International Soda Taste Test

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  • regularwonderland
    regularwonderland 2 oy oldin +4915

    Ya’ll keep saying Link doesn’t have killer instinct....Chase would beg to differ 😂

  • Breann Burningham
    Breann Burningham 6 soat oldin

    Inca Kola is so good

  • Susans Martin
    Susans Martin 6 soat oldin

    Imagine being that high

  • Arianna The Oofer
    Arianna The Oofer 9 soat oldin

    Dr. Pepper is nice to me

  • Mike1614b
    Mike1614b Kun oldin

    "I like bacon, but I don't like bakin soda"

  • ER C
    ER C 2 kun oldin

    Funny that Rhett pronounced the country of that yoghurt drink "I-raan". "Ayran", pronounced almost the same, is a yoghurt drink from turkey, what a crazy coincidence... or is it?

    CNSZU 2 kun oldin

    Technically they should use a globe to get the distances correct.

  • Madison Barlow
    Madison Barlow 2 kun oldin

    In Canada where I'm from, we call "soda"....
    Idk, do other Canadians do this?
    And is it weird?

  • Elaine Cook
    Elaine Cook 3 kun oldin

    They should’ve had Manzanita Sol from Mexico, it’s sooooo good🤪

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 3 kun oldin

    10:15 she's really cute... first time seeing her

  • Kyle Jones
    Kyle Jones 3 kun oldin

    Are you flat earthers cuz Rhett won the Jamaica one, he was closer on a globe... I can't be the only one that noticed this... surely

  • o0ps
    o0ps 3 kun oldin

    flat earth measurements!! lmao

  • Emma Hudroge
    Emma Hudroge 4 kun oldin

    I freakin love ginger beer

  • ravenclaw Red head
    ravenclaw Red head 4 kun oldin

    Is there cream soda in the usa

  • Tim Blis
    Tim Blis 5 kun oldin +1

    I just have to say for the ginger beer you should have done our one here in Australia “Bundaberg ginger beer”

  • RyanTheLion
    RyanTheLion 5 kun oldin

    it bugs me that malaysia on the map is not the correct country size

  • Yoke Chin Chong
    Yoke Chin Chong 6 kun oldin

    One of the most famous malaysian soda is 100plus, and we ain't git any i said *ANY* melon flavor. And btw, if you ain't got the soda from that country, then don't put it on the board

  • Jkbn Schlauch
    Jkbn Schlauch 6 kun oldin

    why does link have 4 darts???

  • Sofia Reyes`
    Sofia Reyes` 6 kun oldin

    who else was thinking that pineapple crush (from Canada) was gonna be showcased?

  • Max Bertrand
    Max Bertrand 7 kun oldin

    The 2 one was easy!!!😂😂😂

  • Matthew Lafferty
    Matthew Lafferty 7 kun oldin

    When will you do Will it Barbecue?

  • Christopher Marks
    Christopher Marks 7 kun oldin

    Chase though. ♥

  • Rambo Jhon
    Rambo Jhon 8 kun oldin

    i'm an Indian and to be honest i have never seen or tasted or heard about that drink myself.. :| :| i think Indians gonna disown me now :V

  • Patrick Fairbanks
    Patrick Fairbanks 8 kun oldin

    Cumin is what made you think tacos. lol

  • Patrick Fairbanks
    Patrick Fairbanks 8 kun oldin

    May 41 RIP.

    MINECRAFT & ROBLOX 8 kun oldin

    I was waiting for Malaysia.

  • Megan Buhanan
    Megan Buhanan 8 kun oldin

    Am 13 weeks pregnant and i was going to name my daughter Melanie thanks Rhett now i am going to name her Melanie.😊

  • AlbertScoot
    AlbertScoot 9 kun oldin

    Stop trying to foist off all the weird drinks and food onto Mexico.

  • Carolina Hedqvist
    Carolina Hedqvist 9 kun oldin

    Inca cola

  • Gary Murphy
    Gary Murphy 9 kun oldin

    I can't believe ginger beer isn't a thing in America. Its well known in literally the rest of the world lol

  • Haydar Esaleh
    Haydar Esaleh 9 kun oldin +3

    That yogurt Iran drink taste good sometimes I think link and Rhett over exaggerate to much

  • Connor Godshall
    Connor Godshall 9 kun oldin

    Bacon soda I got bacon soda

  • XxGacha_ LoverXX
    XxGacha_ LoverXX 9 kun oldin

    Chase: No, no, no,no, stop
    My favorite part. I have no idea how many times he said "no" but that was my favorite part.

  • Spence MX
    Spence MX 9 kun oldin

    RIP bush 😂😢

  • Jali Sa
    Jali Sa 9 kun oldin

    EWW no chinotto! My nonna is probably the only one that loves it lol

  • Luke Pruitt
    Luke Pruitt 9 kun oldin

    Am I the only one that thinks link kinda looks like Garth from Wayne's world

  • spo
    spo 9 kun oldin

    Why do they say Iran like that?? 😂😂

  • Agar-Craps
    Agar-Craps 10 kun oldin

    We don’t drink chinoto in italy we drink mostly coca cola, pepsi, estathè. That’s it

  • Aryaman Tiwari
    Aryaman Tiwari 10 kun oldin


  • Dustin H
    Dustin H 10 kun oldin

    I really like the San Pellegrino Limonata

  • cian caffrey
    cian caffrey 10 kun oldin

    this game shows that the good mythical morning crew are flat "earthers" ....

  • Trey Reeves
    Trey Reeves 10 kun oldin

    No Irn Bru? Awww

  • Helia Neissi
    Helia Neissi 10 kun oldin

    I’m soo happy the are using Iran because that’s we’re I come from and usually people don’t talk about it at all but you guys do with I’m proud about

  • ReggieZ
    ReggieZ 10 kun oldin

    Rhett: you gotta have a killer instinct
    Link: nearly kills chase with dart

  • ReggieZ
    ReggieZ 10 kun oldin

    Chase must be on edge at all times during these dart throwing games 😂

  • Liisa-Meta Kurina
    Liisa-Meta Kurina 10 kun oldin +3

    "I'm always feeling Estonia" 💕🇪🇪💕

  • Wizard
    Wizard 10 kun oldin

    I expected Thums Up from India

  • R Smiles
    R Smiles 10 kun oldin

    Link: this is strait out of Mexico me: HAHAHAHAHAHAHA no

  • Cassandra Gaitan
    Cassandra Gaitan 10 kun oldin

    Rip Bush

  • Elyse Howard
    Elyse Howard 10 kun oldin

    The Japanese soda should have been easy

  • Perceptual Tree
    Perceptual Tree 11 kun oldin

    Anyone notice that Japan got said multiple times and Rhett did react? Haha

  • CrazyFriend26
    CrazyFriend26 11 kun oldin +1


  • Maimunah Zailani
    Maimunah Zailani 11 kun oldin


  • Poppy
    Poppy 11 kun oldin


  • Alex
    Alex 11 kun oldin

    Cant believe you didnt include irn-bru!

  • Agil Gaming
    Agil Gaming 12 kun oldin

    i wanna buy that collegiate sweater but its sold out :(

  • Никита Павлович

    You should've tried tarhun as well. It's a Georgian tarragon-flavoured drink with a rather partical taste. Just how you love it, guys

  • drschplatt
    drschplatt 12 kun oldin

    Ginger Beer is made in the USA too. Kind of odd to call it Jamaican specifically

  • Neil MacPherson
    Neil MacPherson 12 kun oldin

    international drinks so metric measurements.

  • 1423 171
    1423 171 12 kun oldin

    It's strange cause when you meet indian people because of the amount of the cumin spice they eat in their food they smell like tacos

  • a person
    a person 13 kun oldin

    It was never mexico

  • a4une *
    a4une * 13 kun oldin +1

    Instead of a cartographer, can Chase be called a “dart-tagropher”?

  • DefinitelyNotClickbait
    DefinitelyNotClickbait 13 kun oldin

    i’ve has the pop from peru

  • Sean Ryu
    Sean Ryu 13 kun oldin

    Wait for the ginger beer wasn’t Rhett technically closer

  • Dr. Leonard Hofstadter SAVAGE FAM

    The soda water challenge awesome👍👍👍

  • Ellie Santos
    Ellie Santos 13 kun oldin

    Link: “I don’t like Dr Pepper”
    Me: “YAS Rhett you tell him”

  • boy boll
    boy boll 13 kun oldin

    I wanna taste Italy one

  • Erp
    Erp 13 kun oldin

    No Limca?

  • Can we get 1000 subs with 2 crap videos?

    Lol canada (my county) is so big and easy to hit

  • twocsies
    twocsies 14 kun oldin

    This flat earth game is in the can.

  • randomgamer 9780
    randomgamer 9780 14 kun oldin

    Was hoping to see IRN Bru.

  • randomgamer 9780
    randomgamer 9780 14 kun oldin

    But where is the fizzy bubbli?

  • Nick Bundy
    Nick Bundy 14 kun oldin

    It's frustrating to me that they aren't taking into account the fact that the distance may be shorter in the other direction - that is, going off one side of the map and continuing from the other
    The world is a globe, sheeple!

  • Vicky Tang
    Vicky Tang 15 kun oldin

    the melon drink is so good i love japanese drinkd

  • William Kappler
    William Kappler 15 kun oldin

    Rhett is closer to Jamaica I think, going around the pacific!

  • GeoJake
    GeoJake 15 kun oldin

    There should be 1 point for guessing the right country and 1 point for having the closest dart on the board

  • diegamer23 25
    diegamer23 25 15 kun oldin

    "God dammit! i got japan!" -the winner of the japan round

  • Box
    Box 15 kun oldin

    No Estonian drinks!!
    Super Monki is best energy drink

  • Isak Wendesten
    Isak Wendesten 15 kun oldin

    Japan is closer to Jamaica than russia is

  • Slashersaurus Rex
    Slashersaurus Rex 15 kun oldin

    this would have been a good episode to have h3h3 on.

  • Gavin Remme
    Gavin Remme 15 kun oldin

    Doesn't seeing the can give it away?

  • A.J. Young
    A.J. Young 15 kun oldin

    Here in Maine, that soda is called Moxie. And the state is split into two types of people: Those who love it, and those who think it's vile. I am in the latter.

  • lolatJESS
    lolatJESS 15 kun oldin

    Did...did he just measure that map flat? BOY Jamaica and Japan are close together....if you know Earth is round. What?

  • Sean Abreu
    Sean Abreu 15 kun oldin

    Inks cola is reallly good and it is the main drink in peru

  • Sean Abreu
    Sean Abreu 15 kun oldin

    I am from peruuuuuu

  • Isaac Anastas
    Isaac Anastas 16 kun oldin

    Why cant they go the other way

  • Thomas Clauson
    Thomas Clauson 16 kun oldin

    What about MOXIE!!!

  • Lucy Sutherland
    Lucy Sutherland 16 kun oldin

    should’ve tried irn bru

  • Larissa Stevenson
    Larissa Stevenson 16 kun oldin

    I don't like how they measure the long way around, they could fit so much more drinks or food in the episode if they changed the map....

  • laxNbass W
    laxNbass W 16 kun oldin

    I love Inca Kola!

  • David Davtyan
    David Davtyan 16 kun oldin

    The carbonated yogurt drink is actually called “tan”.

  • OddthehoodDead
    OddthehoodDead 16 kun oldin


  • Sheida Taghbostani
    Sheida Taghbostani 17 kun oldin

    My name is ابدس backwards I think, in Iran we right right to left

  • LilPiliceMan Yeah My Dude

    Do will it soda

  • Sheida Taghbostani
    Sheida Taghbostani 17 kun oldin

    Love yogurt soda mhhh it’s Persian

  • Sheida Taghbostani
    Sheida Taghbostani 17 kun oldin

    I’m Persian and Iran is known for also coke

  • Princess Hidalgo
    Princess Hidalgo 17 kun oldin

    ... it was so weird ... when they said it smells like you Melanie.. my name is Melanie...

  • AllAroundSports
    AllAroundSports 17 kun oldin

    Why u always put Canada on map but never anything

  • Roraigh Price
    Roraigh Price 17 kun oldin

    does this game have a name i want more of the same, i can not! contain my need, for more of this game.

  • Esha Saini
    Esha Saini 17 kun oldin

    Superwoman is shook... where in the world is superwoman today-ay