World Famous Chef and His Daughter | Part 1

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  • Andreas Weber Christensen

    Jack looks so much like hes dad :D

  • Nada Bozovic
    Nada Bozovic Kun oldin

    Get rid of your family and add the ice cream filling, great advice xD

  • Ako Si Bea
    Ako Si Bea 3 kun oldin

    Megan Ramsay looks like Abigail Breslin

  • Official Moshi
    Official Moshi 3 kun oldin

    Wish my family is like this;)

  • Adam Ting
    Adam Ting 4 kun oldin

    Are you kidding, Gordon Ramsay is the KING of all Chefs.

  • Jamie Sullivan
    Jamie Sullivan 6 kun oldin

    Megan is the only introvert in the family 😂

  • Hannah Singular
    Hannah Singular 6 kun oldin +1

    'nervous i'm out of a job' hahahahaha

  • yuvraj agnihotri
    yuvraj agnihotri 6 kun oldin

    I am convinced Tilly will make it very hard for her father to remain in the business, CHEF is ready to rock...👍👍👍

  • Dani Motorhead
    Dani Motorhead 7 kun oldin

    Looks too perfect for me...

  • Ishkay O.
    Ishkay O. 8 kun oldin

    Hi Gordon! I'm a 27yo mom and wife and I love your family. It's a great inspiration for me to also have a close and loving family like you have. The fun is there but at the same time, the respect and love. God Bless to you and your family.. You're such a great parent and husband.

  • nikola boom
    nikola boom 8 kun oldin

    Hey matilda you can make the burgers on a grill

  • Road to 10000 subs without a video

    Who is the cam. man?

  • haylie chow
    haylie chow 10 kun oldin

    Twins ?

  • Gacha ChefPotato
    Gacha ChefPotato 11 kun oldin


  • Denise Doce Mel
    Denise Doce Mel 12 kun oldin

    Boa noite Vilma Ribeiro eu te vi você falou comigo Eu agora estou te respondendo Eu estou aqui minha querida no seu canal Muito obrigado minha linda Pelo seu carinho por mim um grande beijo da sua querida Denise Doce Mel já vi que eu ganhei uma amiga que é você beijo

  • taehyung is mine
    taehyung is mine 12 kun oldin

    Gordon said it was 10 in the morning and bed time? um yeah sure?

  • Lucio'o'z
    Lucio'o'z 15 kun oldin

    "What you do first??!"
    Find the Lambsauce.

  • l i t t l e r a i n y
    l i t t l e r a i n y 18 kun oldin

    How we see Gordon Ramsay: GET THE F**KING SAUSE!!!
    Reality: Check out these shades, baby

  • Michael John
    Michael John 18 kun oldin

    I like to your disease 🌹

  • Busra Aykan
    Busra Aykan 19 kun oldin

    They are such a cute family 😂

  • hxris7
    hxris7 21 kun oldin

    i wish my family is exciting like them

  • moo makeup
    moo makeup 22 kun oldin

    Savage for the world, sweetheart to the family

  • Chindanai Damrongmongkolgul

    4.03 omg cuteness overload

  • PO TA TO
    PO TA TO 23 kun oldin

    How old is her now

  • Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao
    Chloe Mae Y. Quiambao 23 kun oldin

    Tana: Megan?
    Megan: Yeah?
    Tana: What's the number for emergencies in America?
    Girl kids:911!
    Tana: Let's call it now!


  • maya
    maya 23 kun oldin


  • OrangePork 01
    OrangePork 01 23 kun oldin

    He didn’t speak Japanese lol

  • Ehsan khan
    Ehsan khan 24 kun oldin +1

    sweet family.... love from pakistan..

  • E Nic
    E Nic 24 kun oldin

    Gordon is so different with his family

  • RIYA 126
    RIYA 126 25 kun oldin

    Wait, does Gordon has 3 daughters and a son too? Or are they tillys cousins? M confused..

  • Ruby Grace Bandiez
    Ruby Grace Bandiez 25 kun oldin

    "get rid of your family"

  • VanDeL Jun
    VanDeL Jun 26 kun oldin

    Tilly you're a great cook, but your father is the best cook.

  • Linu Fun
    Linu Fun 26 kun oldin

    Does Gordon have a star? He should have

  • David calderon
    David calderon 26 kun oldin

    I am not very good with English, but Tilly is very adorable, as the ideal daughter, in addition the British accent is the best accent of all the English speaking countries, for me a Hispanic is heard very well.

  • Onsgull
    Onsgull 27 kun oldin

    R.I.P. Avicii. There was his amaizing music on background!

  • mohammed Ishaq
    mohammed Ishaq 28 kun oldin

    Nice family ....mashallah

  • Parichart Chaobankoh
    Parichart Chaobankoh 28 kun oldin

    Such a lovely Dad

  • Fati friendship
    Fati friendship 28 kun oldin

    Sooooo cuute

  • G Catch
    G Catch 28 kun oldin

    Jack: "Nice."

  • Indea Windust
    Indea Windust 29 kun oldin

    his son looks so much like him

  • Nana Kaihong
    Nana Kaihong 29 kun oldin

    I love snakes too.. I feel you Jack! 😂❤

  • Pamela Kefalas
    Pamela Kefalas Oy oldin

    We don’t cook burgers in the oven generally....on a grill outside!

  • D'dreay Storm
    D'dreay Storm Oy oldin

    tilly is talented..

  • Dany Gamer
    Dany Gamer Oy oldin

    She is very pretty and cute

  • India Dwi Utami
    India Dwi Utami Oy oldin

    You have a great family

  • Jam Jam// JALD Gachatainment dont know any embarrassing things its not like my mom humiliated me in my investiture on fourth grade and made me stay on the stage while my partners go down

  • KM_ Marcus
    KM_ Marcus Oy oldin

    That's a life when you have a billion air dad

  • Nook Srisuwan
    Nook Srisuwan Oy oldin

    Nice family.💖💖💖👍👍👍

  • Araminta WILLIAMS [08Y1]

    so lucky shes born into a wealthy family. i like her she seems rly nice n is just like gordan. lol

  • imabillieeilishfan

    "los angeliies"

  • One Direction bitch

    9:46 story of my life

  • ت
    ت Oy oldin

    14:04 I remember Friends heheheheh

  • Hazel Joy Tapel
    Hazel Joy Tapel Oy oldin

    love this family

  • Nathaniel S.
    Nathaniel S. Oy oldin

    Great job Ramsey Fam!!!

  • Nathaniel S.
    Nathaniel S. Oy oldin

    You have a Pretzel !!! :-D I love your dog :-D

  • Gamer Sponge
    Gamer Sponge Oy oldin

    ℓσνє νι∂ѕ

  • Erika Duran
    Erika Duran Oy oldin

    "I love cooking" gordon should be so so proud

  • KB M. Litaoen
    KB M. Litaoen Oy oldin

    "I'm shy put it(camera) down"

  • Baba Jun
    Baba Jun Oy oldin

    Awwwwww what a cute but CRAZY family!!!

  • Dance Tology
    Dance Tology Oy oldin

    THE MUSIC 🎶 I miss avicii :(
    Rip ... ;(

  • Tanjina Eva
    Tanjina Eva Oy oldin

    I smiled through the whole thing 😊

  • maisha islam
    maisha islam Oy oldin

    "I am excited and nervouse. Excited cause they taste good and nervouse cause I am out of a job." 😂

  • RobbieFPV
    RobbieFPV Oy oldin

    Your dad would've put the lettuce under the meat to prevent the bread from getting soggy.

  • Jason Smith
    Jason Smith Oy oldin

    they don't need to be embarrassed...Gordon's free-spirit belongs to the world now...

  • Lonefoxcub
    Lonefoxcub Oy oldin

    5:39 I thought that was Gordon

  • Maria Frieda Markgraf


    Watch out! Stabbing rate is High!

  • lvanvlissingen
    lvanvlissingen Oy oldin

    i legit would love Gordon to be my dad!

  • Kaden Crawford
    Kaden Crawford Oy oldin

    who here likes gordon ramsay if you like him subsirbe

  • Yuri And Yumi
    Yuri And Yumi Oy oldin

    Master chef

  • Rashid
    Rashid Oy oldin

    I'm impressed. Lovely young girl. Next top chef!

  • Bangtan For lifeu

    Talk about family goals

  • Manoj Maddy
    Manoj Maddy Oy oldin

    Dream to eat different food which is still a dream

  • Oblivion CST
    Oblivion CST Oy oldin

    12:38 “Get rid of your family” 🤣

  • Jeyanthy Paul
    Jeyanthy Paul Oy oldin +1


  • James Lebron
    James Lebron Oy oldin

    pls don’t try this at home
    sorry obviously because I don’t have a house with that big of a hallw

  • alex Jo
    alex Jo Oy oldin

    add little olive oil

  • ami we73
    ami we73 Oy oldin +5

    I wish I grew up with them, that seems so much fun😍🤣

  • Smoochimin
    Smoochimin Oy oldin

    Okay but dont stop 5sos

  • ysabel gacha lover

    When gordon is outdoor he's strict but when indoor he is so silly

    REENA BAIJU Oy oldin


  • Hello it'sMarc
    Hello it'sMarc Oy oldin

    Hahaha i love gordon! ofcourse before he eat the food his daughter prepared.. ofcourse critic first before i eat it! hahaha(a chef father be like)

  • Hello it'sMarc
    Hello it'sMarc Oy oldin

    Hahaha i love gordon! ofcourse before he eat the food his daughter prepared.. ofcourse critic first before i eat it! hahaha(a chef father be like)

  • Hello it'sMarc
    Hello it'sMarc Oy oldin

    Hahaha i love gordon! ofcourse before he eat the food his daughter prepared.. ofcourse critic first before i eat it! hahaha(a chef father be like)

  • Green Laser
    Green Laser Oy oldin

    A kiss? she is 13

  • Higgs Boson
    Higgs Boson Oy oldin

    He loves his babies so much. 😍 Jack looks just like him.

  • Anna .g
    Anna .g Oy oldin

    "Dad shut up" 😂

  • R Que
    R Que Oy oldin

    He's weird and annoying ..... everything a dad should be ❤️

  • loverofeverything 5

    Story of my life music. ❤

  • xoBlockblasters adventure

    spoiled spoiled spoiled also u sound like fking peppa pig

  • Sainard Almero
    Sainard Almero Oy oldin

    Find the different

    Find the three different emojis

  • Sainard Almero
    Sainard Almero Oy oldin

    1 woke up
    2 drive to the champion ship
    3 won the cooking event
    4 cried

    The story is 2314

  • Athena Elize Stanford

    Get rid of your family.. 😂

  • xXGachaGirl_ GiaXx

    Pause at 8:31! THE OLSEN TWINS!

  • Phuong Linh An
    Phuong Linh An Oy oldin

    She look like kylie jenner when she was young the nice and cute version

  • Lothi
    Lothi Oy oldin

    5 seconds of summer

  • Nyan Cat
    Nyan Cat Oy oldin

    Now that's what I call a family!

  • Leon Hamacher
    Leon Hamacher Oy oldin

    6:13 this is what you call, clean your hands... okay🤨🤔

  • Too pretty to give a damn

    That awkward moment that a kid is a better cook than you 😂😂

  • gorgi Roshufkin
    gorgi Roshufkin Oy oldin


  • Kookie Stole My Heartu

    *”Shades Baby”*