AirPods 2 & 3 Leak! Release Date, Rumors & Concept!

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  • EverythingApplePro
    EverythingApplePro  26 kun oldin +31

    Just uploaded the latest AirPods 2 leaks & release date info here:

    • Lil Jackdog
      Lil Jackdog 21 kun oldin

      I bet you 400000000 dollars you wont reply to this

    • Lil Jackdog
      Lil Jackdog 21 kun oldin

      thank you good sir

    • Top Toddy
      Top Toddy 22 kun oldin

      EverythingApplePro hi

    • Isaac Dejulian
      Isaac Dejulian 22 kun oldin

      I feel like apple might surprise us and add colors to the next airpods 2 refresh

    • Caroline Lyda
      Caroline Lyda 24 kun oldin

      EverythingApplePro I have AirPods and they work amazing I have had them for like 2 years

  • Sophisticated Lady with class Dee G Riley

    I got mines today

  • GaNgOuTrAge
    GaNgOuTrAge 2 soat oldin

    airpods 4 coming soon

  • aaron bonner
    aaron bonner Kun oldin

    They didn’t do any of the things u said in the video yet

  • Brandi Laveah
    Brandi Laveah Kun oldin

    I just got my AirPods 😭 but I already want these newer ones 👀

  • Freezer
    Freezer Kun oldin

    Just buy all of them broke ass

  • All Rounded
    All Rounded 2 kun oldin

    Launched date only show in apple website

  • All Rounded
    All Rounded 2 kun oldin +1

    Apple airpods 2 will not be launched or even not thing to make this apple airpods 2

  • All Rounded
    All Rounded 2 kun oldin +1

    Dont give wrong information

  • Noah Connor
    Noah Connor 3 kun oldin

    How much did apple pay you to say so. much good things about it?
    I mean you literally just claimed ear pods where affordable.

  • Little Snitch
    Little Snitch 5 kun oldin

    Who is wearing airpods right now

  • Boi Entertainment
    Boi Entertainment 5 kun oldin

    Hey how much will that cost? A WHOLE IPHONE 12

  • Bob De Bouwer
    Bob De Bouwer 5 kun oldin

    I've got airpods on android works perfectly used an app to check the battery and use the tap functions i recommend these for android users above the iconx

  • TI
    TI 6 kun oldin

    Airpod current uses finna be known broke soon

  • Jimmy Ahmad
    Jimmy Ahmad 6 kun oldin

    i love how no one else is talking about 0:00
    how the shit did he get them a month early

  • Lili Brackesy
    Lili Brackesy 7 kun oldin

    The release is going to be near March 22. I googled it

  • Chimpbot2000
    Chimpbot2000 7 kun oldin

    “aNy ONe cAn bUY oNe” If everyone I know is rich then sure

  • Erik Horan
    Erik Horan 7 kun oldin +1

    "I'm just waiting for the 2nd version and not buying the first ones" STFU! you just mad jealous cause you can't even afford them LOL

  • Sab Loveee
    Sab Loveee 8 kun oldin

    Thank you for this video !!

  • Perfecto Gaud
    Perfecto Gaud 8 kun oldin

    They need to make the tips rubberized and add hooks so they can stay on ears and feel more secure but other than that their a good buy

  • Queen Delove
    Queen Delove 8 kun oldin

    The grey ones look sausy

  • Aesthetic. safari
    Aesthetic. safari 8 kun oldin

    Ugh I'm wating so long ...😂

  • Edvard Gjertsen
    Edvard Gjertsen 8 kun oldin

    Good luck getting 800 ft 😂

  • Mr. Murad
    Mr. Murad 10 kun oldin

    You did it again!! LIKE IT! LIKE IT! However,When someone ask me, which one is best? Airpods or Rowkin? My answer, Rowkin. Honestly thought the design of Airpods was a joke on the other hand Rowkin has good design.

  • Slickstick44
    Slickstick44 10 kun oldin

    I already have an apple watch so I don’t need the heart sensor

  • Jessica Botros17
    Jessica Botros17 10 kun oldin

    Honestly when the next AirPods come out it’s fine by me if I don’t get them. I’m so happy and grateful for the AirPods I have that I don’t want to ask for another pair! I just hope I don’t lose them lol

  • Roses
    Roses 10 kun oldin +1

    Literally everyone has Airpods at the gym...

  • SyncRSv
    SyncRSv 10 kun oldin

    *Sniffs Again*
    *_smells like some broke in here_*

  • Troy Kile
    Troy Kile 11 kun oldin +1

    How much are they gonna cost?

  • Nebi_ exe
    Nebi_ exe 11 kun oldin +1

    Wtf i just bought airpods yesterday

    TTV YETI 12 kun oldin +1

    When in 2019 will AirPods 2 come out

  • It's Tyler
    It's Tyler 12 kun oldin

    Where are the new AirPods 2019 just wondering

  • -bakugou is My Religion-

    What if AirPods come as the same colors as the XR? So they match with the phone colors

  • kevin dellatore
    kevin dellatore 13 kun oldin

    Straight up, if Samsung doesn't wow me with the s10 or s11 I'm coming back to the iPhone. Sure, Android does practically everything better than apple. The way everything just comes together is nice.

  • Aj_luvs_the_game _
    Aj_luvs_the_game _ 13 kun oldin +2

    We all are most likely gonna get AirPods2 because AirPods3 is too far away to wait😂

  • TekTabut C-OPS
    TekTabut C-OPS 13 kun oldin

    You have air pods you not have a ears

  • NoPe Jackson
    NoPe Jackson 13 kun oldin

    My birthday is on March 6th should I get the current AirPods or wait plz help me decide

    • Roses
      Roses 10 kun oldin

      When's the Airpod release date??

  • Mythic _.
    Mythic _. 14 kun oldin

    *ItS sMelLS sO bROkE iN hErE wE nEeD tO eVacUAtE*

  • ndflatt
    ndflatt 14 kun oldin

    Bone conductive headphones are still superior because you can hear them in any environment. They make these headphones seem archaic

    TOKYO CHANEL 14 kun oldin

    It’s because they don’t have it in Matte Black

  • Erica Kim
    Erica Kim 14 kun oldin

    Now that AirPods 2 is going out imma buy it but honestly the AirPods I have now are totally fine

  • maria Reyes
    maria Reyes 15 kun oldin +1

    I hat the air pods cause its only for apple phones and not for android

    • Imelda Seferaj
      Imelda Seferaj 12 kun oldin

      It works with android too and also, *hate

    • yunus y
      yunus y 14 kun oldin

      maria Reyes it also works with android....

  • Senpai Stupid
    Senpai Stupid 15 kun oldin

    I cant read broke

  • shaz l
    shaz l 15 kun oldin

    Airpods affordable?? I can barely afford an iPhone cable!

  • joseph sabatino
    joseph sabatino 15 kun oldin

    Lmao there better because they have an extra black line on them. Don’t wait for 2nd Gen. just buy them.

  • Ain’t never Lacking
    Ain’t never Lacking 15 kun oldin

    Ima just get the original ones, it’s gonna do the same as the new ones lol

  • Avery Merrick
    Avery Merrick 16 kun oldin

    When is it coming?
    March or April.

  • Mackenzie Matthewman
    Mackenzie Matthewman 16 kun oldin

    Where do I buy thrm

  • Joshua Adamson
    Joshua Adamson 16 kun oldin

    Which is best
    Get og now.
    Get no 2 when they come out.
    Get the og when no 2 comes out

  • alexander e
    alexander e 16 kun oldin

    All I heard in the first 8 minutes is “Bluetooth 5.0”

  • BizzyB
    BizzyB 16 kun oldin

    Who else waiting for the new ones come out so the old ones are cheaper hehehehe

  • Lilly Warren
    Lilly Warren 17 kun oldin

    Just me that felt a bit kewl coz I was watching a video about airpods while listening to this video with airpods 🤭

  • It’sRedboy
    It’sRedboy 17 kun oldin +1

    Ok I have AirPods and they work great on my apple watch

  • Albanian cr7 fan
    Albanian cr7 fan 17 kun oldin

    I want them so bad but they are literally sold out in the whole country of Denmark

  • jonathan reyes
    jonathan reyes 17 kun oldin

    If they have already an IPOD 3, they're purposely making the second lack in something. That pisses me off.

  • Tomáš Martykán
    Tomáš Martykán 18 kun oldin

    Hope they have USB-C

  • Bea Legaspi
    Bea Legaspi 18 kun oldin

    I wish apple would release waterproof airpods, so i could listen to music while on swim class😂😂

  • Ashlyn Moquin
    Ashlyn Moquin 18 kun oldin

    I really want airpods and I didn’t ask for them for Christmas but i want to wait till the AirPods 2 come out but I really hope they released soon so i can get them for my birthday (on February 12th)

  • Kimishima Kana
    Kimishima Kana 19 kun oldin

    The legend says that the AirPods will cost 500$ 😂

  • S L A T T A N G E L
    S L A T T A N G E L 19 kun oldin

    Ima buy these forsure !

  • Cristina Solis Lopez
    Cristina Solis Lopez 19 kun oldin +1

    Who else is waiting for the new version to buy the old one which will be cheaper

  • Tony Krasnic
    Tony Krasnic 19 kun oldin

    Anyone else watch this video with AirPods...

  • Christina Salter
    Christina Salter 19 kun oldin

    they should make it rose gold

  • Florian Ponari
    Florian Ponari 19 kun oldin

    Literally everyone at the gym has AirPods

  • Crazy coop Lorena
    Crazy coop Lorena 19 kun oldin

    Do you think that they will make rose gold AirPods??? I have AirPods now but could give them to my sis and get the new ones :/

  • zombieBOSS Gaming
    zombieBOSS Gaming 19 kun oldin

    What makes airpods better than any other bluetooth ear buds? Like real talk, I find them to be a waste of money.

  • DFL_ Zombie
    DFL_ Zombie 19 kun oldin

    Nooooo just bought airpods one

  • Dylie
    Dylie 20 kun oldin

    I’m waiting for AirPods 2

  • Kasper Påhlman
    Kasper Påhlman 20 kun oldin

    "the new waway"-Apple user

  • Kevn Edits
    Kevn Edits 20 kun oldin

    Remember when everyone hated these haha

  • Its MOLLIE
    Its MOLLIE 20 kun oldin

    How does he have them already

  • Amanda's Gaming and Vlogs

    Not going to buy AirPods until 2020

  • 5,000 Subs With No Video

    I think apple will gain a lot of money with AirPods 2
    Quick question which color AirPods red or black

  • charleigh hawk
    charleigh hawk 20 kun oldin

    I really want AirPods but I think I’m going to wit for the new version

  • rryanohh
    rryanohh 20 kun oldin

    notice how out of all of these leak videos, none of them have actually happened

  • Hannah Weigert
    Hannah Weigert 20 kun oldin

    What? No they don’t fall out

  • Psycho Grey
    Psycho Grey 20 kun oldin +1

    If y’all are wondering
    You can locate your AirPods case
    Or an AirPod individually if it connects
    Just check your find my iPhone app

  • CrazyGamezNL
    CrazyGamezNL 21 kun oldin

    I wish i could afford airpods :(

  • DJ Paquis
    DJ Paquis 21 kun oldin

    I got an amazing Airpods Case at @t! You guys should check it out! especially if you still need gift for valentine's day.. ❤️

  • Arta Ahmadi
    Arta Ahmadi 21 kun oldin

    I see airpods everywhere these days

  • Abdulrahman Bawazeer
    Abdulrahman Bawazeer 21 kun oldin

    Fuck I just got airpods

  • Sam Garcia
    Sam Garcia 21 kun oldin

    Woah I did not know these existed and I have an apple iPhone ima go buy some

  • Pezuks Anusniks
    Pezuks Anusniks 21 kun oldin


  • Sara Sakane
    Sara Sakane 21 kun oldin +1

    I don’t know, I really want to get air pods but waiting for the new version. Though, I rly wanna get ASAP.... but also want to get the 2020 one....

  • Theboss47
    Theboss47 21 kun oldin

    I got a stupid Gillette gender ad and it ruined my day

  • Leaf
    Leaf 21 kun oldin

    Wassup UZclip my name is Leaf and If y’all thinking about buying this item buy it here @t they got the BEST deal💯💯

  • XmeMysticW0lf EditsX
    XmeMysticW0lf EditsX 21 kun oldin

    Just when I got my new iPhone XR the AirPods came out

  • your boy antho
    your boy antho 21 kun oldin

    When is it getting released

  • Ares Argento
    Ares Argento 22 kun oldin +1

    AirPods 2 price is probably going to be around $199 and the 3rd gen will be $249.

  • LiL_ DrIzZy69
    LiL_ DrIzZy69 22 kun oldin

    Who’s watching this in 2020

  • Jason Garcia
    Jason Garcia 22 kun oldin

    Those black ones are supper clean!

  • Bz_mct_ul Yemek
    Bz_mct_ul Yemek 22 kun oldin

    When they comming out ?

  • Brkn Darkness
    Brkn Darkness 22 kun oldin

    Some girl at my school cut the wires off of the free headphones that came with her new phone. I asked what music she was playing and she acted like she didn’t hear me lmao.

  • Big
    Big 22 kun oldin

    Do you know about any other features because , it would be great if they added a tracker app for the AirPods

  • Weird Flex But Ok
    Weird Flex But Ok 22 kun oldin

    Did...Did he just say Air pods were not expensive...?

  • Angel Malagon
    Angel Malagon 22 kun oldin

    apple you lazy really just better bluetooth wow just wow

  • SavBeast28
    SavBeast28 22 kun oldin

    If the new AirPods 2 and 3 are coming, the price of the AirPod 1 should reduce in my opinion. Like if u agree

  • Jonny Yo
    Jonny Yo 23 kun oldin

    I seen at least three guys at my work that have AirPods lol

  • AudreyVioletASMR
    AudreyVioletASMR 23 kun oldin

    Why are they so expensive????? they are just blue tooth nothing special..

  • Leba Magic
    Leba Magic 23 kun oldin

    still waiting for airpods 2