Kitchen Nightmares - Season 6 Episode 4 - Kati Allo Full Episode HD

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  • Kitchen Nightmares Hotel Hell and Hell's Kitchen

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    • wayward skirt
      wayward skirt Oy oldin +1

      Thanks for uploading. Wish you were monetized, you provide a service that Ramsays channel is not doing. Cheers!

    • Renee Wells
      Renee Wells 2 oy oldin +2

      Albert Laure go suck a dick I can’t find this shit on Netflix

    • Hell is Forever - Obey Jesus
      Hell is Forever - Obey Jesus 3 oy oldin +1

      Matt 7:21

      Jesus said, “Not everyone who calls out to me, ‘Lord! Lord!’ will enter the Kingdom of Heaven. Only those who actually do the will of my Father in heaven will enter. To many I will say, ‘I never knew you. Get away from me, you who break God’s laws.’

    • A ZAPP
      A ZAPP 3 oy oldin +1

      Thank you for finally uploading full episodes!!
      Yay!!! More Hotel Hell & kitchen nightmares please!! Great shows!!💕

    • barbed
      barbed 3 oy oldin +4

      put love on your own comment is surpassing me

  • Michael Vo-Chau
    Michael Vo-Chau Kun oldin +1

    does anyone else google the restaurants after to see if theyre closed or open ?

  • Phil_Rock [PHLPPRCK]
    Phil_Rock [PHLPPRCK] 3 kun oldin

    To the person who cuts onions every time something sad happens:
    Im going to find you, and kill you.

  • Dreama1227
    Dreama1227 4 kun oldin

    Poor christina

  • Robert Winkler
    Robert Winkler 4 kun oldin

    The US version of Kitchen Nightmares are just soap operas! They are not about restaurants, they're about screwed up people.

  • Josey kalehua Mattos
    Josey kalehua Mattos 5 kun oldin

    I just feel bad for the dad

  • Josie McCafferty
    Josie McCafferty 5 kun oldin

    wo w the husband is absolutely the worst ...

  • okayb3l
    okayb3l 5 kun oldin

    is the husband literally negan

  • okayb3l
    okayb3l 5 kun oldin

    this couple is pathetic. reminds me of my parents. making the same mistakes over and over for years then literally crying when the same bad things happen. either work together or don't work at all.

  • Deus Ex
    Deus Ex 5 kun oldin +1

    Imagine going to the barber and just buying a restaurant WITHOUT ASKING YOUR WIFE.

  • Ana Lucía Zepeda
    Ana Lucía Zepeda 6 kun oldin


  • Miki Miyazaki
    Miki Miyazaki 6 kun oldin

    The mother reminds me a standard poodle lololol. She has a big goofy, floppy mouth and moves in a generally goofy, funny looking way.

  • hourani tony
    hourani tony 6 kun oldin

    If i was married for that women for 35 years I'd be serving a quadruple life sentence with a smile on my face.

  • Josh Bennett
    Josh Bennett 6 kun oldin

    How blind are these health inspectors? I don't think that Larry the Cable Guy would have let this shit slide.

  • cdnhawk65
    cdnhawk65 7 kun oldin

    Gordon has so much patience. I wouldn't help that asshole of a husband.

  • Jordyn Blackburn
    Jordyn Blackburn 7 kun oldin

    I come from a Greek family, but was raised in the USA... I promise you... every single Greek is stubborn :|

  • Steve Dima
    Steve Dima 7 kun oldin

    Greeks having financial problems. Shocking!!! :p

  • Rotua Tambunan
    Rotua Tambunan 8 kun oldin

    wtf would u MARRY someone just to blame them omygawd

  • yowza yipee
    yowza yipee 9 kun oldin

    Thanks for upload !!!

  • Quali
    Quali 9 kun oldin +1

    "I don't think it's greasy" - Guy with extremely greasy hair

  • Not a psychiatrist, but I play one on the internet

    Even when the dad is sitting down, he looks like he's sweating all the time!!!

  • Jayson
    Jayson 10 kun oldin

    Did she just shouted “oppa “ ? At 41:18.
    Haha was that a Korean word or Greek ?

  • Andrew Gaming
    Andrew Gaming 11 kun oldin +2

    Is it just me or the daughter sounds like Meg from Family Guy

  • Wishawolf Studios
    Wishawolf Studios 11 kun oldin

    15:45 why is this sad to me??

  • edward smith
    edward smith 12 kun oldin

    hes not even telling ppl how to manage restaurants most of the time anymore hes a goddamn marriage counselor.

  • Anon Hymus
    Anon Hymus 12 kun oldin

    Wow wow wow, he buys restaurant, has no schedule, his wife has to run it for him..... what a dick...

  • Martha
    Martha 12 kun oldin

    i'd like to ruin a business just to have Gordon Ramsey shout at me

  • Melting Doggo
    Melting Doggo 13 kun oldin

    Oh shit it’s 12:27 AM @~@

  • ObeyZ RaPz
    ObeyZ RaPz 13 kun oldin


  • Ali Fuat Değirmenci
    Ali Fuat Değirmenci 13 kun oldin

    I have to kill them because of that döner

  • Supercalifragilistice xpialidocious

    when she started coughing after she ate the sausages LMAOOOO 14:11

  • Adara Marie
    Adara Marie 14 kun oldin

    God I love these but I enjoy them the most when I'm eating or drunk

  • Ryan Karpan
    Ryan Karpan 14 kun oldin

    Idk why but Evelyn reminded me of meg from family guy I really don’t know why though I guess I’m just weird

  • Miyuka S
    Miyuka S 14 kun oldin

    I absolutely do not understand husband and wife teams in which one wants to be a restaurant owner and the other doesn't, but the one who doesn't jails themselves to the restaurant. You don't have to work there or be any part of it. It's the other's dream, not yours so why tether your life to it too? Of course support them, you could lend a hand but you don't have to follow their path and ruin yourself. If you're not happy, don't do it.
    You can simply get a job somewhere else or do some sort of part time thing if you can't be part of the working force due to other responsibilities (there are always ways to make money) so you know you at least have something coming in. Same with the kids. They don't have to work there either. If it fails, yes you have financial burden but at least you have some other source of income and you're free of the added stress of work. Maybe it'll fail faster so you're not hit as hard when one realizes that their dream alone doesn't speak for everyone.

  • Danjeol
    Danjeol 14 kun oldin

    It’s odd that all these failing restaurants are Greek or Italian

  • Reji Jupiter
    Reji Jupiter 14 kun oldin

    That Botox though..

  • Jinu prince
    Jinu prince 15 kun oldin


  • Jinu prince
    Jinu prince 15 kun oldin

    The restaurant closed after some days the episode aired

    • Jinu prince
      Jinu prince 15 kun oldin

      Who knows 🤷‍♂️

    • Jinu prince
      Jinu prince 15 kun oldin

      They probably sold the restaurant. And got their home back... Realising what's important.. and all being in peace...🤷‍♂️

  • Reamality
    Reamality 15 kun oldin

    i have Hulu yet im here

  • iiElysium x
    iiElysium x 16 kun oldin

    The daughter is really smart

  • theVilllain
    theVilllain 16 kun oldin

    this was greek asf

  • Φώτιος Κωστελέτος

    Στην Ελλάδα δεν είναι τόσο χάλια.

  • marleyzmommy 2017
    marleyzmommy 2017 17 kun oldin

    I felt the wife's happiness when she walked in to see her remodeled restaurant ❤

  • Avery
    Avery 17 kun oldin

    I had "lamb" once, it was gyro. Delicious gyro, but it was called lamb and supposed to be a kabob. Nope. Theory: NZ kabobs are actually gyro plates in disguise
    Edit: or maybe they're just different on the other side of the world

  • Nouran Samhat
    Nouran Samhat 17 kun oldin

    I wish his wife is living a better life with her daughter right know, after everything he’s ignorant and an asshole idgaf

  • sdecrevel
    sdecrevel 18 kun oldin

    The Greek Rodney Dangerfield. Even when I'm the owner I don't get no respect!

  • shafika Esteban
    shafika Esteban 18 kun oldin

    OMG! Thanks to Gordon Ramsay!!

  • Brigit Wilson
    Brigit Wilson 18 kun oldin

    Some men are such big babies.

  • Brigit Wilson
    Brigit Wilson 18 kun oldin

    She smiled like a teen-ager when she said they were in some kind of love again. Awww... Christina is sweet

  • Jim Croce
    Jim Croce 18 kun oldin

    This is the sister restaurant of the Red Hen.

  • Francis Beckles
    Francis Beckles 20 kun oldin

    I will admit when I use to watch Gordon Ramsey I use to think that he was too harsh but after watching these series of restaurants I have to a[ologies to him, he knows his stuff and not only that the amount it has cost to overhaul these places is ridiculously expensive to show the lack of attention these owner have, Gordon you are a saint for helping these people and helping them to change where possible, and it would seem that most of these are family owned places.

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 20 kun oldin

    Let Evelyn run the show, Manny can work under her direction would be best.

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 20 kun oldin

    Momma so happy made me cry!!!😍😂😘

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 20 kun oldin

    Mom is in great physical shape! I hope my body looks that good when I’m her age.

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 20 kun oldin

    They sold their house so are they living above the restaurant? That poor wife!!!

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 20 kun oldin

    Daddy, you have to take some responsibility here.

  • Gypsy Firefly
    Gypsy Firefly 20 kun oldin

    The bathroom! That’s what I’d like to look for!

  • Davulcu Gaming
    Davulcu Gaming 21 kun oldin

    Hold on a second! Is he copied the turkish doner? Oh man, what a douchebag.

  • Liz Cawthorne
    Liz Cawthorne 21 kun oldin +1

    Who else is binge watching in 2019?

  • M Ham
    M Ham 21 kun oldin

    I wish Gordon will you had a say gyro

  • Taylor Emmerson
    Taylor Emmerson 21 kun oldin

    AHHH... somethingkkkkkkk... 29:28

  • Chris L.
    Chris L. 22 kun oldin

    Evelyn's dad pissed her off so much that she pulled a Ramsay; "I need some fresh air"!!!!

  • Golden Ratio
    Golden Ratio 22 kun oldin


  • George North
    George North 22 kun oldin

    That poor server in the beginning was so embarrassed

  • Saurabh Borle
    Saurabh Borle 22 kun oldin

    Those lips are creepy

  • Kai J.
    Kai J. 22 kun oldin

    Gordon Ramsay is me whenever i'm hanging out with two friends who fight a lot😂👌🏼

  • Usmaan Zabair
    Usmaan Zabair 24 kun oldin +1

    This is the most staged programme of all time lol

  • Salsa Trouble
    Salsa Trouble 25 kun oldin

    Evelyn is like, wifey material tho

  • Milan Knoeps
    Milan Knoeps 25 kun oldin +1

    Just can't find anything anymore that is not fake to watch. This is terrible!

  • theniler12
    theniler12 25 kun oldin

    Straight up I'd smash their daughter she's cute and smart

  • Sean
    Sean 26 kun oldin

    lol I love eating and watching episodes of these haha

  • 👉🏻Kreepy👈🏻
    👉🏻Kreepy👈🏻 27 kun oldin

    I want to go their to try the food but I live all the way in Florida

  • Jerry Rice
    Jerry Rice 27 kun oldin

    Was that fiesta ware? If so it's made close to my house Homer Laughlin China in West Virginia

  • shehan devprith
    shehan devprith 27 kun oldin +1

    35:00 her voice

  • shehan devprith
    shehan devprith 27 kun oldin

    33:45 lol

  • shehan devprith
    shehan devprith 27 kun oldin

    I feel bad for the daughter yeesh

  • Jacob Wilkinson
    Jacob Wilkinson 28 kun oldin

    The mouldy stuff downstairs was DISCUSTANG!!!

  • WideEyedSurfer
    WideEyedSurfer 28 kun oldin

    Anybody else think that Gordon Ramsey is secretly Pete Nelson

  • Marc Field
    Marc Field 29 kun oldin

    Why do I always want to eat when I watch these?

  • Cydney Saltkill
    Cydney Saltkill Oy oldin

    "You proud of your little girl? Of course" "Of course!" Lol❤very sweet. I'm sad it didn't work out for them.

  • Bettie Roberson
    Bettie Roberson Oy oldin +1

    Why am I always crying when I watch this? I love how things work out at the end!

  • Info Official
    Info Official Oy oldin +1

    professor: "did everyone get the project done on time?"
    Me: (1:06)

  • Janette Martinez
    Janette Martinez Oy oldin

    14:20 😂

  • Adam Kettlewell
    Adam Kettlewell Oy oldin

    Gordon Ramsay full time chef part time family therapist

  • [Channel Deleted]

    Just give it the ‘ball

  • [Channel Deleted]

    If i was Gardoon, i would just demolish the place

  • Dominique Freeman

    Love reading the U.S. comments they dont talk shit and compare to the .uk ones but it is diff in the .uk comments always talking shit about AMERICA and Americans see the difference

  • Amanda Newman
    Amanda Newman Oy oldin

    Basement microwave lady

  • FROSTY Burny master

    Bra they sold the restraunt after this show aired i wonder what happened

  • Maritina A.
    Maritina A. Oy oldin

    Κανε like αμα εισαι ελληνας

  • Emma Regan
    Emma Regan Oy oldin

    I love how much they love their daughter, even when she’s telling them off

  • Jenny and Ryan
    Jenny and Ryan Oy oldin +3

    The daughter should have been running the restaurant. She was a natural behind the line in the kitchen and seems really mature.

  • Jake English
    Jake English Oy oldin

    Seeing the wife so ecstatic reminded me of how overdramatic we Greeks can be 😂😂

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson Oy oldin

    Someone please make a gif of this! 1:07

  • Chris Watson
    Chris Watson Oy oldin

    The thumbnail looks like a hostage situation.

  • Jason Holmes
    Jason Holmes Oy oldin

    This one of my fav episodes. Love this man!

  • Steven Walls
    Steven Walls Oy oldin

    I'm sorry but I would really really need more than just a couple minutes with the daughter haha I would need at least 8mins

  • oh yeah yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah

    He shouldve brougt luca with him

  • Kurtis Lowe
    Kurtis Lowe Oy oldin

    Jar of fake caviar!!! I thought that was red cabbage. Damn!!!!

  • anthony nunez
    anthony nunez Oy oldin

    I’m gay