Gordon Ramsay's Top 5 Fish Recipes

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  • Kurve O Lochlainn
    Kurve O Lochlainn 11 soat oldin

    Why? Why does the camera have to fly all over the place? It makes it so hard to watch!

  • Ae Ae
    Ae Ae 12 soat oldin

    5:44 "Now, for the penis and chili"

  • Private Wang The OP Engineer

    Where the fuck do you get that much salt?

  • Zeeqtee Prn
    Zeeqtee Prn Kun oldin

    It makes it seem so damn easy until u do it. Lmao

  • Dayna
    Dayna Kun oldin

    it may be a stupid question, i've having problems with this, but how do you cook perfect seafood in general, like, how does one tell if for example shrimps are done cooking n stuff? the same with Meat. for me, meat is the tricky one.. from the outside it can look like it's done cooking, but on the inside can still be raw.

    • Creamy Stolen videos
      Creamy Stolen videos Kun oldin

      It's all about making sure you know what temperature is correct, depends on how you like your meat, and touching it.

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  • dom sturman
    dom sturman 2 kun oldin

    Makes him feel like a 9 yr old! Is he a pewdiepie subscriber?

  • Nick
    Nick 2 kun oldin

    theres no fucking way his family goes through all that god damn fresh fruits and veggies in the background before they go bad. what the fuck

  • Kayla Kesselring
    Kayla Kesselring 2 kun oldin

    Leave it to a limey to fry most of his best dishes and the other two are straight out of a classic French cookbook

  • Knuxiefan
    Knuxiefan 2 kun oldin

    Gordon is a sucker for street food, he’s only trim because he plays soccer

  • 24kt on my wrist
    24kt on my wrist 2 kun oldin +2

    When he said peanuts , I thought he said penis . Penis in

    • Zeus Core
      Zeus Core Kun oldin

      dude, i been smokin all day and i landed here and he s like talkig sex, i heard that too :)) then he said i stuff my face in and i bursted into laugh

  • Andrew R
    Andrew R 2 kun oldin +1

    5.0:00 4.3:38 3.8:26 2.13:44 1.16:03

  • hunter 22
    hunter 22 2 kun oldin

    I love ur kitchen. I wish I had that

  • devil jin
    devil jin 2 kun oldin

    I'm hunry

  • Dale McCluskey
    Dale McCluskey 2 kun oldin

    I like this guy. No B/S or big show. Just gets it done!

  • Sean T B
    Sean T B 3 kun oldin

    He is putting too much salt and a lot of butter and oil, you will have hypertension and heart and kidney disease.

  • Sanjeev Kumar Gadamsetti

    what it he make and model of the pan he is using ?

  • Def NRG
    Def NRG 3 kun oldin +1

    Add salt, and then crush your nuts...

  • chez cake
    chez cake 3 kun oldin

    " dip it in shake up ur penis " ... I'm pretty sure I clicked on a UZclip tab this time

  • Draco Zard
    Draco Zard 3 kun oldin

    I love it how all of the clips have a different tone

  • Warren Brown
    Warren Brown 4 kun oldin +1

    Just bought a gaming laptop and I'v been doing nothing but watching Gordon Ramsey videos...

  • J SH
    J SH 4 kun oldin

    5 ways to give yourself an early heart attack.

  • Truth Hurts
    Truth Hurts 5 kun oldin

    My 5 top fish recipe.
    1. Grilled tuna colar with soy sauce, calamansi, chili, sugar for basting.
    2. Fish kinilaw.
    3. Fish Sinigang in tamarind. (using real tamarind fruit)
    4. Fish tinola (bisaya style)
    5. Fish Escabeche.(traditional style)
    & Many many more. 👍☺

  • sean mcduffie
    sean mcduffie 5 kun oldin

    LMAO When you start combining penis 3:47

  • nooria waller
    nooria waller 5 kun oldin

    Made the first recipe but with tilapia and wow!! Best fish and chips I've ever had!!

  • Tio Droid
    Tio Droid 5 kun oldin

    PornHub at the begining?

    HESEN HUSEYNOV 6 kun oldin

    I ask you to write the names of meals you need. How to find pictures of these dishes?

  • 13th Evergreen
    13th Evergreen 6 kun oldin

    Tyler durten is not here, I am Jack's cancer. Did ty come past here cause that's a Penis at 3:44

  • Voss2120
    Voss2120 6 kun oldin

    I love how direct his instructions are. Slice... in... chop... in. mix.

  • Deven Loomis
    Deven Loomis 6 kun oldin

    What do I do if I touch my penis after playing in hotsauce?

    SF SENJU 6 kun oldin

    Im the camera man i tasted the food and it was dry lmao

    Jkjk love you gordon

  • Hasz Talks
    Hasz Talks 6 kun oldin

    Why is his butter round?

  • Anna Belmares
    Anna Belmares 6 kun oldin

    I don’t like this guy

  • Andres Garcia
    Andres Garcia 7 kun oldin

    A nobb of Butta

  • Archy Wiseman
    Archy Wiseman 7 kun oldin

    I imagine these would work well with walleye, crappie or any other firm white fish commonly caught by sport anglers. Those are my source for the fresshest fish.

  • SirParcifal
    SirParcifal 7 kun oldin

    Gordon do you have a recipe for Ny style Italian Bread? I live in AZ and their idea of bread here is tortilla and I'm quiet board with it LOL #missnyitalianfood!

  • Jesus Of Suburbia
    Jesus Of Suburbia 7 kun oldin

    And I got a Gordon Ramsay ad.

  • Apentogo
    Apentogo 7 kun oldin

    "now, for the penis and chilli..."
    Gordon....I don't like where this is going..

  • Earth Man
    Earth Man 7 kun oldin

    I always knew Ramsey could cook. It was surprising to note that he can communicate with only one "f" word, f_ _ _ _. F i s h.

  • Simon Richards
    Simon Richards 7 kun oldin +1

    3:38 sounds like the porn hub intro

  • Justin
    Justin 7 kun oldin

    salt crusted fish = laid back but impressive for Gordon Ramsey....
    And I felt happy with finally mastering pan sear rib eye XD

  • Fresh Meister
    Fresh Meister 7 kun oldin

    Rather goto chippy its easier

  • Chad Linton.
    Chad Linton. 7 kun oldin

    Id rather eat fried or grilled fish with season. None of that nasty crap to put on it

  • Digital Void
    Digital Void 7 kun oldin

    Penis and chili flakes

  • Will Wallwork
    Will Wallwork 7 kun oldin

    This is Michelin. The end.

  • MrSilverserpent
    MrSilverserpent 7 kun oldin

    Gordon, you are never to say peanuts / penis again! Fucking English donkey!!!!

  • latiku
    latiku 8 kun oldin

    3:48 what did he just say

  • North plays
    North plays 8 kun oldin +4

    Why did the intro sound like pronhub intro lmao

  • oldskoolhead0
    oldskoolhead0 8 kun oldin

    how many michelin stars do you need before you can tell the difference between chips and roast potatos

  • stella Narinyan
    stella Narinyan 8 kun oldin

    The Best Chef Ever!!
    Love you mr Ramsy ❤️

  • Mrs. H
    Mrs. H 8 kun oldin +2

    A french fry sandwitch? No wonder French food won.

  • 인덕션요리하는남자

    good 부럽다 고든램지 나도 요리열심히해야징 ㅎㅎ

  • Ted Staples
    Ted Staples 8 kun oldin

    “Never slice on an angle”
    Good grief your so full of yourself. You no La Nonna.

  • Patrick Sherwood
    Patrick Sherwood 8 kun oldin

    Gordon’s the man

  • Mustafa Moldany
    Mustafa Moldany 8 kun oldin

    Why U talking about a shitty but....pig

  • Yukko
    Yukko 8 kun oldin

    19:21 ok daddy

  • JosephSolomonUS
    JosephSolomonUS 8 kun oldin

    Went to the kitchen to prepare one these.
    Ate sardines instead.
    Close enough.

  • Fluffy Bunnykins
    Fluffy Bunnykins 9 kun oldin

    Trousers...off. Penis...in. Lovely. Look at that. Amazing. There you have it.

  • Kelly Reyes
    Kelly Reyes 9 kun oldin

    number one was actually the worst one amiright???

  • Artiexx
    Artiexx 9 kun oldin

    Cooking fresh -peanuts- *P E N I S*

  • Raistlin Majere
    Raistlin Majere 9 kun oldin

    im gonna go microwave some taquitos to comfort me as i cry watching this

  • Morgan Sapp
    Morgan Sapp 9 kun oldin

    I thought he said penis when he said peanuts 😂

  • liquidationhaircare com

    alot different from his kitchen nightmares show, i love this guys technique, i would really love to see him working with wild game meats

  • hutz d
    hutz d 9 kun oldin

    Always when Gordon adding an ingredient i'm about to say "yes sir!"

  • keep up mofo
    keep up mofo 9 kun oldin

    You have to eat good Food before watching these videos because u get hungry after

  • XCaRt0oNzX 23
    XCaRt0oNzX 23 9 kun oldin

    5:49 turn subtitles on

  • Anstria Tarot
    Anstria Tarot 9 kun oldin

    The chili sauce also looks spectacular. Subbing parsley for cilantro though.

  • Anstria Tarot
    Anstria Tarot 9 kun oldin

    I am so making these fish fingers this Friday. Deep frying the chips in lard though - sorry Gordon - it's the only way to eat chips.

  • Bill Brasky
    Bill Brasky 10 kun oldin

    Penis in

  • Crazzilla
    Crazzilla 10 kun oldin

    Did this mfker just make a french fry sammich? lmao

  • George Michael
    George Michael 10 kun oldin

    I bet anyone that they didn't know Ramsay was born female and that's fact

    • WalnutTime
      WalnutTime 8 kun oldin +1

      George Michael wrong because he has children and trans men cannot be biological fathers

  • Tony Quigley
    Tony Quigley 10 kun oldin +8

    Literally, if butter or cream didn't exist, there'd be no gourmet restaurants on earth. People wonder why restaurant food tastes so incredible compared to their own versions at home. Whats the key? You'll never walk out of a restaurant without having eaten at least a quarter of a block of butter. Thats it, they cook and douse EVERYTHING in butter.

  • Mo Bone
    Mo Bone 10 kun oldin

    *splash of olive oil; half of bottle haha
    looks fire tho!

  • Wind Burnt Eskimo
    Wind Burnt Eskimo 10 kun oldin

    Is it not impossible to say that the steam from hot objects in the cold is the same as steam from hot objects in a rice cooker or boiler?

  • Khaled SLAIMIA
    Khaled SLAIMIA 10 kun oldin

    1000 years ago that 2 kilos salt cost a fortune

  • nonya Biznessses
    nonya Biznessses 10 kun oldin

    The very BEST part of this series is that ONE HUNDRED PERCENT OF ALL THE PROFITS are used to feed the homeless!
    Actually, no, these greedy cunts never did a single thing to help hungry desperate people.

  • Zane M
    Zane M 11 kun oldin

    Between every clip i think a pornhub video is starting.

  • oga yuki
    oga yuki 11 kun oldin

    I do good flavor and want to eat so

  • Luna
    Luna 11 kun oldin

    Isn't that chris jericho

  • Grace Groh
    Grace Groh 11 kun oldin

    I always thought that he was some sort of health nut but he loves his butter

  • shiloh kimball
    shiloh kimball 11 kun oldin

    The fish has hardly any peanuts on their. What the Fawwwkkkk!

    SAW YER 12 kun oldin

    I feel like anything gordon ramsay makes I can eat I dont even eat fish..... Or burgers or meatballs or vegetables or other food that isnt fries, pizza ,nuggets , chicken strips, or spaghetti or quesadillas

  • safe toy
    safe toy 12 kun oldin

    Get Out ! BullShiT ! No way ! In 10 Seconds from :34 to :44 Gordon Ramsay Peeled, Cut, Blanched, Seasoned with salt pepper and paprika, and Baked Some Potatoes ?!? WTF is this !? Ten fucking Seconds ?!? What happened to reality ? My Brains melted during this time warp !
    Eat That !

  • Ix-_Destrxctive -BAWX-
    Ix-_Destrxctive -BAWX- 12 kun oldin

    *_Nice and crisp_*

  • eciuj xob
    eciuj xob 12 kun oldin

    would pinons also work Chef? For the coated fish in nuts.

  • eciuj xob
    eciuj xob 12 kun oldin


  • Kieran Mays
    Kieran Mays 12 kun oldin

    the peas are frozen? F U C K M E

  • NERv9S 21
    NERv9S 21 13 kun oldin

    3:18 When you subscribe to pewdiepie.

  • Craig
    Craig 13 kun oldin

    i surprised the english invented fish n chips coz that isn't even close, fish only ever needs butter fried or baked with lil salt, he always complicates a simple meal with a thousand extra ingredients that no normal person would bother with.

  • ItsRayful
    ItsRayful 13 kun oldin +1

    3:01 "never slice in an angle"
    why ?

  • dubiousdeathworm
    dubiousdeathworm 13 kun oldin

    The best part of cooking fish is catching the fish.

  • James Blip
    James Blip 13 kun oldin

    Is he saying peanut???

  • A Man With No Hat
    A Man With No Hat 13 kun oldin

    Love me some G E N E R O U S O l O V O L

  • rundown thomas
    rundown thomas 13 kun oldin

    i wish i lived with this fucker.

  • Laifa Kumo
    Laifa Kumo 13 kun oldin

    this looks amazing

  • Emily Violet Marie
    Emily Violet Marie 13 kun oldin +3

    I love his ketchup bottle.. it was a little tomato!!

  • Tyler Hughes
    Tyler Hughes 14 kun oldin

    Wtf is a chip butty? Fry sandwich? Why

  • ButtersTheGun_XBOX
    ButtersTheGun_XBOX 14 kun oldin

    3:33, i honestly fucking dont Ramsay