TANA MONGEAU ARRESTED (w/ Jon Cozart & Lisa Schwartz)

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  • Joylandi 18-Apr, 2018
  • Tana Mongeau recalls her run-in with the law, Jon Cozart makes a triumphant return to UZclip, and Lisa Schwartz tweets about her obsession with Cole Sprouse! All that and more on You Posted That?!
    Thank you to our special guests!
    Tana Mongeau | @tanamongeau
    Jon Cozart | @joncozart
    Lisa Schwartz (LisBug) | @lilschwartzie
    SMOSH presents…. YOU POSTED THAT? The game show where SMOSH asks the best people from the internet to come face-to-face with their worst social media posts in a friendly competition to win, well... something you’ve definitely never heard of! No matter the score, the audience wins every round as contestants’ hilarious and embarrassing tweets from years past are exposed and thoroughly roasted. Smosh co-founder IAN HECOX hosts, accompanied by announcer SHAYNE TOPP, the musical stylings of KEITH LEAK, JR. and SCOTT PASSARELLA, and pop-in appearances by NOAH GROSSMAN, COURTNEY MILLER, and OLIVIA SUI.
    Ian Hecox @SmoshIan
    Shayne Topp @SuperShayne
    Keith Leak, Jr. @KeithLeakJr
    Scott Passarella @ScottPassarella
    Courtney Miller @Co_mill
    Directed and Produced by Ryan Todd
    Written by Monica Vasandani & Ryan Finnerty
    Smosh Co-Founded by Ian Hecox & Anthony Padilla
    Smosh Creative Director: Joe Bereta
    Director of Photography: Mitch Anderson
    Editor: Nick Agich
    Senior Producer: Alex Hluch
    Producer: Garrett Palm
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    Associate Producer: Katie Michels
    Production Manager: Andy Garwig
    First Assistant Director: Tanner Risner
    Production Designer: Taylor Frost
    Camera: Brennan Iketani
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    Camera: Darren Kho
    Camera/Gaffer: Nick Giomuso
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    Sound Mixer: Ivan Harder
    Technical Director: Tim Baker
    Makeup: Rachel Jenkins
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    Assistant Editor: Matthew Duran
    Post-Production Supervisor: Reed Brice
    Senior Design: Ness Cardano
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    Brianna Boho

  • Sherwin Resurreccion

    Is jon gay

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    I can tell the guy in the middle is gay

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    How did Courtney already know the words

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    Why does tanas skin look like trumps 🥕🍊🥕

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    I wish I could climb into the screen and take a giant shit on Tana Mongeau.

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    Shane Dawson should be on this.😊

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    i mean, who isnt obsessed with cole sprouse?

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    John is definitely gay

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    Why tana?

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    no one noticed that Jon spelled perish "parish"... really?

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    I want to see the odd1sout jaiden animations and domics

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    Isn't it kinda awkard that smosh disses her via Brianna Boho but they had her on the show lol

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    Can we get Cole Sprouse on this show and bring up anything related to his age? Or just any part of the Riverdale cast

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    Oh my gosh they got Brianna boho on the show

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    I can hear boze laughing so hard in the background

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    h e f u c k e d m e w i t h a t o o t h b r u s h

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    Jon was on Brandon Rogers Tana was on idubbz content cop

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    Smosh is going downhill now, unfunny and unnecessary comedy - the reason I commented on this video is because Tana is in it, and that’s just a disgrace how dumb are they to let her on the show - and what do you know few months later they made a video talking about Tana and making fun of her so this is how quickly they can change comedy

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    Tana is mood

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    i want the sister squad!!!!! (Emma, James Charles, and the Dolan Twins)

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    Tana got aressted at chochella, people going in jst g l i t t e r for cloths!

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    legit when it said lip pimples five seconds before I felt a pimple on my bottom lip

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    I need help

    Read more

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    Shane Dawson, David Dobrick, and James Charles

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    Brianna boho

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    Ew what is Tana mongoe doing here

    MATTHEW CECH Oy oldin


  • Alex Samsel
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    This would have been a totally different video if it came out literal 2 weeks later XD

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    Jim Wall Oy oldin

    I watched the one with Chris Pratt first so now in the first round when they try to guess the blank I'm just sat here like:
    it's Chris Pratt

  • ang9993
    ang9993 Oy oldin

    18:35 "Middle school basketball participator" Was I the only one who was annoyed that he did not say participant

  • Erica of Malachite

    "It's your turn."

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    hey tana say nig*** lol still the funnyest

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    bring a racist onto the show cool lol

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    How 'bout that TanaCon?

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    Isn’t Tana the girl who was dating some dude who had a girlfriend?

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    If anyone wants to learn the theme song,here it is:
    You posted that👏👏
    Embarrassing things from the past👏👏
    Istagram, twitter but not snapchat
    You posted that!👏👏
    Hopefully this was helpful
    Have a great day/night 😊😊

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    Tana con 2k16...

    Was a train wreak

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    tanna gettin thic

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    I want Anthony Padilla, Dan, and Phil next

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    Came here for Jon

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    Take a shot each time tana says exactly

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    4:22 that's what she said!

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    18:47 mood😂

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    :(( Poor Smosh Ian
    press f to pay respects.

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    This is cringe

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    U need to have Shane ,Garret and ryland

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    she was 7 in 1990

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    best one yet

  • Kebe Kass
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    PLEASE have Drew Monson, Garrett Watts and Shane Dawson (or replace one of the with Ryland, idk)

  • m i a r i l e y !

    *you cant ask a woman that mister F E M I N I S M*

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    Courtney needs to sing more often.

  • Callie Goldsby
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    This made me uncomfortable 😂😂

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    I've noticed smash has a habit of doing videos on people before they get into shit. First Logan and snow this

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    How old was Lisa in 1990

  • Quetita Staples
    Quetita Staples Oy oldin

    She was 28 did the math for you

    OMG IT'S LUIS Oy oldin

    Lisa looks so determined when Ian said "well you're going to be ready for this one."

  • Benimation
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    I lost The Game

  • Tammy Barnwell
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    Tana is dumber than a rock

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    Tana mongue got arrested crab rave

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    Still waiting for Jon Cozart to come out. He’s gayer than me. And I don’t know anyone gayer than me. 😂💗😪 (I’d marry him in a heartbeat)

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  • Melody Cutie Cupcakes

    16:27 dodie! ☹ Love This though

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    Cole is 26 and mine

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    Say n-word

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    is it bad that i can relate to tana on an emotional level

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    5:42 AKA herpes 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

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    Lisa don’t try to steal my man

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    Ew tana monguea

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    Who's that hottie sitting there

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    in 1990 lisa was like 7 she was born in 83

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    When I saw Jon all I thought was “ Has anyone seen a kitty with a big red *******”

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    Oh dang Brianna Boho

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    The first episode is still my favorite with Gabbie, Ricky, and MatPat.❤️

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    Get jacksepticeye on

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    Never got a lip pimple 😂

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    i kinda don't like how smosh turned out. idk, not tryna start beef.

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    Who remembers when Smosh had Anthony and Ian

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    Tana is gross

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    I miss the old Smosh 😕. Shit changes.

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    better than yaiy live

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    Omg Cole is my dreammmmm!!!! But only dream sadly... 😂

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    Tana mongueal is trash go watch idubbbz video

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    this video is incredibly annoying to watch

  • Jen Vincur
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    With all of the money Tana makes you’d think she’d get hair hair done by a professional who really knows what they’re doing.🤦🏻‍♀️😂

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    can we get emma chamberlain up in here tho

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    Tana mongooses

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    lmao it's like they keep the audience in hostage to laugh and cheer for everything

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    Tana just sounds like she has laryngitis...or smokes a lot. Either one.

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    Did the nintedogs hit anyone else’s heart or do I just cry to much

  • Caelyn Crochet
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    John winning is feminism because they didnt give Lisa and Tana any privileges

  • Breely Kimbel
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    Lisa’s first question was on my birthday (:

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    Wait Jon is gay?