KOREAN McDonald's VS. Burger King in Seoul South Korea

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  • Joylandi 5-Okt, 2018
  • Many of you guys asked me to try out the McDonald's in South Korea and I was super excited as well. With burgers such as the Shanghai burger, I was expecting great things. After eating at McDonald's I also stopped at Burger King in Seoul and tried out some of the interesting items there.
    So here is my review and comparison of Korean McDonald's and Burger King in South Korea.
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  • Frankie Cassie
    Frankie Cassie 2 soat oldin

    How can he eat like that? Just one, maybe 2 burgers and I'm full. But this guy, he finishes em, and eat some more, 'Kobayashi' style.

  • J T
    J T 4 soat oldin

    all the burgers look the same

  • Yan Hakim
    Yan Hakim 8 soat oldin

    I am definitely a HUGE Burger King fan too many great memories with that fast joint....

  • mr matthews
    mr matthews 8 soat oldin

    I love the show because of your honesty

  • Olivia Yang
    Olivia Yang 9 soat oldin

    Wow! You're eating good!

  • 김지영
    김지영 10 soat oldin

    제목이 한국어인거 나만그래?

  • Avijit Pandit
    Avijit Pandit 10 soat oldin

    hey man as always awesome vid highlighting different foods from other countries (adding every one of them to my list to visit). i just wanted to know, how to you manage to stay fit after eating as much as you do?

  • Daniel
    Daniel 15 soat oldin +1

    This made me so hungry. I wanna try all those burgers so bad 😭

  • Syed Ali
    Syed Ali 15 soat oldin

    How come so well maintained

  • xxmobear
    xxmobear 18 soat oldin

    How cool, I’m an hour away from Fort Dodge IA!! Love your videos!!

  • Rob
    Rob 18 soat oldin

    Korea McDonald’s > States McDonald’s

  • One Fan
    One Fan 19 soat oldin

    I'm jealous

  • Jayson Perez
    Jayson Perez 21 soat oldin

    Try jollibee next time

  • Slevin 177
    Slevin 177 Kun oldin

    Puts British Mc Donald's to damn shame !!!

  • Joseph Williams
    Joseph Williams Kun oldin

    Dude how did you eat all that.

  • Hrishi Shivagunde
    Hrishi Shivagunde Kun oldin

    He eat all he want for 2 days and diet for whole remaining week

    SHANER Kun oldin

    and the burger king menu! damn it Mike! you make me wanna do the world tour of Asian countries

  • Seymour Clearly
    Seymour Clearly Kun oldin

    Looks like Koreans like their bacon semi-raw.

    SHANER Kun oldin

    dude that's McDonalds taken to a whole new level!!!

  • Trude
    Trude Kun oldin

    In Norway I’m team McDonalds, but in Korea it would definitely be Burger King I think😳🙌🏼

  • ap23xoxo
    ap23xoxo Kun oldin

    My dream is too eat this much and not gain a pound!!!

  • Tim Hobson
    Tim Hobson Kun oldin

    Make me want to go there n leave the US version

  • Nicholas Gregory
    Nicholas Gregory Kun oldin

    Mike come to Texas and try Whataburger!

  • Kai Amaki
    Kai Amaki Kun oldin

    The way he says shauce reminds me of drake and josh

  • seaners24
    seaners24 Kun oldin

    That truffle burger looks amazing. If only burger king had it in the US.

  • MY Xiong
    MY Xiong Kun oldin

    Burger King place looked nicer inside than McD’s.

  • Marco Marques
    Marco Marques Kun oldin

    You eating like a T-REX....

  • Marco Marques
    Marco Marques Kun oldin

    Always BurgerKing....TRIPLE WHOOPER

  • Bajan Beauty
    Bajan Beauty Kun oldin

    I need to travel out of the states. What type of McDonald’s is this😂.

  • 01bletsch
    01bletsch 2 kun oldin

    Good to know fast food sucks in the Koreas too. You got balls of steel to eat that stuff man.

  • Andrew Phillips
    Andrew Phillips 2 kun oldin

    Monica may 🍯🍹🍺🍙🍻🍱🍪🍦🍦🍭🍭🍪🍼🍫🍙🍺🍨🍰🍩🍣🍙

  • Hoppingandhopping Lololol

    Corn pie dosen't look as good but it's really good!

  • Angela Thomas
    Angela Thomas 2 kun oldin

    lol he waddles

  • yuxuan cai
    yuxuan cai 2 kun oldin

    can you go to KFC sometime, i love asian KFCs

  • Omar Delawer
    Omar Delawer 2 kun oldin +2

    Daily calories consumed: 345,000

  • Kalan Hammond-Rota
    Kalan Hammond-Rota 2 kun oldin

    Truffle fries? To me it looked like a truffle poutine

  • Infinimetrical
    Infinimetrical 2 kun oldin

    I want Korean McDonald's...

    • Infinimetrical
      Infinimetrical 2 kun oldin

      Yep. Adding Seoul S. Korea to my list of must visits.

  • Kris W.
    Kris W. 2 kun oldin

    You're so awesome 😉 please do a video on Hot Pot in the Santa Barbara area! I have been binge watching your vids (sick in bed ) and I am commenting on this video because of the emotion you showed when reminiscing about Burger Kings 5 for 5 with your momma. Have I mentioned you're awesome? 😁

  • Zoey Pacio
    Zoey Pacio 2 kun oldin

    I like the bacon with barbecue sauce burger

  • shivam pandey
    shivam pandey 2 kun oldin

    South Korean are so hardworking I respect south Korean

  • 汤Nᴏᴏᴅʟᴇ
    汤Nᴏᴏᴅʟᴇ 2 kun oldin

    The only thing I hate is corn and mayo.

  • callum hill
    callum hill 2 kun oldin

    You need to come New Zealand and try boil up and hangi see what your opinion is :)

  • clr
    clr 2 kun oldin +1

    When he said Monster X, I was thinking of *Monsta X*

  • clr
    clr 2 kun oldin +1


  • Hani Park
    Hani Park 3 kun oldin

    The Shanghai burger was released when the Shanghai Oylmpics was held! That where the name came from 😂It was only for limited time back then, but was added to the menu later on bc it was so popular!

  • Angela Marie
    Angela Marie 3 kun oldin

    Even the toy was adorable 😭😭

  • * Samantha *
    * Samantha * 3 kun oldin

    Love love love your videos!

  • Jooniegotmoves
    Jooniegotmoves 3 kun oldin

    "Chicken sandwich burger" *TrIggErED*

  • Keith Cleghorn
    Keith Cleghorn 3 kun oldin

    1,210,151!!!!! Great!! Next, you need to go to Saudia Arabia and do the same thing. If you can get a visa. I would also suggest trying out KFC and Popeyes they have some pretty weird stuff but tasty all the same. When I was in Seoul around 1996 we did stop at the Burger King because Stephen could not find a Wendy's. But their menu was more basic not the variety you enjoyed. But I am very proud of you for hitting a million ++ views. I have been subscribed for about 2 years and have enjoyed 99% of your video. Keep up the great work. Thank You

  • Esther Paul
    Esther Paul 3 kun oldin

    At my McDonald’s they just slap your patty on and they just serve it.😕 Korea McDonald’s are better omg🤤

  • Keith Woolridge
    Keith Woolridge 3 kun oldin

    Seeing videos like this and a host of your other food experience motivates me to take my son to a different country when he gets older to live and see the world . Thanks for the Great content 💯

  • Patti Zayas
    Patti Zayas 3 kun oldin


  • TokiDoki♡
    TokiDoki♡ 3 kun oldin

    maybe the oriental sandwich was called that since the meat looked very brown, it's more flavourful and more like what would be expected to be desired in oriental countries? as opposed to the more common chicken burgers that have the white/breast meat. Or maybe the chicken itself is a different breed? looks tasty either way

  • Leatty
    Leatty 3 kun oldin

    The choices is just unlimited

  • 黄金勇
    黄金勇 3 kun oldin


  • Daniel Bernardo
    Daniel Bernardo 3 kun oldin

    I'm team whatever tastes good, I'm for the food not where they come from or that place's menu.

  • Alex Priest
    Alex Priest 3 kun oldin

    Before I start watching him take a bite of everything, I'd like to declare that, once again, he finds everything good and delicious. There are no bad foods in the world according to this channel.

  • Sentinel Deeza
    Sentinel Deeza 3 kun oldin

    you'll die early man

  • Calvin Klein
    Calvin Klein 3 kun oldin

    I cant wait to go back to Korea, been wanting that Bulgogi burger since I last visited in 2005 didnt get a chance last time.

  • Craig D.
    Craig D. 3 kun oldin

    Dude! How in the world we're you able to eat all that?

  • max sepulveda
    max sepulveda 3 kun oldin

    They don't call it Burger King for nothing

  • Tristian Lefebvre
    Tristian Lefebvre 3 kun oldin

    Man I can't tell you how much I miss a good mozzarella stick.

  • Maya Holt
    Maya Holt 3 kun oldin

    Why is all food better outside of America

  • Artofficial
    Artofficial 3 kun oldin

    I appreciate you Mike Chen. You're a cool dude

  • Halfjapanese Guy
    Halfjapanese Guy 3 kun oldin

    I was like, how is he devouring all of this fast food - and then he told a story about how when he was a kid his mom bought five Whoppers and he ate four of them in one sitting. Ding ding ding. Maybe he's born with it (or maybe it's Maybelline)!

  • 03corona03
    03corona03 4 kun oldin

    Burger king is way better than mcdonalds

  • Rocker TV
    Rocker TV 4 kun oldin


  • Soonhyuk Kim
    Soonhyuk Kim 4 kun oldin +2

    I want his job

    • Soonhyuk Kim
      Soonhyuk Kim 11 soat oldin

      +eui min Kim yo fats dough

    • eui min Kim
      eui min Kim 11 soat oldin +1

      Soonhyuk Kim all you need is a camera

  • Espariagus
    Espariagus 4 kun oldin +1

    Why am I watching these at 1am...

  • Paul Choe
    Paul Choe 4 kun oldin

    I visit Korea many times in a single year, never even imagine stepping into a McDonald or Burger King.

  • Valarie Heng
    Valarie Heng 4 kun oldin

    Mike..did you actually eat all of that?

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis 4 kun oldin

    ruined ma appetite.

  • ana pudding32
    ana pudding32 4 kun oldin

    on a diet and just watch this to satisfy my desire for some burgers! i miss you mc donalds!

  • MaskedDemon
    MaskedDemon 4 kun oldin +1

    This is one of the best *Zipperhead* videos ive seen. Excellent job.

  • Jen K
    Jen K 5 kun oldin

    if you like chicken sandwiches, you should check out the fast food place called mom's touch. isaac toast is also worth checking out in korea

  • Tamara Kevenaar
    Tamara Kevenaar 5 kun oldin

    I hope you do not get sick

  • Nalani Demei
    Nalani Demei 5 kun oldin

    I love how you ate all of the burgers ❣️❣️❣️ yumm i want to try now

  • videomechanix
    videomechanix 5 kun oldin

    Would be afraid to eat one myself.The burger might bark and bite me.

  • Jay Chen
    Jay Chen 5 kun oldin

    This makes me feel sad. I'm always disappointed in my mcdonalds experience in Canada. But I still love it!

  • Butter finger
    Butter finger 5 kun oldin

    these days thigh burger (MOM'S TOUCH) is huge in korea

  • Jimin Tae Yoongi Hui IM B.I Young K Woosung Jongup

    18:05 is he smoking inside of burger king?

  • JayJamBAM
    JayJamBAM 5 kun oldin

    he really reminds u of jackie chan doesnt he

  • WHRobert
    WHRobert 5 kun oldin

    How do they have such nice looking beef in their burgers? In Ireland we produce a lot of the world's beef and the McDonald's beef still tastes like cardboard

  • Lady Typhon
    Lady Typhon 5 kun oldin

    Burger king looks way more interesting menu items.

  • Poncho 400
    Poncho 400 6 kun oldin

    Thumbs up if you saw the Monster X burger and thought "Oh! A McGangbang!"

  • amie dalah
    amie dalah 6 kun oldin

    My heart cried with the $5 whopper story and the mom eating only one burger 😭😭😭 lemme give you a hug...

  • Heriberto Cruz
    Heriberto Cruz 6 kun oldin

    Next time bring me one back to Florida or take me to Burger King

  • Ross Phillips
    Ross Phillips 6 kun oldin

    I love a good whopper too

  • hopefulockey
    hopefulockey 6 kun oldin

    That Cony fan was so cute! I love the LINE characters! ☺️

  • porschetr
    porschetr 6 kun oldin

    LOL at you thinking Korea had burgers in 1955. The Korean war ended in 1953, they probably barely had rice for everyone. McD opened in Korea in 1988, the same year they hosted Olympics games for the first time.

  • Shawn Okitkun
    Shawn Okitkun 6 kun oldin

    I gained 10 lbs by watching this

  • Hannah Adams
    Hannah Adams 6 kun oldin

    Good lawd I’m hungry

  • Cameron Wallace
    Cameron Wallace 6 kun oldin

    legends say that to actually make him full he would have to consume a planet, but there is never enough hot sauce to do it

  • david falduto
    david falduto 6 kun oldin

    yuk at the corn pie

  • That wasn’t Very cash money of you

    The 1955 burger is probably the best Korean McDonald item in my opinion

  • Mikho Prabowo
    Mikho Prabowo 6 kun oldin

    mike, after u choose the menu, there is line friends fan, LINE is a chatting app that most of asians use it, and its made from korea.

  • Gregory Verba
    Gregory Verba 7 kun oldin

    Team Burger King! 🍔 👑

  • jadakiss228
    jadakiss228 7 kun oldin

    Awwww your Mom 💓💓💓

  • Green Plant
    Green Plant 7 kun oldin

    I love the shrimp burger best! Burger king more expensive then mac Donald

  • Eric Meland
    Eric Meland 7 kun oldin

    You need to go to London England and compare McDonald's and burger King