Mila Kunis Spent Her Honeymoon in an RV Park with Ashton Kutcher's Parents

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  • Daisy Esquivel
    Daisy Esquivel Kun oldin

    Need her haircut

  • Ace Of Spades
    Ace Of Spades 2 kun oldin

    Shut up Meg

  • tommer vongkaenchan
    tommer vongkaenchan 2 kun oldin

    Bubble guppies and octonauts SWAG. :)

  • Mac Martin
    Mac Martin 6 kun oldin

    It's so funny how in That 70's Show they were all sayin lines about having kids and getting married and then boom! They got married and had kids, it is amazing how they stayed kn touch after that show ended and how they ended up where they are right now.

  • Lilly Osterwald-Murray

    Love it!

  • Franco Juan
    Franco Juan 9 kun oldin

    Her accent has changed

  • KaW4SaKy K4
    KaW4SaKy K4 9 kun oldin

    My fan tribute video to Mila Kunis i hope you like guys!! thanks

  • Maryam Hamid
    Maryam Hamid 10 kun oldin


  • Jessica Knowles
    Jessica Knowles 10 kun oldin

    Nice couple.

  • Amaya Nox
    Amaya Nox 10 kun oldin

    waiting for the movie version of this story. Sounds really like a fun story.

  • niallcarroll19
    niallcarroll19 11 kun oldin

    Ashton is one lucky fcuker......

  • jenny sanchez
    jenny sanchez 12 kun oldin

    This sounds just like Jackie and kelso

    PROPAINZERO 13 kun oldin

    Shut up meg

    KAYBURBSOFFICIAL 14 kun oldin +3

    I see Ashton and her together and I feel like the younger generations still have hope........ to light skins keeping it real, makes me think everything is gonna be okay

    KAYBURBSOFFICIAL 14 kun oldin

    Jimmy really tryna smash OD HARD

  • Warner Robins
    Warner Robins 17 kun oldin

    Damb what happened to her looks?

  • Xime Guzmán
    Xime Guzmán 19 kun oldin

    Love Mila Kunis !

  • Stella Kent
    Stella Kent 20 kun oldin

    shut up meg

  • Paige 1996
    Paige 1996 21 kun oldin

    Real life version of that 70’s show lol 😂

  • Julie Keenan
    Julie Keenan 21 kun oldin

    Hope they stay together,they seem so perfect for each other.

  • Tom Willowson
    Tom Willowson 22 kun oldin

    Fallon fucking this up with his laugh again

  • Juliette Raines
    Juliette Raines 22 kun oldin

    jimmy fucked up fallon is a drunken loser mess. NETWORK,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TAKE HIM AWAY ALREADY.

  • Sony2017
    Sony2017 22 kun oldin +1

    She still looks 18 to me lol...a cute sort of way

  • Vesper Vesper
    Vesper Vesper 24 kun oldin

    Women look amazing when they talk about their kids.... Its just natural enthusiasm that makes them glow.

  • Nathalie Fortier
    Nathalie Fortier 25 kun oldin

    ...but I bet it'll be a very memorable honeymoon. Those are the times you cherish the most, when things don't go according to plan.

  • Zach Campbell
    Zach Campbell 25 kun oldin

    I think it would be great if a large tarantula appeared on this show and sprayed gooey webbing
    All over mila kunis making her feel awful As she is completely covered in gooey webs all stuck to her body And her long hair.

  • Productions Trio
    Productions Trio 27 kun oldin

    Shut up meg!

  • Jamie Mezs
    Jamie Mezs Oy oldin

    Please you got to make a movie of your honeymoon.
    A true story is better than fiction.🤣😂🤣😂

  • Mila
    Mila Oy oldin

    What is a RV? 👀

  • deepak singh kandari

    Ugly as fuck

  • Matheus Marques
    Matheus Marques Oy oldin

    Mila Kunis 😍

  • Lina Wasilewski
    Lina Wasilewski Oy oldin

    The RV park she stayed at is close to where I live. The prisons are right across the road from my house and it is very safe here. If she does not want her RV anymore I would love to have it. More than anything I would like to RV through America and visit my grandkids. Ask her if she wants to give it away.

  • Gangir-Skills
    Gangir-Skills Oy oldin

    Meg Griffin.

  • Danial Mahmud
    Danial Mahmud Oy oldin

    Shes sound like meg from family guy

  • Samsgirl44
    Samsgirl44 Oy oldin

    Anyone else imagine when the RV broke, and Mila saying, "Oh it's so hot!" And Ashton saying, "Well Damn Jackie I can't control the weather!"

  • Lotsotrouble2
    Lotsotrouble2 Oy oldin

    they used Apple maps. lol FAIL

  • Vinny Verma
    Vinny Verma Oy oldin

    They should make a movie of this story

    MISSELO27 Oy oldin

    I LOVE MILA KUNIS, pretty and good actress :)))) And love ashton Kutsher as well

  • ZombieWulfgrl D
    ZombieWulfgrl D Oy oldin

    RVing is best Life ever. Of course it was better when gas was only .56 cents a gallon, but the experience is still a freeing time.

  • Babearino
    Babearino Oy oldin

    Shut up Meg

  • Joe Roscoe
    Joe Roscoe Oy oldin

    Wow, this is so real them 3 shows

  • Gucci Mama
    Gucci Mama Oy oldin

    My name is Mila

  • Jon Mayberry
    Jon Mayberry Oy oldin +2

    beautiful eyes and personality

  • Eleni Kara
    Eleni Kara Oy oldin

    We need a movie of their honeymoon !

  • a hmd
    a hmd Oy oldin +2

    I loooooove u mila 💖

  • Kevin S
    Kevin S Oy oldin

    Shut up meg

  • HuggiMa
    HuggiMa Oy oldin

    She's the kind of girl that every guy with a controlling mother wants to marry. Cause you know she can handle being part of a family of domineering women. She's the one they'll all melt for and adopt as their daughter.

  • steve187
    steve187 Oy oldin

    This bitch is hot

  • Melanie Gil
    Melanie Gil Oy oldin

    Her fit is giving me jack skelington vibes

  • Ralph Daniel Jacob

    Shut up, Meg.

  • Jade Perkins
    Jade Perkins Oy oldin

    Woah! She is from Jersey now?! This accent is crazy good!

  • M Sizzle
    M Sizzle Oy oldin

    Ashton is a lucky man.

  • joe lodd
    joe lodd Oy oldin +3

    i see mila kunis, but all i hear is Meg

  • Mickey Mouse
    Mickey Mouse Oy oldin

    Get an RV, it's so much fun!!!

  • Asukirai Jin
    Asukirai Jin 2 oy oldin

    Shut up meg

  • Jace Jacobs - Jar of Poetry

    🤚🏼👊🏼😀❤️ Daddy of two here. It was crazy how hard we thought it was with just one. Two was way harder but I love it. Much respect to those parents that can handle many kids.

  • Jaiden Nestor
    Jaiden Nestor 2 oy oldin

    I love her voice😍

  • yoden
    yoden 2 oy oldin

    Que ha contado de la luna de miel y de sus hijos por Diossss que habla muy rápido para mi nivel de inglés!! Alguien traduce porfa ???

  • vinaykarthik saligram

    Shut up meg

  • RW Smith
    RW Smith 2 oy oldin

    My folks RVd all over the country and had a great time, but they did have to stop a lot to get things fixed.

  • Daniel Leinakh III
    Daniel Leinakh III 2 oy oldin

    Shut up Meg

  • Nadine Rody
    Nadine Rody 2 oy oldin

    All the money they have,they live like average everyday people

  • Niv Zora
    Niv Zora 2 oy oldin

    Why do people hate her

  • NamanWayne
    NamanWayne 2 oy oldin


  • CaioSpy
    CaioSpy 2 oy oldin +1


  • Jakub Rokicki
    Jakub Rokicki 2 oy oldin

    Bla bla.

  • Zoya Hassan
    Zoya Hassan 2 oy oldin


  • Jon
    Jon 2 oy oldin

    As she ages her looks are resemblancing maraina baccarin

  • teish
    teish 2 oy oldin

    love her 😫😍

  • lonewolf 92
    lonewolf 92 2 oy oldin

    Sweet girl 💓

  • Believers _
    Believers _ 2 oy oldin

    Honeymoon? Seriously? Rather, I would say “the path of death”😂 I wouldn’t want😆💙

  • Chikin Sauce
    Chikin Sauce 2 oy oldin +31

    "Jackie get in the van!"

  • L G
    L G 2 oy oldin

    I love this story hahaah imagine being married to the joker Aston K!

  • theJOKER isME
    theJOKER isME 2 oy oldin

    I ❤ her movie role in Jupiter Ascending.

  • Ginger Xx
    Ginger Xx 2 oy oldin

    Her ACCENT is everything

  • F2 STUDIO - Flair Fotografy Studio

    Why dnt we do an are we there yet sequel

  • Zerdest Gök
    Zerdest Gök 2 oy oldin

    When u close your eyes u only hear megans voice😂

  • Bryan Guzman
    Bryan Guzman 2 oy oldin

    She sounds just like Meg Griffin...

  • Pixie
    Pixie 2 oy oldin

    Wow I live in Bakersfield!

  • Janiesue08
    Janiesue08 2 oy oldin

    She's trash!

  • Andrew BrOoKsSsy
    Andrew BrOoKsSsy 2 oy oldin

    Shut up Meg

  • Mathias Trachsel
    Mathias Trachsel 2 oy oldin

    Jesus has so much pleasure in you. He loves you no matter how you behave no matter what you do you have ever done Jesus loves you very much

  • p h o t o s y n t h e s i s

    - "NO, MICHAEL!"

  • Charles Johnson
    Charles Johnson 3 oy oldin

    Can´t Fallon just sit there, present the guest, then keep his mouth shut and stop his badly overacting?

  • Kalyani Singh
    Kalyani Singh 3 oy oldin

    Yo I thought they were married for like 10 years 😂😂😂

  • Itz_Kuri
    Itz_Kuri 3 oy oldin

    Shut up,Meg!

  • Harry Sharma
    Harry Sharma 3 oy oldin

    She has a wonderful voice...... Just love hearing her talk😆😆

  • PugglBoy
    PugglBoy 3 oy oldin

    Shut up meg

  • gurpreet singh
    gurpreet singh 3 oy oldin

    Love her

  • Müge Filiz
    Müge Filiz 3 oy oldin

    2:07 jackie burkhart uh-huh!!

  • mobspeak
    mobspeak 3 oy oldin

    Shut up Meg.

  • Ahmad Tawsif
    Ahmad Tawsif 3 oy oldin

    i love when she tells: ohhh boy !!!!!!!

  • zobielamouche1
    zobielamouche1 3 oy oldin

    i'm sorry to say that but she looks very jewish

  • Makayla Ryan
    Makayla Ryan 3 oy oldin

    *shut up meg*

  • Laura Hafner
    Laura Hafner 3 oy oldin

    She’s really funny! My kinda gal.😂🙂

  • Suey
    Suey 3 oy oldin

    wow she was hilarious - i cracked up so hard i nearly fell off my chair!

  • Trisha Cabral
    Trisha Cabral 3 oy oldin

    well damn jackie

  • saiko
    saiko 3 oy oldin

    5:11 the automatic subtitles says the real reason why they still like each other after 3 years.

  • Siphesihle Nxumalo
    Siphesihle Nxumalo 3 oy oldin

    I love Ashton

  • Barış E.
    Barış E. 3 oy oldin +4

    She kinda looks like Anna Farris here