Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes

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  • Chris Bowman
    Chris Bowman 19 soat oldin

    Did he say peanuts or penis?🤔🤔🤔

  • Matthew Bennett
    Matthew Bennett Kun oldin

    19:20- "And just crush your nuts"

  • JXTScout6
    JXTScout6 Kun oldin


  • vega269
    vega269 Kun oldin +1

    He must be high, the fish goes in between the bread and the potatoes next to the sandwich. He won’t make it as a chef stick to UZclip.

  • Shariar khan Ibañez

    Did he just say check you penis?

  • Conner Boyd
    Conner Boyd Kun oldin

    Did he just say "today I'm making something healthier" and then go on to make a potato sandwich and butter fried fish sticks

  • Kevin Leugan
    Kevin Leugan Kun oldin

    Reminds me of my psych professor who told us her secret for to a great Thanksgiving dinner was a bottle of olive oil and about ten sticks of butter.

  • Anthony OSullivan
    Anthony OSullivan Kun oldin

    Proper mushy peas please. Not fannyin around peas.

  • 8 year old
    8 year old 2 kun oldin

    He may look working alone but there're 20 people helping him and cameras edit.try this alone you'll sweat yourself off before you can have a bite.and a big mess in the kitchen😅😅let go to MacDonald

  • Jade Michael
    Jade Michael 2 kun oldin

    He says peanuts wierd

  • Ulises Diaz
    Ulises Diaz 2 kun oldin

    Love his kitchen!! LaCornue island, sub-zero reffrigerator, and Miele oven and steamer !!

  • GameCrazedNERDS
    GameCrazedNERDS 2 kun oldin

    8/10 peas were frozen, shame

  • Simple YT
    Simple YT 2 kun oldin

    Does anyone try to cook what he’s cooking

  • Domdude Fresh
    Domdude Fresh 3 kun oldin

    I swear he’s saying penis 😂

  • Sphinch
    Sphinch 3 kun oldin

    Jeez, when I first started the video, it sounded like I was watching pornhub 😂😂

  • Timothy Benson
    Timothy Benson 3 kun oldin

    Wow great video, what's that track at 11:09. Im a Jamaican and love the reggae feat of it.

  • Shakeena Malloy
    Shakeena Malloy 3 kun oldin

    He is just amazing

  • Psycho Smile
    Psycho Smile 3 kun oldin

    I know this is a cooking video n all, but I keep looking around that kitchen. Forget the food, I want his interior designer.

  • Eden Griffiths
    Eden Griffiths 3 kun oldin

    That red fish ain’t nicely coloured. It’s burnt 😂

  • Arisa Pudle
    Arisa Pudle 3 kun oldin

    too fast mouth , I dont even know what you're saying

  • Araxa
    Araxa 3 kun oldin

    is that not a waste of salt

  • phoebe morocco
    phoebe morocco 3 kun oldin

    My tummy hurts looking at the potato's with bread but I love love love GRam

  • unkle ace
    unkle ace 3 kun oldin

    Well Fuck this. I'm hungry. Time to go shopping and make this myself

  • Katie Ryan
    Katie Ryan 4 kun oldin

    I wonder how many girls he has locked up in his basement.

  • Knavish
    Knavish 4 kun oldin

    Zanenita gappily ever after gap ass

  • snoozy Zy
    snoozy Zy 4 kun oldin

    His Nike sign on the right side ugly ahh

  • snoozy Zy
    snoozy Zy 4 kun oldin

    Everyone in chef class look at lance vans😂 fuck that his jacket

  • snoozy Zy
    snoozy Zy 4 kun oldin

    Yo ahh look like you steal book bags for fun ugly ahh

  • Knavish
    Knavish 4 kun oldin

    Shannon mole day ass fuck

  • snoozy Zy
    snoozy Zy 4 kun oldin

    Nah fuck that hella wide

  • snoozy Zy
    snoozy Zy 4 kun oldin

    Lance Gap hella big

    • snoozy Zy
      snoozy Zy 4 kun oldin

      Gettcha ugly ahhh stoopid baby squirrel looking ahhh

  • Lefavne
    Lefavne 4 kun oldin

    Anyone else just binge watching Gordon Ramsay videos at 1:30 in the morning?

  • Richie Skaggs
    Richie Skaggs 4 kun oldin

    19:21 Crush your Nuts lol

  • Amanda Shelton
    Amanda Shelton 5 kun oldin

    You make lovely videos Gordon Ramsay. Very inspiring and easy to follow. I use to watch your TV show when I was a bit younger. I love cooking. It's like painting a beautiful peace of art. I find it fun too, I grew up in a family that likes to cook and share. 😊 I am sick these days so I don't cook like I use to also my mother and stepfather have passed away. I am going to make a simple chicken dinner soon. I am looking through your channel for inspiring. Thank you very much for creating these beautiful works. You are truly a master, mister Ramsay.

  • Chris Brown
    Chris Brown 5 kun oldin

    That thumbnail doesnt look kosher...

  • qiskko
    qiskko 5 kun oldin

    the camerawork makes me nauseous

  • Marc.mizran
    Marc.mizran 5 kun oldin

    Gordon you sir are a fucking DON of food makes me hungry even after I've already eaten. 😋

  • Nicholas Grimes
    Nicholas Grimes 5 kun oldin

    Shake up you penis lol

  • Eekiki
    Eekiki 6 kun oldin


  • Bob Devereux
    Bob Devereux 6 kun oldin

    Penis in !!!

  • Anne Bialecki
    Anne Bialecki 7 kun oldin

    Can almost smell the wonderful aromas from here. Yum!

  • lee santos
    lee santos 7 kun oldin

    godon ramsay ...THE FAKE CHEF

  • lapband100
    lapband100 7 kun oldin

    His kitchen is absolutely amazing!! It's huge, almost like a restaurant kitchen!! How amazing it would be, to be able to cook like this, in such an amazing environment!!!!

  • Katie Ryan
    Katie Ryan 8 kun oldin

    Watching him gives me anxiety.Is he high?

  • iFaithyun
    iFaithyun 8 kun oldin

    5:44 now for the penis and chilli

  • Royal- Fam
    Royal- Fam 8 kun oldin

    I love u Gordon’s swear u are really good at cooking ❤️

  • I'm Vezq
    I'm Vezq 8 kun oldin

    i just got diabetes watching that salt one

  • Whoever's reading this is gay

    *_p e n i s a n d c h i l i_*

  • Elina
    Elina 8 kun oldin

    “Really helps to grind the penis down”

  • Seamo One
    Seamo One 8 kun oldin

    The whole Penis portion, wow, great stuff..... THANK YOU G!

  • Liam Delaney
    Liam Delaney 9 kun oldin

    No hat hair in food not good ???

  • Benton Kann
    Benton Kann 9 kun oldin

    5:48 “penis in”

  • LisaMarie McNeil
    LisaMarie McNeil 9 kun oldin

    When will you cook me a lovely dinner I will bring wine and good conversation 😊

  • Kevin Babbz
    Kevin Babbz 9 kun oldin

    3:19 Confirmation that Gordon is part of the 9 year old army

  • See Me
    See Me 9 kun oldin +1

    Gordon ramsay is genius.

  • Bob Mob
    Bob Mob 9 kun oldin

    Love the penis and chilli idea

  • Martin Pêcheur
    Martin Pêcheur 10 kun oldin

    That peanut fish looked bad...nevervtrust a skinny cook...lol

  • SoSimYum
    SoSimYum 10 kun oldin

    Yeah ... thanks for using fish sauce in your recipes. Our family cannot live with out fish sauce in our cooking, dipping, and marinate ;-).

  • Good Guy
    Good Guy 10 kun oldin

    I can't believe people watch this dick head ...

  • Snazzled Justin
    Snazzled Justin 10 kun oldin +1

    Can you eat beer battered fish and chips even if you’re not 21?

    • Azmah852
      Azmah852 9 kun oldin

      Yes, it's not really alcoholic. Can't get you drunk or anything.

  • sebastian van merkestein

    This music at the start reminds me of something

  • Jerikoh O'Cru
    Jerikoh O'Cru 11 kun oldin

    I must try this peanut coating! For real!!!

  • Jace Thomas
    Jace Thomas 11 kun oldin

    " Fresh lime and that goes brilliantly with the red mullet. Just really wakes up the chilli, garlic and the Gordon " * squeezes lemon in eyes * XD

  • clorox bleach
    clorox bleach 11 kun oldin

    Call me insane but everytime I hear that intro I sounds like the pornhub intro

  • Boxhawk
    Boxhawk 11 kun oldin

    "Just crush your nuts, don't over pound them"

  • Joanne Dao
    Joanne Dao 11 kun oldin

    I swear some of these clips can pass off as ASMR Videos lol

  • Michael Rogers
    Michael Rogers 11 kun oldin

    Does anyone know what he seasons them.with? And what was that yellow stuff he was dipping the fish in?

  • tangala anduru
    tangala anduru 12 kun oldin

    So inspiring

  • Lotlot Aday
    Lotlot Aday 12 kun oldin

    he burnt the peanuts on the fish seriously

  • Satish Chandra Jha
    Satish Chandra Jha 12 kun oldin

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  • Lil boozy Drip2hard
    Lil boozy Drip2hard 12 kun oldin

    The music thing inbetween the recipe changes sounds familiar to the pornhub thing

    BEST FOOD 12 kun oldin


  • XC The Experience
    XC The Experience 12 kun oldin

    I think I’m pregnant 😂

  • Rasheen Campbell
    Rasheen Campbell 13 kun oldin

    My comfort food is 🍕

  • Joseph A. H.
    Joseph A. H. 13 kun oldin

    "Penis, in."

  • गावाकडच्या Recipe

    Nice 👌👍👌👌👌

  • Kasujja Miti
    Kasujja Miti 15 kun oldin

    Lord Gordon Ramsey

  • Brian Frost
    Brian Frost 15 kun oldin

    It won't make the fish salty......... Don't be angry lads

  • Austin Pak
    Austin Pak 15 kun oldin

    lmao i was on my phone and when he did the second food tutorial i thought he said penis not peanuts

    FLARE GAMING 15 kun oldin

    Salt and pepper

  • Andy Bailey
    Andy Bailey 16 kun oldin

    Gordon’s videos are very therapeutic

  • Lilsikas
    Lilsikas 16 kun oldin

    This is Pollock

    *_S L A P_*

    A really nice firm, delicious fish...

  • Chris Braz
    Chris Braz 16 kun oldin

    I frequently go to Gordon videos for great cooking ideas. The master

  • gniewomir lol
    gniewomir lol 16 kun oldin

    'adds coarse seasalt to the flour in the sieve' derp

  • Mayra Ysaguirre
    Mayra Ysaguirre 16 kun oldin

    Did he say penis and chili....oh nvm

  • Roger rtewwr
    Roger rtewwr 16 kun oldin

    Chip Butty?? phuck me.

  • Parvina Rashid
    Parvina Rashid 17 kun oldin

    So nice o thanks u

  • Martina Skupin
    Martina Skupin 17 kun oldin

    Eating potatoes with bread. I don´t think so.

  • Mayya . Artist
    Mayya . Artist 17 kun oldin

    I don’t eat sea food but after these videos.... omg 😯

    LOLA LILALO 17 kun oldin

    Amazing recipes,especially the last one that is turkish traditional recipe.



  • adelatuna
    adelatuna 17 kun oldin


    SAM BRICKELL 17 kun oldin +1

    Camera guy, BACK THE FUCK UP.

  • [QRR]JackMetal
    [QRR]JackMetal 17 kun oldin

    *Top 5 salt and pepper recipes*

  • Geethanath Hettiarachchi

    He ruined the fish . Second recipe was a disaster

  • Louis Villafranca
    Louis Villafranca 18 kun oldin

    He burned it that moron put it in foil

  • Josh W
    Josh W 18 kun oldin

    Remember people, let the knife do the work; or the pan or the oven

  • julian hobrough
    julian hobrough 18 kun oldin

    Who cares about this foul-mouthed idiot’s recipes? Give us a break. Ramsay is merely one of thousands, but louder, and more profane.

  • Sonja G
    Sonja G 18 kun oldin

    Spicy, minty, mushy peas.....hmmmm