Giving Myself A Lash Perm

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  • Scissors_and_ Warpaint
    Scissors_and_ Warpaint 8 soat oldin

    I love how there are so many NEW videos and YET I STILL keep turning on Me Time starring Jenna meebles

  • Ava Popp
    Ava Popp Kun oldin

    Jenna this is for you . Lol I’m a Virgo to

  • Sarah Ricci
    Sarah Ricci Kun oldin +2

    Please turn yourself into Dr. Phil

  • Gale
    Gale Kun oldin

    I was literally THAT kid being weird ✊🏽😎😔

  • nasia M
    nasia M 2 kun oldin

    Why was this so funny and relatable 😭

  • Nicole Webb-Videos
    Nicole Webb-Videos 3 kun oldin

    12:49 Billie Eilish

  • alexandra
    alexandra 3 kun oldin

    Meanwhile, the director of Bird Box was inspired by 6:47 😂

  • Mellisa Requeena
    Mellisa Requeena 4 kun oldin

    shes the best😂😂

  • It'sfreerealestate
    It'sfreerealestate 4 kun oldin +1

    2:59 I love the mini meltdown XD

  • sharkshark sharkshark
    sharkshark sharkshark 5 kun oldin

    Jenna screaming while julien hits a whip behind her sums up their relationship tbh

  • Fonville's Mishaps
    Fonville's Mishaps 5 kun oldin

    PLEASE collab with @Branditv please please please 😭😭😭😭😭

  • Mark D.
    Mark D. 5 kun oldin

    Kermit walking at 1:52 lmao

  • albani alcantara
    albani alcantara 5 kun oldin

    I am that kid who flipped there eyelids,but I'm a GIRL

  • Rowan Evans
    Rowan Evans 5 kun oldin


  • Kuhoo Not Kuhu
    Kuhoo Not Kuhu 5 kun oldin

    I dont think u shud be doing that to your eyes

  • Musical Penguin
    Musical Penguin 5 kun oldin +1

    Jenna was already doing the Bird box challenge.

  • Maya etc.
    Maya etc. 5 kun oldin

    birdbox who

  • Bella Mary
    Bella Mary 5 kun oldin +2

    I love your videos sooooooo much keep it up girllllllll ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Claudia Stone
    Claudia Stone 5 kun oldin

    basically my eyelashes without a perm

  • Adelaide Elam
    Adelaide Elam 6 kun oldin

    This is where Netflix got the idea for birdbox

  • Lucy Sushi
    Lucy Sushi 6 kun oldin

    Lol she definitely did not watch any or enough videos 😛 funny video though! They actually came out pretty decent for not staying on the silicone pad lol

  • lilly mikaelson
    lilly mikaelson 6 kun oldin +1

    Jenna I’m sorry but I don’t think the beauty store gives out iPads 😂😂 jk

  • Life with Ezzy
    Life with Ezzy 7 kun oldin

    Jenna feeds our Needs 😌

  • Isabel Groeneveld
    Isabel Groeneveld 7 kun oldin

    The moment you realize you have just spent 3 hours watching video’s with the thumbnail just being a closeup of jenna’s face😂😂😂

  • Mia Crawford
    Mia Crawford 7 kun oldin

    Jenna, you should do an eyelash tinting video next!! I really want to try it myself and I am just as dysfunctional as you so I need to see you do it first lmao

  • Harris M
    Harris M 7 kun oldin

    BIRD BOX!🤣 Jenna’s hilarious 😂

  • Kealy Moriarty
    Kealy Moriarty 8 kun oldin

    original birdbox

  • Sam Corson
    Sam Corson 8 kun oldin

    At 2:58 I almost spat up water on my taco

  • Kymberlyn_gaming
    Kymberlyn_gaming 8 kun oldin

    9:40 This is so sad, Alexa, Play "everything is glue"

  • Char Lottie
    Char Lottie 8 kun oldin

    9:28 wholesome.

  • These Four Walls
    These Four Walls 8 kun oldin

    I think all us eyelid flippers are weird with gentle hearts. 😊✌

  • B. McAllister
    B. McAllister 8 kun oldin

    1:10 The ghost of Marbles in the back. It's almost as if he's still alive...

  • mart urb
    mart urb 8 kun oldin

    Fuck. I shouldn't have watched it on the train. People were clearly bothered by my loud laughter.

  • Olivia Ambs
    Olivia Ambs 9 kun oldin

    6:47 the original Birdbox

  • Corrie Howell
    Corrie Howell 9 kun oldin

    I have a million questions like HUUUUUUUUUUH

  • Gabrielle Morton
    Gabrielle Morton 10 kun oldin

    i cant believe jenna invented bird box. (I know this joke was already said but i came here literally to make that joke thinking i was being original only to find out ~shocking~ im not)

  • kyle h
    kyle h 10 kun oldin

    bird box mode

  • Itz_Leah_ _
    Itz_Leah_ _ 12 kun oldin +3

    Legend has it that Julian hasn’t been got back yet

  • Dalton Ferguson
    Dalton Ferguson 12 kun oldin

    Where is the snack comment?

  • Ultra Pam
    Ultra Pam 13 kun oldin

    Pink is great on you, but stick to eyeshadow. That looks painful!

  • Russle
    Russle 13 kun oldin +4

    With the plastic wrap on her eyes she looks like she’s the most fashionable bird box survivor in the whole apocalypse

  • PhinaLovesMusic
    PhinaLovesMusic 14 kun oldin

    jenna predicted bird box with that look

  • Kirsxxvana
    Kirsxxvana 14 kun oldin

    6:47 bird box challenge

  • Adam Holmes
    Adam Holmes 15 kun oldin

    Jenna did birdbox first

  • yaya
    yaya 15 kun oldin

    I watched this video when I was feeling really sad and it brightened my day. Thank you for always putting a smile on my face.

  • Elana Wheeler
    Elana Wheeler 15 kun oldin


  • Denielle Lopez
    Denielle Lopez 15 kun oldin

    Jenna is having a bird box moment 😂😂

  • Autumn Swanson
    Autumn Swanson 15 kun oldin

    The red makes ur eyes look so green !! So that's a plus 😊

  • Holly Cowan
    Holly Cowan 15 kun oldin

    Birdbox forshadowing

  • Niv Messinger
    Niv Messinger 15 kun oldin

    Jenna is the definition of YOLO 😂 that hurt coming out.

  • Haidyn Hocklander
    Haidyn Hocklander 16 kun oldin

    Woo! I'm an Aries 😋 lol

  • Abigail Adkins
    Abigail Adkins 16 kun oldin

    Bird Box (2018) starring Jenna Marbles

  • Kirsten Cabatu
    Kirsten Cabatu 16 kun oldin +1

    yeah i gotta admit Birdbox does look wild

  • Sharon FLOYD
    Sharon FLOYD 18 kun oldin


  • CourtneyJoy
    CourtneyJoy 18 kun oldin

    Jenna did the Bird Box Challenge before bird box

  • Ur Local Mum
    Ur Local Mum 18 kun oldin +2

    Weird flex but ok

  • Bethany Sweetbell
    Bethany Sweetbell 19 kun oldin +1

    Jenna deserves way less


  • Laura Eshelman
    Laura Eshelman 19 kun oldin

    Bird box who

  • Emma
    Emma 19 kun oldin

    7:52 Birdbox

  • Jamie Steker
    Jamie Steker 19 kun oldin

    Go back to videos without Julien

  • TwistedBlueEyes
    TwistedBlueEyes 20 kun oldin

    Have you ever watched Jenna and realized "oooo, THAAAt's why her dogs are like that." Apple doesn't fall far from the tree, lol.

  • has never been to ovoo javue

    6:51 birdbox??????

  • dreamyskiez
    dreamyskiez 20 kun oldin

    "So its like suffocating your eyes but you're okay??"
    "Yes. What do you think i breathe thru my eyes?" 😭😂😂
    Okay this is a stoner couple i refuse to believe otherwise.

  • who ??
    who ?? 20 kun oldin

    6:50 wow birdbox looks so good

  • Jennifer Swimmer
    Jennifer Swimmer 20 kun oldin

    I love when you make “ the to much” noise

  • Esther Sulpizio
    Esther Sulpizio 21 kun oldin

    Look how much her eyebrows move when she talks👀

  • Hey it’s Mae
    Hey it’s Mae 21 kun oldin

    EXCUSE ME! ***my time and I***

    😂😂I’m sorry😂😂

  • SpoopyWeeb VA
    SpoopyWeeb VA 21 kun oldin

    Jenna predicted BirdBox.

  • Kimberly Villaverde
    Kimberly Villaverde 21 kun oldin

    OMG I laughed so much with this video I love it and I just subscribed

  • Caitland N
    Caitland N 22 kun oldin


  • Jen and Whatever this is

    6:50 the original bird box challenge

  • Kenisha Thompson
    Kenisha Thompson 23 kun oldin

    they look like lil sun visors

  • Nicole Lillian
    Nicole Lillian 24 kun oldin

    Did anyone notice marble in the first seconds of the video ☺..... no just me ok

  • ah kkaebsong
    ah kkaebsong 24 kun oldin +1

    Bird Box is in fact my favorite movie.

  • Katrina
    Katrina 24 kun oldin +2

    Jenna predicted birdbox in 2018

  • mackenzie routh
    mackenzie routh 25 kun oldin

    This video is Jenna predicting bird box, with Julian stealing her phone being the demon

  • K-Popper
    K-Popper 26 kun oldin

    6:51 Birdbox WHO???? 😂

  • Ali Gacha
    Ali Gacha 26 kun oldin

    6:51 *birdbox wHO?*

  • Lexis Abril
    Lexis Abril 26 kun oldin

    Bird box who 😂😂😂

  • Skylar Norman
    Skylar Norman 27 kun oldin

    Bird box moment 2019

  • L J
    L J 27 kun oldin


  • Grace Jackson
    Grace Jackson 27 kun oldin

    Honestly she looked better with the clear rap ON her fucking face

  • hellgr0wn
    hellgr0wn 28 kun oldin

    I feel offended by your eyebrows love u tho

  • Élisabeth Arroyo
    Élisabeth Arroyo 28 kun oldin


  • Natasha Candice Henry
    Natasha Candice Henry 28 kun oldin


  • Gisella Eberly
    Gisella Eberly 28 kun oldin


  • Leakhana Muth
    Leakhana Muth 28 kun oldin

    Bird Box clear edition

  • kAYLA c:
    kAYLA c: 29 kun oldin

    waiting for the next comp. they watch and all of the edits that will come of this lmao i predict many birdbox edits

  • Rude. mov Edits
    Rude. mov Edits 29 kun oldin +1

    6:52 love bird box

  • vanta
    vanta 29 kun oldin +391

    Is it just me or Jenna actually got prettier with age?? Like you can see she's in better place now mentally and physically she looks so good and happy omg

  • Ivy Duncan
    Ivy Duncan Oy oldin

    Jenna has a serious case of FOMO

  • Ocean Amelia
    Ocean Amelia Oy oldin

    I remember the first video I've seen of Jenna, (Full face of rhinestones.) It was the first time I laughed and felt happy and before I watched it, I was contemplating my life, I was so depressed, I couldn't go outside. I couldn't pick up my phone, my friend shared a video and I watched it and I'm not trying to sound dramatic, but thank you so much, Jenna. ❤️

  • Greywind92
    Greywind92 Oy oldin

    this is so bad lmfao

  • Leah Tennant
    Leah Tennant Oy oldin

    Bird box who? Sandra Bullock is shaking

  • Sofia Prado
    Sofia Prado Oy oldin +1

    He is a weird one , but a very gentle heart. But also gives no fucks. #eyelidflipperkid .

  • K0ncursus
    K0ncursus Oy oldin

    *Naruto runs behind Jenna*

  • Miss Lady Shana
    Miss Lady Shana Oy oldin

    The 'aries>virgo" tweet he made right after judging her was fucking great

  • Eva Kuppens
    Eva Kuppens Oy oldin

    Why did this make me think of birdbox

  • Gisselle Regalado

    She looks like kermet when he got stung by a bee

  • Tessa Serfass
    Tessa Serfass Oy oldin

    The original bird box movie