Celebrity Food Taste Test

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  • Jasmine Nash
    Jasmine Nash 9 soat oldin


  • ryan.
    ryan. 8 kun oldin

    Rhett’s shirt looks like cloud pajamas.

  • Megan Buhanan
    Megan Buhanan 11 kun oldin

    I was right on the cable guy rhett should have changed his answer because if they both agreed with Larry the cable guy then rhett should have gotten the 1 point but he didn't so he should have non to changed it but he didnt crack it.

  • sammie dean
    sammie dean 13 kun oldin

    I got all of them right bb!!

  • Jayden Moffat
    Jayden Moffat 13 kun oldin

    They made a lot of mouth noises in this episode.

  • Cannonball Teacup
    Cannonball Teacup 17 kun oldin

    Rap snacks are the shit.

  • ellohareeye4
    ellohareeye4 22 kun oldin

    It is funny each time I see that part where they say "anybody but Madonna!" It's just weird how the pee in the shower thing gets mentioned soon after that and it seemed at random. I feel weirder about it also because if I feel it's necessary, I end up doing that also sometimes.

  • Monnette Mullenix
    Monnette Mullenix 29 kun oldin

    Link is ALWAYS delighted by their little songs 😂

  • mister viktorius
    mister viktorius Oy oldin

    Rhett and Link should have their own snack. My favorite flavors lemon pepper. But I think they should do BBQ salt and vinegar soft pretzels.

  • Charlie Bradley
    Charlie Bradley Oy oldin

    He had 0 right when they both agreed. Obviously means it's wrong then

  • Jacob Daniel
    Jacob Daniel Oy oldin +1

    I got all of them right

  • ImJustAnotherHailey


  • 108 - ekuh
    108 - ekuh Oy oldin

    Link- *gets 3 right*
    Rhett- *gets 0 right*
    Link and Rhett both chose Larry the cable guy as the dog food thing.
    Rhett- *I think you were right about Larry the cable guy so I'm not switching it*

  • 108 - ekuh
    108 - ekuh Oy oldin

    It's like they enhanced their chewing sounds 😂

  • Kieran Crockett
    Kieran Crockett Oy oldin

    Actually, This game is a little unfair, Rhett was losing 3-0 and if Rhett wanted to just tie the game then all he would have to do is copy Links answers...

  • Haz3
    Haz3 Oy oldin

    That means Rhett wins with 4.... and link wins with 3.... Goodest smarts

  • James Dukes
    James Dukes Oy oldin

    Stop all that damn smacking

  • Mark Dollard
    Mark Dollard Oy oldin

    😂😂😂Rhett's "Larry the Cable Guy" at 13:18

  • aspect
    aspect Oy oldin

    So Rhett won by changing his answers to what Link had? smh

  • King Crown
    King Crown Oy oldin

    D A T W A Y

  • TSAR
    TSAR Oy oldin

    Compare the Migos to the Beatles one more time...

  • Raven Steward
    Raven Steward Oy oldin

    Y’all aren’t peasants though! Lies!

  • Hopeless Gamer
    Hopeless Gamer Oy oldin

    Rhett knew he had zero points, but was still confident enough to double down on Larry the cable guy.

  • Medical Doll
    Medical Doll 2 oy oldin

    “Us peasants...” coming from the men with heated toilet seats with bidays, automatic seat open and close with motion detection and auto cleaning!! Lol.

  • Matthew Hallzy
    Matthew Hallzy 2 oy oldin

    Rhett is that Michael mccruddens shirt lol

  • MrHoliday
    MrHoliday 2 oy oldin

    Lol... Migos are so awful... but i want wings now tho lol

  • Dominique Beauchamp
    Dominique Beauchamp 2 oy oldin


  • Agent Orange
    Agent Orange 2 oy oldin

    Am i the only one that likes the old, creative intros alot better than the new one which is just objects appearing on a turquoise backround

  • Kylee Jo Batman
    Kylee Jo Batman 2 oy oldin

    The only one I knew for sure was Rachel Ray's dog food!

  • Marlo Jenkins
    Marlo Jenkins 2 oy oldin

    0:25 Wierd eye movement by Link

  • Balázs Szabó
    Balázs Szabó 2 oy oldin

    RHUL represent! :D

  • xydoit
    xydoit 2 oy oldin

    You need to do channel called "Good mythical food taste test"

  • Mrs. Dixon32
    Mrs. Dixon32 2 oy oldin

    The dance at 11:05 LMFAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  • FuryousD
    FuryousD 2 oy oldin

    if rhett had switched the dog food that he should of known was wrong since he had 0 right he would of gotten them all right lol

  • FuryousD
    FuryousD 2 oy oldin

    i think u are right about the dog food yet i picked the same guy and have 0 right lol Rhett

  • Earl Kronic
    Earl Kronic 3 oy oldin

    You knock my sleeves off -Link

  • Henry Strydom
    Henry Strydom 3 oy oldin

    Rhetts dancing lol

  • Scott Martin
    Scott Martin 3 oy oldin

    You guys are celebrities too

  • Johnny Taylor
    Johnny Taylor 3 oy oldin

    Link's impression of Larry is so funny!!

  • steven coulombe
    steven coulombe 3 oy oldin +2

    The chewing sounds are just too much in this episode!

  • Roguelettuce
    Roguelettuce 3 oy oldin +5

    Turn your mic sensitivity down can hear everything your doing in your mouth homes

  • Johannis Brisebois
    Johannis Brisebois 3 oy oldin

    The thing is they could easily tie every game because say Rhett switches all his so they look like links then they will both have 3

  • Ciaranichole_4
    Ciaranichole_4 3 oy oldin

    Love how link ate dog food 🤣🤣🤣

    AJtheJUICEMAN 3 oy oldin

    Rayyyyy cyst

  • Breanna Marie
    Breanna Marie 3 oy oldin

    Rhett should have known since he had 0 that the only one they both guessed the same would be the one they both got wrong while switching😂

  • Rowan Barker
    Rowan Barker 3 oy oldin

    DNA suppose branch enormous Ms drive mix error at lesson.

  • Christian Jeske
    Christian Jeske 4 oy oldin

    Guys you are not peasant people

  • Jeanette Lynn
    Jeanette Lynn 4 oy oldin

    Silly.. if you have 0 right. Why would Larry be right on your end because you didn't have any right?

  • Kryp Tek
    Kryp Tek 4 oy oldin

    I had no idea who migos were before watching this video

  • Tiffany Lincoln
    Tiffany Lincoln 4 oy oldin

    This is a year old... catching up... every episode, I mean every single older episode..has the same ad at the beginning! I’m going to have nightmares about glasses and optometrists!

  • Scarlet R.
    Scarlet R. 4 oy oldin

    May I just say that Rhett had a brain fart during the switch round bc if Rhett had 0 correct and Link had 3 correct and they both thought Larry the Cable Guy was the “dog food” then it was automatically wrong so it didn’t surprise me that it was someone else’s...

  • Plasstyre
    Plasstyre 4 oy oldin +1

    "I eat ribs every day, I'll tell you one more thing about how much ribs I eat; a lot!" - Arin Hanso- I mean Larry the Cable Guy

  • imaperson101 0
    imaperson101 0 4 oy oldin


  • Lina Parreno
    Lina Parreno 4 oy oldin

    Spicy sweet ranch onion and sour cream chips

  • Phytron
    Phytron 4 oy oldin

    What annoyed me most was that Rhett got none right but they both agreed on Larry the cable guy why did link not change that

    BPABA ROASTᎥиᏩ 4 oy oldin +1

    I love coconut water

  • soft_edge
    soft_edge 4 oy oldin

    is it just me, or are the mouth sounds really intense this episode?

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 4 oy oldin

    Rhett is such a cheater.

  • peekaboots01
    peekaboots01 4 oy oldin

    I hate Migos.

  • John Thurston
    John Thurston 4 oy oldin +3

    The eating sounds on the wings...

  • I love Guns and roses

    Kinda ticked at link. Beatles will never die. Long live rock n roll!

  • stupidpennies 1
    stupidpennies 1 4 oy oldin

    I want wings now.

  • Jacob Ragusa
    Jacob Ragusa 4 oy oldin

    I hate the souping noice

  • Esmeralda Gallegos-luciano

    I got migos, rick Ross and madona right

  • Raven Aliform
    Raven Aliform 5 oy oldin

    I shudderd when they ate the hot wings 😂😂 It sounded so weird in my headphones

  • Chico G.
    Chico G. 5 oy oldin

    The migo rap snacks look like cheeto puffs with less cheese

  • Silvershotprop
    Silvershotprop 5 oy oldin

    Rhett and link are not regular peasant people.

  • Sandy The Mop
    Sandy The Mop 5 oy oldin

    13:18 Kermit?

  • KillerWoofle Pubg
    KillerWoofle Pubg 5 oy oldin +2


  • Kane Fritsch
    Kane Fritsch 5 oy oldin

    Ross fit

  • Slick Dog
    Slick Dog 5 oy oldin

    I’m near buffalo ny

  • TheNerdyRushFan
    TheNerdyRushFan 5 oy oldin

    You guys should bring back Ten Feet Tall! Also license the song of the same title by XTC for a theme

  • Brandon_The Crow
    Brandon_The Crow 5 oy oldin

    Really??? Megos the beatles of this generation?? I really hope your joking cauee megos are complete trash.

  • Laura S
    Laura S 5 oy oldin

    it was coconut water

  • Aiden McClelland
    Aiden McClelland 5 oy oldin +20

    Link-"Hes really shaped up, im proud of him"
    Rick Ross- "I EAT PEARS"

  • True Aries
    True Aries 5 oy oldin

    Rap Snacks was the shit growing up and I can't find them anywhere!!!!!

  • Alaska Fish & Game
    Alaska Fish & Game 5 oy oldin +2

    Who's here after the Larry the Cable Guy episode?

  • Kenneth Smotherman
    Kenneth Smotherman 5 oy oldin +1

    Boss wooo uh Ricky Ross.

  • iam FRA
    iam FRA 6 oy oldin

    De-mi 😂😂

  • RedEyesTops
    RedEyesTops 6 oy oldin

    How could Link be right about the dog food if Rhett had none right?

  • Spicy Hot Stuff
    Spicy Hot Stuff 6 oy oldin

    "Everything the Migos does is right" drugs are good kids

  • Samantha Loves BTS
    Samantha Loves BTS 6 oy oldin

    XD link has me dying of laughter from the Larry impression.

  • gigi depaolo
    gigi depaolo 6 oy oldin

    She’s so lucky she’s a star but she cries every night in her lonely heart thinkin, if there’s nothing missing in my life then why do these tears come at night?

  • Johnny Keeling
    Johnny Keeling 6 oy oldin

    “It takes a man to make a baby” 😂

  • Mario Proz
    Mario Proz 6 oy oldin +2

    Link missed the chance to say “can we tell which foods, were made by these girls or dudes” at the start

  • end safe
    end safe 6 oy oldin

    Wait, aren't u Calebs?? (sort of)

  • Jackson Yu
    Jackson Yu 6 oy oldin

    Rhett matched up with Link’s answers so he copped out. What a loser

  • Collective Of Souls
    Collective Of Souls 6 oy oldin

    I love Rhett's shirt on this one 😍
    Someone hook me up please

  • Disney Queen
    Disney Queen 6 oy oldin

    I was screaming at the dog food part because we give my dog that brand

  • Jossalyn White
    Jossalyn White 6 oy oldin

    yall are all over my recommendations im a kid and yall are probably the most best people ever i love you guys yall are my fav people everrrrrr

  • Nola Christine
    Nola Christine 6 oy oldin

    migos ain't shit

  • Celso Salgado
    Celso Salgado 7 oy oldin +3

    Rehtts face when he tasted the dog food😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😂😭😭😭😂😂

  • Emiliyan Yankov
    Emiliyan Yankov 7 oy oldin

    No Lemon Pepper Wings from Rick Ross, just spicy ones?

  • TheMilkyNipple
    TheMilkyNipple 7 oy oldin

    You guys should do this same concept with celebrity alcohol. Plenty of celebrities have their own wine or liquor brands!!!!

  • Ava McCain
    Ava McCain 7 oy oldin

    If I am being honest, Rhett and Link are celebrities too 🤗😂

  • TheWeekend Gaming
    TheWeekend Gaming 7 oy oldin

    Now i want hot wings😀

  • My Pants
    My Pants 7 oy oldin

    Asmr is insane on the wing part lol

  • Brant G0437
    Brant G0437 7 oy oldin

    "these wings are so good" you know what isn't good? Them chewing the wings

  • Shelden Rose
    Shelden Rose 7 oy oldin

    I swear to god I can hear every movement in their mouth and it makes me want to fuggin punch them.

  • Victor
    Victor 7 oy oldin

    Link Should learn when to Stop with a Joke. Really Dude!!!