10 Things Kyle Kuzma Can’t Live Without | GQ

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    BLAZE PLAYS 19 soat oldin

    Anyone watching this with AirPods

  • Pierre Paul
    Pierre Paul 20 soat oldin

    Do not trade Kyle kuzma!!!! Look at russel, look at randle smh straight beast mode right now, Luke Walton is not a great developing coach...he cannot develop young players

  • NBA Live gaming
    NBA Live gaming Kun oldin +1

    He should’ve said can I see your browser history when he showed the macbook😂😂🤣🤣

  • Naday Naqvi
    Naday Naqvi Kun oldin

    do one with Lonzo Ball


    Where was Bradley Beal


    I still thibk Curry was better. And i hate Curry.

  • S.A.O
    S.A.O Kun oldin

    Hes a alchoholic

  • I P.
    I P. Kun oldin

    Put some real rich people, those whose one watch cost more than these kids life income

  • I P.
    I P. Kun oldin

    Who? Why yall putting irrelevant people on or they PR teams paying you?

  • DP Productions
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  • Deivis
    Deivis Kun oldin

    So basically Kuzma is a drunkard, he can't live without wine :D

  • – lola
    – lola Kun oldin

    kuuuuuuuuuuuuuz 🤤♥️

  • Khalid Assi
    Khalid Assi 2 kun oldin

    old soul

  • Markeas White
    Markeas White 2 kun oldin

    That was only 9 things but okay

  • RiceIsAzn
    RiceIsAzn 2 kun oldin

    yo where is his nike fleece jump suit???

  • Jho Castaneda
    Jho Castaneda 2 kun oldin


  • 林哲賢
    林哲賢 2 kun oldin

    where can buy that hoodie? pls~

  • Brant Gamiao
    Brant Gamiao 3 kun oldin

    This is simply a free endorsement to amazon

  • Perksofbeingash _
    Perksofbeingash _ 3 kun oldin


  • Only Ryno
    Only Ryno 3 kun oldin

    He said EarPods but they were AirPods

  • Edwin Garcia
    Edwin Garcia 3 kun oldin

    Anyone know what MacBook that is ?

  • Hall of Family
    Hall of Family 3 kun oldin

    The lakers nothing without Kuzz!!!!

  • Bronx Legend
    Bronx Legend 3 kun oldin

    His favorite wine MD 20/20

  • Gustave Bacareza
    Gustave Bacareza 3 kun oldin

    New music kinda suc... Sounds the same 😂😂😂

  • Callum Wilson
    Callum Wilson 4 kun oldin

    This video should be retitled to: "Here's a list of products that companies paid me to show you"

  • Galaren
    Galaren 4 kun oldin

    So Kyle is sponsored by the Thrift god. I doubt Cantu had anything to do with this guys style (self proclaimed best dressed in L.A

  • dave lae
    dave lae 4 kun oldin

    Wine? Guess Lebrons Alcholism is really spreading throughout his team SMH

  • Yugiru Dela Cruz
    Yugiru Dela Cruz 4 kun oldin

    Kuz > Simmons

  • daniel
    daniel 4 kun oldin +1

    is this dude sponsored by amazon?

  • Nicolas Aguilar
    Nicolas Aguilar 4 kun oldin

    Actually quite a cool dude

  • Tianna Hill
    Tianna Hill 4 kun oldin

    They way he said Hulu 😂

  • Danila dANILA
    Danila dANILA 4 kun oldin

    мажор ебаный

  • iamkolleb
    iamkolleb 4 kun oldin

    Can you do one with Wiz Khalifa?

  • goo gi
    goo gi 4 kun oldin

    The thought of being posterized by boogie

  • Justin Robinson
    Justin Robinson 5 kun oldin

    Klye kuzma is a good player🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

    WMSC COOL 5 kun oldin

    Airpods and waves👀👀👀

  • Kelis Hines
    Kelis Hines 5 kun oldin


  • I will not say jying is lying

    This seems more like a sponser

  • Ray Figueroa
    Ray Figueroa 5 kun oldin

    11 without lebron james

  • xxxTSM darklord
    xxxTSM darklord 5 kun oldin +1

    "natural coconut" obviously doesnt know wat he is saying

  • Murderous Ann
    Murderous Ann 5 kun oldin

    Cantu is one of the best product on the market for For people with textured hair. Love it. Glad he’s not afraid to admit unlike some dudes.🤷‍♀️

  • Nicole Paurillo
    Nicole Paurillo 5 kun oldin

    kyle can i have that hoodie of yours

  • Bjack
    Bjack 5 kun oldin

    “Lebrons gonna trade you”

    JASMINE HO-SANG 5 kun oldin

    can please do mario hezonja

  • Jayden De La Cruz
    Jayden De La Cruz 5 kun oldin

    Netflix and Hudu

  • Jason Boeker
    Jason Boeker 5 kun oldin +1

    2:38 wait Kyle Kuzma is 6ix9ine

  • Snicky G
    Snicky G 5 kun oldin +1

    Kuzma, do you know any homeless people? I hope so because you would realize quickly you could live quite easily without the ten things you cannot live without, DON't be so greedy!

  • Aissata Jatta
    Aissata Jatta 5 kun oldin +1

    Ayeee representing Milwaukee 414 GANG PERIOD.

  • Dak Lison
    Dak Lison 5 kun oldin


  • Colin Terhune
    Colin Terhune 5 kun oldin


  • Very Jason
    Very Jason 6 kun oldin

    Get gronk on the show

  • Vineet Avhad
    Vineet Avhad 6 kun oldin

    Those hoodies look fire! anyone got links on those? Couldnt find much online

    FINEDIAMOND 6 kun oldin

    He is gorgeous!!! Really beautiful! And he seems very nice and cool.

  • isaiah wise
    isaiah wise 6 kun oldin

    Respectful music choice, Tupac and Biggie are the greatest

  • Kiz Supreme
    Kiz Supreme 6 kun oldin +1

    Don't Press Read More

    You're 2019 year will be great don't like to keep. 👍

  • Macgucci
    Macgucci 6 kun oldin

    Ya need Cologne so you won’t be smelling like ballz my g

  • Enoch
    Enoch 6 kun oldin

    gucci mane

  • Draco Ali
    Draco Ali 6 kun oldin

    Lebron put him onto wine 🤣🤣🤣

  • Draco Ali
    Draco Ali 6 kun oldin +23

    So Kuz gonna act like his Firestick isn’t jailbroken 🤣🤣🤣

  • TFLxiDripSauce YT
    TFLxiDripSauce YT 6 kun oldin

    Nextflix and Hudu 00:58

  • Psycho_Arnuvio .
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  • King Jake
    King Jake 6 kun oldin +1

    I’ll take some of the shoes in the bins

  • ves sel
    ves sel 6 kun oldin

    I love you babe

  • RT Gacha
    RT Gacha 6 kun oldin +1


    *i knew it*

  • Daryl The Borracho
    Daryl The Borracho 6 kun oldin

    I always had Kuzma on my team in 2k

  • Drippy_EJ 23
    Drippy_EJ 23 6 kun oldin

    I have the same hair cream as kuz

  • JellyFam James
    JellyFam James 6 kun oldin

    Shout out Jersey🔥🔥🔥

  • Wes Davis
    Wes Davis 6 kun oldin


  • Irish Uber4
    Irish Uber4 6 kun oldin

    I don’t think Milwaukee’s on the east coast

  • dsc0661
    dsc0661 6 kun oldin

    Best player on the Lakers not named LeBron James

  • Surviving Millennial
    Surviving Millennial 6 kun oldin +1

    Get Kelly Oubre Jr. on here

  • Seenloss7
    Seenloss7 6 kun oldin

    I swear to god in every single one of these videos the guest will bring some sort of a hair product🤣😂

  • ValueFryyy
    ValueFryyy 6 kun oldin +1

    does anybody know where to get that restricted area hoodie he has

  • Philly. Kid
    Philly. Kid 6 kun oldin

    It’s funny how people come on shot like this just to hate and talk about trades but he’s younger than most of you by 10 years or more and he’s a millionaire, in the NBA, and clearly has a good head on his shoulders smh... Respect bro 💯

  • Stefan Sweeing
    Stefan Sweeing 6 kun oldin

    Kuzma a cool dude

  • Justin
    Justin 6 kun oldin

    Love the humbleness

  • Bapzuga
    Bapzuga 6 kun oldin

    ayy repping Princeton NJ 3:45

  • KillBell 313
    KillBell 313 6 kun oldin


  • hewad shaheed
    hewad shaheed 6 kun oldin

    Why does this seem like a commercial

  • hewad shaheed
    hewad shaheed 6 kun oldin

    Why does this seem like a video with sponsored products

  • Ean Dogonski
    Ean Dogonski 6 kun oldin

    Im surprised LeBron isn't one of them

  • Dylan Both
    Dylan Both 7 kun oldin

    U already know cantu be wit it

  • Matthew Morgan
    Matthew Morgan 7 kun oldin

    Dumbass said Milwaukee was on the east coast. Yikes

  • Daniel Bonilla
    Daniel Bonilla 7 kun oldin

    He really out here wave checking...

  • MaximillianBot Number 420

    He cant live without LeGM.

  • Glacier Storm
    Glacier Storm 7 kun oldin +1


    • Nayeem Latif
      Nayeem Latif 7 kun oldin +1

      He is big...let’s see you drop 23 in a quarter playing for the lakers

  • BRBallin1
    BRBallin1 7 kun oldin

    Everyone forgets the fact that LeBron once endorsed Samsung Galaxy phones and now he gifted his teammates iPhones lmao. Bron knows which phones are the real deal though!

  • Jordi Vilchez Cobo
    Jordi Vilchez Cobo 7 kun oldin +2

    2:36 When they ask you what are all these tattoos on your face

  • adrian magana
    adrian magana 7 kun oldin

    Kuzma is my spirit animal

  • Imthepickle100
    Imthepickle100 7 kun oldin

    Where do you get that hoodie?

  • Natasha
    Natasha 7 kun oldin

    AirPods ha

  • Patrick Nguyen
    Patrick Nguyen 7 kun oldin

    Your wine game is for rookies haha

  • Jacoby Boards
    Jacoby Boards 7 kun oldin

    OZARKS is hard ASF can't wait till season 3

  • SnazTastic Kobe
    SnazTastic Kobe 7 kun oldin +1


  • ThatChickKim
    ThatChickKim 7 kun oldin

    So, young jeezy is old school now? 🤔

  • FBI
    FBI 7 kun oldin +40

    Not one girl has been featured yet, GQ knows wassup, cuz that would be an hour long video. Their purses are like bottomless pits.

  • Cametocreate
    Cametocreate 7 kun oldin

    1 thing the Lakers cant live without: Kuzma

  • Spontanium
    Spontanium 7 kun oldin

    Well he cant live without life thats for sure

  • Conner's Life
    Conner's Life 7 kun oldin +1

    2:45 he said Milwaukee is on the east coast

  • Ricfilalma
    Ricfilalma 7 kun oldin

    Do Doncic next plz