on this show ever useless?!

  • Caerigna
    Caerigna 2 oy oldin

    I kinda like the supoon, mostly because it doesn't touch the work surface. Less cleanup ftw.

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin

      Thanks! We like less clean up too. WINNING!

  • Alex Good
    Alex Good 2 oy oldin +2

    Useless or not? You decide?
    Then Barry chimes in with “the gadget not me and James”

  • AikoFlorite
    AikoFlorite 2 oy oldin

    Omg what??? Barry is an expecting father!?!? 💕 Congratulations!!!

  • Emily
    Emily 2 oy oldin

    Bit late but hopefully youll see this. Could you try beeswax wrap in one of these? It's supposed to be a good, environmental alternative to clingfilm but im dubious.

  • greenmoneyfairy
    greenmoneyfairy 2 oy oldin

    My parent always said playing with your food if you eat it after.

  • khure
    khure 2 oy oldin

    Need to review the air fryer!

  • Sherry B
    Sherry B 2 oy oldin

    Wait! Hold up. Did Barry just say he’s an expecting father!? He’s going to be a daddy!? Awe! That’s so cute.

  • Y&S FOOD!
    Y&S FOOD! 2 oy oldin +1

    Stunning movie! Sitting here at Y&S FOOD! we like to discover these kind of content. We produce Travel & Food videos as well, all around the world, and also we are continually interested in inspirations and good ideas. Thank You.

  • Coen80
    Coen80 2 oy oldin +1

    I like the spoon. I would say it's UPS is the fact the spoon stays of the surface when you lay it down, and then it also has the extra ability of being an excellent spatula. For the price I think it is a fair product, I will suggest it to my wife, i, obviously don't cook.

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin +1

      Thanks for the comments! The bend in the handle is also useful for resting on the pan or pot edge so it doesn't slide down into what you're cooking. I hope your wife gets one and loves using it. Let us know how it goes - we'd love to hear from you!

  • mad houses
    mad houses 2 oy oldin +1

    Did James say ‘Hebrew spatula’ at 6:56?

  • Jefferson Rose
    Jefferson Rose 2 oy oldin +1

    The goddamn heroin spoonula! 😂

  • Chase Price
    Chase Price 2 oy oldin +1

    Okay I'm sorry but I'm American, can someone explain to me the difference between pounds and quid?

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin

      I'm not English either, but as I understand it: pound is to dollar as quid is to buck. It's slang for cashola, moolah, cabbage, MONAY!

  • kurt sippel
    kurt sippel 2 oy oldin +1

    More gadgets

  • yocin yocin
    yocin yocin 2 oy oldin +1

    That spoon thing would be handy when making jam.

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin

      It sure is! Also handy for serving and stirring and mixing and just about anything!

  • Exia Luniada
    Exia Luniada 2 oy oldin

    All of them. Useless.

  • rincefire
    rincefire 2 oy oldin +1

    1. Plate looked plastic. That's an instant no.
    2. Another device to keep charged, only to spend 10x more time on cleaning the cutting board? Nope.
    3. The packaging is atrocious. I HOPE there's a set of like 10 items in that box. The spoon is a spatula with a spoonrest that will leave drips. No one should measure teaspoons in a container, you leave more product on that thing that gets into the dish. Just eyeball it, or use scales if you're baking. Silicone spoon-spatulas are a thing, but for like 4 bucks.

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin

      Hello! And thanks for the feedback. About that giant box, don't worry it's not our usual packaging. This box was a custom design just for the Sorted Food guys. Our standard packaging is much more "normal" sized. You can find us in shops around the UK. And our packaging & promotional materials are all recyclable too.
      The measure features on our Supoon are handy when you're mixing & measuring at the same time. This way you will mix what you've measured into your bowl, without leaving any behind in a measuring spoon or jug. And, sure, you can find silicone spatulas or spoons out there in the world for a cheaper price, but you may be getting a lower-grade silicone. We only use the best materials - and the best lasts a lifetime. We love hearing from people, so send us a note any time!

  • Kaitlin Sebbage
    Kaitlin Sebbage 2 oy oldin

    I can really hear Ben doing radio... :)

  • Brett Burns
    Brett Burns 2 oy oldin

    turn up the volume with a pitch adjust slider lol sooo funny

  • venusstardustkyojin
    venusstardustkyojin 2 oy oldin

    I have a mad crush on James 😍

  • spammasterjay
    spammasterjay 2 oy oldin +1


    Every now and then
    I get a little bit lonely
    And you're never coming round

  • Moon Bun
    Moon Bun 2 oy oldin

    I feel like the crumbpet was another kid's product. Tell the children to "feed the sheep" and they might take care of their own mess, ya know?

  • Donte' Price
    Donte' Price 2 oy oldin

    Wat is quid?

  • Qells Massey
    Qells Massey 2 oy oldin

    A+ effort on the "Don't be moody" pun

  • Met3lAngel
    Met3lAngel 2 oy oldin

    The crumb pet would have been cuter if it was a duck.

  • MissHarleyXX
    MissHarleyXX 2 oy oldin +1

    i love watching these gadget video. i would love to see a kitchen gadget video collaboration with you guys and Barry from my virgin kitchen here on youtube. i think it would be excellent to see you all test them together :)

  • maioanh ngo
    maioanh ngo 2 oy oldin

    Dinner DJ look like a bowl for dog 🐶

  • Rhyannon Ashford
    Rhyannon Ashford 2 oy oldin

    It's actually good to let kids play with their food! It let's them learn their food is safe and makes them more inclined to try different things.

  • Aimee Louise Living
    Aimee Louise Living 2 oy oldin +1

    If browsing Amazon for unnecessary but fabulous kitchen gadgets was a skill, I'd be highly qualified.

  • Tim Plusminus
    Tim Plusminus 2 oy oldin +1

    Can we have a competitive show where the chefs are ONLY allowed to use weird kitchen gadgets?

  • Tim Plusminus
    Tim Plusminus 2 oy oldin

    I thought that Crumb Pet was a morose knife sharpener!

    NTH THN 2 oy oldin


  • Jamie Reid
    Jamie Reid 3 oy oldin +1

    Hey Happy International Men's Day!
    To all men, trans, gay, white, black, heck even if you're purple, have a great day.
    Ladies/Gentlemen do something great for your man today ;)

  • Miche Campbell
    Miche Campbell 3 oy oldin +1

    The supoon thing looks nifty but the packaging is ludicrous.

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin

      Hello friend! Thanks for the positive thoughts on our Supoon, it is nifty indeed. But don't worry about that box. That's not our packaging. We made that box specially for the Sorted Food guys. Our standard packaging you'll see in stores is much more environmentally friendly. And even that giant box is recyclable too. We love gadgets and the earth too!

  • Philipp
    Philipp 3 oy oldin

    i love the british accent.
    Quite lovely.

  • Y Kal
    Y Kal 3 oy oldin

    Useful or not YOU DECIDE!

  • Coca-Colette
    Coca-Colette 3 oy oldin +1

    That supoon should’ve been called spatoon

    • Dreamfarm
      Dreamfarm 2 oy oldin +1

      What a great idea! We chose Supoon because it's made up of the words: "sit up scraping spoon" ( But you're on to something there. Spatoon is pretty clever. We love clever!

  • B G
    B G 3 oy oldin

    am i the only person who wants to see another pass it on 🙋‍♀️

  • KariSpeaks
    KariSpeaks 3 oy oldin

    do a cooking competition using only the items from these episdoes

  • Shannon Gomez
    Shannon Gomez 3 oy oldin

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