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  • Raizal Mohammad
    Raizal Mohammad 2 kun oldin +1

    I love Khabib...BUT NOT this Crappy full of bullshit video..!!

  • asif khan
    asif khan 3 kun oldin

    Love u khabib

  • karel bellic
    karel bellic 4 kun oldin

    I doubt he even knows what a picture of a million dollars look like.

  • karel bellic
    karel bellic 4 kun oldin

    He has nothing. Fuckall. Zilch. Zero.

  • Alexey Inzulín
    Alexey Inzulín 4 kun oldin

    That is not his wife LOL

  • Rambo Rambo
    Rambo Rambo 8 kun oldin

    Machaa Allah my freind Habib

  • Mick Delroy
    Mick Delroy 9 kun oldin

    Did you just throw darts at people & then pick a name or title out of a hat, the 1st brother you show is his cousin, a funny guy. His sister is the ex world champion from Poland, Joanna Jedrzeikzyc & I'm only at the 2.47 mark of your 10.06 video. I will now continue for the laughs.

  • Azmi Abu
    Azmi Abu 12 kun oldin +1

    Khabib Nurmagomedov....light of Muhamad (PBUH) is wrong to puts his name on the shoe 6:23min

  • Azmi Abu
    Azmi Abu 12 kun oldin +1

    habib never expose his wife to public...this is wrong info

  • simon sanghera
    simon sanghera 15 kun oldin

    I could take Khabib on I am a heavyweight tai-chi master I would tear him apart. No teeth less bear but fully clawed.

  • channel balolo
    channel balolo 20 kun oldin

    this is no.1 bulshit

  • channel balolo
    channel balolo 20 kun oldin

    ha ha ,you just picked random picture

  • alamgir janan
    alamgir janan 20 kun oldin

    The great great great Fighter we proud of you khabib Allah bless you Ameen

  • Sun0sky
    Sun0sky 21 kun oldin


  • Roar
    Roar 21 kun oldin

    That's fake

  • Jhon Ponce
    Jhon Ponce 22 kun oldin


  • Vladimir Putin
    Vladimir Putin 23 kun oldin

    I wish the bear come loose, and eat khabibs children. That´s karma.........

  • ram singh
    ram singh 25 kun oldin


  • big lac
    big lac 26 kun oldin

    Report this video for "spam or misleading"

  • check security
    check security 27 kun oldin

    fake... his wife never seen in a public and the son is Mcgegor's son that his ball sucker Dillon Danis posted before fight

  • gucha guchavar
    gucha guchavar 27 kun oldin

    7:22 wife? she is journalist olga buzova bullshit video

  • Orphy Prasoon
    Orphy Prasoon 27 kun oldin

    Bullshit information. Its not his home, she is not his sister (an UFC fighter), bmw belongs to dana white. Scrap video.

  • hassan Waleed
    hassan Waleed 28 kun oldin

    Thats not khabibs wife, its a fan, and thats his cousin, not brother

  • My Tube
    My Tube 28 kun oldin

    Click Bait

  • Islam Chabane
    Islam Chabane 28 kun oldin


  • jhon cakra
    jhon cakra Oy oldin

    only one wife ?

    CLIFFORD DANG Oy oldin

    That's a hat? I thought it was a wig the whole time.

    ALAWI TV Oy oldin +1

    LOL this has to be a troll video

  • shakira rodriguez

    This is video is bullshit !!!

  • shakira rodriguez

    The girl in the pic is a fan and not his wife .

  • John Shepard
    John Shepard Oy oldin

    It's not his wife LMFAO plz STAPHH! It's dizaster russian singer 😂

  • Bawazir Ayesha
    Bawazir Ayesha Oy oldin

    Sorry shose pe khabib ka naam kaisa ?muslim toh aysa nahi karte

  • abdul rahaman
    abdul rahaman Oy oldin

    Something fishy don't know the wife name

  • Halil Sirtkaya
    Halil Sirtkaya Oy oldin

    İ think thats nocht his wife and sister i think they have a hijab an a lots of things are here false

  • Shahana Sayyed
    Shahana Sayyed Oy oldin

    Fake video

  • Martina Berky
    Martina Berky Oy oldin


  • Arrohman Noor
    Arrohman Noor Oy oldin

    Fake Info

  • Rashan Sankofa
    Rashan Sankofa Oy oldin


  • East West South Slavs United

    wedding 7:45 hahahahahahahahah bosssss

  • Niloofar N
    Niloofar N Oy oldin

    She’s not his wife. This is fake! This girl is Russian stupid singer
    and Khabib has nothing to do with her! Don’t believe this video!
    This is all the work of Khabib enemies!

  • Humayon Askaryar
    Humayon Askaryar Oy oldin

    The one who posted this information and video he must be drunk 😵lol 🤣🤣🤣stupid cow 🐮 that’s not his wife, the baby is not his son, and that woman is not his sister. No body is able to take or ask any pictures of his female family members. It’s just not possible it’s against his religion and culture.

  • Michael McCrudden


  • Mushtaq Ahmad
    Mushtaq Ahmad Oy oldin

    Somebody is on drugs

  • Alex Cardo
    Alex Cardo Oy oldin

    Fack News

  • Tante Lilis
    Tante Lilis Oy oldin

    Prince Harry, R.I.P Dolores and Khabib same with me born at September. Good heart. Super.

  • Usman Sahar
    Usman Sahar Oy oldin

    most of the pics are photoshoped.

  • Yoda
    Yoda Oy oldin

    This is impassibly the worst researched sports related video on UZclip. So many factual inaccuracies.

  • Rain Ilyas
    Rain Ilyas Oy oldin

    I ame nepali but like Russia and khabib and putin I love rusia

  • joe momma
    joe momma Oy oldin


  • Alaa Bieruti
    Alaa Bieruti Oy oldin

    Stupid video

  • J P
    J P Oy oldin

    Who is interested in a life of a musrat???

  • George Holland
    George Holland Oy oldin

    This vid is so full of crap.

  • Serdar Yavuz
    Serdar Yavuz Oy oldin

    why did u make this shit up.. all wrong information

  • Barry Woods
    Barry Woods Oy oldin

    He hasn’t seen his wife since the wedding night.

  • reez hammz
    reez hammz Oy oldin

    fake n false

  • Marleena Deamore
    Marleena Deamore Oy oldin

    Tht not khabib wife..Tht lady is journalist of Russia..he's wife he never showing to public and also he's wife is wear hijab..

  • djinjis
    djinjis Oy oldin

    70 kg my a$$

  • bangkit _gamme
    bangkit _gamme Oy oldin

    Heh ojo gampang ngapusi.....

  • opening the matrix

    False information! Everywhere anymore bunch of Bs

  • DaniS Kkc
    DaniS Kkc Oy oldin

    Wow Super

  • Wim M
    Wim M Oy oldin

    Habib is lucky he was fighting a loudmouth Iris drunk, not a major to push over. hahahahahahahaha

  • Alex Haneman
    Alex Haneman Oy oldin

    I will smash you Liar!!

  • Derek Marlowe
    Derek Marlowe Oy oldin

    made up nonsense...

  • Nekruz Kabirzoda
    Nekruz Kabirzoda Oy oldin

    She is not his wife!

  • Johnny Stirstick
    Johnny Stirstick Oy oldin

    Wtf 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

  • indoteknik perkasa

    80% is FAKE ROFL!!!

  • Lucky Goose
    Lucky Goose Oy oldin

    You smile one time, I put you in to a chicken wing hold.

  • Maya Zulaikha
    Maya Zulaikha Oy oldin

    Thats not his wife. His wife wearing hijab. That is russian famous singer

  • Davide Bernardo
    Davide Bernardo Oy oldin

    This is all bullshit...

  • Shafaat Rasool
    Shafaat Rasool Oy oldin

    Assalam allaikum i am from India success in your life

  • gemi
    gemi Oy oldin

    Song is Lost in the night - THBD ft Pipa Moran for those who like to know :)

  • Sajid Ahmed
    Sajid Ahmed Oy oldin

    Mujahideen. Alhamdulillah

  • Bb Bb
    Bb Bb Oy oldin +1

    Joanna JĘDRZEJCZYK is his sister??!!!!BULLSHIT!!!!!!

  • Abdulrazzak Mimim

    Only khabib

  • Abdulrazzak Mimim


  • Abdulrazzak Mimim


  • Shokhida Mirzakhidova

    The girl pictured next to him is Olga Buzova, russian shitty shows hostess and well-known slutty showgirl but has no relationship with Khabib. In fact she and women like her would be the last woman he would want next to him. She was married to a well-known soccer player who dumped her for her loose behaviour. I have no clue why and who put this false picture there

  • Sanam Shahzad
    Sanam Shahzad Oy oldin

    Lol this is bullshit

  • chuk tyson
    chuk tyson Oy oldin

    This is number 1 bullshit

    NAMGUNGSSI CO. Oy oldin

    dope track

  • Martin Valtea
    Martin Valtea Oy oldin

    Omg!! I can't believe this. It's disgusting.

  • Projects To Mansions

    You can have anything in this world but not everything, if you try to have everything you will end up with nothing. Focus on happiness !

  • Imroatul Faizah
    Imroatul Faizah Oy oldin

    Fake wife...LOL...

  • Darren Maltby
    Darren Maltby Oy oldin

    You sir, are a liar.

  • jumaro alhamami
    jumaro alhamami Oy oldin

    Yes, I believe, khabib departs from a belief, serious practice you finally succeed, with the help of Allah, yes I also think that power belongs only to Allah, barokalloh with your hard work, Amen

  • Fahad Naushad
    Fahad Naushad Oy oldin

    dude most of this is fakw

  • Caucasian
    Caucasian Oy oldin

    FAKE Information !!!
    She is not his wife!! She is Olqa buzova, one fo the famous tv program interviews.
    2:15 - again, Mcgregor's son, not Habib's. Watch the documentary about Mcgregor and you can see that baby that kicks photo with Habib.
    And Joahana is not his sister !
    What a bulsheet information???
    Also He doesn't have so many cars !

  • gajon 301
    gajon 301 Oy oldin

    Alhamdulillah khabib Allah Akbar memberikan rezeki yang halal buat family 👪👪

  • Bernardo Bernardes

    bruh you know thats connor mcgregors kid

  • milsap ken
    milsap ken Oy oldin

    Joana is not his sister LOL 😂😂 and that woman isn't his wife dude, wtf 😂

  • Простой Человек


  • Nar Bxhg
    Nar Bxhg Oy oldin

    Salamalekum Elhemdullah .

  • apvenczel
    apvenczel Oy oldin

    fooken mooslem rat

  • Anton Saja
    Anton Saja Oy oldin


  • alp arslan
    alp arslan Oy oldin +1


  • Dean N.
    Dean N. Oy oldin +1

    Haha hell fake info in this video

  • Sofya Babiker
    Sofya Babiker Oy oldin

    Beautiful wife

  • Bratva 90
    Bratva 90 Oy oldin


  • Persoon Mens
    Persoon Mens Oy oldin +1

    Serieusly Why these fals info

  • Persoon Mens
    Persoon Mens Oy oldin +1

    Hahha his wife is not here. His wife wears a hidjab end is not the lady you just saw.