My Sister in Real Life

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  • It's Alex Clark
    It's Alex Clark  8 oy oldin +22331


  • forever grateful
    forever grateful 4 soat oldin

    When I was below 10 yrs old, i bit the eyebrow of my younger brother to the point that it bled, i kicked his male organ and i did other mean stuff to him for no reason at all and i got away with it because i was the only girl in the family (i have 3 brothers). And now i really regreted everything that i did to him because when we became adults we've grown close.

  • Jacob Todd
    Jacob Todd 4 soat oldin

    Yes she is evil

  • Jennifer Frend
    Jennifer Frend 6 soat oldin +1

    P I N K !

  • Rhea Neo
    Rhea Neo 7 soat oldin

    My big two sis is kind

  • Simon May
    Simon May 10 soat oldin +1

    My sister is evil

  • Mad Dasher
    Mad Dasher 14 soat oldin

    Your house is like mine

  • Rob Robot
    Rob Robot 14 soat oldin

    I don't have any siblings. And I'm proud of it!

  • Kaylyn Livsey
    Kaylyn Livsey 17 soat oldin

    My sister is sassy

  • Ryan Smith
    Ryan Smith 18 soat oldin

    Alex are you heartless and ever thought of recording her?

  • Evan Hong Evan Hong
    Evan Hong Evan Hong 19 soat oldin

    I love how she had a mustache 😂

  • Paloma Perez
    Paloma Perez 19 soat oldin

    Bro omg oh my god 🤦🤦🙅🏼🙅🏼🙅🏼🙅🏼

  • Vicki Cheely
    Vicki Cheely 19 soat oldin

    Can you woke play Fortnite

  • Amy Handel
    Amy Handel 20 soat oldin

    Your socks and underwear are pink

  • sir.katty love
    sir.katty love 21 soat oldin

    Fake what did she use to make the robot

  • The angel of darkness
    The angel of darkness 22 soat oldin

    I have an annoying brother . I try to pull pranks on him he hates girly things so I changed our phone case and wallpaper to our phone but he just stopped using the phone

  • Melinda James-Hancock
    Melinda James-Hancock 22 soat oldin

    I heard you like PINK BROTHER...😈😈😈

  • SweetFoxTrot AnimeLover
    SweetFoxTrot AnimeLover 22 soat oldin

    Haha your socks and underwear are pink well HAHA YOUR ADOP- technical difficulties

  • Noor Majumder
    Noor Majumder Kun oldin +1


  • Noor Majumder
    Noor Majumder Kun oldin +1


  • Noor Majumder
    Noor Majumder Kun oldin +1


  • Dee Bo
    Dee Bo Kun oldin

    Yes she is evil

  • Marco Araujo
    Marco Araujo Kun oldin

    She is evil

  • Marco Araujo
    Marco Araujo Kun oldin

    What the heck

  • midnight stars
    midnight stars Kun oldin


  • Jordan Castillo
    Jordan Castillo Kun oldin

    Wait how would they see u underwear if u shorts or pants or over it

  • Brigida de los santos

    When you voice your sister I get goosebumps........

  • Brigida de los santos

    Brain Hull is awsome!

  • Fortnite Kid
    Fortnite Kid Kun oldin

    Spot the different

  • Crystal Valentine
    Crystal Valentine Kun oldin

    Did you know there was a new movie called Mary Poppins returns

  • Tania Torres
    Tania Torres Kun oldin

    That is silly.😆😆😆😆😆

  • Toni P
    Toni P Kun oldin


  • Procraftgaming
    Procraftgaming Kun oldin

    i have a evil brother

  • Tai Goodman
    Tai Goodman Kun oldin

    I love 💕 the videos

  • Dymond Ultra
    Dymond Ultra Kun oldin

    Thanks for the trip mwahahhahbahhahhahahahhahhahahahahhahhahhahhahahhahahhahahhahhauauuahahabbahabna

  • uberbloop
    uberbloop Kun oldin


  • elvieboo
    elvieboo 2 kun oldin

    She stopped and little

  • Ashley Crews
    Ashley Crews 2 kun oldin


  • Ashley Crews
    Ashley Crews 2 kun oldin

    Do you need help

  • Brandon Hinojosa
    Brandon Hinojosa 2 kun oldin


  • Tabby bee Gameing
    Tabby bee Gameing 2 kun oldin

    But the kids can’t see your underwear...

  • hvrdening
    hvrdening 2 kun oldin

    She's acting like a villain from boku no hero academia tbh

  • That Random Guy Who Watches YT

    This is why I flip my pillow because my brother Is evil
    Also I like pink

  • Αντρεας 4321
    Αντρεας 4321 2 kun oldin

    I think your sister is good

  • Diego Nery
    Diego Nery 2 kun oldin

    THAT WAS YOUR SISTER I WAS wondering why people were scooting back in there chairs

  • Gang weed
    Gang weed 2 kun oldin

    Well that was EpIc

  • Nick G
    Nick G 2 kun oldin

    I'm still a kid 😄

  • DragonFly Gatcha’s
    DragonFly Gatcha’s 2 kun oldin +1

    Oh yea I’m a sister and I definitely do that, Tear down buildings YEA everyday

  • Marcus Walton
    Marcus Walton 2 kun oldin

    The sister sounds so creepy 😱

  • Wilma Comeaux
    Wilma Comeaux 2 kun oldin


  • Wilma Comeaux
    Wilma Comeaux 2 kun oldin


  • Mark & Stacy Lindgren
    Mark & Stacy Lindgren 2 kun oldin

    Your sister is Satan

  • Soully BrNz
    Soully BrNz 2 kun oldin

    Why does your sister look so much like the babysitter?

  • Roido Rekuzzu
    Roido Rekuzzu 2 kun oldin

    ur sister is not a evil i think she is just scaring u

  • maria coria
    maria coria 2 kun oldin

    So wait. ALL of the thing that your sister did was totally FAKE and did some little bad stuff that boys did to scare they’re sister!
    Oh wow jeez

    XXGAMER DUDEXX 2 kun oldin

    Am diying

  • jean & grant Corbin
    jean & grant Corbin 2 kun oldin

    A big nerd dude one time you freaking in a bucket get filled with pink paint and I couldn't get the stain off so I walked in the school covered all my stuff that is pink and someone seen pink and they said that is pink

  • shini game on
    shini game on 2 kun oldin

    I know you like me

  • Mayne Meow
    Mayne Meow 2 kun oldin

    Thanks for giving me ideas for pranks on my brother

  • Joseph Plays
    Joseph Plays 2 kun oldin

    Blue and pink are my fav colors same with you? Like it

    SCSLAYZ 2 kun oldin

    When I was FOUR YEARS OLD my older sister smashed my captain america lego set i got for bye birthday because when i was three i broke her playmobile set THAT DUMB BUTT

  • Lah Poe
    Lah Poe 2 kun oldin


  • Mickie Wong
    Mickie Wong 2 kun oldin

    My younger sis is just like that

  • zaruken kamt
    zaruken kamt 2 kun oldin

    I want to talk to the babysister and I will pass you with the grandma

  • Abbie Lawley
    Abbie Lawley 2 kun oldin

    i love mary poppins

  • XxMarshmallow ManiacxX

    *P* *I* *N* *K*

  • cherylchavis75
    cherylchavis75 2 kun oldin

    I think you’d think 🤔

  • Mehgan Lord
    Mehgan Lord 2 kun oldin

    I know u like pink (best evil voice) 😎

  • Zuri Price
    Zuri Price 2 kun oldin +1


  • Sophia Muller
    Sophia Muller 3 kun oldin

    SuperCalafragileisstickXP alladoseShia

  • Red birds Pizza bro
    Red birds Pizza bro 3 kun oldin

    Ummmm what

  • itsMaryAnton mee
    itsMaryAnton mee 3 kun oldin

    How to you make this videos (wot app is it

  • The Minty Blog
    The Minty Blog 3 kun oldin

    Ok so why do your story’s sound like me an my brother

  • LittleMissReborn
    LittleMissReborn 3 kun oldin

    I love how she says Mary poppins🤣

  • Rick Sanchez
    Rick Sanchez 3 kun oldin

    0:58 thats a 5 second incest to me if you will

  • AwesomeGoCrazy
    AwesomeGoCrazy 3 kun oldin

    BRIAN!!! Where are you Hullimaniacs?

  • Brian Qvillafranco
    Brian Qvillafranco 3 kun oldin

    1:24 thats me

  • Mcpeplayer Mc
    Mcpeplayer Mc 3 kun oldin

    4:23 Who needs five bedrooms??? Lol

  • Circle Boy
    Circle Boy 3 kun oldin

    :| M'kay

  • TheCahlab86
    TheCahlab86 3 kun oldin

    *H E L L H A S J O I N E D T H E P A R T Y*

  • Anuri Okike
    Anuri Okike 3 kun oldin

    *-your sister is nice!-*
    *mine is nicer!*

    CRAZYSPEEDCUBER 827 3 kun oldin

    My sister is also evil

  • Prankster Game Player
    Prankster Game Player 3 kun oldin

    I really like your animation!!👍👍👍👍

  • lillielovescats anddogs

    Sucks to be you

  • sidog13
    sidog13 3 kun oldin

    She is!!!

  • Moses Kailea
    Moses Kailea 3 kun oldin

    R u friends with the Odds1sout

  • puppy lover
    puppy lover 4 kun oldin

    Cool vid love your vids😁

  • Fnaf and Bendy Fan2000

    Pink is cool

  • Rafael Abarico
    Rafael Abarico 4 kun oldin

    My sister pinch me all the time and she tried to scare me with a cutter... She says "if you do my chores (clean the house and wash the dishes) i will let you play with our family computer and if not she will put a password to the computer so I cant play. But she is my sister, a loving sister(pure evil) and i dont want new one. (Pls help)

  • Patrick Myers
    Patrick Myers 4 kun oldin

    Wow that's terrible that your little sister does terrible things.

  • ItsHungerdog o_o
    ItsHungerdog o_o 4 kun oldin

    Man i love ur videos alex

  • kipling 17
    kipling 17 4 kun oldin

    Pink is my favourite colour

  • toko264 Kaliwungu
    toko264 Kaliwungu 4 kun oldin

    What a sinSISTER girl!

  • Denise Villalva
    Denise Villalva 4 kun oldin

    My favorite colors pink🎀💖💕💓💞💘💕

  • Mark Tull Jr
    Mark Tull Jr 4 kun oldin

    I don't have a sister

  • Ken Ching
    Ken Ching 4 kun oldin

    You shod make her stop

    ANGEL VALEDON 4 kun oldin


    ANGEL VALEDON 4 kun oldin


  • Super gamer Ivan
    Super gamer Ivan 4 kun oldin


  • Super gamer Ivan
    Super gamer Ivan 4 kun oldin