Binging with Babish: Room Service from Mad Men

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  • Mimi And Aziz
    Mimi And Aziz 21 soat oldin

    Honestly babish is better Gordon Ramsey , I mean he is the Bob Ross of Cooking
    No yelling just cooking 👌

  • CringeChanell
    CringeChanell Kun oldin +1

    Why hasn’t Gordon Ramsey seen this yet?

  • pineapple
    pineapple 2 kun oldin

    Instead of sodium chloride, you should use sodium in it’s place for a whole episode that revolves around pasta

  • Vannah Tierra
    Vannah Tierra 3 kun oldin

    Hell’s Kitchen needs to take notes

  • Sujal Lamichhane
    Sujal Lamichhane 3 kun oldin


  • Issac Arellano
    Issac Arellano 3 kun oldin

    Yeah that looks fucking disgusting

  • NYCWallCrawler
    NYCWallCrawler 4 kun oldin

    To anyone saying he “Copied Gordon Ramsay” Beef Wellington is _not_ Gordon’s recipe.

  • Darcy Harcourt
    Darcy Harcourt 4 kun oldin

    1:57 "... 5 inch wide"
    Do you know what an inch is? Closer to 10 inches.

  • Mr.sirsquiggles
    Mr.sirsquiggles 4 kun oldin

    I wish my dad could make this

  • Lunch
    Lunch 4 kun oldin

    Nino would be very proud

  • Polar
    Polar 4 kun oldin +1

    No joke Gordon Ramsay copied you on making this. Go to his channel and go back a few videos

    • NYCWallCrawler
      NYCWallCrawler 4 kun oldin +2

      Polar I can’t tell if you’re joking or not

  • colorbar.s
    colorbar.s 5 kun oldin

    The custard thing is similar to a tompouce (look it up)

  • R
    R 5 kun oldin

    I love ya Babish, but it seems you lifted Ramsay’s recipe without giving him due credit.

  • kelzuya
    kelzuya 5 kun oldin

    This looks great Babby!

  • PhallicNipples
    PhallicNipples 6 kun oldin

    damascus dough

  • Gabriel Guerrero
    Gabriel Guerrero 6 kun oldin

    That meat is raw

  • Jay._.S
    Jay._.S 7 kun oldin

    In England u can find the Napoleons in like most food stores

  • Mason Connor
    Mason Connor 7 kun oldin

    Wellington's the name of my country's capital

  • Brendan Jones
    Brendan Jones 7 kun oldin

    Oh yeah I can make a grilled cheese that's about it...

  • GG
    GG 8 kun oldin

    Wellington kiu el campeon

  • Negro Neutron
    Negro Neutron 8 kun oldin


  • Jhan Gaming
    Jhan Gaming 8 kun oldin

    1:13 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • joe black
    joe black 8 kun oldin

    It's rawwww

  • Giovanni Elmer
    Giovanni Elmer 8 kun oldin

    the puff pastry was tooooooo loose

  • Lawson Porter
    Lawson Porter 9 kun oldin

    Puff pastry is the baking version of Damascus steel

  • Mos Def
    Mos Def 9 kun oldin +1

    *R A W*

  • Alonne
    Alonne 9 kun oldin

    The look of the wellingtons from Hell's Kitchen make me sick. It's gave me a negative impression of wellingtons in general because they just look and seem disgusting.

  • L Flow
    L Flow 10 kun oldin

    Dude the napoleon looks like a Dutch tompoes. Its a thin lair of puff pastry with fluffy vinalla custard/mousse topped with another think lair of puff pastry and glaze

  • Raul Orozco
    Raul Orozco 10 kun oldin

    Can you do a recipe from Steven universe like together breakfast

  • Eyeswolocume Inthemouth

    The fucking steam

  • Lynellf
    Lynellf 11 kun oldin

    Gonna pass on the mushroom stuff. Absolutely despise mushrooms. Haha.

  • Colbyen Dinehart
    Colbyen Dinehart 11 kun oldin

    This episode came out on my 16th birthday!

  • nrrork
    nrrork 11 kun oldin

    If I ever make this, and I'd like to some day, I'm just gonna BUY the stupid puff pastry. NOT worth it. Besides, is this way REALLY totally from scratch?
    Unless you grew the wheat, milled the flour, raised the cattle, slaughtered it, etc, you took a few shortcuts too, so, HA! ^_^

  • Brit Watson
    Brit Watson 11 kun oldin

    Better than Ramsey

  • Cody ??????
    Cody ?????? 12 kun oldin

    Gordan Ramsay would be pleased

  • Christian Riveros
    Christian Riveros 13 kun oldin

    How many people thought this was a gourdon Ramsay video?

  • jason li
    jason li 13 kun oldin

    this is legit the same exact thing Gordon Ramsey did along time ago

  • David W
    David W 13 kun oldin

    Being single, if I made one of these I'd be eating it for a week.
    I think I will, if for no other reason (aparting for eating it), I made a Beef Wellington.
    Dude..... when you cut that open. ....its all worth it.

  • kevin Arteaga
    kevin Arteaga 15 kun oldin +1

    Gordon ramsay will be proud about this

  • robbonserio
    robbonserio 15 kun oldin

    Hey mate just curious as to know what model/brand portable cooktop you use as I am looking to purchase one.
    Ps love your videos mate from Australia

  • Kai Yi Pan
    Kai Yi Pan 16 kun oldin

    he is basically copying Gordon Ramsay’s signature dish , beef wellington

  • Jeremie Legender
    Jeremie Legender 16 kun oldin

    Is that a millefeuille?

  • Lukas Reimer
    Lukas Reimer 16 kun oldin

    What is it always with kosher salt?

  • kaden Cody
    kaden Cody 16 kun oldin


  • lqr824
    lqr824 16 kun oldin

    The beef looks fine but the pastry isn't flaky in the least. The first stage of the Napoleons makes clear the problem's not the pastry itself. I get flaky Wellingtons somehow. I don't know if it's THE secret but I take time preparing the beef/shroom/ham and getting the eggs ready to brush. I then actually rehearse final assembly once then actually do it. Pastry out of fridge, wrap, seal, invert onto rack, score, brush, into preheated oven. I don't make the pastry drum-tight either, which may help.

  • Matter
    Matter 16 kun oldin

    Hey I've noticed that your highs are very painful I suggest lowering them a bit in some software or get some kind of limiter

  • Toe Inspector
    Toe Inspector 17 kun oldin +9

    Yo I don't even cook but these videos are so entertaining I watch them like every day

  • David Ortiz
    David Ortiz 17 kun oldin

    This recipe tastes better than Gordon Ramseys

  • Yesenia Davila
    Yesenia Davila 17 kun oldin

    Plz Plz Plz make the meat pie from Sweeney Todd.😃😃

  • Digital Meltdown
    Digital Meltdown 17 kun oldin

    Gordon Ramsay would be proud