Building a Basic BJJ Game Plan for Competitions

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  • Joylandi 27-Noy, 2016
    Making a basic BJJ Game Plan can be incredibly helpful for new competitors who aren't exactly sure how to go about their techniques.
    While a BJJ game plan rarely holds up exactly the way you intended. Like the old saying goes, "a plan never survives first contact," Right?
    There are some advantages to having a well drilled and defined game plan you intend to use.
    1. Having a game plan helps eliminate hesitation of execution during a match (That’s when you can't pull the trigger).
    - It helps kill the nerves by giving you a better sense of preparedness and giving you a clear set of techniques to replay through your head before the BJJ competition.
    - It helps control the pace and tempo of the BJJ match. If you initiate first you're opponent will be forced to react to you.
    - It makes it easier to adjust to new situations during the match. By having a clear game plan. Your mind will be more freed to adjust during the match. Opposed to having no game plan and having to focus on what you plan to use at every step of the way.
    Again, I hope this video was helpful to you. If you'd like to check out the free .pdf. Click the link below. I hope it's helpful with your future Brazilian Jiu-jitsu competitions.

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  • Antonio Kantek
    Antonio Kantek 14 kun oldin

    Really liked this video!

  • aabaker10
    aabaker10 25 kun oldin

    Thanks Chewy! I haven't don't a tournament in about 6 years. This certainly helps me break it down into a more simplified and focused approach. I've got just over 2 months until my competition, so plenty of time to formulate a plan and practice.

  • Seb Bosman
    Seb Bosman Oy oldin +2

    I've got a competition in January and your videos have helped so much, thanks Chewi.

    • Seb Bosman
      Seb Bosman 24 kun oldin

      Lukez0409 loss due to ref decision

    • LukeNN420
      LukeNN420 25 kun oldin

      Seb Bosman result?

  • Tactical Ministries
    Tactical Ministries 6 oy oldin +4

    Your handwriting is infinitely better than mine

  • Andrei Marco Bravo
    Andrei Marco Bravo 7 oy oldin

    this is so organized. i love it! thank you!

  • Blxxtwinxx
    Blxxtwinxx 7 oy oldin +2

    Have my first competition July 28. I’ve been doing bjj on and off for a little over 2 years. I really hope to do well but sometimes when I spar I just feel like I’m floundering around. Idk if that’s just bc I’m terrible at bjj or because I’m a smaller-built female trying to spar with bigger dudes. I’m doing gi and no gi in hopes of winning at least 1 match. Any advice?

  • Aaron Clayton
    Aaron Clayton 8 oy oldin

    Got my elbow completely ripped apart at a comp. Off work for 3 months +. FUCK going to comps if you have a family to support.

  • Leonardo Correa
    Leonardo Correa 9 oy oldin

    If you would like to draw a diagram yourself, use I like visualization to identify gaps and write down details of every position.

  • Mohammad Akram
    Mohammad Akram 10 oy oldin

    I'm just an ordinary guy

  • americansensei
    americansensei 10 oy oldin

    Great video!

  • Anthony Merritt
    Anthony Merritt 11 oy oldin

    This guy is a legend. Thanks bro

  • Bjj Shinobi
    Bjj Shinobi 11 oy oldin

    I remember the first time I seen this vid I only had a few of these things covered n that was my 2nd competition the more I kept competing I watched this vid again n I got a few more things I can do but not everything now that I'm bout to do Pan ams I have at least more then 3 techniques for every position
    This is another way that ik I have progressed. Thanks chewy you the real MVP

  • Gachapond HGU.
    Gachapond HGU. Yil oldin

    Thanks for this information 👍🤘

  • Don Juan Bob Jovi
    Don Juan Bob Jovi Yil oldin

    Your handwriting is better than mine

  • troy Riley
    troy Riley Yil oldin

    Phenomenal wish I had thought about that before my first couple of competitions

  • Jamie Jackson
    Jamie Jackson Yil oldin +1

    My son is 5 and being doing BJJ we are from the UK I would like to train with him at home. What videos should I start with on your channel?

  • Willow Barwick
    Willow Barwick Yil oldin

    I've been doing jui jitsu for 3 years

  • Willow Barwick
    Willow Barwick Yil oldin

    I'm competing tomorrow that will be my 21 compertishon I needed to work out a game and this help me thank you👍🙂😀

  • StarLord 28
    StarLord 28 Yil oldin

    Honestly guys just keep competing regardless of win or lose you'll learn something every time and it'll make you a seasoned veteran in terms of competition

  • David Lisboa
    David Lisboa Yil oldin

    I(white belt) have a competition tomorrow I'll let you guys know what happens. I had one last week but I wasn't happy with my performance. I won both fights but you know.. could have done better in terms of techniques and etc. tomorrow will be a big tournament for me. Oss...

  • Rabbit Food Dude
    Rabbit Food Dude Yil oldin

    So as a one stripe white belt going in my first competition, how would you approach if I do have a basic one/two move plan from each of those sections, I get into competition and neither works? When I roll and none of my stuff works, it gets very frustrating to have two moves and not being able to pull either. Any advice? Great videos by the way!

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  Yil oldin

      The game plan is just a basic road map to get to the final destination. It doesn't mean you might run into road closures that necessitate a change of plans.

      You have to have plan, but you always have to plan on adjusting to the variables that will inevitably come about.

  • Night Rain TXT
    Night Rain TXT Yil oldin +1


  • Brendan McLaren
    Brendan McLaren Yil oldin

    Great video.
    I have been planning to really put my game together over the next six months, but wasnt sure how to go about it. This is a simple but fantastic way to do it. looking forward to choosing moves for each position now.
    Thank you!

  • Joanna Shinn
    Joanna Shinn Yil oldin

    Thank you!

  • slamdunktiger
    slamdunktiger Yil oldin

    This is HUGE. Thank you Chewy! Will buy some shirts to support your efforts, most obliged sir.

  • jusren
    jusren Yil oldin

    This is great! I'll be entering my first comp as a white belt and your video gave me great insight into what my approach should be! Thank you for this!

  • MaximiIianMus
    MaximiIianMus Yil oldin

    Chewjitsu Hey chewie whats the diffrence between takedown and sweep?

    • sigursteinn óli
      sigursteinn óli Yil oldin

      A takedown is when both competitors are standing and one either throws or trips the other one, a sweep is when a competitor on the ground (usually on their back or sitting) trips the other competitor which is standing (or on their knees)

  • R.B.
    R.B. Yil oldin

    But given that every opponent is different, you want to tailor your game plan to your opponents weaknesses. Do you see a problem with this game plan being a bit too "one size fits all"?
    In fact this doesn't strike me as much of a game plan, it's more like "how does the ideal match go?" Yeah sure, take down, position, submit.
    But what is my opponent going to let me do because he's too incompetent to realise what's coming for him? Or because I've hidden it so well.
    Though I appreciate how this system makes you think of fewer techniques, and thus lets you focus more on doing a small amount well, rather than a lot poorly.

    • MartialMallow
      MartialMallow Yil oldin

      You should try a mindmap form of planning if you are worried about worse case scenarios in competition. :) I find using a mindmap helps me to link everything together and make connections that I wouldn't usually make from a flow chart.

  • Ant Jones
    Ant Jones Yil oldin

    what sort of techniques would you recommend for being in that 'getting smashed in bottom half'? While myself I'm quite lanky I always seem to draw those shorter, sronger MMA/wrestler guys in competetion who get the takedown and just all out pressure, their breath sounds like a raging bull in my ear and I'm not in any real danger just, stuck. I manage to always get back a solid half guard/lockdown position pretty quickly which they are more than happy to just hang out in and apply pressure but it's moving on from there. Any pointers? Currently working more from that lockdown with shifting weight and getting to deep half.

  • berdybirdy8878
    berdybirdy8878 2 yil oldin +26

    dude your handwriting is fine. its on a board so you get a pass

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +5

      Thanks for the pass haha.

  • andrew122596
    andrew122596 2 yil oldin

    Your t shirt is awesome we're I can get one of them I am from the U.K. And have a competition this is my second one been doing bjj for 7 months now and it's amazing your work and video are great 👍

  • johnjohnson24
    johnjohnson24 2 yil oldin

    thanks bro

  • MrCloudseeker
    MrCloudseeker 2 yil oldin

    What about the Squats?

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      I plan to in the future. :)

    • MrCloudseeker
      MrCloudseeker 2 yil oldin

      +Chewjitsu on the far right of the board is written squats.....i was hoping you might start talking about squats.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      Squats are great.

  • Heiden_ wut
    Heiden_ wut 2 yil oldin

    thank you very much. ive got competition in a cupple of weeks and ill try to follow your instructions and focus on my own gameplan techniques. ill report

  • taqueroman91
    taqueroman91 2 yil oldin

    any recommended grappling dummy drills or exercises?

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      Check my solo drills on a heavy bag. :)

  • illmind
    illmind 2 yil oldin +2

    First competition this saturday..yikes. Thanks for the tips!

  • Levi Stubbs
    Levi Stubbs 2 yil oldin

    Great vid

  • Andrew Andrew
    Andrew Andrew 2 yil oldin

    good vid btw. got some gold in there.

  • Brad McDonnell
    Brad McDonnell 2 yil oldin


  • Marco R
    Marco R 2 yil oldin

    Nice Video and concept. Maybe you could do something like this for more advanced grapplers, e.g. plans long limbed guys, slow but strong guys etc.
    PS: My brain always interprets the logo on the shirt as "Chew Titsu" which sounds like a Star Wars Strip Club in Japan.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      I've done some coaching over Skype for that stuff before. It's a person to person thing though for sure.
      I wouldn't go to a Chew Titsu strip club lo.

  • Sergio Arroyo
    Sergio Arroyo 2 yil oldin

    awesome! Can you suggest a basic guard pull/technique for a beginner to start with? and can you suggest one from combat base? (sorry ;) )

  • Patrick MacNeill
    Patrick MacNeill 2 yil oldin

    Thank you! This is very helpful for me to think about as I prepare for my first competition as a new white belt.
    The other aspect that I am thinking about is energy management. When I roll with other white belts they tend to gas out quicker so I hope to take advantage of that if I don't execute on a submission attempt early in the match.

  • Barny
    Barny 2 yil oldin

    Nice work Nick !

  • Dwight Tay
    Dwight Tay 2 yil oldin

    man i just had a comp yesterday why didnt you release it a day earlier lol just kidding. awesome stuff

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +1

      Haha sorry about that Dwight.

  • Steady Dipper
    Steady Dipper 2 yil oldin

    Competing in the Irish opens in two weeks, This video was very helpful because I wasn't using any game plan I was thinking about just reacting to what happens but now I'm going to work on a gameplan that brings out my strengths with my coach. Thank Chew!

  • kandoundou23
    kandoundou23 2 yil oldin

    Hey Chewjitsu. I started jiu-jitsu a month ago and I'm thinking about competing in January (Would be 3 months at that time). some people tell me to go for it and others that's too soon. what do you think?

    • kandoundou23
      kandoundou23 2 yil oldin

      Thanks chewjitsu.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin

      If you've been training and rolling. Do it! Walk in with no expectation and have a blast. You'll learn so much. It will change you.

    • kandoundou23
      kandoundou23 2 yil oldin +1

      Thanks James. I really appreciate it.

    • James Dreger
      James Dreger 2 yil oldin

      Never too soon to compete as long as you treat it as a learning experience. Don't hurt yourself. know when to tap (and when not to!). Talk to other people, watch them, and ask questions. And don't be afraid to win. =)

    • kandoundou23
      kandoundou23 2 yil oldin

      Thanks for the advice Yousif. We win or we learn.

  • owyess
    owyess 2 yil oldin +11

    Man, I really admire your work. Thanks
    from Brazil!

  • Kaneebo
    Kaneebo 2 yil oldin

    I've got my first competition bas a white belt next Sunday. I've been a bit overwhelmed about trying to out together a game plan but this is really helpful. I'm going to keep it simple and straight forward and hopefully learn as much as possible from the comp! thanks, really enjoy your videos.

    • Kaneebo
      Kaneebo 2 yil oldin

      Chewjitsu it went well thanks so much for asking. I won my first two fights by points and lost the second two by points. I'm really happy even though I didn't get on the podium. Like I said, it was my first BJJ competition and also my first time ever competing in any sport. looking forward to my next one!!

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +1

      Hope it went well!

  • Athlegan
    Athlegan 2 yil oldin +1

    Do people actually use game plans? Even at higher levels? Granted I've only ever been competing once (next one's up in two weeks) but it just seems like it'd do more harm than good, trying to follow a set path like this in the highly dynamic environment that a fight is. But maybe I'm missing something?

    • Athlegan
      Athlegan 2 yil oldin

      Thanks! I'll try it out for my next comp in two weeks. Definitely got my favorite moves and positions already, so I guess I'll just think those through and make sure I have something for everything. Cheers!

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +1

      Exactly. As I said in the ebook resource. It's not
      Your whole game. Just a fraction to give you a begining point.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +3

      By the time of competition my plan is primed and ready from drilling. In regards to should you have a game plan. While your plan won't always hold up. How's the quote go? "No plan survives first contact with the enemy."
      You still want a plan when you start the match. You'll probably have to adjust. But having a starting point will help you get going with a bunch of hiccups because you're trying to figure out what you're gonna do.
      That said, sometimes you'll compete and you'll do exactly as you planned to do. This has happened for me more than once.
      Also your game plan doesn't change wildly from match to match. It will stick with you because it's your A game. You can't alter your best stuff over night.

    • Athlegan
      Athlegan 2 yil oldin +2

      That might be it, yeah. Like the saying goes: "the plan is nothing but planning is everything". Good to know at least transition from each position to "the next", and some submissions in-between, so you know what to do when you're put in whatever position.

    • Kaneebo
      Kaneebo 2 yil oldin

      I actually found it over whelming trying to figure out a game plan. I sort of worked through scenarios in my head and very quickly realised there are an infinite number of outcomes to any match. I may be wrong but I reckon it just needs to be a rough guideline so you don't go in guns blazing and just freak out.

  • BONE CRUSHER/jiu Jitsu Junkie

    thank chew for the tips answers all my questions that's part of my goal list... Subscribe for life

  • uipize
    uipize 2 yil oldin

    any tipps for nausea in competition (before fight cause of stress or what ever and after or in fight cause this get mixed with exhaust ) ?

    • twan jesse
      twan jesse 2 yil oldin

      uipize gum helps me to calm down.

  • Rhowski
    Rhowski 2 yil oldin +10

    just got back from competition :D

    • Andrew Andrew
      Andrew Andrew 2 yil oldin +1

      Rhowski awesome man, thanks for sharing your story, wish more would do the same

    • Rhowski
      Rhowski 2 yil oldin +2

      pretty cool actually, I got new things to learn. it was fun, even tho I've lost bronze I counted on.

    • Chewjitsu
      Chewjitsu  2 yil oldin +4

      How'd it go?

  • Victor Dos
    Victor Dos 2 yil oldin +6

    Awesome video as always, Chew! I'm going to compete next Sunday and I've only been doing Jiu Jitsu for about 3 months. I believe I'm a decent guard passer for a white belt, and I'm working on my sweeps, but I never know what to do when I'm in half guard or when someone has me on side control! I've been watching your videos for a while now and they helped me a lot, giving me confidence and motivation, just wanted to thank you for that brother 👍

  • dokken63
    dokken63 2 yil oldin

    Great video, as always! Appreciate it!