School Dances Terrify Me

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  • Toxic Nerd
    Toxic Nerd 11 oy oldin +4659

    Your videos are always the last videos I watch 😂 because there are the best and funny one to keep me happy for the whole day😊
    Like this if you like Alex Clark🤩

  • Maxine Watson
    Maxine Watson 16 soat oldin

    Oof my ears wen that dg turned on

  • Gubpy
    Gubpy 18 soat oldin

    Is that Mabel in the thumbnail?

  • Lana Cook
    Lana Cook Kun oldin

    3:53 d-did you made a stranger things reference?

  • gamaliel 1242
    gamaliel 1242 Kun oldin

    what does VIP mean?

  • gamaliel 1242
    gamaliel 1242 Kun oldin


  • CJ The Reactor
    CJ The Reactor 2 kun oldin

    At lot of girls in my schoo thatl I know have braces and now I have braces too

  • Nathan Lacko Vazquez
    Nathan Lacko Vazquez 2 kun oldin

    Me and my club of friends are weird

  • Happy Stranger
    Happy Stranger 2 kun oldin

    Yep I’m weird

  • Let's go Charmander 123321

    I'm weird

  • La-Lloyd 11
    La-Lloyd 11 5 kun oldin +1

    2:54 I've seen this so many times it is no joke... it's so funny

  • Lochlan O’Connor
    Lochlan O’Connor 5 kun oldin

    My freinds call me a dj

  • Olivia Mason
    Olivia Mason 5 kun oldin


  • PuipinM - Music
    PuipinM - Music 6 kun oldin

    I can guarantee the school is still a hippie school x) But hey, it's still wacky in the weirdest of ways! ^_^ In a good way.

  • R I
    R I 7 kun oldin

    what song was that?
    Pleaseeee 3:26

  • Bel Cosmic
    Bel Cosmic 7 kun oldin

    4:36 did u rly get arrested?THE TRUTH!!!

  • legenday cat
    legenday cat 8 kun oldin

    I'm not a fan of dances, but oh I wish I could be at that dance

  • Farhad Mohammadi
    Farhad Mohammadi 8 kun oldin

    I was gust here to watch yo lama I mwean there’s a fight about who dwitched each oder

  • O gauge and H.O. Railroader

    Duck dynasty rocks

  • norzen domingo
    norzen domingo 10 kun oldin


  • Little pig Boy
    Little pig Boy 11 kun oldin

    We did that at my school once

  • floptart games
    floptart games 11 kun oldin

    Why was ur face in this video

  • ItzDuckTime YT
    ItzDuckTime YT 11 kun oldin

    they were watching a tv show about me!!! DUCKZZZZ

  • Conner Is doing laziness, gaming, and memes

    I won't go to a school dance because I have horrible social anxiety

  • Candice Perry
    Candice Perry 12 kun oldin

    I would go to school dances every time

  • Prancerparty 123
    Prancerparty 123 13 kun oldin +1

    Hi I love your vids!

  • Cutie Boos
    Cutie Boos 13 kun oldin


    Do you like bananas if not keep reading


    Not into burgers? >:)
    Now for dessert


    Didn't I tell you that I was bored

  • Taevyon Daly
    Taevyon Daly 14 kun oldin

    I think your dad just bust a nut to owl empire

  • Fabled YT
    Fabled YT 15 kun oldin

    that thumbnail though

  • Lycos Hansom
    Lycos Hansom 15 kun oldin

    Great Videos Alex !
    Just curious, what's that piece of music called you used in that high-school scene?

  • will komada
    will komada 15 kun oldin

    Weird people rule

  • John Laurence
    John Laurence 15 kun oldin

    Only weird people say they aren’t weird

  • sara delancey
    sara delancey 16 kun oldin

    The bouncer looks like Giles from Buffy the vampire Slayer😂😂

  • Emerald Pickaxe8
    Emerald Pickaxe8 16 kun oldin

    party in the upside down yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • BunnyCheese
    BunnyCheese 17 kun oldin

    lol so funny :)

  • npolash
    npolash 17 kun oldin

    If you have no problems your a aliens and your weird you hate whipped-cream you crap

  • Namo Loke
    Namo Loke 17 kun oldin

    Do a vid with Bobby lmao

  • Captain Jamboi
    Captain Jamboi 17 kun oldin


  • Dansgaming & vlogs
    Dansgaming & vlogs 17 kun oldin

    Im wierd too

  • Crazy Connor Android
    Crazy Connor Android 18 kun oldin +1

    I Alex what do you think about UZclip 2018 rewind?

  • Ena
    Ena 18 kun oldin

    What's the name of the song at the dance???

  • Mauricio León López
    Mauricio León López 18 kun oldin

    bobby is real or is a character that alex make?

  • Gabriel Souza
    Gabriel Souza 19 kun oldin

    Your vídeos give me câncer.

  • Five Flix with Freddy
    Five Flix with Freddy 19 kun oldin

    My dad is a DJ

  • Sophie Ly-Pang
    Sophie Ly-Pang 20 kun oldin

    did bobby really get arrested?

  • Leo Wallace
    Leo Wallace 21 kun oldin +1

    Thanks for the epilepsy warning

  • Joseph Graziano
    Joseph Graziano 22 kun oldin

    i would LOVE to go to a party in the upsidedown

  • Marine Brick
    Marine Brick 23 kun oldin

    Owl empire is like duck dynasty HAHAHAHAHA. What about cat catastrophe or fox family and snake school

  • Snowie Foxcat
    Snowie Foxcat 24 kun oldin

    XnX rip me it's two am!!!!

  • Dana Leung
    Dana Leung 24 kun oldin

    the second Alex being weird was cool I immediately liked this video

  • Cody Davis
    Cody Davis 24 kun oldin

    DUDE! I got arrested! It was AWESOME!! 1!

    JOSEPH LAUCIUS 25 kun oldin

    I love dofus and wakfu

  • Boy_manfive the roblox gamer

    I love your vids

  • rainbowcupcakes173
    rainbowcupcakes173 28 kun oldin

    Are you weird? Uh is that even a question? 😎 of course I am HAR HAR HAR HAR

  • Cait Lillis
    Cait Lillis 29 kun oldin

    And there's Billy 5:51

  • Micah Quiton
    Micah Quiton 29 kun oldin

    Weird is awesome!!

  • roberto torres
    roberto torres 29 kun oldin

    I am a duck

  • icecreamboyproductions 17


  • Anny Annymations
    Anny Annymations 29 kun oldin

    I'm wired too. I name all my video game characters 'The Potato'...

  • Maxizockt 42
    Maxizockt 42 Oy oldin +1

    Well, duh 🙄😉

  • SymbioteInKlyntar

    my school bus was also a van

  • xXAnnoyinggirl101 Xx

    Yes im weird,i put my cereal before my milk

  • VividCreation
    VividCreation Oy oldin +1


  • Acumi the Reaper
    Acumi the Reaper Oy oldin +1

    Smooth segue there

  • SpecterQuilava
    SpecterQuilava Oy oldin +1

    I thought that beeping alarm sound was my actual fire alarm.

  • SpecterQuilava
    SpecterQuilava Oy oldin +1

    I thought that beeping alarm sound was my actual fire alarm.

  • SpecterQuilava
    SpecterQuilava Oy oldin +1

    I thought that beeping alarm sound was my actual fire alarm.

  • Low disc Space
    Low disc Space Oy oldin +2

    Why did a sandwich ad play before this played.

  • Noel Malisa
    Noel Malisa Oy oldin +1

    My names noel

  • Leighanne Nichols
    Leighanne Nichols Oy oldin +1

    I am werd

  • Jake Edwards
    Jake Edwards Oy oldin +1

    My school is a prison bus no joke

  • Janko Gamer505
    Janko Gamer505 Oy oldin +1

    I am weird in grade 2 everyone calls me weird.

  • Jack Allison
    Jack Allison Oy oldin +2


  • That cool guy Cole
    That cool guy Cole Oy oldin +2

    OCD gang were you at!?

  • Whatever Calderon 305

    Bravest Warriors!!!

  • Mackenzie Troffe
    Mackenzie Troffe Oy oldin +1

    A fog machine set a fire alarm off at my school during a dance

  • Clark Kent
    Clark Kent Oy oldin +1

    School dances would terrify me too, because I’d be wondering why the hell im there since I left school 3 years ago

  • bluebubble gamer8910

    I'm really weird

  • Ismaeel Rasool
    Ismaeel Rasool Oy oldin +1

    this vid is why im not goin prom :)

  • _._. Maxx ._._
    _._. Maxx ._._ Oy oldin +1


  • Linda Owens
    Linda Owens Oy oldin +1

    Northwest Middle School February 16th 6:35 to 8:35 Just to Let You Know When You Can Chaperone

  • ThirdEyeSight A
    ThirdEyeSight A Oy oldin +1

    You're very cool

  • Veda Ziccardi
    Veda Ziccardi Oy oldin +1

    Yo, u want weird? Search "amelia fart sending weird videos to my friends and family without saying anything"

  • Unknown
    Unknown Oy oldin

    l have this dance coming on afraid lll be asked out....luckly im still in

  • Hat Vlogs & Games

    Is your dad Sean Connery ?

  • Chirag Rawat
    Chirag Rawat Oy oldin

    Wondering about the babysitter

  • The baby Shark
    The baby Shark Oy oldin

    krusty krab pizza is the pizza for you and me!

  • Jul L.
    Jul L. Oy oldin

    "-in the Upside Down" YAS STRANGER THINGS

  • Gamal
    Gamal Oy oldin

    I love your smooth change of topic to ads

  • Sabastian Kumalo
    Sabastian Kumalo Oy oldin

    I always kinda wished I could have a friend like bobby

  • Arbiter1223
    Arbiter1223 Oy oldin

    Everyone is weird in their own unique way. If you're not weird, then you're weird for not being weird! So embrace your uniqueness. :D

  • SuperLukaPuppets WithNika

    Remake of the video you made in 2014

  • soreahark783 hsh
    soreahark783 hsh Oy oldin

    I wouldnt have him chaperone at my school cuz then he gets to sleep all day

  • micah kemp
    micah kemp Oy oldin

    whats his dj name

  • Waffle Turtle
    Waffle Turtle Oy oldin

    I’m weird in probably one of the best ways. Being abruptly random with things that make literally no sense

  • TheGuyWhoSomedayHaveACommentOnEveryYTvideo

    No one cool goes to prom

  • Gilberto gaming and more

    Just so you now that song is sing we now of Christmas

  • Gilberto gaming and more

    Sing we noel the king ok born noel.......NOEL!!...sing we now of Christmas Christmas sing we now of Christmas....NOEL!!!!!!!!!!

  • Alison Dominguez
    Alison Dominguez Oy oldin

    I'm in middle school and went to one dance and already regretted going to school cuz it was during school for the 6th grade and I immediately never went to none of the dances😂
    My friends would be asking me why I wouldn't go and I'm like "ITS BORING" but didn't actually mean it but after a couple of not going to any dances it was pretty normal to not see 6th graders on the bus now my excuse for not going is " 4 DOLLARS FOR A SMALL PEACE OF PAPER JUST TO GO TO THE CAFETERIA WITH MUSIC???? NOPE"😂😂😂