Create This Book 2 | EPISODE #2

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  • gaming girl yt becerra

    Omg your good at drawing im new

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    Please do more

  • Lorelei Bouldin
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    I love it

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    *its pretty epic*

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    Hey,i'm a new comer.Can you help me?

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    I want this book but I’m out of amazon money 😭♥️ I’ll earn moneyy

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    uhm you're SO? good? at art? Like wha

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    Hi my name is Charlotte

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    When you going to do another video

  • Beavers 1st Nkt
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    Brought. This book

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    Is no one gonna say that Moriah made a mistake?She wrote cupake #1046!BTW no hate

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    wow you are very creative

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    This is ..
    He has no friends.

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    Your sooooooooooo good at drawing

  • FelzBeauty
    FelzBeauty 2 kun oldin

    I feel like you should make children's books. Love your art work. My daughter loves watching your videos.

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    havra havri 2 kun oldin

    love your videos

  • thewalkers2801
    thewalkers2801 2 kun oldin

    Where can you find the "create this book" I hope you can finish the book before 2022!!! Lol!!! I💖U!! Love, Isabella grace

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    hollo everyone 2 kun oldin

    I've just discovered your channel and i absolutely love your sense of humor

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    Wow you are an amazing artist!

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    if i didn't watch the repair one i would of thought the bandages were drawn own

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    I just ordered a create this book 2

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  • The neighbors shed K
    The neighbors shed K 2 kun oldin

    Lol lol lol lol lolololololololololololol👹

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    2018- addicted to sprinkles
    2019- addicted to mod podge

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    I hav fan mail 😜😜

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    i'm ordering create this boom2 tomorrow I cant wait!!! LOL I haven't done ctb1 yet but nvm ha

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    Ur soooo good at drawing

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    A #edbunny

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  • Evuxiukaz YouTube
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    How to make your own "Create this book 2" you just need a notebook and a paper. Glue the paper on the top of the notebook and write "Create this book 2" and wolia!

    DALIADOG 22 2 kun oldin

    1:07 lol i actually said “bless you” out loud

  • Janina Enrico Andersen 4A Gildbroskolen

    i have your CTB and im so exited to use it!!

  • Carlos Parra
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    ........................................EY!...U ARTIST!!

  • priyanka patil
    priyanka patil 2 kun oldin

    Omg!!! You are so talented, at first I saw the thumbnail and thought it was a printed image but you made it and I was shook in a good way!!!

  • שירה שטרן
    שירה שטרן 2 kun oldin

    Can you do another episode of create this book??💕💕

  • ShookLikeJungkook
    ShookLikeJungkook 2 kun oldin

    I really do appreciate how this book only costs £6 (English currency anyways) which is very cheap!! So a lot of subscribers can buy it and get a lot of use out of it. I like how you don’t sell stuff for like £50 on ridiculous things like a singular top with very cheap printing and cheap material. You get your money’s worth with stuff you produce, can’t wait to buy the book!

  • Ayra Adnan
    Ayra Adnan 2 kun oldin

    I need this so bad!

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    More create this book 2! More,More!

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    More come on! Make episode 3

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    Love your videos soooooo much❤️

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    10:12 ????? Ummmmm ooooooh kaaaaaaay like if u wish there is such a thing as a sea cloud

  • Andy Ruster
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    You should do a give away of all your squishes

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    I have the exact same watercolor palette

  • Sophie McSherry
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    When I first saw ur intro, at the end it said ur signature “me” I thought you were a self absorbed brat... 😆

  • Callie Luv
    Callie Luv 3 kun oldin

    I love you! I’m definitely asking my dad for create this book 2, you are such amazing artist! I draw but it’s not as good as yours. I’m asking my mom to send you a package, but of course if you are asking for more packages.

  • Leo Decaprio
    Leo Decaprio 3 kun oldin

    I mean you are super good at art

  • Leo Decaprio
    Leo Decaprio 3 kun oldin

    Moriah u are a super good at art and I wish I can do art like u

  • Olive Morris
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    Moriah I love your videos so much and I love you so much to

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    I love your videos and that was a really good idea

  • maggie diaz
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    can you do more squishy make overs

  • maggie diaz
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    that's soooo cool

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    I am a fan of you

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    Rainbows EVERYWHERE!!!!!!

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    i love create this book

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    Hey Moriah! can you maybe do a video about tips and tricks for like, coloring or drawing?

  • Sophia Peters
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    Hey Moriah! I love your videos 😍❤️ I wish I could draw like you can you make a how to draw videos? #yourbiggestfan!

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    When will your next create this book 2 episode be?

  • Haylee Art
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    “when i pay $4.99 for a paint-set, I DEMAND QUALITY!”

  • iris vandervelden
    iris vandervelden 3 kun oldin

    11:08 i saw that and i flipped.

  • Lelu Southwell
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    Hi Moriah I was just wondering if in create this book 1 if you ever used crayola super tips because in the introduction of create this book 2 when you applied mod podge to it it smudged if you ever used them in your create this book 1 how did you protect your pages? I LOVE YOU SO MUCH YOUR SO FUNNY

  • kim duffy
    kim duffy 3 kun oldin

    Do you realise she put 18 instead of 19 but who cares everyone at school does it

  • Tuyet  Truong
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    When are you doing

  • Cuteness 4 Days
    Cuteness 4 Days 4 kun oldin

    Do create this book 3!!

  • Katie's Cuties Of Mossy Hollows

    your such a good drawer!!!!!!!!

  • Jet Ygana
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    I heard your jaw crack

  • Rebekah Cobb
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    “I *demand* quality” one of the best, I love ur vids

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    Make more Please

  • Azzy Land
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    Omg you should do a space for the cover because you did sky water and. Technically all your other stuff is on land ps love your video ❤️

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    You 'r woderfull .... I always have fun watching your videos 😉😉😉😉😆😍😍😍👌👍👍👍👌👌l love you and your channel

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    OMG! my mom is BUYING ,me this book on amazon RIGHT NOW!

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    You are a really good artist

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    I am color my creat this book

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    I love this channel so much!💕🍭🍬#RAINBOW

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    Her: Look away if you can’t handle this
    Me: LOok away look awayyyyyy

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    2 of my friends have the create this book 2! I love your videos x :)

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    A sea cloud

  • Charles Harrington
    Charles Harrington 4 kun oldin

    To Moriah Elizabeth I have your book I got it yesterday and you are my favourite UZclipr in the world and how do you do draw so good? Love Sophie

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    Your a great artist love from UAE

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    You are so good at this

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    Moriah,Are You LEFT HANDED??

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  • RainbowHeart AJ
    RainbowHeart AJ 5 kun oldin

    Ya know what I did with this?
    I turned my own book into Create This Book 2... on a budget.
    Why did I do this? For the confetti thing, I didn't have any pieces of paper or glue sticks, so I just used a candy wrapper and some hot glue. (God I'm so broke)

  • Tyson Twamley
    Tyson Twamley 5 kun oldin

    You should have put a button hanging out of the eye on the bear on the page where you riped and crumpled the page sorry i wrote this wierd and i think this vid is from a while ago opps

  • Leida Martinez
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    I love you you are the best and you are so good a drawing and your funny

  • Squishy gurl and a bit of Slime

    To make confetti you can use the hole puncher scraps

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    Moriah... Do you like Queen? ...the Band... I LOVE EM! THERE AWSOME!BEST BAND EVER

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    My bunny in the other hand, “#savage #TreatMeLikeRoyalty #ImBetter

  • Josephine Diane Newsom

    I could feel my heart breaking during the repair part.

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    I c r i e d

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    and outstanding amazing art

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    Why are you talking so lame

    FUR ANIMATION 5 kun oldin

    By the way, you could take out the three strips of watercolors and use them without the pallet what they were all in

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    You are quite good at art. Nice!

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    Srry I'm late but YEEEEEEES I have been waiting for this

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    1:25- just take the freaking paint pallets out Moriah! 🤣🤣