WHO KNOWS MILO BETTER!?(w/ Milo Manheim, Witney Carson, Alan Bersten, and Mason Turner)

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  • Hannah Therese
    Hannah Therese 6 kun oldin

    I'm Angsty!! I was so mad that that Bobby dude won Dwts!! I honestly don't think he deserved to win. The only reason he won was because of his fanbase! Freaking Fernando got kicked off because dumb Bobby won, And Fernando was actually good at dancing. I mean look at how shocked and mad everyone was when Fernando got kicked off! It was one of the worst seasons ever in my opinion. Someone like Milo And Whitney should have won. I don't know I just need to let some steam off I guess...

  • Nicole Zazzera
    Nicole Zazzera 7 kun oldin

    Milo is so cute 🙄

  • bob martin
    bob martin 9 kun oldin


  • Andrea Vujović
    Andrea Vujović 9 kun oldin

    Milo is croatian?! Does he know how to talk in croatian? Like if ya know that language...

  • Sophia Green
    Sophia Green 9 kun oldin

    I cheer for the Green Bay Packers.

  • LilithxNoelle
    LilithxNoelle 10 kun oldin

    Milo: nope.
    Mason: aRe u. K. You can’t do this


  • Sarah Abraham
    Sarah Abraham 16 kun oldin +1

    Milo fr just tries to finesse every cute girl he sees don’t finesse Alexis she’s Alan’s I swear if ur the reason they ever break up I’m gonna come for you.

  • Jackson Wang
    Jackson Wang 18 kun oldin

    i’m sorry i’m new but who are these people?

  • Matthew Critzman
    Matthew Critzman 18 kun oldin

    Omg Milo has the same favorite candy as me! I’m shoooooooooooketh 🤣🤣💕💕

  • Madison B
    Madison B 19 kun oldin

    I love Alan, but Milo is more my age...

  • Kara_Reed: The Dreamer
    Kara_Reed: The Dreamer 20 kun oldin

    8:56 😂😂😂😂 omg!! Witney just had a blonde moment right there and I love it how they all started laughing when it finally dawned on Witney!!! 😂😂❤️

  • Sarah Singer
    Sarah Singer 20 kun oldin

    What is his nationality?

  • Izabella De Los Monteros

    Diva alan im the house thank u very much point for alan ok sis snap next👏

  • Ash K.
    Ash K. 21 kun oldin

    What is my nationality?

  • Brendan&Kayla
    Brendan&Kayla 21 kun oldin

    2:08 did milo say sky?!

  • Brendan&Kayla
    Brendan&Kayla 21 kun oldin

    alan is hilarious

  • Mackenzie Walsh
    Mackenzie Walsh 22 kun oldin +1

    the packersssss

  • Olivia Burczyk
    Olivia Burczyk 22 kun oldin

    Hold on... the 4 major sports are football, baseball, hockey, and basketball??? WHAT ABOUT SOCCER!!

  • nathalia paola
    nathalia paola 22 kun oldin

    make more videos with DWTS people!!! ❤

  • Mirela Hojan
    Mirela Hojan 22 kun oldin

    MILO, thanks for choosing Croatia LY

  • Marcie Crowley
    Marcie Crowley 23 kun oldin

    Lmaoooo he said my favorite nationality alan says “Jewish” I’m weak😂💀

  • Vale Montaner
    Vale Montaner 23 kun oldin

    😎💗🤩I love this! 😂❤️

  • Nina Rachel
    Nina Rachel 23 kun oldin

    take a shot every time milo says straight up

  • Amber Vivie
    Amber Vivie 23 kun oldin +1

    Milo if your reading this hopefully you are I have a huge crush on you

  • -aRtHurMeMeloVeR -
    -aRtHurMeMeloVeR - 23 kun oldin

    Alan mad annoying

  • John Rillera
    John Rillera 23 kun oldin

    What is your age

  • Nayli Saidin
    Nayli Saidin 24 kun oldin

    your editing reminds me of emma chamberlain

  • Nayli Saidin
    Nayli Saidin 24 kun oldin

    how old is milo

  • Simona Volpov
    Simona Volpov 24 kun oldin

    Alan is so funny!!!

  • K & M
    K & M 24 kun oldin


  • Marina Tomic
    Marina Tomic 24 kun oldin


  • Kennisha Surfin
    Kennisha Surfin 24 kun oldin

    Alan is so freaking cute👌👌👌

  • Anna Benkert
    Anna Benkert 24 kun oldin

    I love u

  • Princess 1
    Princess 1 24 kun oldin

    am i the only one who thinks that alan showed milo at 6:48 witneys name??


    your soo cute Milo is their Zombies 2? love to see it

  • Jade Airyn
    Jade Airyn 24 kun oldin

    5:40 😂

  • Braulio Samuel
    Braulio Samuel 24 kun oldin

    5:32 😂😂

  • Elsa Haile
    Elsa Haile 24 kun oldin

    3:16 *AND SPRITE*

  • Mackenzie Winterton
    Mackenzie Winterton 24 kun oldin

    Milo hot

  • Jacey Chum
    Jacey Chum 24 kun oldin

    Lmfao i thought Witney and Milo were dating until I realized he's underage and she's married whoops nvm

  • Stanley Mcwilliams
    Stanley Mcwilliams 25 kun oldin

    Milo&Mason, can you make a fart video please? I really want Milo Manheim to fart on his video!

    • Rainy Day
      Rainy Day 23 kun oldin

      Stanley Mcwilliams Wtf

  • Emma Higgans
    Emma Higgans 25 kun oldin

    Witney is so cute

  • Delanie S
    Delanie S 25 kun oldin

    7:30 I laughed so freaking hard lol😂😂

  • Cheese Cake
    Cheese Cake 25 kun oldin


  • Brianna Cannon
    Brianna Cannon 25 kun oldin

    are you guys going to do vlogmas..? 🙃😶

  • Skullstars 12
    Skullstars 12 25 kun oldin

    he looks like david schwimmer!!!

  • Zara Stanić
    Zara Stanić 25 kun oldin

    Whaaat? Croatian? Been watching and cheering you all dwts season from Croatia. Is it a joke or..? 😁😁

  • Zoe Jones
    Zoe Jones 26 kun oldin

    Omg I love this video sm!!!

  • Jessica Maldonado
    Jessica Maldonado 26 kun oldin


  • Ninoska Palacios
    Ninoska Palacios 26 kun oldin

    I love milito💚

  • better2gether
    better2gether 26 kun oldin

    Omg I love the good place

  • lauryn
    lauryn 27 kun oldin

    i’m croatian too!!!

  • Hannah Flores
    Hannah Flores 27 kun oldin

    LMAOOO Alan said “that’s a FACT” i can’t breathe

  • Rachel Cameron
    Rachel Cameron 27 kun oldin

    Please do a video with Alexis and Alan

  • Justin Yingling
    Justin Yingling 27 kun oldin

    March 6 2001

  • morgans journey
    morgans journey 27 kun oldin

    Love y’all

  • kacey xoxo
    kacey xoxo 27 kun oldin +2

    Whitney is so adorable omg

  • Carly Bamford
    Carly Bamford 27 kun oldin

    Milo should have won DWTS😭😭😭😭

  • Maliha Hossain
    Maliha Hossain 27 kun oldin


  • Glenda Stewart
    Glenda Stewart 27 kun oldin

    Milo should do a never have I ever with RenTen

  • Marisa Tamayo
    Marisa Tamayo 27 kun oldin

    witney and alan are my fave pros!!

  • Jamie Sims
    Jamie Sims 27 kun oldin

    I love this channel... Milo and Mason are the best!!💙

  • virgik sko
    virgik sko 27 kun oldin

    6:53 I see you looking at his phoneeeee lol

  • Marie Cureton
    Marie Cureton 27 kun oldin

    Wintry sucks meg can whoop her

  • Joanna Nichole
    Joanna Nichole 27 kun oldin +5

    whitney’s face when milo said he had a crush on alexis lol

  • Helen Dayanna Martinez Triana

    Podrian hacer videos en español plis

  • Paige Umholtz
    Paige Umholtz 27 kun oldin


  • crazybree007 Bernhardt
    crazybree007 Bernhardt 28 kun oldin

    I love u milo

  • Diana Burova
    Diana Burova 28 kun oldin

    Люблю Майло и Мег❤

  • lexy ramirez
    lexy ramirez 28 kun oldin +1

    Milo’s face when Alan said “Zombies” lmaoooo

  • Aubrian
    Aubrian 28 kun oldin

    alan was so cute in this video 😂❤️

  • Love Tramarcus
    Love Tramarcus 28 kun oldin

    Milo you should've won! However, I'm soo glad I got to see all your dances especially the freestyle. That freestyle was the best I've ever seen! You did amazing!

  • unicorn sparkles
    unicorn sparkles 28 kun oldin

    Sky brown was there

  • Ms. Pretty
    Ms. Pretty 28 kun oldin +10

    2:08 Sky as in Sky Brown is there!

  • ANNIE.611
    ANNIE.611 28 kun oldin

    Where is alexis ren? :)

  • Lora Kotlyarsky
    Lora Kotlyarsky 28 kun oldin

    Aww poor alan being cringed at at every wrong one. Don't worry, we got you alan!!

  • Lora Kotlyarsky
    Lora Kotlyarsky 28 kun oldin +3

    Aww poor alan being cringed at at every wrong one. Don't worry, we got you alan!!

  • Jessica Lynn
    Jessica Lynn 28 kun oldin

    alan probably wrote witney down for his celebrity crush lol

  • Gaby Vaillancourt
    Gaby Vaillancourt 28 kun oldin +5

    his smirk at 6:45 when alan shows him alexis awww

  • Melissa Miller
    Melissa Miller 28 kun oldin +2

    You and Whitney should have won DWTS y'all had the highest score but since the audience vote.

  • Tara Kelly
    Tara Kelly 28 kun oldin

    Ah girl u so pretty

  • Kaitlyn Burke
    Kaitlyn Burke 28 kun oldin

    What is Milo’s hockey team?

  • CatLovezTokioHotel
    CatLovezTokioHotel 29 kun oldin +8

    MILO you are the true winner of dancing with the stars...Im in shock..

  • Jewelina K
    Jewelina K 29 kun oldin

    Damn we’re the same age... I’m like 4’11.5

  • Melody Jade
    Melody Jade 29 kun oldin

    Alan was the best part of this video

  • tien L
    tien L 29 kun oldin

    Awww poor alan

  • Belle Angelica
    Belle Angelica 29 kun oldin

    I hear sky brown in the back

  • Amanda Riso
    Amanda Riso 29 kun oldin

    MILOS BDAYIS MARCH 6 2001! Am I right

  • Gacha Gamer
    Gacha Gamer Oy oldin


  • Brooke Richter
    Brooke Richter Oy oldin +1

    dude i just want to give milo a hug

  • Fatma Zaidi
    Fatma Zaidi Oy oldin +3

    milo won

  • fatimaGh1925k fire

    Hello soy de el salvador eres mi crush te amo saludame en tu próximo vídeo se todo sobre ti bueno casi todo

  • ConcreteAngelx3
    ConcreteAngelx3 Oy oldin

    It's so annoying how they aren't even telling us what they are writing...

  • Maddy Palmquist
    Maddy Palmquist Oy oldin

    She has a hickey

  • Mariah Friedl
    Mariah Friedl Oy oldin

    I know me and milo have the same favorite sport he loves 🏐 vb and so do i I’ve played vb since I was a freshman 👌💯🏐

  • Isabelle Guo
    Isabelle Guo Oy oldin

    why just why lmfao

  • It’s Tiff
    It’s Tiff Oy oldin

    I love Alan 😂

  • Lumen
    Lumen Oy oldin

    Milo, stop flirting with married women.

  • Thaanya K
    Thaanya K Oy oldin

    whitney, margot robbie is pronounced the way milo said it...i’m australian 😂😂

  • Jessica Nguyen
    Jessica Nguyen Oy oldin +3

    Milo has no chance with Alexis, do u not even see how adorable and cute Alexis and Alan is together! They are like the cutest couple ever :) milo is better of with someone else, but definitely not Alexis my dude! Don’t be stealing Alexis and besides Alexis has feelings for Alan and Alan has feelings for Alexis.

    • Michelle Pham
      Michelle Pham 26 kun oldin

      +Jessica Nguyen oof okie wait, i didn't mean to come off rude in any way, and i was probably in a much sleepier mindset, so i didn't process everything that you said. so i'm sorry that it came off in a rude manner. i thought you were saying something else but it was another comment that threw me off

    • Jessica Nguyen
      Jessica Nguyen 26 kun oldin +1

      Michelle Pham and they were saying milo and Alexis together so I shared my opinion that no way tht was gonna happen bc Alexis and Alan have feelings for each other so I don’t need to chill. Keep in mind u r talking to a 12 year old that could stand up for herself

    • Michelle Pham
      Michelle Pham Oy oldin

      lol chilllllll alexis and milo really close friends