Kitchen Nightmares - Season 6 Episode 4 - Kati Allo Full Episode HD

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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • Renee Wells
      Renee Wells 7 kun oldin

      Albert Laure go suck a dick I can’t find this shit on Netflix

    • Hell is Forever - Obey Jesus
      Hell is Forever - Obey Jesus Oy oldin

      Matt 7:21

      Jesus said, “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. To many I will say, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’

    • A ZAPP
      A ZAPP Oy oldin

      Thank you for finally uploading full episodes!!
      Yay!!! More Hotel Hell & kitchen nightmares please!! Great shows!!💕

    • barbed
      barbed Oy oldin

      put love on your own comment is surpassing me

    • Reinaldo Torres
      Reinaldo Torres Oy oldin

      *Top 10 things you can hear when you read them*

  • Heaven's Dark Angel
    Heaven's Dark Angel 3 soat oldin

    22:27 makes me laugh on how Gordan looked confused with that elevator thing.

  • Irices
    Irices Kun oldin

    Wow they were so excited. I'm crying too

  • Jen6374
    Jen6374 2 kun oldin

    2nd dish looks like dog shit

  • Lion Bryce
    Lion Bryce 3 kun oldin

    Season 7, not 6, btw

  • Fortnite Savage
    Fortnite Savage 4 kun oldin

    I’m sorry for the wife

  • Addlord
    Addlord 4 kun oldin

    Wtf is with her lips

  • LittleB
    LittleB 4 kun oldin

    The thumbnail looks like he is assaulting that woman

  • Elena Chizhova
    Elena Chizhova 4 kun oldin

    Why the computer intro? Come on meow

  • Tyna Stevens
    Tyna Stevens 5 kun oldin

    They almost killed that poor waitress.. poor lady

  • Cat Santos
    Cat Santos 7 kun oldin +1

    Poor Christina....!!! At least Irene was sticking up for her.... she deserves better!! 😿

  • Gino Asci
    Gino Asci 7 kun oldin +1 pumpkin hummus?

  • Pankaj Biswakarma
    Pankaj Biswakarma 8 kun oldin

    Felt sad and sorry for christina though he yells and humiliate her and been stuck there as she said.... still shes there to help him and to support her family... i wish i get a wife like her in future

  • Matthew Mason
    Matthew Mason 8 kun oldin

    Another woman leaving because of money. Facts.
    No mercy on these whores

  • Mama Marianovits
    Mama Marianovits 9 kun oldin

    Oh Christina, so broken and bogged down....😢

  • Windows Sucks
    Windows Sucks 9 kun oldin

    24:24 LOL.As if Chef Ramsay was trying to plant it on him.The man is friggin' deluded.That's why I don't eat in restaurants.If hecame to Egypt he'd have an instant heart attack.

  • Mr. Loco
    Mr. Loco 9 kun oldin

    30:13 i need that fucking voice

  • Mr. Loco
    Mr. Loco 9 kun oldin

    why trhe bloops...

  • Thievius333
    Thievius333 10 kun oldin

    The daughter was the only one capable of running the place.

  • kalina
    kalina 10 kun oldin

    Fucking diluted

  • The White Wolf
    The White Wolf 11 kun oldin +1

    Yeah, taverns are the same in Greece. With disgusting food and awful owners.

  • lanece christian
    lanece christian 12 kun oldin

    Ha ass was yelling loud and long asl😂😂

  • Juan HPI
    Juan HPI 13 kun oldin

    that is sooo cool when we help people. just because

  • o0Of
    o0Of 13 kun oldin

    Is it Beautiful?

  • Howler Wolf356
    Howler Wolf356 15 kun oldin

    I wasnt even born yet in 2000........

  • Night Hawk
    Night Hawk 15 kun oldin

    Must be tough seeing your parents yell at each other for YEARS

  • Juana Wagner
    Juana Wagner 15 kun oldin

    Waiting for Gordon Ramsay to throw his hands and say “ fuck this shit” 😂

  • lee loopers
    lee loopers 15 kun oldin


  • lee loopers
    lee loopers 15 kun oldin +1

    USA of 2018 is France of 1940, nothing but soft pansies and sjws

  • lee loopers
    lee loopers 15 kun oldin

    producers ate so ridiculous how they edit shit to make Ramsey look good and the man look bad

  • lee loopers
    lee loopers 15 kun oldin


  • Tazwar Hossain
    Tazwar Hossain 16 kun oldin

    The legend says they started fighting again the moment Gordon Ramsay stepped out!!

  • Norm Rayos
    Norm Rayos 16 kun oldin

    Do we ever find out what part of Greece they’re from? The mother’s accent is a little different than anything I’ve heard before - anyone have any ideas?

  • Zazaproductions G
    Zazaproductions G 16 kun oldin +2

    Its so funny because in greek "kali allo" means "something else" ... and clearly thats what this place was LMAO

  • TheQuacky_YT 0
    TheQuacky_YT 0 16 kun oldin

    It went from 3:54. To 37:41

  • Keychain696
    Keychain696 16 kun oldin

    I like how Gordon Ramsay did the thing where he has the waitress try the food to show her what he means, but this time he proved his point by almost killing her.

  • Helen Ziting
    Helen Ziting 18 kun oldin

    Do they still open?

  • BritNie love
    BritNie love 19 kun oldin

    The owner sounds like rocky balboa

  • afenismama
    afenismama 19 kun oldin

    aww, Christine made me cry 💞

  • bohottie
    bohottie 20 kun oldin

    It’s yee-roh not jy-roh...bruh

  • Carl Talavera
    Carl Talavera 20 kun oldin

    Really i gonna stop on min 8:00... This guy is very dumbass , he look like a dirty italian chimpmunk.
    I don't like this episode so i gonna skip it.

  • BelugaWhaleGhost 69
    BelugaWhaleGhost 69 21 kun oldin

    *"What's it smell of?"*
    **nods head**

  • Simra javed
    Simra javed 21 kun oldin

    Aww I feel for the mum

  • cortezwillify
    cortezwillify 23 kun oldin +1

    The mom shouted about the renovations like she was having an orgasm.

    • cortezwillify
      cortezwillify 2 kun oldin

      +ashleyplashleyy1133 hahahah by the way she screams and moans probably been awhile.

    • ashleyplashleyy1133
      ashleyplashleyy1133 2 kun oldin

      cortezwillify I hope she was, I’m sure she hasn’t had a beautiful expression like that in a decade poor thing

  • ironguanyin123
    ironguanyin123 23 kun oldin +4

    Why do all the chefs in Kitchen Nightmares say their food is the best? The best gyros, the best pizza in Denver, the best meatballs, the best New York strip, the best... When their food is terrible and they haven't tasted all the restaurants in their town or neighbourhood? If they had, they would know that their food is terrible, as there are some of the best restaurants that offer fresh food and much better dishes. If they tried the best restaurants that people like, they will know how far behind they are in comparison, especially if they are not culinarily trained!! It makes me feel bizzarre. If I were to open a restaurant, I'd make sure I've eaten in all the best restaurants and some average ones in the area so I can try and be like them, not bad ones. Otherwise I might as well not open restaurants.

    • Fortnite Savage
      Fortnite Savage 4 kun oldin

      ironguanyin123 they say that because they are scared of chef Ramsey

  • David Tsarchian
    David Tsarchian 24 kun oldin +1

    Roast 15:41

  • Maegan Barrett
    Maegan Barrett 24 kun oldin

    I love this one. Chef Ramsay has done it.

  • Derpy Hoove
    Derpy Hoove 24 kun oldin

    his voice like Godfather that Cool

  • Ave Chargerr
    Ave Chargerr 25 kun oldin

    I'm Greek and we don't give this trash to the people ....and we are cleaner than thems restaurant

  • Sgt Steel
    Sgt Steel 26 kun oldin

    25:55 You pay the cheap workers for a cheap job and this is what you get. Yes, because in a low trust society that is the result. High trust - people like you.

  • Sgt Steel
    Sgt Steel 26 kun oldin

    "Maybe Gordon is the only person to put my husband in his place"? Fuck off bitch, all you did was whine...

  • RomeroFanboy
    RomeroFanboy 26 kun oldin

    they say greeks are passionate. i say they are all a bunch of assholes. what a horrible person

  • Kris Anticknap
    Kris Anticknap 26 kun oldin +5

    God almighty, hearing that they sold the house to put money into the business, I WANTED TO CRY, TOO.

  • Bob Rob
    Bob Rob 26 kun oldin

    She is a vampire

  • Ken Arnold
    Ken Arnold 26 kun oldin

    Is it me or does that woman have a botched "lip poof"?

  • Kelly Kelbe
    Kelly Kelbe 26 kun oldin

    First few minutes sound like couples therapy

  • Gavin life 37
    Gavin life 37 27 kun oldin +1

    Imagine if he went to our elementary school that one of us went to

  • Gavin life 37
    Gavin life 37 27 kun oldin

    Ow my gag reflex

  • StickAroundBennett
    StickAroundBennett 27 kun oldin

    I'd bang the daughter hard and then shoot population paste all over her cute little face and mouth

  • StickAroundBennett
    StickAroundBennett 27 kun oldin

    Renovation looks shit

  • Vorayote Kaewchit
    Vorayote Kaewchit 27 kun oldin

    Gosh this is the Greek version of that rich Russian bastard from 2012

  • Prometheus Rising
    Prometheus Rising 27 kun oldin

    I've eaten at many restaurants and rare are they bad

  • Brian Savage
    Brian Savage 27 kun oldin

    Look at 33:29

  • Ricky
    Ricky 27 kun oldin

    My parents are divorced. They don’t look at each other, don’t talk to each other. And being reunited is a hard thing for them. The end was a very sad talk, I tear up

  • Anamika Unicornlover123
    Anamika Unicornlover123 27 kun oldin +1

    All the disasters restaurant are family business restaurants

  • CommercialPlaneGirl
    CommercialPlaneGirl 28 kun oldin

    I feel so bad for the wife. I hope she is doing better.

  • The LUEZ
    The LUEZ 28 kun oldin +7

    Gordon Ramsay is basically the male version of Supernanny, but manages harsh adults.

  • coeurenpoche
    coeurenpoche 28 kun oldin +1

    24:00 even I could've smelled that and started gagging here in my house x_x

    DJ CLAPPY 28 kun oldin +1

    Αγγλικά και γαμώ ρε....

  • Vlada Ilic
    Vlada Ilic 28 kun oldin

    this woman is annoying... a lot

  • The Tillman Review
    The Tillman Review 28 kun oldin +1

    How hard is it to pick a ticket up from the register, read it to the cooks and put it on a stake after the meal has been cooked? Manny is terrible...

  • Choff C
    Choff C 28 kun oldin

    These are the first people that I truly feel sorry for...I hope The Chef can Help..!!!! But its fucked up and disgusting and it makes ya wonder if they have not gone off the deep end...!!!! That greece dude is a nice man and loves his family and he really needs to listen to the Chef...I mean they are better than that

  • Gavin Shields
    Gavin Shields 28 kun oldin

    Dig Bick

  • Daisy’s Channel!!
    Daisy’s Channel!! 29 kun oldin

    Her saying daddy as a grown woman is so cringy😖

  • Lone Wanderer
    Lone Wanderer 29 kun oldin

    She has sucked way too many d...ks forget what I said!

  • Shannon Studd- charlie
    Shannon Studd- charlie 29 kun oldin

    Shut down most obviously because of the father...Ha!

  • Shannon Studd- charlie
    Shannon Studd- charlie 29 kun oldin


  • papa delish
    papa delish 29 kun oldin

    I feel sorry for whoever went there to eat..

  • Karina Stepchuk
    Karina Stepchuk Oy oldin

    They fight so much geez

  • Nick Eco
    Nick Eco Oy oldin +1

    she got moniez for botox pay deptz *flies away on a souvlaki stick*

  • The one and only ONE!

    gordon ramsey is an angel! i wish he would come in my country and do the same! he cleans the restaurants and makes the world fairly better.

  • steph el mami
    steph el mami Oy oldin

    1:06 when u need to fart but ur crush is right there

  • Polarized Panda9
    Polarized Panda9 Oy oldin

    Chef needs to come to canada aha

  • King Chino
    King Chino Oy oldin

    Sheeees so fuckin anoying omg shut the fuck up christina

  • Z
    Z Oy oldin

    Manny απ'το τζιμάνι 🤣🤣🤣 χώρισε τον τον μαλακά Χριστίνα. Κλασσικός Ελληναράς βλακεντιος και ξερόλας.....ρε άντε κουρεψου βρωμιάρη

  • connors cosette
    connors cosette Oy oldin +1

    the thumbnail is eumm , irrelevant ?
    (not to say anything else...)

    A ORIGIN Oy oldin

    I have personally worked for a lot of GREEK Men employers...I'm sorry but most were pigs literally think they are Gods gift to females..even when yo make "NO!" very clear.....stuck in their bad ways with food and service to the public...They serve to only make money for themselves and have no pride in their service at all...The women have been taught from an early age that the Men wear the pants and only speak up when it's way long too late...Maybe it goes good over there...and that's fine...But here it doesn't fit in with great service and a caring for the community...I wish I cold have found one positive thing to say about the type of male in this episode...nadda...

  • Dar-Rube Scott
    Dar-Rube Scott Oy oldin

    God bless chef Ramsey! Restoring hope and love and things! 🤗💗

  • Mark Bigeloe
    Mark Bigeloe Oy oldin +1

    Whenever i hear prolonged coughing or multiple sneezing from the kitchen, i just want to walk out.

  • Iriel Tyler
    Iriel Tyler Oy oldin

    I felt them tears I was crying too

  • Cecil Rhodes
    Cecil Rhodes Oy oldin

    36:20 Remove kebab. Not European.

  • Tactical Boy
    Tactical Boy Oy oldin

    Boom boom

  • thabo ok
    thabo ok Oy oldin +4

    sir Ramsay makes people love each other again

  • Matt Luckart
    Matt Luckart Oy oldin

    Her Reaction ,,, lm from Baltimore MD , my neighborhood is right next to Greek Town , and her Reaction sssooo Greek Woman , Just Beautiful , Her Husband In Tears for his Family Sooo True of the Love That Greeks Possess !!! W/B Kelley

  • Sir Dope
    Sir Dope Oy oldin +14

    14:07 When the Food is so bad, that even the waitress chokes on it

  • Erick Gomez
    Erick Gomez Oy oldin +11

    that chef aint a chef, he working for the mob, bought the restaurant for the "business" "gets away with murder" lmao

    • Erick Gomez
      Erick Gomez 25 kun oldin +1

      +Pernell Adams gone catch hairs and toe nails in their food lol

    • Pernell Adams
      Pernell Adams 25 kun oldin +2

      Erick Gomez Was He’s probably feeding the customers the corpses

  • Maddy Krebs
    Maddy Krebs Oy oldin

    As far as the building this is my favorite makeover

  • Choquonna Hampton

    We kio

  • Landon Armstrong
    Landon Armstrong Oy oldin

    Im just here to test my stomach ughh

  • 1000 subs without a video ROAD

    *takes bite* thinks thank god
    I don have to eat that