50 Year Old Pretzel Taste Test

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  • DaymForTheGlam
    DaymForTheGlam 20 soat oldin

    dunkaroos still reppin here canada

  • Frank Costello
    Frank Costello 20 soat oldin

    The extra space is also there for altitude change like being packaged @ close to sea level and trucked to 7,000' let alone the possibility of being shipped on a plane.

  • Matthew Burridge
    Matthew Burridge 3 kun oldin

    Dunkaroos made their way back to the shelves 10 months before This was recorded yetbrhey chose to eat the ones from way back...

  • Asap Design
    Asap Design 5 kun oldin

    1:43 THE BAG DROP💀😂

  • Cristina Miró Mengual

    corn syrup is from nature

  • NeoxGamer Pro
    NeoxGamer Pro 8 kun oldin

    BREAKING NEWS:Internet superstars rhett and link found dead with a bag of pretzels

  • Melanie Stanley
    Melanie Stanley 8 kun oldin


  • CNoelle
    CNoelle 8 kun oldin

    For the love of god somebody bring back Dunkaroos

  • It's Just Logic
    It's Just Logic 8 kun oldin

    Bring back "Yogos!!"

  • Ramsher Felix
    Ramsher Felix 9 kun oldin


  • Michael Bacigalupo
    Michael Bacigalupo 9 kun oldin

    super dope

  • The Walking Megan
    The Walking Megan 9 kun oldin

    Yes Dunkaroos were my FAVORITE as a kid. My grandma would buy them by the case from Sam's Club because I loved them so much! I NEED THEM BACK NOW!!

  • Timothy Kernan
    Timothy Kernan 9 kun oldin

    You can get all this stuff at the Dollar tree $1.00 and not expired...yet!?

  • tamversuschris
    tamversuschris 10 kun oldin

    OMG 3D Doritos! I can still taste them! I went to a Frito-Lay factory on a field trip when I was in grade school and 3D Doritos had just come out. They let us try some as part of the tour. I also can still remember that commercial!

  • David Fuentes
    David Fuentes 11 kun oldin

    How much of these episodes is scripted? If, they are scripted that is.

  • Daniel Hartwick
    Daniel Hartwick 11 kun oldin

    somebody needs to tell Link its pronounced caulking, not caulk XD

  • Samuel Beausoleil
    Samuel Beausoleil 13 kun oldin +1

    dunkaroos are still in stores in canada. you should come onto this side of the border. Eh?

    TAYLOR GORE 13 kun oldin

    hey link you should eat dog food

  • Cliff
    Cliff 13 kun oldin

    I use to eat Dunkaroos lol

  • Amy Johnson
    Amy Johnson 13 kun oldin

    Bring the Kangaroo caulk back! 😂

  • Melissa Sugar Glider Mom

    You guys could've saved so much money and headache if you would've just asked someone (like me) living in Ontario to ship you most of these because most of them are still available in stores here lol.

  • Asa Simmers
    Asa Simmers 14 kun oldin

    any 1 else remember ian from smosh on his second channel going on about dunkaroos

  • Befo4eGaming
    Befo4eGaming 16 kun oldin

    K A N G A R O O C O C K, excuse me C A U L K

  • Erica Babbitt
    Erica Babbitt 17 kun oldin

    Links shirt is so trippy looking

  • Kaylie Juart
    Kaylie Juart 18 kun oldin

    So funny

  • Jessiikaah Seftoni
    Jessiikaah Seftoni 19 kun oldin

    at the store close to home i see dunk-a-roos all the time

  • Neonic Blade
    Neonic Blade 19 kun oldin

    Can we just take a moment to admire Link’s awesome shirt?

  • Dimitri Plays
    Dimitri Plays 20 kun oldin

    You can still get dunkaroos in Canada

  • Feliz Rookie
    Feliz Rookie 20 kun oldin

    Holy shit
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  • zenpvnk
    zenpvnk 22 kun oldin

    The pretzel ring takes a back seat to no pretzel! You can stick your tongue through it. You can hang like 6 of 'em on there. What other pretzel can you do that with? No one puts pretzel ring in the corner.

  • Britishman85 farmer
    Britishman85 farmer 22 kun oldin

    We have dunxares in Canada a we don't say eh as much as you think dummys

  • XxGacha_ LoverXX
    XxGacha_ LoverXX 24 kun oldin

    R- Can we eat 50 ur old pretzels and live?
    Me- U eat other weird things, ur gonna be fine boi!

  • Brittany Hankee
    Brittany Hankee 25 kun oldin


  • FienX
    FienX 25 kun oldin

    I loved the spicy Doritos 3D
    Reminds me of when I was a kid playing the rugrats game on Playstation eating those chips

  • RK900
    RK900 26 kun oldin

    Us Canada kids eat dunkaroos al the time

  • officer jonah p.
    officer jonah p. 26 kun oldin

    They still dunkuroes in Wisconsin

  • Raptors
    Raptors 27 kun oldin

    Do they know dunkaroos are still sold in Canada

  • Kaylynn _0549
    Kaylynn _0549 29 kun oldin

    This is why you have such high immune systems, you eat 50 year old candy

  • Fabian Robledo
    Fabian Robledo Oy oldin


  • LemonMouse Entertainment

    We still have dunkaroos in Australia

  • Amanda Martinez
    Amanda Martinez Oy oldin

    Can we do what we did with szechuan sauce at McDonald's with dunkaroos, please?

  • The Magical Kitty-Tato


    This video contains obese doritos.

  • Lewk Is Dank
    Lewk Is Dank Oy oldin

    did they survive

  • Flawless Director
    Flawless Director Oy oldin +1

    Dunkaroos are still sold here in Canada

  • Maliyah Rafail
    Maliyah Rafail Oy oldin

    Back when bags of chips were 99% chips & 1% air

  • AA
    AA Oy oldin

    "dink it, dink it, dink it, dink it, dink it, dink it" 😂 😂 😂 😂

  • Iker Maldonado
    Iker Maldonado Oy oldin

    Link is old

  • Iker Maldonado
    Iker Maldonado Oy oldin

    Link is pld

  • D u a l i t y
    D u a l i t y Oy oldin

    The problem with dunkaroos is there was never enough frosting.

  • Taylor Moran
    Taylor Moran Oy oldin


  • Noah Sanders
    Noah Sanders Oy oldin


  • Jenna Edwards
    Jenna Edwards Oy oldin

    Link sounds just like his dad ♥️

  • Daniel Durham
    Daniel Durham Oy oldin


  • Nathan Lin
    Nathan Lin Oy oldin


  • Kimberly Arroyo
    Kimberly Arroyo Oy oldin


  • Mason Douglas
    Mason Douglas Oy oldin


  • Nathan Bradley
    Nathan Bradley Oy oldin


  • Sean Wilcox
    Sean Wilcox Oy oldin


  • Landon Fleming
    Landon Fleming Oy oldin


  • Sebastian Wu
    Sebastian Wu Oy oldin


  • Mary Svirida
    Mary Svirida Oy oldin

    You still can get dunkaroos in Canada

  • Bi Al
    Bi Al Oy oldin

    No guys the Superchargr bar wasn't covered in chocolate.. it says right on the package "Carob coated", Carob is a chocolate-substitute

  • InfinityKat
    InfinityKat Oy oldin

    WAIT DUNKAROOS ARE DISCONTINUED?!?!?! I remember having then as a 5 year old.....
    Edit: I looked into it and where I live it discontinued in Jan 2018..

  • wiiztec
    wiiztec Oy oldin

    Doritos's 3D's are better than doritos

  • Tanya T
    Tanya T Oy oldin

    Still have dunkaroos in Canada.

    • InfinityKat
      InfinityKat Oy oldin

      Tanya T well I heard it discontinued in January 2018.... but I’m not exactly sure so..

  • Madison Keogh
    Madison Keogh Oy oldin

    We have Dunkaroos here in Toronto

  • levi evans
    levi evans Oy oldin

    We got dunkaroos in Australia but there chocolate/nettela

  • Addieartist
    Addieartist Oy oldin

    By the way, there are actual blue raspberry fruits.... they look almost exactly like blackberries and they only grow in certain places at certain times. They are me and my dad’s favorite fruit. Also, you should try them and their more common friend, blue raspberry jam.. it is awesome!!

  • Dino2033
    Dino2033 Oy oldin

    August 20 is my b day

  • Mubarek Hussen
    Mubarek Hussen Oy oldin

    oreo has made their own dunkaroos

  • Jean Nadeau
    Jean Nadeau Oy oldin

    These videos make me think of what life would be like after an apocalypse or the end of our society.

  • Eugenia Lassaque
    Eugenia Lassaque Oy oldin

    Dude. Argentina has 3Ds.. I don't know if those are Doritos though

  • matthew tricker
    matthew tricker Oy oldin

    Australia has Dunkeroo's in Coles. $4-$5 for a 6 pack

  • Marmalade
    Marmalade Oy oldin

    Rhett: "It just tastes like old, rotten bone"
    *Enter Cotton Candy Randy, Stage Left*

  • person
    person Oy oldin


  • Fiona Martin
    Fiona Martin Oy oldin

    I’ve ate an old gram cracker that tasted just like cardboard 🤢🤮

  • Joik
    Joik Oy oldin


  • Breeanna Jane
    Breeanna Jane Oy oldin

    We still have dunkaroos in Australia

  • tom ee
    tom ee Oy oldin

    Molly was the best part

  • ArrJay
    ArrJay Oy oldin

    These aren’t discontinued in Australia

  • Indigo Wendigo
    Indigo Wendigo Oy oldin

    You could probably make some weird pretzel ring type stuff with that though, maybe some arts and crafts and stuff. :p

  • raptor rapman
    raptor rapman Oy oldin

    links all about playing with his food lmaoo

  • Indigo Wendigo
    Indigo Wendigo Oy oldin

    You guys are lucky that there's probably some kind of preservatives in all that candy. :p
    Which might not exactly be healthy but it's probably better than something like moldy bread or rotten fruit... :p

  • Indigo Wendigo
    Indigo Wendigo Oy oldin

    I think I remember the 3d doritos...

  • Melissa T
    Melissa T Oy oldin

    As a kid I would take 3D doritos and nibble a corner, then fill the dorito with easy cheese THEN pop the whole thing in my mouth. ^^

  • Einar Blood-Axe
    Einar Blood-Axe Oy oldin

    Literally every ingredient on earth is natural. You can't create something from nothing, it defies the laws of physics. That means that any material or ingredient used to make something is derived from or combine with multiple of something that already existed in or on the earth.

  • Hilal Ghaddar
    Hilal Ghaddar Oy oldin

    Dunkaroos are still a thing in Canada :D

  • AyeYerMa
    AyeYerMa Oy oldin

    Hmm well blue raspberry is a natural fruit, it's more commonly called the 'white bark raspberry' or formally as 'Rubus Leucodermis'. Though since the blue raspberry flavouring is highly artificial it likely doesn't taste anything like the fruit lol

  • Keith Wayne Jones

    i wish y’all would’ve have p.b. crisps on this ep. they really need to bring those back

  • ashhaf salah
    ashhaf salah Oy oldin

    I love it!
    Spits it out 3 seconds later

  • Alyssa Stephenson

    Season premiere on my birthday

  • Krgibbler
    Krgibbler Oy oldin

    You know I could have sent you fresh dunkaroos from Canada? 😜

  • Marcy Kiger
    Marcy Kiger Oy oldin

    Couldn’t help but notice Rhett’s subtle but purposeful game of keep the scissors away from Link who can’t be trusted with sharp objects.

  • Saimon Rivera
    Saimon Rivera Oy oldin


  • Anam Mansuri
    Anam Mansuri Oy oldin

    i wonder how they get this stuff like a person just casually found 50 year old pretzel in the back of their pantry and was like oh lets sell them on eBay for 100 dollars wth😂

  • Bobby McBob
    Bobby McBob Oy oldin

    13:06 this is such a classic Rhett and Link thing im

  • Audrey Brunner
    Audrey Brunner Oy oldin

    I thought he Rhett said duck a roo ☹️

  • Steamy Nerd
    Steamy Nerd Oy oldin

    Lmao you both got balls trying that stuff! Love GMM! I can't get enough!

  • Elizabeth Wagner
    Elizabeth Wagner Oy oldin

    As a 90s kid I've never had dunkaroos