Binging with Babish: Room Service from Mad Men

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  • Joylandi 26-Sen, 2017
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    Mad Men continued AMC's hot streak of well-acted, well-written, morally irreverent dramas with its sordid look at the lives of Madison Avenue's top advertisers. In an early episode, Roger Sterling attempts to woo America's favorite mistress with a light room service lunch: Oysters Rockefeller, Beef Wellington, and Napoleons. This week, blatantly disregard your cholesterol levels and fire up a Lucky Strike as we indulge in some hotel-room-hedonism with our silver fox boss.
    Music: "A Beautiful Life" by Broke for Free
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  • HordiqHordiq

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  • The Pixel Panda Vlogs

    I've had some bad experiences with pink meat, what temperature for well done?

  • MuscleX101
    MuscleX101 Kun oldin

    Bro whoevers heart needed beef wellington cummed at the dessert making part

  • MuscleX101
    MuscleX101 Kun oldin

    I hate this video

  • Jack Frost
    Jack Frost Kun oldin

    Yo mate you should try to go on hells kitchen

  • Gaijin
    Gaijin Kun oldin

    Babish: **Cuts and Shows the inside of the beef wellington**
    Gordon Ramsay: *ITS RAWWW*

  • adri casinills
    adri casinills 2 kun oldin

    "Medium Rare" is another word for raw.

  • mighty migs
    mighty migs 2 kun oldin

    That beef Wellington looked like cartoon food so perfect lol

  • Scorn of the moon
    Scorn of the moon 3 kun oldin

    I wanted that till those mushrooms showed up.

  • Yaboi117
    Yaboi117 3 kun oldin


  • Ultra_axe781
    Ultra_axe781 4 kun oldin

    Trech you say?
    *>Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany would like to know your location*

  • Ahmad Nieves
    Ahmad Nieves 4 kun oldin

    I love Beef Wellington but I like meat to be at least medium well. I know, Im an uncultured swine.

    • ground Bisqe
      ground Bisqe Kun oldin

      “what if they want it medium rare?” “We politely yet firmly ask them to leave”

  • Aliens Exist
    Aliens Exist 4 kun oldin +1

    If only babish was my homemec teacher

  • Max K
    Max K 4 kun oldin +1

    wtf is kosher salt?

    • Liam T.W
      Liam T.W 2 kun oldin

      It's just a really course type of salt used in cooking. It's called kosher just because it's used to kosher meats.

  • if this fag
    if this fag 4 kun oldin +2

    Black ops 2 soundtrack

  • A Person
    A Person 5 kun oldin

    I made beef Wellington using Gordon Ramsay’s recipe and it was sooooooooo good

  • j4d3 goat
    j4d3 goat 5 kun oldin

    Yuck - **underdone** meat!
    This fashion for meat that is still almost mooing seems to have started about 40 years ago and shows no sign of going away. Doesn't **anyone** like meat that **isn't** pink? Meat that isn't "rare"?

    • Liam T.W
      Liam T.W 2 kun oldin

      It is not underdone. It is safe to eat as all bacteria have been killed, and often is juicier and tastes better.

  • -ThunderFerd51 -
    -ThunderFerd51 - 5 kun oldin

    Does anyone else feel like babish uses more alcohol when cooking than he needs to

    • Lucien Hicks
      Lucien Hicks 3 kun oldin +1

      Fuck would you know? You got a goddamn Shapiro pic, you're a poor judge of everything

  • Obsessed Gamer
    Obsessed Gamer 6 kun oldin

    3.14159265359 is so delicious

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs 6 kun oldin

    Pink inside disgusting

    • Liam T.W
      Liam T.W 2 kun oldin

      I'm sorry, keep chewing your dusty leather boot

      also what in the fuck is your profile photo

    • Silver Lining
      Silver Lining 4 kun oldin +2

      You're missing out.

    LUCIEN PERRY 6 kun oldin

    I wonder if Gordon Ramsay would be impressed

  • Jack Vegetables
    Jack Vegetables 7 kun oldin

    My friend mark wanted to know why it has to rest

    • Liam T.W
      Liam T.W 2 kun oldin

      If you cut into it too soon the juices will all flow out and the meat will get dry

  • Jihad Toom
    Jihad Toom 7 kun oldin +13

    Beef wellington cross section is the best one of all time... especially with that steam rising up so smoothly

  • Marco Cruz
    Marco Cruz 7 kun oldin

    Gordon Ramsay has entered the chat

  • Akira.MadeThat
    Akira.MadeThat 7 kun oldin

    The intro clip seems to be highly under appreciated this time.

  • Ethan Steel
    Ethan Steel 7 kun oldin +1

    Hey Babish I’m kinda new but I’m all the videos I’ve seen you always use kosher salt. Just wondering why.

    • Liam T.W
      Liam T.W 2 kun oldin

      Watch his pantry essentials video.

  • DBGaming
    DBGaming 7 kun oldin

    4:36 damn

    TEMPLAR GAMING 8 kun oldin

    This is Gordorns Recipe hahaha Just kiddinh

  • Ok Yeah
    Ok Yeah 8 kun oldin

    After you place the Wellington, you’re supposed to egg wash all of the exposed puff pastry before wrapping it all up.

  • Vijdaan Siddiqui
    Vijdaan Siddiqui 9 kun oldin +2

    0:08 That is the perfect line, it can and will take over Europe .

  • B-Brother
    B-Brother 9 kun oldin

    U can be the next gordon ramsay😁😄😆

  • Akira Kurosawa
    Akira Kurosawa 9 kun oldin

    Gordon Ramsay is shaking 4:35

  • Gabriel Noon
    Gabriel Noon 9 kun oldin


  • amanrob
    amanrob 10 kun oldin

    Dumb question, but what cut of beef is that?

  • Jackson Samuel
    Jackson Samuel 10 kun oldin

    go on hells kitchen

  • CodyGacha
    CodyGacha 10 kun oldin

    I hate mushrooms

  • جواد الحازمي

    idon't think this is the way to use this stick

  • Siegfried Pretsch
    Siegfried Pretsch 11 kun oldin

    Duxelle needs onion.

  • Gary Anderson
    Gary Anderson 11 kun oldin

    queef smellington

  • rcmgamer218
    rcmgamer218 12 kun oldin

    Thanks for the tutorial on Puff Pastry. I tried making it by hand once, and everything went wrong.

  • adrianna b.
    adrianna b. 12 kun oldin

    He sounds like Bob from Bob's Burgers

  • Johnny Kratsas
    Johnny Kratsas 12 kun oldin

    sounds amazing. why cant you find this stuff any more

  • Alva Reza
    Alva Reza 13 kun oldin

    Who else watch this becaise the thumbnail reminds you of every gordon ramsay ending ?

  • BashrSmashr ,
    BashrSmashr , 13 kun oldin

    He should go on masterchef

  • Renee Carpenter
    Renee Carpenter 13 kun oldin +10

    “Babish?!” “Yes Chef” *dramatic music...* “that Wellington is cooked perfectly. Service please”

  • Armando Mendez
    Armando Mendez 14 kun oldin

    I thought Gordon Ramsay

  • Why It
    Why It 15 kun oldin

    Never had beef Wellington but god damn I love watching people make it lol. Someone send help pls

  • Mark Mann
    Mark Mann 16 kun oldin

    Your supposed to brush the mustard as soon as it comes off the pan

  • Vukicar 2
    Vukicar 2 16 kun oldin

    Is this origami or cooking?

  • Jack Kelley
    Jack Kelley 16 kun oldin

    'Add Kosher Salt'- Babish

    MAD SNAX 16 kun oldin +1

    God your voice is calming making me focus on this totorial and yes im making a welington

  • gama tastica
    gama tastica 17 kun oldin

    0:20 was the most anime way to pop out a rolling pin

  • Priyajit Roy
    Priyajit Roy 18 kun oldin

    *kosher salt*

  • sauc3y 1o1
    sauc3y 1o1 18 kun oldin

    Gordon's Ramsay - left the chat.....

  • Zenvy Cuber
    Zenvy Cuber 18 kun oldin

    At the end when you was eating the dessert, the main meal was resting behind you.

  • Tristin Kurtz
    Tristin Kurtz 18 kun oldin

    i feel like the clean plate club has lost some of its prestige

  • Jaciel Hernandez
    Jaciel Hernandez 18 kun oldin


  • Krash The MadmanTR
    Krash The MadmanTR 19 kun oldin

    K O S H E R S A L T

  • Æsir Cytus
    Æsir Cytus 19 kun oldin

    Im disturbed on how you held the fork

  • Ebad Athar
    Ebad Athar 19 kun oldin

    That wellington ... ITS RAAAAAW!!!
    But seriously it seemed a little too pink for me.

  • Der Herr von und zu
    Der Herr von und zu 20 kun oldin

    Dude i am working as a baker in a bakery and youre doing everything correctly. First time i see that baking skill on YT .

    • Der Herr von und zu
      Der Herr von und zu 18 kun oldin

      +Jack 987 Oh I didnt know that :D

    • Jack 987
      Jack 987 18 kun oldin +1

      Der Herr von und zu he’s a chef, not some guy in a kitchen. What do you expect

  • littlebitwonky
    littlebitwonky 20 kun oldin

    Too much duck sauce

  • rev up those fryers
    rev up those fryers 20 kun oldin

    15 and ive never had beef wellington and alot of other things, poverty lifestyle

  • ajstorm3
    ajstorm3 20 kun oldin

    Is there something else that can use other then mushroom?

  • Jesse "SuperWaffle57"
    Jesse "SuperWaffle57" 20 kun oldin

    "just in case this thing was getting too healthy"

  • jdogzero silverblade
    jdogzero silverblade 21 kun oldin +2

    first im hungry
    second i want ranmsy to eat this.

  • Khabib Musashaykhov
    Khabib Musashaykhov 22 kun oldin

    *Gordon Ramsay has joined the chat*

  • Your Lord Kermit
    Your Lord Kermit 22 kun oldin +24

    *Gorden Ramsey wants to know your location*

  • DaRkSn1p3r 797
    DaRkSn1p3r 797 22 kun oldin

    *Gordon Ramsay left the chat*

  • friend of hal 9000
    friend of hal 9000 22 kun oldin

    oh, mama mia!!

  • Elemega7496
    Elemega7496 22 kun oldin

    I bet Gordon Ramsay would be proud of you.

  • MrAlexanderLang
    MrAlexanderLang 22 kun oldin +1

    it is 720 layers of butter , tis basically factorial of 6.

  • Wanderlust &lattes
    Wanderlust &lattes 23 kun oldin

    *Betty crocker wants to know your location*

  • Raph _R6
    Raph _R6 23 kun oldin +3

    Why did I watch bob ross, then this, then gordon Ramsay making the same thing. Anyways love it

  • Nexus YT
    Nexus YT 23 kun oldin


  • TheLabMiner
    TheLabMiner 23 kun oldin

    Can you make the pastries from Brave

  • Serdominater 03
    Serdominater 03 23 kun oldin

    God I’d be so fat if I could cook like this guy,

  • Bilbo Swaggins
    Bilbo Swaggins 23 kun oldin +3

    A bit rare for my tastes, but delicious nonetheless. :)

  • OGML
    OGML 23 kun oldin

    Should've gotten it reviewed by Gordon Ramsay

  • nigga
    nigga 23 kun oldin

    Salt>kosher salt

  • The Keto Life
    The Keto Life 24 kun oldin +1

    I can't eat this stuff anymore but you guys made it look fab...👍

    • Odd Thomas
      Odd Thomas 18 kun oldin

      Why? If you dont mind me asking im sort of nosey

  • StablerLeech33
    StablerLeech33 24 kun oldin +1


  • GrandShows
    GrandShows 25 kun oldin

    Its fukin raw !

  • Gar Teh Fish
    Gar Teh Fish 25 kun oldin

    I like the bread is there a way to make it without the beef?

  • dmerritt4ever
    dmerritt4ever 25 kun oldin +1

    quite often i can't even be bothered to use the microwave

  • Phat Do
    Phat Do 26 kun oldin

    you make me love food man

  • Childishwolfgang
    Childishwolfgang 27 kun oldin +1

    I was hoping you’d flip the Wellington over and flick/scrape it and say “no soggy bottom” like Mary Berry.

  • Kick Her Derek
    Kick Her Derek 27 kun oldin +9

    I would like to see you on masterchef

  • Vic Art
    Vic Art 27 kun oldin +5

    Idk about Christina Hendricks's heart, but I made it this christmas and my wife was fully swooned.

  • Daddy
    Daddy 27 kun oldin +2

    Bruh I wanna go to one of your dinner parties

  • Unnamed
    Unnamed 28 kun oldin

    Mine turned out soggy :-(

  • Mark Anthony Guerrero
    Mark Anthony Guerrero 28 kun oldin

    Babish vs gordon ramsay

  • 飛騨zip
    飛騨zip 28 kun oldin +1

    1.1K Ramsays disliked this video.

  • NineTailsGaming
    NineTailsGaming 28 kun oldin +5

    *Beef Wellington is just a big pretzel wrapped around a hotdog*
    Change my mind

  • Jasen Mason
    Jasen Mason 29 kun oldin +1

    We’re going to have to get Gordon Ramsey to
    Try his favorite meal

  • Pugasaurus
    Pugasaurus 29 kun oldin +1

    I really want to try this recipe, but, I'm allergic to mushrooms. What can be used as a replacement?

    • YagurlJasa
      YagurlJasa 29 kun oldin

      Pugasaurus I looked online: It depends on the recipe, type of mushrooms and what purpose the mushrooms serve; but at different times I've replaced them with eggplant, sliced olives, cauliflower, zucchini, miso, and steamed, marinated tofu. Other times I've just left them out and didn't substitute anything

  • Schmityy722
    Schmityy722 29 kun oldin +1

    I thought i heard you were building a church godbless you

  • Martane
    Martane Oy oldin

    Just saying, I don’t think anyone would follow youre tutorial, it’s just really fun to watch.

  • So Hing Lun
    So Hing Lun Oy oldin

    When you’re sick and only have macaroni for lunch

  • Notis Garcia
    Notis Garcia Oy oldin


  • BlankTom
    BlankTom Oy oldin

    too bad mushrooms are gross