Dominick Cruz details his expectations for Khabib vs. McGregor | Ariel Helwani at UFC 229

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  • kwunchi
    kwunchi 6 kun oldin

    Dominick failed to predict conor was trying to gas khabib out by eating punches

  • K A
    K A 22 kun oldin +1

    *he was the worst bias and mctapper Conor asslicker*

    • kwunchi
      kwunchi 6 kun oldin

      Yes, I felt ridiculous when he said conor wants to gas khabib out by eating punches

  • Terry Wilson
    Terry Wilson 23 kun oldin

    The 125 division guys are just too small to hurt each other...there's hardly ever any kos and just a bunch of decision wins I wouldn't want to spend my money watching them either...the problem with flyweights is there is not enough violence to make people want to watch

  • demz nice
    demz nice 26 kun oldin +1

    watching Dominick sweat and squirm during the post fight commentary makes me wonder how much money he bet and lost on McGregor😂
    I love Dom tho, he worked hard on creating his own style, and he's a true champion!

  • Shauny R
    Shauny R Oy oldin +1

    Remember Cruz fucking stupid commentary when Mcgobsmacked was getting ground and pound this fucking snapperhead said that he believes thats his game plan to wear out Khabib that the strikes weren’t that significant just tire Khabib out WTF! So that concludes our take on history thanks for watching fullas enjoy the rest of this cockbreath’s professional fight analysis

  • I Uddin
    I Uddin Oy oldin +5

    Worse commentator I heard during Khabib connor fight...

  • Foodways Distribution

    And he was shit commentator during that game. While khabib was smashing the face of connor he said that Connor let him beat the crap out of him to get him tired.!!!!!!!!

  • SMOK3LOC 73
    SMOK3LOC 73 Oy oldin +6

    " I think Conor is trying to make Khabib tired " - Cruz
    " i just think Conor is getting Smaaashed " - Rogan

  • 1OssoBuco
    1OssoBuco Oy oldin +1

    Dominik was a fuckin idiot calling this fight .....had no idea what was happening.

  • Carlos Landeros
    Carlos Landeros Oy oldin

    Rumor has it that Khabib beat Cain and Cormier at AKA

  • Liquid crack
    Liquid crack Oy oldin

    Nice prediction buddy xd

  • Shauny R
    Shauny R Oy oldin +1

    Everything Dom has said in terms of the break down of Khabib and Connor and lets be honest you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know what Khabib is gonna do Khabib even told everyone what he will do but to suggest that Connor has just enough takedown defense to counter Khabib is just so ludicrous and in all honesty such a biased bloody break down of the two which tells me he’s a Connor fanboy and we know this cos of the win to Khabib


    Fuk thjs guys dominitos bulshitos

  • J Pweek
    J Pweek Oy oldin

    2 idiots. Helwani is one ugly mofo

  • Goon coon
    Goon coon Oy oldin +3

    Deadly Left hook 😂😂😂😂😂

  • flicker0546
    flicker0546 Oy oldin

    No, you got this one wrong champ. It's exactly the opposite with Khabib, if he takes you down you won't get up, no one has, Conpr hasn't. The man who will stop Khabib will be the man who stops his take-downs.

  • Zakaii Zaki
    Zakaii Zaki Oy oldin +4

    Never bring this idiot to on commentary again, he said Conor trying to gas Khabib put by getting mauled and punched in the face . Complete nonsense .

  • Matt Sherv
    Matt Sherv Oy oldin

    Looking at Dom here you'd never think he is a world class fighter, boy how looks are deceptive

  • Kc Davies
    Kc Davies Oy oldin

    Called it word for word

  • Ask The Pro DJ
    Ask The Pro DJ Oy oldin

    dom seems to mean if you were a girlfriend.

  • KM D
    KM D Oy oldin +2

    where was the left hands u bums ha...Khabib dropped ur chicken bt u were expecting from ur chicken so give props to the 27-0 u Irish bums.

  • Zubair Khaliq
    Zubair Khaliq Oy oldin

    Coner thinks he can do whatever the fook he wants, today he got put in his place

  • Memorable Moments

    Mcgregor tapping out against khabib on my channel

  • Fauzan Ahmad
    Fauzan Ahmad Oy oldin

    Where were these weapons...boy got smashed

  • Shahib Alam
    Shahib Alam Oy oldin

    hey where are you ariel your boy 😂😂😂😂😂

  • farkn freakn
    farkn freakn Oy oldin

    No ums and aghs...very well spoken Dom Cruze. Superb publicity skills. .

  • John Surf
    John Surf Oy oldin

    Al liquinta did not preform so Khabib couldent preform he tryed to slavage the event!!

  • sAM sally
    sAM sally Oy oldin

    Connor need to train with dom and Uriah’s there back and forth was some of the most beautiful escapes and changes in mma

  • Sport Kingz
    Sport Kingz Oy oldin

    Mad respect for Dom, sooo knowledgeable

  • Will Arthur
    Will Arthur Oy oldin

    Amazing mind of the fight game

  • Planet Take Over
    Planet Take Over Oy oldin

    you can tell ariel has that thick chest hair

  • Derron Tillery
    Derron Tillery Oy oldin

    Conner is going to have khabib in trouble with his stand up and then submit him. Would that be something?

  • Chris Jericco
    Chris Jericco Oy oldin

    Want to live stream the UFC 229 fight. See the detailed guide here:

  • Chilling10680
    Chilling10680 Oy oldin

    Wasn't Chad able to keep him down? Chad got tired and could no longer get takedowns is why he lost.

  • Andy Ham
    Andy Ham Oy oldin

    Dom needs to get back in there. He is full out media right now hahaha. Def wanna see dillashaw vs Cruz 2. That is the fight to make. And then marlon moraes gets the next shot at the title after those two fight.

  • Deceived Society
    Deceived Society Oy oldin

    Mendes isn't the size of khabib lol

  • angus daquigan
    angus daquigan Oy oldin

    1:50 dom was about to say ozzy man review. Lol

  • Danel Hernandez
    Danel Hernandez Oy oldin

    Dom is officially to smart for me to understand him now fuck..

  • Luis Nunez
    Luis Nunez Oy oldin

    The gayest reporter ever

  • Lisette Elise Paris

    Mr. Dominick Cruz has a doctorate in MMA, excellent explanation/breakdown.

  • Mushtaq Ahmad
    Mushtaq Ahmad Oy oldin

    I have to admit his break down was good

  • pnbdash
    pnbdash Oy oldin

    Man everyone in the comments making fun of Dominic LOL, Jokes Aside this guy is a genius

  • SPYDAWEB 300
    SPYDAWEB 300 Oy oldin

    Nah..I bet it's cause he doesn't want to give u the satisfaction on staying the victim in every situation. It's about just accommodating the location to just dance. Someone please call 911

  • watthehelizawingclip

    2:10 ...thats it mount that tripod up there

  • Tommy Michalski
    Tommy Michalski Oy oldin

    Dominick Cruz is the best to explain this

  • abc xyz
    abc xyz Oy oldin

    Only thing i dont like about Dom is his trash talk is not so sharp

    LETS TALK Oy oldin

    Dom's fight IQ and insight is second to none.

  • Diabolus_Musica
    Diabolus_Musica Oy oldin

    Once Khabib takes him down it's OVER. He'll quit, before he can get back up. He couldn't even stop Diaz LOL.

  • Innis MacK
    Innis MacK Oy oldin

    Excellent analysis from Dominick.

  • Roadtrip Tv
    Roadtrip Tv Oy oldin

    Damn, I see it the exact same way.
    ( reguarding Connor )
    well, he did touch on a point or two I missed .
    The boy is smart ...but thats how he made his career so successful.

  • Kurt
    Kurt Oy oldin

    Wow. He's the most articulate fighter I've ever heard.

  • henry clemente
    henry clemente Oy oldin

    Let cruz fight the mighty 1 again

  • Harry Haygar
    Harry Haygar Oy oldin

    Glad Dom is on commentating this weekend, like to see him,Jon Anik and Jimmy Smith as full time commentators, Joe Rogan has to go..

  • Anthony Vigil
    Anthony Vigil Oy oldin

    Dom looks like a Hispanic version of Nathan crest (Freddy from icarly)

  • Gustavo Garcia
    Gustavo Garcia Oy oldin

    McGregor is so worried about the take downs,Khabib is gunna catch McGregor slippin.

  • vambo13257
    vambo13257 Oy oldin

    Dominick on point as usual!

  • Mohd Arif
    Mohd Arif Oy oldin

    when the cage is closed Conor is dead

  • Broncos Beat
    Broncos Beat Oy oldin

    Dom low key savage

  • Kook Alan
    Kook Alan Oy oldin

    Dom is pretty smart dude!!

  • GhostTech1
    GhostTech1 Oy oldin

    Love that Dominick is calling the fight! 👍

  • PS4 & Stuff
    PS4 & Stuff Oy oldin +1

    Let's not forget McGregor's kicks and kness

  • DC180
    DC180 Oy oldin

    Legend Cruz

  • thebreeze12
    thebreeze12 Oy oldin

    If all 3 could have an equal amount of time to state their opinions, IMO the best trio to call a fight would be Cruz, Mir and Sonnen.

  • SMC
    SMC Oy oldin

    aliens from the bahamas

  • Ted dibiasi
    Ted dibiasi Oy oldin

    if mendes and diaz and duffy and sitenkov can take conor down then Khabib certainly will!
    One take-down is all Khabib needs....just one!

  • N9NE
    N9NE Oy oldin

    Its funny he looks like a little nerd on his way back from school. Would laugh if some hood-rats tried to jump him hahaha

  • locksmith db
    locksmith db Oy oldin

    Dominick really understands the fight game and he is one of the best ever with footwork,takedowns....etc.

  • Jese Savignon
    Jese Savignon Oy oldin

    Cruz is really smart man, I'd like to see him fight Cody again, he embarrassed cruz in that fight

  • Mandar Kadam
    Mandar Kadam Oy oldin

    Dom looks like Nick jonas😂🤣

  • Maniac Jr.
    Maniac Jr. Oy oldin

    LMAO Dom - they created a flyweight division because of me - genius

  • Yaxqin Ben
    Yaxqin Ben Oy oldin

    wow ESPN are u sure?u got promo bro..nice!

  • Alex Howard
    Alex Howard Oy oldin

    Powerful haircut on cruz

  • lilnetty2
    lilnetty2 Oy oldin

    No to playing possum by Khabib...risk losing to attract Conor? Naw.


    Good luck on Saturday... he ain’t fighting

  • Jerich0
    Jerich0 Oy oldin

    It’s either a ground and pound fest OR khabib is getting KOd quick! No in between

  • LitGamer Ufc
    LitGamer Ufc Oy oldin

    Love dom

  • feedyourspeakers
    feedyourspeakers Oy oldin

    Look at this Fox Sports guy... Lawl..

  • CBR600RR
    CBR600RR Oy oldin

    Artem ftw. He didn't have to lift a finger.


    Doms fight IQ is through the charts. The deciding factor in this fight is khabibs striking and transitions into take downs. Hes got to be unpredictable with his set ups for takedowns. It's no secret khabib will look for the take down. So Conor will have to stay at range. Khabib will have to go 5 rounds without getting clipped .

  • aDingo TookMyBaby
    aDingo TookMyBaby Oy oldin +1

    Dominick's analysis of the sport is impeccable

  • RFAB Productions
    RFAB Productions Oy oldin +1

    Top 5 minds of all of MMA is
    1)Dominic Cruz
    2)Dan Hardy
    3)Joe Rogan
    4)Ariel Helawani
    5) Daniel Cormier (biased) but still lol

    • RFAB Productions
      RFAB Productions Oy oldin

      +Rosy Afternoon yeah I agree but I only put him cause he has been around for a long time and has great knowledge but he is a biased commentator and Ariel because he lives and eats MMA lol

    • Rosy Afternoon
      Rosy Afternoon Oy oldin

      Drop Rogan and Ariel. Rogan hypes and his jitz knowledge is great but his overall commentary lacks in depth analysis on several aspects.

  • nathan greer
    nathan greer Oy oldin

    Wish cruz didnt “sound” so whiny and feminine in his voice...

  • Brandon Bryant
    Brandon Bryant Oy oldin +1

    Dominick said i whooped em into a new division lol

  • arebrec
    arebrec Oy oldin

    Double strappin dude?

  • Reds Maroon
    Reds Maroon Oy oldin

    Khabib have tu nullified that right arm front touching conor.. its his method before he use his left punch, unless Khabib usual to take a full power punch from DC, then he will eat Conor punch and eat his space to finish him.

  • Rob Cizzee
    Rob Cizzee Oy oldin

    Shut his mouth @ty

  • lion rasta
    lion rasta Oy oldin

    But we already knw who is rooting for.....his talkin bout how good Conor is...n if khabib can be able to this or tht, so his not being fair at all...for some1 who will be calling the fight

    • Rosy Afternoon
      Rosy Afternoon Oy oldin

      Wrong. He said if Conor can stop Khabib keeping him down. He expects Khabib to get the td but wonders if Conor can get back up again. He also wonders if Khabib can close the distance without getting caught too much. Fair analysis and intelligent analysis.

  • Rex Orah
    Rex Orah Oy oldin

    Dom is so cool

  • Dikkedeur30
    Dikkedeur30 Oy oldin

    Dom with the only sensible mind in mma!!

  • Glenuig
    Glenuig Oy oldin

    love his explanation of the 125/135 divisions, really spot on analysis

  • smokinnplatez
    smokinnplatez Oy oldin

    Dom ran from tj that whole fight yawn

  • Cristian
    Cristian Oy oldin

    Dominick "despacito" Cruz

  • Jan Janszoon
    Jan Janszoon Oy oldin +1

    Schoolboy dominick haha

  • A Knox
    A Knox Oy oldin

    Probably the best fight breakdown I've watched and as good as Faris breaking it down, everyone else was a yawn

  • Panty Thief
    Panty Thief Oy oldin


  • Lincoln Berry
    Lincoln Berry Oy oldin

    Tony cannot dance lol

  • Costar quavo
    Costar quavo Oy oldin

    khabib will win by disqualification by conor mark my words

  • michae1
    michae1 Oy oldin

    The Kebab fans have absolutly no idea of whats coming to them. Dont let Conors fame and behavior, make you forget how good a fighter he is. Hes incredibly experienced as a 30 year old, and have butchered almost all his opponents with his hands against much better fighters than Kebab ever fought. Khabib only fought 2 top10 ranked contesters, rest of his wins are against bums.
    Also Kebabs winstreak is false, he should have lost a fight vs Gleison Tibau but got robbed. Even Joe Rogan said this when it was aired live
    The kebabfans have absolutly no idea whats up

    • animeforeverjoho
      animeforeverjoho Oy oldin

      Looks like Mcgregor is a bum since he lost to Khabib, KHABIB TIME!

  • juicedupfreak
    juicedupfreak Oy oldin

    Dominick Cruz such a great fighter and perhaps an even better fight annalist. Love listening to his interviews.

  • Mia Mae
    Mia Mae Oy oldin

    Sir cruz has spoken. Thanks ariel