Anxiety for BJJ White Belt Starting at a New Gym (After Layoff)

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  • Joylandi 7-Yan, 2017
  • Did you have any anxiety when you started BJJ classes? Did you ever have to switch Brazilian Jiu-jitsu gyms and have your nervousness kick up?
    This is the situation for one of the viewers. He's trained BJJ before and after a somewhat long lay off he's ready to get back into it. But he says the problem is he is worried about being too weak, holding people back and all sorts of unfounded fears.
    To help shed light on the irrationality of these fears and anxiety. In this video I share some stories of my own anxiety. Including the anxiety I had about starting BJJ for the first time. I also share a story about how my general anxiety made me second guess going to a coffee shop to read a book.
    Which, is a pretty ridiculous story.
    But I shared this because we all have problems and demons that we have to overcome. And sometimes when you look back at them you realize how silly you were being. Even though at the time it seemed like such a big deal.
    And in our friends case. He is so nervous about starting back in BJJ. Not because of any real fear, but just because of the fear of the unknown.
    He wants to go back to BJJ but his mind is coming up with all sorts of reasons as to why he shouldn't go back to Brazilian Jiu-jitsu training.
    So whether you're starting at a BJJ gym for the first time or you are coming back after a long lay off like our friend. If you're nervous, if you have a ton of anxiety related to BJJ training, or any sort of martial arts training for that matter.
    Realize that your fears are not real fears. They are simply coming from the uncomfortableness of the unknown. As teachers and coaches, we are here to make you better. And for people that have already been training. In most cases, they are willing to help.
    So I hope this video is helpful to any of you looking to get back into BJJ training.
    Thanks for watching!
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  • Z t V
    Z t V 2 kun oldin

    What is the video you mentioned at 1:50 about the small guy who beats big guys?

  • Paul Morphy
    Paul Morphy 10 kun oldin

    the coffee shop story hit home... I was in the parking lot at a jiu jitsu gym for my first class and I turned around and went home because "i didnt know where to put my shoes".

  • Ryan Gannon
    Ryan Gannon Oy oldin

    You're such a great coach! I love your videos.

  • im trash
    im trash Oy oldin

    Same but I’m a girl and I’m nervous about returning but I really want to at the same time!!! :(

  • Andy Gardner
    Andy Gardner Oy oldin

    Wow, same thing with me. I suffer from some serious anxiety, and I spent like 2 years wanting to train at my local academy. Finally I just walked in there. The first few times were terrifying, but now, 5 months later, it feels normal.

  • Matt Bears
    Matt Bears 3 oy oldin

    Great video. Thanks Chewie. I am 40 with Cystic Fibrosis and and had so much anxiety and self consciousness about being able to participate and keep up. It's now been 4 weeks of Jiu JItsu and I couldn't be happier or more addicted. I found a really great gym and the people there couldn't be more understanding about my physical limitations. If I need a moment to get a breath I take a moment. I was feeling bad about holding my training partners back but my head instructor was adamant that I don't. When it comes time I will pay it forward by helping someone else out. Like many , my only regret is I didn't start sooner.

  • Shayla House
    Shayla House 3 oy oldin

    What kinda bullshit is that man? Hahahaha that was awesome. 😂

  • mrsjmolina16
    mrsjmolina16 6 oy oldin

    I started bjj almost 2wks ago and I try to fight my anxiety everyday just to be able to attend training and today is one of those days :(

  • Happy Hamer
    Happy Hamer 8 oy oldin

    Dude serious question...wanna start bjj...have heavy background in folkstyle wrestling...and some of my old team mates are instructors at the school I wanna attend also have many years of Japanese jujitsu.....but I hold no rank in bjj....should I tell them my background or keep my mouth shut..I'm worried if I start catching other white belts in techniques that I might poss people off....I wanna stay humble..

  • Henry Bouwhuis
    Henry Bouwhuis 8 oy oldin

    This video helps me abit, i have anxiety aswell and most of the time i think wauw this is just bullshit what i was thinking when i got home. And i just started my first bjj class and i had it with my first roll too. But it felt so comfortable everybody is so nice in the gym. And I'm hooked and i hope i will learn allot allong my road

  • WeDigger
    WeDigger 8 oy oldin

    One thing i have to say about chewys channel . how amazing the community is !

  • AV51631.92
    AV51631.92 9 oy oldin +1

    Just started also about last week took me forever to get to this part but i finally did it ! I ended up going to a no gi fundamentals class first but I was still very nervous while the class it didnt seem like most of my classmates were very inviting but overall im still working on my anxiety to keep going. i went to two classes i kept getting gassed it was very embarrassing i felt so bad for the guy who was rolling with me he was pushing me to keep going i appreciated the motivation and advice but i was about to puke and had to stop to catch my breath it was horrible and normally after that I wouldnt ever go back with my anxiety but im not going to let this hold me down ... Any one with any advice for a similar scenario i want to keep going but i dont want to keep being the guy who gets fatigued and gasses out that point im just taking away rolling time from some one who is fit to keep rolling and learning can i improve this ?

    • Ο Δημήτρης
      Ο Δημήτρης 7 oy oldin

      Relax and stop push yourself 100% you just start a week ago its only the start bro.We all humans if you need a break then take a break if you need to puke then puke you're gonna used to it after a while.

  • Matthew Van Helden
    Matthew Van Helden 9 oy oldin

    I love new guys 1. I get to help teach them like you said and 2. It's great to practice technique on someone who is new and spazzy. New people improve everyone else's game.

  • tim golick
    tim golick 9 oy oldin

    “I was anxious about going into a coffee shop and reading a book. I walk in, and everyone is reading a fucking book.” Hahaha, been there felt that brother. Thanks for taking the time to post these videos. Very helpful.

  • Rich Steinmueller
    Rich Steinmueller 10 oy oldin

    You are the man. Love your videos! They have helped me on my new 2 month journey in BJJ in almost every aspect. Respect!

  • Ricky Coles
    Ricky Coles 11 oy oldin +1

    Great video, and they say you don't really understand something until you can teach it.

  • jay Badloss
    jay Badloss 11 oy oldin +1

    How much are ji jitsu Classes usually. I want to learn soon i just dont know it works

  • lexi l
    lexi l 11 oy oldin

    I really need this right now. my best friend trains BJJ & they signed me up for a woman's self-defense/women's BJJ class. I LOVE it! I tried to start the adult BJJ class and panicked (i have severe anxiety). It's been a few months of taking just the women's class & I really want to try again for the adult class, but I'm scared I'll panic again. any advice?

  • Kudu 21
    Kudu 21 Yil oldin

    Damn anxiety is and has been the only thing holding me back from the sport and the question asker has the same name. Destiny hahaa

  • Ryan Taylor
    Ryan Taylor Yil oldin

    I’m starting my first class at alliance in an hour. This helped, thanks.

  • David Clarke
    David Clarke Yil oldin

    For all intents and purposes, I am not a fanatic of either martial art. I do not spend every day practicing it and I do not compete in tournaments presently. However, the four days a week that I do go have been extremely beneficial for me. Jiu-jitsu is not things you have to dedicate all your time to in order for it to be beneficial to your life. You can be a casual practitioner like me and reap the many benefits it has to offer. When I come to my club, where trains champions of European tournaments under sponsorship of wealthy and famous reproductive medicine center Biotexcom, I felt like a bug. For the first few months, I was getting extremely frustrated and felt like I wasn’t making any progress. I was getting tossed around like a rag doll and got submitted every 30 seconds in jiu-jitsu. There were many nights where I just dreaded going to class knowing that I am going to get my butt handed to me when I spar. But you know what? I started getting better. I started lasting a lot longer when I sparred. Then after a bit longer, I started submitting and throwing people myself. So don’t be scared out of practicing because you feel like you have to dedicate your life to it you don’t.

  • Hamburginator
    Hamburginator Yil oldin +1

    The part about bringing a buddy is super helpful. For my first week of classes I brought a friend who I knew probably wouldn't really stick with it, but having him there while meeting the instructors and the other students really helped my anxiety.

  • WorryOW! Cx
    WorryOW! Cx Yil oldin +1

    At 3:40 I have this problem everyday with everything
    I've been doing private lessons for a. Couple months and today I'm going to be joining my first gym, im just afraid to be too enthusiastic as well :/ i just love jiujitsu

  • Forest Ntt
    Forest Ntt Yil oldin +3

    Dude, best BJJ Channel on you tube. Inspirational, honest and promoting the great community aspects of BJJ whilst also teaching you how to get the most out of the art.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  Yil oldin

      Forest Ntt thanks brother! Appreciate those kind words.

    PSYCHE DELIC Yil oldin

    I've always wanted to go with friend to start BJJ. But was never available. Until I decided to go by myself without knowing anybody. Now made new friends and ongoing training for my first competetion. Now my friend is jealous of me. The BEST decision ever.

  • Hannah
    Hannah Yil oldin

    Thanks for the video man

  • Reid Jennings
    Reid Jennings Yil oldin

    I start my first class in a couple hours. I was very nervous but this video definitely helped

  • Ashley Taylor
    Ashley Taylor Yil oldin

    chewy, you should make a video of all your students who said they regret not starting sooner. It would be cool to see

  • Jesse Campbell
    Jesse Campbell Yil oldin

    I just got into bjj to help with my anxiety. Wow what a change. Thanks for the video. Keep it up

  • antant06
    antant06 Yil oldin

    Thanks for the video. It is so hard to find the right place, and although I don't have anxiety, much of what you say also applies to my present circumstances.

  • aliitil
    aliitil Yil oldin

    good guy !! thanks for the advice for people really need to hear this from someone else..

  • Mateo Jara
    Mateo Jara Yil oldin

    im the most anxious person ever but im 13 and joining jiu jitsu soon and im so nervoussss

  • Kyle Perreault
    Kyle Perreault Yil oldin

    I gotta b honest man ive been wanted to start bjj (have a background in tae kwon do) but now have terrible anxiety saw this video relating to my situation and saw and felt like it was made for me seeing how my name is also kyle

  • David Norman
    David Norman Yil oldin +1

    Great advice man! Thanks! Very close to home for me too!

  • AnAlias
    AnAlias Yil oldin

    I love your videos man. You're really inspiring me to not only get back into BJJ (I only trained for about a year, years ago), but to get my shit together in general.

  • Swaytan
    Swaytan Yil oldin +7

    I've been training for 8 weeks & still get massive anxiety on the way to BJJ. Doesn't mean that I don't go train, it's just something I constantly have to get through.

    • El Cucuy
      El Cucuy 8 oy oldin +1

      Sometimes that never goes away I know guys who have been training bjj for 10 years and still get nervous thinking about going the night before then even worse when they are driving there.

    • Tom Mireles
      Tom Mireles 9 oy oldin

      Swaytan same here bro. I stopped for a few weeks now I’m having the hardest time getting myself back to training. I just went to the parking lot and drove away. I think I’m closer, but still get anxious.

  • young98
    young98 Yil oldin +1

    I have been doing BJJ for a little over a year now but I still feel that slight twinge of anxiety when I go back to training after a short break. Can't imagine what it would be like to switch gyms. I have always felt better when I actually go and start rolling again though. I guess the best solution is to just do it.

  • P Harrell
    P Harrell Yil oldin +5

    None of the gyms around me have any white belts in them. I feel like a fool basically being a training dummy for those guys.

    • Les IsMore
      Les IsMore 14 kun oldin

      How wonderful to have the opportunity to learn from better people - and to train with people who are skilled enough not to clumsily hurt you.

  • Mark Watson
    Mark Watson Yil oldin

    I'm so happy I found this channel.

  • Kaname Itsuki
    Kaname Itsuki 2 yil oldin

    Love your videos man, especially these more philosophical ones. They all seem really relevant to me almost no matter the actual topic. It sees like all of us BJJ guys can relate to all the questions that are asked here.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  Yil oldin

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate it. I'm happy my ramblings resonate with you.

  • james gordon
    james gordon 2 yil oldin +3

    those teeth tho

  • Dylan L
    Dylan L 2 yil oldin +1

    My problem is that I'm not flexible and mobile, on top of not being strong and big. In your opinion, what should I focus on besides going to Jiu Jitsu classes?

    • Esko Mörkö
      Esko Mörkö Yil oldin +1

      You dont need to bee that flexible or strong or anything to start bjj. Your flexibility, mobility and strengt levels rise as you train. I have only trained foer a couple of months, but I can allready feel the difference. If you want to do more, you can ofcourse train your strenght at the gym and do stretching at your home, and work on your cardio by running etc. But none of that is mandatory to start training bjj. :)

  • Mark O'shea
    Mark O'shea 2 yil oldin +13

    I started BJJ thanks to this video. Has to be one of the best (and bravest) things I ever did in my life. I have the confidence to start boxing now too.
    Chewjitsu, thank you man.

  • Joseph Brown
    Joseph Brown 2 yil oldin

    hey I suffer from general anxiety and depression. I've trained a little in BJJ/MMA I like in Louisville, Westport area been to a couple gyms around here never your gym because of the commute. I regret that now after seeing this. This video really helped me man. I'm in the process of getting help for my anxiety/depression and I know I'll start training again. I was jw how you learned to deal with your anxiety?

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      I hope you start training again. Whether it's at our gym or another.

      Training helps. Also, it's learning to fight it. It's all mental. We know this. So you develop your ability to combat it. Overtime you get better and better at it. Then eventually it's a piece of cake.

  • Eliš D
    Eliš D 2 yil oldin

    Just started this fantastic art with my son who suffers from anxiety..... He has so much more confidence in just a few weeks. Great tutorials and advice, and for that thank you. PeAce.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      Thanks brother. Glad you're enjoying the videos.

  • grounded4life069
    grounded4life069 2 yil oldin +1

    +Chewjitsu same boat as your Canadian fan - except that I have never been in a traditional (free weights?) gym and had taken TKD and got my brown belt in middle school. I'm 30, 5"2 at ~125 wet. I've got no strength, no flexibility, no cardio and I can only train once a week. Last class I got folded multiple times by a hyper-aggro 14 year old yellow belt... I don't plan on stopping and have watched a majority of your videos which have helped to inspire me. Due to my stature and lack of physical prowess I've always ended up on my back and tap within minutes. What would you (or any of you) advise?

    • Mitchell Caberto
      Mitchell Caberto Yil oldin +1

      I've been training in BJJ for the last 3 months, I'm still a white belt and very much like you still getting smashed. I won't tell you to go 6 - 8 times a week like I do, but you may want to step up to at least 2 - 3 times a week, if you can. Once again, if you can, be there for warm ups and drills as it will familiarize you with everything you'll be doing on the mat. If it helps, I'm 5'8", a non athletic 200 pounds and have been through 3 open heart surgeries before I turned 30. BJJ takes some getting used to no matter who you are, but keep at it. You will get better.

  • Jordan Clark
    Jordan Clark 2 yil oldin

    think I got a,pinched nerve from,wensday night from rolling gonna get it checked, out this week but the anxiety is risking to lose training time or take it serious that's the sucky part

  • moonie 70
    moonie 70 2 yil oldin +4

    chew I'm a 47 yo white belt no strip in the uk that's been off for sometime after a bad knee injury couple months into training looking to go back. Its causing me anxiety thinking about going back this was great. your empathy and understanding comes through in all your clips and leads me to believe that you must be a great teacher thank you sir.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +3

      I'm actually covering that topic in a video soon based on a question that was emailed to me. I hope it will help you with your particular situation.

      Good luck on returning to the gym brother!

  • LackofEthics
    LackofEthics 2 yil oldin +2

    I get that anxiety every time I'm getting ready to go to the gym. I just try to ignore it, until it becomes part of my routine

  • dontbeadrone
    dontbeadrone 2 yil oldin +18

    Last summer I started BJJ, and at some point, go so anxious (of the 'unknown'), that one evening, I drove to the gym, got out of the car, walked to the front door of the place, but couldn't bring myself to walk past the threshold. Instead, I turned back, got into my car, and drove home. I was so angry and ashamed at myself. Two evenings later, I set out again, telling myself my fear was unfounded and that it was a "lie." Again, went through the whole ritual, but walked inside the gym, and as soon as I did, a weight lifted off my shoulders and I felt peace. Now and then, I still have to confront my fear, and I do so by calling it a liar...because it is. 99% of what we fear never materializes! Confront your fear...expose it for the liar that it is!

    • Zaid White
      Zaid White 8 kun oldin

      Yup I done it my first time aswel, I'm happy I found this comment knowing now that I guess this is normal. Next day I went back started training now I'm addicted and the people on the mat are awesome n I look forward to seeing them.

    • Sam Nicholas
      Sam Nicholas 3 oy oldin

      Yes! I did the exact same thing when I first started! I made a point of getting to the gym a bit before the class started, I sat in my car for awhile in an attempt to boost myself up, I got out, walked my way to the door...and got COMPLETELY crippled with anxiety, and ended up driving back home an anxious, embarrassed, disappointed mess.
      Even today, I'm going back in for the first time in a few weeks due to an injury...and that same anxiety is bubbling right back up to the surface. But I can't let it do that; I won't allow it to manifest. Your description of it is perfect - it's a total liar! And there's no better way to defeat it, than to confront it. :)

    • Angry Englishman
      Angry Englishman Yil oldin +1

      Same for me dude. I've only had one lesson but even now I still get anxiety about going to the gym.

    • dontbeadrone
      dontbeadrone 2 yil oldin +3

      Pascal, you MUST get the victory over your fear, this time...otherwise, you will begin a pattern of quitting. Both perseverance and quitting become patterns. My thoughts are with you. Just keep telling yourself that your fear is unfounded. 99% chance of what you fear never materializing.

    • Pascal 0
      Pascal 0 2 yil oldin +1

      dontbeadrone i experienced exact same thing. I hated myself for weeks. I'm trying again next week after 8 months!

  • Daniel Cho
    Daniel Cho 2 yil oldin

    Great job encouraging man.

  • Ricardo Cidra
    Ricardo Cidra 2 yil oldin

    Great video!!! Woooow! Thank you!

  • joeyripswell
    joeyripswell 2 yil oldin

    Hey Chewie. Been training almost 10 months now. I get super hype before every class. Bathroom emergencies...EVERY class. Its turrible and gross. It does not make sense though. I'm not scared, hard on myself, socially anxious, or actively pushing for a spot at the cool kids table. I have great rolls and believe in what I'm doing. Its embarrassing and uncomfortable. HALP'!!!!!!!!

  • Remover Checker Decker

    We share the same anxiety thinking someone will make fun of me for reading in a damn library.... the place to read, but Jiu Jistu helps with a lot of life struggles I've found it as a sort of home in this rough patch of life this last year has been brutal Appendix removed mono dead friend break up of 3 years depression getting worse grades tanking. No matter what the mats there for you weather it be a bad day or the best of your life you ever thinking of not going cause your depressed or some shit GO it honestly saved me from my darkest days.

  • BJiuJitsuTV
    BJiuJitsuTV 2 yil oldin +20

    How does the Nike saying go? Lol... JUST DO IT!

  • 2006jayden
    2006jayden 2 yil oldin +38

    Thank you for your views, I needed to here that. I deal with those same issues. Just started jujitsu at age 51, going into month two and I am already feeling better.

    • Matthew Van Helden
      Matthew Van Helden 9 oy oldin +1

      It only gets better and better. Keep it up!

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +6

      Congrats on the new journey! I hope you enjoy it. :0

  • Michał Dziuba
    Michał Dziuba 2 yil oldin +2

    Do you Think it's too late to start training bjj if I'm 17?

    • unshapen tuna
      unshapen tuna 9 oy oldin

      Halil Ok Eddie bravo started jiu jitsu when he was 23

    • Im mad
      Im mad Yil oldin +1

      Michał Dziuba Dude Joe Rogan started at 19

    • Michał Dziuba
      Michał Dziuba 2 yil oldin

      Chewjitsu Thank you!

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +2

      Start soon!

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +1

      No way brother. 17 is super young and is an excellent time to start.

  • David Hutchinson
    David Hutchinson 2 yil oldin

    Thanks for sharing this. I'll be starting soon, and it's good to hear what you have to say, really helps

  • jdub7771
    jdub7771 2 yil oldin +13

    I've been doing martial arts for years and always wanted to train bjj. I just started last week and I'm like "WTF why didn't I do this years ago?!".

    • BJiuJitsuTV
      BJiuJitsuTV 2 yil oldin +3

      Good job, so many people procrastinate in life. Good luck in your journey

    • Kiron Kabir
      Kiron Kabir 2 yil oldin +4

      jdub7771 better late than never !

  • uipize
    uipize 2 yil oldin

    the biggest problem, there is no gym around me. i would travel longer then i would train... feels bad

  • Francisco Ramos
    Francisco Ramos 2 yil oldin +10

    That anxiety is a mother... I wanted to start back in 2012 but my anxiety stopped me.... Until I gathered the courage to walk into my gym in 2014. I've loved every second of it.
    Gonna get me one of those awesome shirts....

  • killz619
    killz619 2 yil oldin +10

    So true. I've been training 6 months now and kicking myself why I didn't start this a lot sooner.

  • Eric Truman
    Eric Truman 2 yil oldin +26

    Great Video. I started training Jiu Jitsu 2 weeks ago. I love it. #Ribeiro Jiu-jitsu