Khabib Nurmagomedov Says UFC Gave Him Security in Case Conor McGregor Shows Up in Calgary

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  • Odi Gates
    Odi Gates Kun oldin

    Very humble☝️💪👍🙏

  • carlos Mascarenhas
    carlos Mascarenhas Kun oldin

    Every question related to Conor McGregor wow he is such a big name and every fighter can make money using his name nice business

  • Sadiq Shariff
    Sadiq Shariff 2 kun oldin

    Khabib is the real sultan of UFC .Allah bless from India.

  • jaylord lao
    jaylord lao 2 kun oldin

    send me location khabibs fist found the location of connors face lmao what a beating connor got

  • Nor Jantan
    Nor Jantan 2 kun oldin

    Send location ..his is really amazing fighter ...

  • Peter Thiessen
    Peter Thiessen 3 kun oldin

    Connor has done irreversible damage to the people of Ireland . No respect to Connor, and all respect for Khabeeb, from Canada.

  • Abdullah Yousuf khan
    Abdullah Yousuf khan 4 kun oldin

    A man whom you could look up to after he's gone like the real champ aka Mohammed Ali, whose life is a true example what difference an athlete can make in the life of a society and what stand he takes in the time of odds and further more he shouldn't let morals die,Khabib you've far better examples to learn from being a Muslim

  • التهاب حكمي
    التهاب حكمي 4 kun oldin

    ايش ذا ترجمه مافي🤔

  • nadya habib
    nadya habib 4 kun oldin

    Good looking 👑😍😍😍your my love now khabib💕💙❤

  • Sohail Shaikh
    Sohail Shaikh 4 kun oldin

    khabib time 27-0 real champ love from india

  • Christina Gordeychuk
    Christina Gordeychuk 5 kun oldin

    2:53 🤣

  • Alvin Zannat
    Alvin Zannat 5 kun oldin

    Soooooo handsome 😢

    ILL BOMBER! 9 kun oldin

    If conner show up in court????!!!!??? if he was soooo tuff why would he display it in court!? He ah big mouth fraud. And he QUIT AGAIN! after getting his ass DEMOLISHED!

  • Galaxy J7 plus
    Galaxy J7 plus 11 kun oldin

    Osm cool man

  • Messi100 M
    Messi100 M 11 kun oldin


  • Manissah Daud
    Manissah Daud 12 kun oldin

    Brilliant answers by Khabib we in Singapore love you very much May Allah bless you and your supporter all over the world .Greetings from Singapor🇸🇬💖

  • bhakto ke jijaji
    bhakto ke jijaji 13 kun oldin +1

    Khabib first language is SMASH

  • Sharif Dotani
    Sharif Dotani 14 kun oldin

    His mind is for Mony my mind is for legacy.

  • saifee 101
    saifee 101 15 kun oldin

    Respect khabib . from Pakistan ..

  • saifee 101
    saifee 101 15 kun oldin

    Around the world's all Muslims they loves you...!

  • shuaib ahmed
    shuaib ahmed 15 kun oldin

    Love you #Khabib# frm india

  • Malik kashif
    Malik kashif 16 kun oldin

    I love khabib

    ABHISHEK KSHIRSAGAR 16 kun oldin

    Khabib the king of UFC from India and huge Respect

  • Dakvayli Ken
    Dakvayli Ken 17 kun oldin

    His attitude is pretty much like Zidane.

  • Sarah M
    Sarah M 18 kun oldin +1

    10:23 Who else would do that... He looks tired through the Q&A and yet 11:13

    KAMRAN AHMED 18 kun oldin

    Your the best khabib

  • Morocco
    Morocco 18 kun oldin

    3:05 . ''Hey, you cannot say salam aleikum and talk about dickrider''.


    Khabib champ!!!

  • Ermawati Malvin
    Ermawati Malvin 19 kun oldin

    Khabib is the best👍

  • Mukarram
    Mukarram 20 kun oldin +1

    "Make him flat, make him tired, make him give up" goddamn the boy khabib told them his game plan and executed it lmao

  • Shaun
    Shaun 21 kun oldin

    Khabib is the real champ

  • Dug Myers
    Dug Myers 21 kun oldin

    Khabib is a class act.

  • taheripashtun
    taheripashtun 21 kun oldin +2

    Poor khabib, he has to deal with these morons with their stupid questions.

  • Kapitan Żbik
    Kapitan Żbik 21 kun oldin +2

    26:14 can someone translate what he said?

  • Umer Rock
    Umer Rock 22 kun oldin

    Love you khabib

  • sostareci
    sostareci 23 kun oldin

    Las Vegas on October 6th was location. Tap tap chicken

  • Blacker Momba
    Blacker Momba 23 kun oldin +1

    I like Khabib’s English ; and fact that he tells you he does not understand your question when he doesn’t. He doesn’t blah blah just to say something. And always respect a man that simply says “Idk” 👍🏾

  • D M N
    D M N 23 kun oldin +1

    Always humble

  • Sta Pol
    Sta Pol 24 kun oldin

    i think the way khabib talks, his English, and the fact that he makes jokes in a broken accent is so funny and entertaining ..can't wait see more fights from him

  • Sw Pacman
    Sw Pacman 24 kun oldin +1

    coward people need 40men. for one men. kabith is russian champion real men

  • Sw Pacman
    Sw Pacman 24 kun oldin

    mc nuget. get hiss ass kick. kabith kick his ass kabith is a champion

  • Analyn Yanez
    Analyn Yanez 24 kun oldin +1

    He is so calm and down to earth is not about the religion but a person appearance, attitude makes us admired him so much.

  • Ashad Kaif
    Ashad Kaif 24 kun oldin

    Aassalamu aleikum i m so happy n proud of u .we all d world see u n hear ur voice n ur answer but u don see us n don know us so i want 2 meet u n talk about u n me n i wanna make a frnd relationship i luv u so much, Allah bless u mashallah

  • Jeton Zeqiri
    Jeton Zeqiri 24 kun oldin

    khabib Florent Marku MMA From Albanian He Fight you

  • Samuel A
    Samuel A 25 kun oldin +2

    Good to see a dude so dominant but then again, so humble too. Congrats!

  • Sardar Aayan
    Sardar Aayan 25 kun oldin

    Who's time KHABIB'S TIME who rules KHABIB RULES let's go eagle champ 27-0

  • Sardar Aayan
    Sardar Aayan 25 kun oldin

    2:48 Dana white is the biggest 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Alexandra Y
    Alexandra Y 25 kun oldin

    Those stupid questions though. Who has patience for that?....Khabib. Great man!

  • Nani Pertin
    Nani Pertin 25 kun oldin

    I always see you,r fight ur amazing fighter I really love u khabib Iam from indian

  • ak nasir
    ak nasir 25 kun oldin +1

    What a Humble man he is next Muhammad Ali he gain all respect Mashallah brother

  • Majiro Murakami
    Majiro Murakami 25 kun oldin

    I💕💕💕💕💞💞💞💞💞💞💋💋💋💋you KHABIB from japan

  • Sulaiman سيد
    Sulaiman سيد 25 kun oldin

    Your my inspiration Sir Khabib !

  • Leee Haaa
    Leee Haaa 25 kun oldin +1

    Thee Eagel...khabib time💪

  • D-One
    D-One 25 kun oldin +2

    Get that bear a damn visa!

  • John
    John 26 kun oldin

    One single coward in UFC.
    Hoping to retire with tittle.

    I wish Conor never react to this guy or he will gain more popularity.

  • Azhar Abas Shah
    Azhar Abas Shah 26 kun oldin

    4:40 almost prophetic!

  • The Reef
    The Reef 26 kun oldin

    You are the real Hero khabib

  • Nasriin Aweys Nasriin Aweys

    Masha allah

  • Doc Dreamer
    Doc Dreamer 27 kun oldin +2

    Khabib looking complete badass here.

  • Jesse C.
    Jesse C. 27 kun oldin

    Not Just Furrr Ta'day!… fer lyfeee!!! Darn tootin!

  • ksoo
    ksoo 27 kun oldin

    khabib looks like he has great stroke game

  • ksoo
    ksoo 27 kun oldin

    omfg that reporter saying "send me location" with an accent made me want to kill myself

  • Resistance 313
    Resistance 313 27 kun oldin

    Canadians are so cringey

  • Naief Almalki
    Naief Almalki 27 kun oldin

    I think they all BS

  • Hon. Muxiya De mania
    Hon. Muxiya De mania 27 kun oldin

    Khabiib the eagle go ahead💪💪💖

  • surajit roy
    surajit roy 27 kun oldin

    Love u ...khabib

  • AFCADaan9
    AFCADaan9 27 kun oldin

    Gsp vs khabib would be mad

  • Noreen G
    Noreen G 27 kun oldin

    Assalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barahkatu Khabib stay humble barakallahu feekum 😊

  • Waqas Raza
    Waqas Raza 27 kun oldin

    11:25 lol Khabib is very witty and extremely smart. It's even funnier with his English. His English has improved a lot recently.

  • truth
    truth 27 kun oldin

    when khabib said dc is like his father!! it is a quite a compliment to dc and it is a serious comment

  • Riyaz Mulani
    Riyaz Mulani 27 kun oldin

    Conor act ,faith and valgar language is against bible and Christianity but khabib is always with islam(Pease aquire by following allah's massage by quran

  • Riyaz Mulani
    Riyaz Mulani 27 kun oldin

    The massage khabib gave is umportant Alhamdulillah (PRAISE TO BE ALMIGHTY ALLAH)

  • Hassan El Khyari
    Hassan El Khyari 28 kun oldin

    Are these questions from Indians on a telephone line?? Dumbest questions I have ever heard in my life!!

  • Uni Hamzah
    Uni Hamzah 28 kun oldin

    @khabib-nurmagomedov you are the best 👍👍👍Salam from Melbourne Australia.

  • anwar hussain
    anwar hussain 28 kun oldin

    I love you khabib... I respect you a lot.may Allah bless you.

    LALALA 28 kun oldin +1

    "You know i don't want to finish him early" 04:34 damn he got it all plan from the start.

  • George Irojah
    George Irojah 28 kun oldin


  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 28 kun oldin +3

    Canadians are so cringe, like WTF, it disturbs me to listen to their questions

    • AFIQ JR
      AFIQ JR 20 kun oldin

      Shut up loser🖕

  • Archangel Michael
    Archangel Michael 28 kun oldin +1

    WTF is wrong with Canadian reporters ? they hate one person so much they are ready to lick that person's rivals ass raw, I mean you can insult someone polite way but it's disgusting to watch reporters use slang words and words like this, also wtf is wrong with cuck giving out shoutouts, there is no way they are reporters, maybe reporting in their vlog or something

  • M.F. J
    M.F. J 28 kun oldin


  • Saladin Gucman
    Saladin Gucman 29 kun oldin

    A living legend

  • 369
    369 29 kun oldin +1

    send mi lowcation

  • sparkoo tahri
    sparkoo tahri 29 kun oldin

    love you khabib

  • LaTroy Oner
    LaTroy Oner 29 kun oldin

    khabib needs to take an english it for his english speaking fans...watching him answering them "i dont know" repeatedly makes me painful to watch

  • faisal bhat
    faisal bhat 29 kun oldin

    This is real sportsman-ship .Happy to see such people who never use foul language otherwise it seemed the fighters in UFC are coming from garbage family as they always use foul language..wish u luck from Kashmir.

  • Him Upadhyay
    Him Upadhyay 29 kun oldin

    Khabib is gentleman 😊💞

  • Radu Danut
    Radu Danut 29 kun oldin +3

    Rusia is great, Khabib is the Champ!!!!!!!

  • Asif Anan
    Asif Anan 29 kun oldin

    I love Habib 😍

  • 10 TOP
    10 TOP 29 kun oldin

    Who is here after fight
    Love you KHABIB brother

  • Jen Salas
    Jen Salas 29 kun oldin

    Your a Legend Khabib in all times

  • TheRealBen10Trippin _
    TheRealBen10Trippin _ 29 kun oldin

    im sold

  • alloclean 1
    alloclean 1 29 kun oldin +1

    What a Phenomena, Muhamad Ali- Tyson- Bruce Lee -Niseem Hamed- Khabib. Wow Im glad i saw all these people in my life time what an honor.

  • michele8196
    michele8196 29 kun oldin +5

    I'm in love with him..........

    • Me
      Me 20 kun oldin +1

      michele8196 so is his wife and two kids

  • Ta Al
    Ta Al 29 kun oldin

    one of the funniest khabib video

  • MrChuuk Micronesia

    From the little islands of Micronesia we support you Khabib! So humble yet so deadly!

  • Watch It
    Watch It Oy oldin

    Love u khabib 27-0

  • An1212 A
    An1212 A Oy oldin

    The people asking the interview questions sound like they are all drunk.

  • shahzad ahmad
    shahzad ahmad Oy oldin +4

    Khabib zindabad
    Love from pakistan

  • Frodo H
    Frodo H Oy oldin

    This Canadian guy must be very proud right now

  • Omar Abdulahi
    Omar Abdulahi Oy oldin

    You have all somalia people saport