$1 Eggs Vs. $89 Eggs • Japan

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  • Davis Hatler
    Davis Hatler 20 soat oldin

    I don’t care what anyone says, I’m not eating raw or undercooked eggs

  • Davis Hatler
    Davis Hatler 20 soat oldin

    I very nearly throw up when they open the omelette, but I love the chef making it and hope he finds even more success

  • Awang Budiman
    Awang Budiman 20 soat oldin

    Half-boiled turtle eggs over rice is better.

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington 22 soat oldin +1

    Once again Gohan isn't the main dish...

  • Darrian Weathington
    Darrian Weathington 22 soat oldin +1

    Yukimura is a real life main character from a cooking anime... or if Majima never joined the yakuza and lost his eye and became a amazing chef

  • Alex Li
    Alex Li 23 soat oldin

    Lol Andrew Should've cooked

  • Julie Sarmiento
    Julie Sarmiento 23 soat oldin

    Oh my God!💕😍

  • Christine Dottle
    Christine Dottle 23 soat oldin

    I was trying to figure out why TKG sounded so familiar and I realized it's because a social club on my campus is TKG. ?Now they will forever be the egg club for me. Thanks guys lol

  • Maria Magdalena
    Maria Magdalena Kun oldin

    The raw eggs are disgusting! I couldn't even watch that part.

  • Azlina Othman
    Azlina Othman Kun oldin

    Im malaysian lol

  • wasmo macaan oo run ah

    Subbscribe me thanks

  • Antonio Castro Br
    Antonio Castro Br Kun oldin

    10:03 ur welcome

  • FiftyFathomsStudios

    I wanna try that omurice so bad sucks that I’m only 15

  • Queen Mona
    Queen Mona Kun oldin

    Guy number 2 🤔..is that raw eggs and chicken gravy

  • Katelyn The Unicorn

    7:01 that just reminds me of fire in BTS ;-;

  • Ellie Vranesevic
    Ellie Vranesevic Kun oldin


  • stealthboy316
    stealthboy316 Kun oldin

    I don't like eggs.

  • Crappy Boi Videos
    Crappy Boi Videos Kun oldin +1

    The Kichi Kichi chef looks like a super crazy mad scientist who figured out how to cook food

  • Jung SHOOK
    Jung SHOOK Kun oldin

    The kichi kichi chef is like Jhope

  • CrazyMMO
    CrazyMMO Kun oldin

    The only buzzfeed content that doesn't want to make me go to chernobyl

  • sparrowflyaway
    sparrowflyaway Kun oldin

    I'm glad they went to the omurice place after showing it in the video where Andrew tried to make it last year.

  • Phoenix Swanson
    Phoenix Swanson Kun oldin

    These guys get paid to travel the world and eat food. When can I work for BuzzFeed?

  • DelayEdits
    DelayEdits Kun oldin

    the last one looked disgusting lmao

  • julie !!
    julie !! Kun oldin

    1:15 👺

  • ThePhoenix_ King
    ThePhoenix_ King Kun oldin

    Adam always looks sad

  • Sofia Lorenzana
    Sofia Lorenzana Kun oldin

    andrew is an omurice expert lol

  • Sofia Lorenzana
    Sofia Lorenzana Kun oldin

    i want to eat the omelette of the kichi kichi chef

  • ArabianLOL
    ArabianLOL Kun oldin +1

    They probably use chopsticks to take a haircut as well

  • al-aurum
    al-aurum Kun oldin

    i'm surprised that how to basic is not in the top three of egg consumerism...

  • jeekao
    jeekao Kun oldin

    why does Mitsuo Ito sounds like a japanese Stan Lee

  • Nick Mahonski
    Nick Mahonski Kun oldin

    We need more chefs like the kichi kichi dude.

  • Nick Mahonski
    Nick Mahonski Kun oldin

    6:45, that was badass lol.

  • Aly Williams
    Aly Williams Kun oldin

    Andrew looks 100% charlotesville, but acts 100% williamsburg

  • kris matt
    kris matt Kun oldin

    two beta boys. Who takes the lead?

  • C-L ONE
    C-L ONE Kun oldin

    i love this guy

  • GetBackIn TheKitchen


  • Peridot Crystal Temps

    Sry but i dont do raw

  • Mikko
    Mikko Kun oldin

    “Watashi wa tamago?” ~ J. Soho

  • Russell Kain Westbrook


  • Ashby Pei Pei
    Ashby Pei Pei Kun oldin



    7:55 DAMN

  • MissAnnie
    MissAnnie Kun oldin

    RAW eggs no thanks

  • SKylarALIEN scott
    SKylarALIEN scott Kun oldin

    Adam doesnt speaaak ;w;

  • Blu Gill
    Blu Gill Kun oldin

    You know its an amazing egg when you can pull up the yolk

  • Manu Shapopi
    Manu Shapopi Kun oldin

    Like watching anime (subbed).

  • Weekend bro's Jesse and nick

    I wonder how hard they tried not to know each other

  • Enrique Acosta
    Enrique Acosta Kun oldin

    I truly enjoy the Worth It series. It is actually the only thing entertaining from Buzzfeed's content. The chemistry from the cast is also very powerful. You can sense their transparency.

  • Leynor Olazo
    Leynor Olazo Kun oldin

    Same here I also want kichi kichi omurice. I hope I get the chance to visit his store and watch him cook.

  • Tina Ross-knight
    Tina Ross-knight Kun oldin

    When I heard Gohan all I could think of was dragon ball z 😂

  • Hanifcake
    Hanifcake Kun oldin

    What the EGG?
    That's EGGcelent!!!

  • moustachebro4life
    moustachebro4life Kun oldin +1

    That omelette split is so satisfying

  • extroadinary Me
    extroadinary Me Kun oldin

    Wow Malaysia number 2? I so proud

  • Ahmed Syed
    Ahmed Syed Kun oldin

    Goku and rice

  • Tori_iz a_turtle
    Tori_iz a_turtle Kun oldin

    Imagine being that person in the beginning just hearing those three repeatedly saying "egg" in the middle of the street with a camera. They did a double take. 🍳🥚

  • Chase Milner
    Chase Milner Kun oldin

    the whole time the kichi kichi chef was talking I couldn't help but smile the whole time because of his pure joy

  • Shadow X
    Shadow X Kun oldin

    Stop at 8:06 and pause it ,look at the chefs hand

  • Maggie Foster
    Maggie Foster Kun oldin

    The way the chef said 'kichi kichi' brought me joy.😆

  • PepeTheFrog
    PepeTheFrog Kun oldin

    testosterone not detected.

  • ale mont
    ale mont 2 kun oldin

    The Kichi Kichi chef REALLY reminds me of J-Hope from BTS. Am I the only one?

  • Néissa Dutreuil
    Néissa Dutreuil 2 kun oldin

    I love Kichi Kichi! !!!! But I do not like omurice..

  • Keefmiester
    Keefmiester 2 kun oldin

    That chick with the highlights tho ☀️🔥❤️

  • _anxiety_
    _anxiety_ 2 kun oldin

    i gotta say white rice and ketchup is lifeeeeeee

  • Awesome Kevin
    Awesome Kevin 2 kun oldin

    Kichi chef is my fav he's like the 10 out of 100,000,000 people who are like that :D

  • sexy korean girl
    sexy korean girl 2 kun oldin +6

    pink hair ftw

    • Gareth
      Gareth 20 soat oldin

      Purple. You colour blind bint.

  • Annie zhou
    Annie zhou 2 kun oldin

    How long ago did humans start eating eggs? Would you say, it was a long tamago..... ok goodbye....

  • クリムゾン音楽
    クリムゾン音楽 2 kun oldin

    0:22 I really don't understand what is he trying to explain?

  • Taylor Renee'
    Taylor Renee' 2 kun oldin

    Me: Are you sure about that?

  • Scott Swanson
    Scott Swanson 2 kun oldin

    Great series, u can drop buzzfeed though, lol

  • Scott Swanson
    Scott Swanson 2 kun oldin

    Great series, u can drop buzzfeed though, lol

  • DragonZ s
    DragonZ s 2 kun oldin

    17:03 why u bully me

  • UltiMogr
    UltiMogr 2 kun oldin

    Adam has a perfect poker face

  • Sina Sho
    Sina Sho 2 kun oldin

    6:45 my mind blew

  • Godzilla
    Godzilla 2 kun oldin

    Ton ton ton

  • May May
    May May 2 kun oldin

    I use to hate eggs before my pregnancy...and now I have 3 every day!

  • PuraVida
    PuraVida 2 kun oldin

    This series is like an addiction.

  • Kelly Keli
    Kelly Keli 2 kun oldin


  • lola tube
    lola tube 2 kun oldin

    what about you come to malaysia, try eat at warung

  • Xiaobao
    Xiaobao 2 kun oldin

    I would never eat a raw egg.

  • Chewy Pigeon
    Chewy Pigeon 2 kun oldin

    you never told me there was sponges made out of eggs for the frist one >:C

  • chris lim
    chris lim 2 kun oldin


  • huy dao
    huy dao 2 kun oldin

    Kichi kichi looks amazing

  • The secondaries
    The secondaries 2 kun oldin

    "What's the secret for your happiness" (chef#2) " *crack* "

  • Ushim & Gilia Hutchinson

    the last egg is soooooooooooooooooooooo slimy

  • Tall Spoon
    Tall Spoon 2 kun oldin

    Gudetama also is modeled from egg.
    We, the Japanese love egggggg♡🍳🍳

  • Tall Spoon
    Tall Spoon 2 kun oldin

    Tamaggochi is Tamago(egg)+っち(chi, catchy and adorable suffix like "Mrs")

  • Amni Zahar
    Amni Zahar 2 kun oldin

    Yeah Malaysian literally consume a lot of eggs from breakfast to dinner 😂 in the morning we have nasi lemak which is served with hard-boiled eggs; during lunch we may have different kinds of egg dishes such as egg sambal or fried eggs with soy sauce and for dinner some of us would love to have roti tampal goyang (a kind of paratha with half-boiled eggs). Also, we tend to add on eggs if we were to order fried rice or fried noodles 🤣🤣🤣 Eggs are complementary to most Malaysians hahahahaha

  • TheYolo PandaDerps
    TheYolo PandaDerps 2 kun oldin

    Does anyone remember Chef Motokichi from Tasty eating your feed?

  • WillzTV
    WillzTV 2 kun oldin

    that camera guy had only one emotion!! xD

  • Zung Ru Lin
    Zung Ru Lin 2 kun oldin

    5:04 the most embarrassing moment when no one knows how to answer Adam.

  • Shane Roberts
    Shane Roberts 2 kun oldin

    When Andrew is stood behind Rie at the Kichi Kichi restaurant, the lighting on Andrew’s face and the way it’s filmed makes Andrew look evil 😂 it looks like he’s the embodiment of Rie’s evil thoughts and he’s whispering in her ear to do evil things 😂

  • iLikePies Yo
    iLikePies Yo 2 kun oldin

    Raw egg on rice wtf

  • Diamond Skull635
    Diamond Skull635 2 kun oldin

    Kichi kichi is awesome I love him

  • dancinqi
    dancinqi 2 kun oldin

    18:41 looks like they gifted Kichi-san with a Worth-it tshirt & Andrew got to cook his omurice again for him!

  • chad rossy
    chad rossy 2 kun oldin

    Lol cameraman weirding everyone out

  • Krit Waffle7
    Krit Waffle7 2 kun oldin

    Yo that man at 1:30 sounds like stan lee wtf

  • Jessica Pasek
    Jessica Pasek 2 kun oldin

    Adam kinda looks like Jared Leto.

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 2 kun oldin

    Kichi kichi deserves it.... 5 votes...

  • Kayleen G
    Kayleen G 2 kun oldin

    Chef Yukimura is so energetic every time we've seen him, I would love to meet him or try his dish one day!!

  • Can we get 5,000 Subscribers? hm

    0:04 that lady’s face after seeing three people saying egg to each other

    NZR QTY 2 kun oldin

    $1 egg with chemicals and toxins vs $89 all naturals