Craziest Game Show Answers

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  • Conor The Lions Fan
    Conor The Lions Fan 5 oy oldin +4046

    Stevie Harvey is my Spirit Animal

  • Weronika Michaliszyn
    Weronika Michaliszyn 11 soat oldin

    OMG the first thing I though was naked grandma!! Seriously that’s sick 😂😂😂

  • Desiree Delilah
    Desiree Delilah Kun oldin

    But what WAS the answer to that jeopardy question?

  • Abby Winer
    Abby Winer 2 kun oldin

    I'm really upset that I got the first one right

  • hao como has estao
    hao como has estao 2 kun oldin


  • Joe Simonee
    Joe Simonee 3 kun oldin +1

    Stevie seemed so mad.☹️

  • Keegan Darrow
    Keegan Darrow 4 kun oldin

    This is good and all, but I haven't seen anyone mention the faint screaming at 11:51.

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez 4 kun oldin

    735 sweet home Alabama

  • CanCycle
    CanCycle 5 kun oldin

    4:50 in the movie sing a rodent plays the saxophone

  • Tyler Grashaw
    Tyler Grashaw 6 kun oldin

    Sometimes I think Stevie thinks this duo is a trio

  • Mischievous Games
    Mischievous Games 7 kun oldin

    I actually remembered the answer to the first clip after seeing that episode 1.5 years ago

  • MateriaHunter
    MateriaHunter 7 kun oldin +1

    What is the answer to the last question? According to google the nominees were "Billy Elliot: The Musical", "Next to Normal", "Shrek The Musical" and "Rock of Ages". I've never heard of any hymn called anything like that, but I hope it's "Shrek The Musical".

    • elisag27
      elisag27 7 kun oldin

      MateriaHunter rock of ages

  • Aisha
    Aisha 8 kun oldin

    Wait what was the actual answer to the sheep question 😆....

  • FuzioNz
    FuzioNz 8 kun oldin

    7:36 *S W E E T H O M E A L A B A M A*

  • Sniperpuppy1107
    Sniperpuppy1107 9 kun oldin +2

    *OMG! RHETT’S FACE AT **8:21**. I’M DEAD* 😂

  • That's What She Said
    That's What She Said 9 kun oldin

    Haven't watched this yet, but they better have "NAKED GRANDMA!"

  • Tuesday Bandy
    Tuesday Bandy 10 kun oldin

    But what is the stupid answer?

  • eshiffer
    eshiffer 10 kun oldin

    4:51 my friend Jay Rattman

  • Coty Stanford
    Coty Stanford 10 kun oldin

    I know all of these just because of memes lol

  • Oliver White
    Oliver White 11 kun oldin

    Yesssss I love kinky boots!

  • Michael Druker
    Michael Druker 11 kun oldin


  • Shaddow Gaming14
    Shaddow Gaming14 11 kun oldin

    Not cool I have to get a circumcision tomorrow

  • kai russell
    kai russell 12 kun oldin

    Steve Harvey is actually Alvin from Alvin and the chipmunks turned into a human.

  • Fusion Blade
    Fusion Blade 12 kun oldin

    Guy: sister
    Me: (breathes in)


  • Kaitlin Eswizzle
    Kaitlin Eswizzle 12 kun oldin

    Everyone has practiced kissing on their mirror

  • Kaitlin Eswizzle
    Kaitlin Eswizzle 12 kun oldin

    String bean is my super skinny dog's nick name 😂💕

  • Joshua Colson
    Joshua Colson 12 kun oldin

    I got two right, naked grandma and the sister lmao

  • Kaitlin Eswizzle
    Kaitlin Eswizzle 12 kun oldin


  • Kaitlin Eswizzle
    Kaitlin Eswizzle 12 kun oldin

    Why does Stevie look great in that mustache???

  • azzahra vlogs
    azzahra vlogs 12 kun oldin

    About to say the naked grandma

  • Meme man
    Meme man 12 kun oldin


  • Icecream Beam
    Icecream Beam 13 kun oldin

    “name something you used to practice kissing”
    *country music plays*
    me/the guy- SISTER

  • Ruffle Truffle
    Ruffle Truffle 14 kun oldin

    Omg on the “ kiss your mom “ one and he actually said “ your sister “ I got an ad about the chocolate kisses and it said “ Kiss your mom, kiss your sister, kiss your frenemies etc. “

  • Nonaya Bidness
    Nonaya Bidness 14 kun oldin

    A rodent and a saxophone meet everyday at the New York city subway...

  • SπdR
    SπdR 14 kun oldin

    Man if they had Steve Harvey as a special guest

  • CannabisMaximus02
    CannabisMaximus02 14 kun oldin

    I guessed naked grandma or naked fat lady

  • Wtfplsstfu
    Wtfplsstfu 14 kun oldin

    Nekkid grammaw!

  • Scout 1365
    Scout 1365 14 kun oldin

    I like it when we get to see Stevie

  • Patrick Sweeney
    Patrick Sweeney 17 kun oldin

    lol I knew the first question...saw that episode... NAKED GRANDMA!

  • Monty is A lil biatch
    Monty is A lil biatch 17 kun oldin

    Omg I got the first one correct ksjsbd sisj

  • Boo Tolchin
    Boo Tolchin 19 kun oldin

    What’s the answer to the last one?

  • Person that likes YouTube

    I watch match game a lot on my tv like you do to

  • Ohheythere
    Ohheythere 20 kun oldin

    Naked grandma

  • Boogs Harris
    Boogs Harris 20 kun oldin

    BAKED BEAN!!!!!!

  • seamus palmer
    seamus palmer 20 kun oldin

    Is it weird that i thought he was going to say he practiced kissing on sister? Yes? OKAY!

  • Abigail Despina
    Abigail Despina 21 kun oldin

    On the bean one I was like SOMEONE HAS TO WRITE HUMAN. Me and Rhett think alike.

  • The Cf Life_
    The Cf Life_ 21 kun oldin

    I have watched the funniest family feuds so many times, I knew the first clip

  • Squack asyoulike
    Squack asyoulike 21 kun oldin

    “What do you put around your neck?-“
    *a noose*

  • Ellie Santos
    Ellie Santos 22 kun oldin


  • Aryaman Kejriwal
    Aryaman Kejriwal 23 kun oldin

    You know you’ve seen too many of these when you remember some of the answers...

  • Fortnite Fun Time
    Fortnite Fun Time 23 kun oldin +1

    I actually guessed sister. What’s wrong with me?

  • Derek Morrison
    Derek Morrison 23 kun oldin

    Rock of ages

  • Fun bunny
    Fun bunny 24 kun oldin

    Stevie sound like an updated computer

  • AnnieAlpaca H
    AnnieAlpaca H 24 kun oldin


  • Anna Denney
    Anna Denney 25 kun oldin

    WHEN WILL RHETT’S SHIRT (the style, not his actual shirt, obviously) BE IN THE MYTHICAL STORE? Hubs would LOVE it!

  • Mongoose_Cdn
    Mongoose_Cdn 25 kun oldin

    7:32 I got a question right for once

  • Jumping Beanz
    Jumping Beanz 27 kun oldin

    Hey, I’m gay, and look at my name. IM A LESBEAN!!

  • Logan Walker
    Logan Walker 28 kun oldin

    Stevie needs to learn what a euphemism is... that really killed the mood of the video. Clearly the guy from the 70’s implied the answer Rhett had which is what Rhett was saying. Neither were implying that 13 yr olds get circumcised at a Bar Mitzvah 🙄

  • bianca loves changkyun
    bianca loves changkyun 29 kun oldin

    this episode is just perfect

  • artawesome30
    artawesome30 29 kun oldin

    I love how impartial Rhett and Link are. It's a good reason I keep coming back after so many years, lol. I can trust that their ultimate priority is creating content everyone can enjoy

  • TheComedicIdiott Xx

    “ it was moist “

  • jdssurf
    jdssurf Oy oldin

    Kinky boots?

  • jdssurf
    jdssurf Oy oldin


  • jdssurf
    jdssurf Oy oldin

    Ppl comment, Stevie is hot, Steve harvey is a jerk, this and that, then everyone fights......................freakin lame. Nobody just laughs and enjoys each other’s comments.

  • robert rothberg
    robert rothberg Oy oldin

    I thought her impersonation of a face steve Harvey makes was sexy. Is that weird?

  • Jon-bomb Vidz
    Jon-bomb Vidz Oy oldin

    They should have also done kebert xela

  • Bre
    Bre Oy oldin

    Oh my Gish I actually got one right .. the sister one

  • Jacob Shackles
    Jacob Shackles Oy oldin

    Rhetts reaction to link at 8:15 is priceless

  • sofumangochine ___

    Stevie is adorable speaking of les-bean lmao

  • Christian Barbati


  • lyd 14
    lyd 14 Oy oldin

    i knew all the answers from compilations i watch

  • Celenia Celenia
    Celenia Celenia Oy oldin

    I got the sister one right!

  • Brody Kestel
    Brody Kestel Oy oldin

    Can we get Steve Harvey on the show

  • Eggs Benedict
    Eggs Benedict Oy oldin

    NAKE-HUH-Steve Harvey ????

  • bish who
    bish who Oy oldin


  • Trent Bump
    Trent Bump Oy oldin

    a lot of these Rhett and link had no chance of guessing and were completely random. This got me heated.

  • Boss#DOSBoy
    Boss#DOSBoy Oy oldin

    I got sister

  • Holden Farrell
    Holden Farrell Oy oldin +1

    where was the snoop dogg pi in the horse?!?!

  • tia ricciardi
    tia ricciardi Oy oldin


  • Some guy 2077
    Some guy 2077 Oy oldin

    I remember that clip sister

  • Courteney McColgan


  • paranormal follower

    Naked grandma

  • xyungx
    xyungx Oy oldin

    Stevie is so unfunny, sorry not sorry

  • TheWarDogGames 416

    I saw that fourth one before he says cousin...jk he says sister seriously tho not funny

  • random happens here

    Host: what is something a burglar would not want to see when he breaks into a house? Ron!
    Host: naked huh?
    *Crowd cheers*
    Host: I wouldn’t want to see that either.
    LMAO 😂

  • Kaela Rooney
    Kaela Rooney Oy oldin

    There was an ad for Plan B one step before this episode, and I just have to say that I am currently pregnant even though I took it. So no UZclip, I will not be getting that 10% off coupon.

  • Who am I?
    Who am I? Oy oldin

    Even with the tape on her face, Stevie is my dream girl.

  • Slow liquid
    Slow liquid Oy oldin

    I knew all the family feud answer (':

  • Vietta Costello
    Vietta Costello Oy oldin

    “Naked grandma 👵 “

  • Shaky Gameplay
    Shaky Gameplay Oy oldin

    Stevie Harvey sounds like Siri

  • Fut Pack 18
    Fut Pack 18 Oy oldin

    7:39 sweet home alabama

  • Vivian Manfredi
    Vivian Manfredi Oy oldin

    I identify as a lesbean

  • MrYeet
    MrYeet Oy oldin


  • Ally Ana
    Ally Ana Oy oldin

    I got the sister one!!!

  • Tanvi Haldar
    Tanvi Haldar Oy oldin

    Link at 11:11

  • ShadowChaos
    ShadowChaos Oy oldin

    Mom is reasonable because people kiss their mom but sister... debatable

  • Super Lengendary Person

    8:15 Rhett is questioning why Link is his best friend

  • ReignsGirl 85
    ReignsGirl 85 Oy oldin

    I only got "bah" ahaha

  • wolfy games
    wolfy games Oy oldin

    I got two right

  • Rhys Montrose
    Rhys Montrose Oy oldin

    These gave me so much secondhand embarrassment