School Dances Terrify Me

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  • Blue Alex
    Blue Alex 9 oy oldin +4465

    Your videos are always the last videos I watch 😂 because there are the best and funny one to keep me happy for the whole day😊
    Like this if you like Alex Clark🤩

  • Gabriel Campfield
    Gabriel Campfield 3 soat oldin

    James is cooler lol😈😈😈😈😈😊😊😊😊

  • PickleYT
    PickleYT 3 kun oldin +1

    2:54 i love that part

  • lightning roblox
    lightning roblox 4 kun oldin +1

    Once at my bus stop i found a broken skelliton decoration on the side of the road so i took him in as my son

  • Melody The Meloetta
    Melody The Meloetta 5 kun oldin +1

    If you love Dofus, watch Wakfu on Netflix. It’s in the same universe, but at a different time. Joris is much older, like hundreds of years, but he doesn’t look like it. Wakfu is ssssuuuuuppppeeeerrrr good. I’ve watched all 3 seasons multiple times.

  • John McAllister
    John McAllister 7 kun oldin

    I think you might be my favourite channel

  • John McAllister
    John McAllister 7 kun oldin


  • King Kwan
    King Kwan 7 kun oldin

    Normal is boring WEIRD IS AWESOME

  • Jacob Shanklin
    Jacob Shanklin 7 kun oldin


  • Wolfed PlayZ
    Wolfed PlayZ 8 kun oldin

    I’m weird in a funny way

  • Monroe Robbins
    Monroe Robbins 9 kun oldin

    My high school dances were literally CRAZY. Giant tables of chocolate, cool rock music, and more poker using real chips. Hippie school. Sue me.

  • Catmations
    Catmations 9 kun oldin


  • Supremacy 98
    Supremacy 98 9 kun oldin

    To be weird is to be normal

  • Goodangel06
    Goodangel06 10 kun oldin

    😂 no way lol

  • curious creations 599
    curious creations 599 12 kun oldin

    I love your videos they're the best

    HUNTER117 KILLER 13 kun oldin

    I'm Young like 11 years old but it's so funny😂😂😂😂😂

  • LPS Pizza Girl
    LPS Pizza Girl 14 kun oldin

    Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I came for the thumbnail,
    And so did you.

    ALLICATT STUDIOS YT 14 kun oldin


  • Mary Spencer
    Mary Spencer 14 kun oldin

    your funny

  • ทรงศักดิ์ จันทรสาขา

    I'm weird ba bu de ba bu da!

  • ishaan jain
    ishaan jain 15 kun oldin

    U are the best.u are so funny and ur story's in ur life are so interesting i can totally relate

  • Experience animal Alexis le chat

    Ooooooh weird things i know somting WEIRD

  • SwagQueen
    SwagQueen 15 kun oldin

    like cartoons? like Violence and Blood in a Book? ((no not Twilight)) then get the book series called "Warriors" by Erin Hunter, get the one with a PURE ORANGE cat on it called Warriors Into The Wild ITS SO GOOD!

  • Daryl Spillum
    Daryl Spillum 15 kun oldin

    Weird is the new cool 😂😎😋

  • Avery Marchese
    Avery Marchese 15 kun oldin

    Alex woch wakfu.

  • D Roberts
    D Roberts 17 kun oldin

    awoo empire

  • it's just pai pai 21
    it's just pai pai 21 19 kun oldin

    Stranger things

  • Panda Red
    Panda Red 19 kun oldin

    Well, you got to be weird if you are watching alex's videos as he is a weird (I don't want to offend, you just said youare weird...)

  • JACK
    JACK 19 kun oldin

    Where i live it was just 1 side boys on phones same with the girls and the only people who went to dance was the two black kids i rate it

  • Ryan da Plushieman
    Ryan da Plushieman 22 kun oldin


  • Emma Lacelle
    Emma Lacelle 23 kun oldin

    I love Bravest Warriors my favourite character is catbug

  • raisa chowdhury raya
    raisa chowdhury raya 24 kun oldin

    I dont wanna hurt u.But stop showing ur face In every video. PLZ....

  • Rick Davis
    Rick Davis 25 kun oldin

    I said to my friend she’s weird. She got mad at me. But then I said everyone is weird because no one is perfect.

  • Tyler The Gamer
    Tyler The Gamer 25 kun oldin

    Sooooo . . . a headphone warning would have been greatly appreciated

  • qveen_kayla22 gaming
    qveen_kayla22 gaming 26 kun oldin

    How many people voted on the question👍👍👍

  • NerdEPotato - Potato Squad

    My school bus was a van :P

  • Dig Duke
    Dig Duke 27 kun oldin


  • British videos
    British videos 28 kun oldin


  • Brooklyn T Guy 10
    Brooklyn T Guy 10 28 kun oldin +1

    They are because the 6th graders started doing Fortnite dances.
    I want to switch school....

  • James Plays
    James Plays 28 kun oldin

    When someone asks me why I’m weird I just say why not

  • Brad Finley
    Brad Finley 29 kun oldin

    Can you Do Hello neighbor.

  • StaY SaTisFieD
    StaY SaTisFieD Oy oldin

    This Channel is Strange Like Me Every Saturday Night

  • K-Anna Woolsey
    K-Anna Woolsey Oy oldin

    Ayy add me on Snapchat kwoolsey17 if you wanna hear how crazy the last school dance ever

  • Kawaii Hamster
    Kawaii Hamster Oy oldin

    I'm weird who care

  • Sherrie Oliver - E.F.S  Pak Ya SVG

    doy i meant

  • Sherrie Oliver - E.F.S  Pak Ya SVG

    my name is matheu im using my mom acount and im11 and im a dot

  • Sherrie Oliver - E.F.S  Pak Ya SVG

    im very wird 2000000000

  • The Gamer
    The Gamer Oy oldin

    Ur not the only one bud. Plus, I have a gf in 6th grade. When I have to dance in class that we share! Btw great vids

  • Nacho Cabrera Duarte

    I'm kinda weird usually, but I get REALLY weird when I get bored, excited or relaxed XD

  • Casie Bluez3
    Casie Bluez3 Oy oldin

    I just realized he referenced stranger things I-

  • Ewan Nicholson
    Ewan Nicholson Oy oldin

    How do you animate this

  • Wilson Aparicio
    Wilson Aparicio Oy oldin +3

    I am so weird i like icecream with peanuts

  • Aayan Ahmed
    Aayan Ahmed Oy oldin

    Rip, 7 minutes late

  • Derpboi 99
    Derpboi 99 Oy oldin

    You're never gonna believe who da best person is :)


  • Iron Spider
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  • Dominux Playz
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  • Mark Streff
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  • Italian Male
    Italian Male Oy oldin

    Weird is FUN

  • Johnny Zuidema
    Johnny Zuidema Oy oldin

    Watching this the day of homecoming...

  • SmugOwl
    SmugOwl Oy oldin


  • nooper
    nooper Oy oldin

    thanks for stranger things than usual

  • nooper
    nooper Oy oldin

    7 days of 5 guys and you are freezing cold alex you made the tempature go down

  • Ari Owenz
    Ari Owenz Oy oldin

    *lEavE rOoM foR JeSus.*

  • Zadie Cruz
    Zadie Cruz Oy oldin

    Well thats OK cuz Im weird

  • Shockwave 32142
    Shockwave 32142 Oy oldin

    School dances are like FORTNITE lobby’s

  • The Minerenim
    The Minerenim Oy oldin

    Finally someone knows about Daft Punk too

  • Bellas Littles pets S new beginning


  • super doop
    super doop Oy oldin

    schools dances huh? good video its inspired me to never go to the halloween dance :D

  • Imelda Galvez
    Imelda Galvez Oy oldin


  • Imelda Galvez
    Imelda Galvez Oy oldin

    Your si funny

  • Jace Less
    Jace Less Oy oldin

    MARSHMELLO is a really good dj

  • Jace Less
    Jace Less Oy oldin

    I saw the honey add on your video SPONSOR jk

  • Lisa Vatter
    Lisa Vatter Oy oldin


  • Daimond Jaywa
    Daimond Jaywa Oy oldin

    4:30 that part happened to me before

  • David Zalk
    David Zalk Oy oldin

    Come on man... too much real Alex Clark face... this youtube swizzle is going to your head. Soon your gonna refer to yourself in third person.

  • Abby Entertainment

    Freshman year homecoming went in the corner with the nerds and played cards. Definition of cool.

  • BroGaming 113
    BroGaming 113 Oy oldin

    2:19 she's hot 😍😍😍😍😍😍

  • violetplaysroblox

    Im werd

  • :3
    :3 Oy oldin

    2:56 that is really what my stomach is doing now

  • Niema Maes
    Niema Maes Oy oldin

    You know what stranger thing is?!😱

  • Harrison Marschall

    dj marshmello

  • K. S
    K. S Oy oldin

    Im weird...

  • troll face
    troll face Oy oldin

    Welp, this made my day. @2am

  • carl sonofjohn
    carl sonofjohn Oy oldin


  • Kala Denson
    Kala Denson Oy oldin

    My sister,s phone

  • Kala Denson
    Kala Denson Oy oldin

    I hey School

  • Kala Denson
    Kala Denson Oy oldin

    I love are videos

  • Ratt Poizon
    Ratt Poizon Oy oldin

    There’s always hot dogs in your videos and also I’m a dj

  • Scarlett_Wings :3
    Scarlett_Wings :3 Oy oldin +1

    Isn’t Dofus made by the same people as Wakfu?

  • JMasta Flex
    JMasta Flex Oy oldin

    Performing arts highschool run by hippies. Explains your cat&gun video. Love your channel, except the cat/gun video. Other than that funny stuff.

  • 후세인
    후세인 Oy oldin

    Anyone else identify with his dad?

  • Nathan Malouin
    Nathan Malouin Oy oldin

    Im emo

  • Kinetic Comedian
    Kinetic Comedian Oy oldin

    I have an 80s themed dance in a few weeks so uh oh

    SONICLOGAN06 Oy oldin

    1:16 more like dj yonder

  • Jason Hawks
    Jason Hawks Oy oldin

    your cool and funny

  • Guy Mystil
    Guy Mystil Oy oldin

    It's wakfu!!!!!!!!!

  • Zak-Attack
    Zak-Attack Oy oldin

    Crucify gays

  • Jennifer Davis
    Jennifer Davis Oy oldin

    Actually everyone is weird because everyone is unique

  • Penguin Genius
    Penguin Genius Oy oldin


  • Betsy Andrews
    Betsy Andrews Oy oldin

    Beakfeast *sluuuuuuuurp*