Being the Best/Worst Ever

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  • knerf999
    knerf999 15 soat oldin

    There's always a market for your skills.
    If the market is big enough to sustain you is another question.

  • Светлана Шевченко

    Please make Russian subtitles! I really love your video, but l don't speak English very well

  • WishDHHles70
    WishDHHles70 17 soat oldin

    3:49 *its gary you piece of shiRt

  • Savage potaTOE :
    Savage potaTOE : 17 soat oldin

    After I watched this video I typed can. And it immediately said can you whip ur self...😟😶

  • Space Jesters
    Space Jesters 19 soat oldin

    Words of wisdom!

  • Branden Mora
    Branden Mora 20 soat oldin

    Omfg 8:20 has me dying

  • /?/???
    /?/??? 20 soat oldin

    6:27 aww f**k I can't believe you've done this

  • Liam Slalala
    Liam Slalala 20 soat oldin

    AnYoNe 2019????

  • Nora Johnson
    Nora Johnson 20 soat oldin

    I don't know if this fits with the topic but... Sometimes I feel like an endangered animal and the animal is my happiness and faith and I'm just slowly decreaseing by the day I'm in sixth grade and 12 years old and Jaiden thank you your videos keep me happy

  • Paublo Mcgee
    Paublo Mcgee 20 soat oldin

    I can relate

  • Gabe
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  • Subscribe Pls
    Subscribe Pls 22 soat oldin +1

    The thing with self improvement is that nothing is good enough it’s like a game “ oh lemme get to level 10” then once you get to level ten your not proud of yourself you just think “ oh well now I need to get to level 50!”

  • Alan He
    Alan He 22 soat oldin

    4:42 the baby drew a perfect circle so beat it Jaiden

  • raptorgod77
    raptorgod77 23 soat oldin

    Wait she doesnt really like POKEMON?!?!?!?!

  • colin gibson
    colin gibson Kun oldin

    There’s a Bowsette, Isabella, and Pirahna Plant on that board. 5:44

  • That Nootella
    That Nootella Kun oldin

    I kind of have an identity crisis because I never really built one. I usually stay in the corner of the room and dont engage. I either get out of the room first or last depending on my mood. Plus I find it easier to talk online but don't have social media. Yeah my life effed up

    • That Nootella
      That Nootella Kun oldin

      Also where tf are all the good comments on your animation, and other stuff.

  • orlando centeno
    orlando centeno Kun oldin

    " I got jinkied " -Jaiden 2018

  • Marcos Cuellar
    Marcos Cuellar Kun oldin

    What the name of piano some?

  • Faith Sunshine
    Faith Sunshine Kun oldin +1

    I can never be satisfied
    Any Hamilton fans out there?

  • Fan tdm
    Fan tdm Kun oldin

    Same because I did along time ago
    I did forget who I was because I did what others liked. But so I became what I want to be like being KIND a

  • TheMagicFlower
    TheMagicFlower Kun oldin

    *FBI OPEN UP!!!!!*


    (DanTDM Reference and im actually Apart Of The dAbInG FbI CoMmUnItY

  • fiona uxu
    fiona uxu Kun oldin

    But i like purple

  • Leland Lam
    Leland Lam Kun oldin


  • Dylan Wertzler
    Dylan Wertzler Kun oldin +1

    0:20 for some reason I thought he was eating the baseball... is that weird?

  • RustyIron 7
    RustyIron 7 Kun oldin +1

    sure you were a hilarious meme 'bout a year ago when Jaiden got to 1 mil...

    but boi you better get off my Christian Minecraft server!!!

  • MLB edits
    MLB edits Kun oldin

    6:28 got em

  • MLB edits
    MLB edits Kun oldin

    Even though Babe Ruth did pitch he was more known for hitting

  • Sage Archer
    Sage Archer Kun oldin +1

    3:38 is the best scene

  • Daniel Johnson
    Daniel Johnson Kun oldin

    6:27 neck yo self

  • Jim Feigum
    Jim Feigum Kun oldin +1

    3:31 clip of shaggy using -3.29% of his power to befriend ari

    MCMXCI II Kun oldin +1

    2:25 YOU IDIOT haha 😂 jaiden your soo funny 😆 you make my day :D

      MCMXCI II Kun oldin

      2:59 sorry ._. ..........

  • wolfie playz
    wolfie playz Kun oldin

    I like purple 😔

  • WolfTale
    WolfTale Kun oldin

    3:36 *S H A G G Y A N D A R I A T 3% POWER*

  • Gordon Doan
    Gordon Doan Kun oldin

    6:27 25% speed

  • Caden Hendricks
    Caden Hendricks Kun oldin

    Ya I feel like I have to be like my dad he fought in UFC but I love to draw more than anything

  • BigBoyGamer 123
    BigBoyGamer 123 Kun oldin

    So what IS your favorate color?

  • Grady
    Grady Kun oldin

    5:48 is that an undertale reference?

  • Dominic Smith
    Dominic Smith Kun oldin

    I love pink

  • Spinjitzu Master Falcon

    This was actually uploaded on my Birthday and I need this advice

  • Sr B3N 6828
    Sr B3N 6828 Kun oldin

    8:25 I died when it happend

  • Abigail Schroeder
    Abigail Schroeder Kun oldin

    There was a fusion dance is their do you watch Steven universe?please respond

  • Sid shade
    Sid shade Kun oldin

    Why is my man eating baseballz 00:21

  • fangirl 118
    fangirl 118 Kun oldin

    You've made my day, pause at..
    *at 5:44 thanks for adding a Hamilton reference!
    -talk less, smile more

  • Sylvienne Kane Littell-Herrick

    My favorite part is 8:21!

  • Lucas Hemmer
    Lucas Hemmer Kun oldin


  • Santiago Gallegos
    Santiago Gallegos Kun oldin

    5:40 Daniel davido

  • Cookies And Cream
    Cookies And Cream Kun oldin

    Thank you, i needed this really bad.

  • Cameron Bennett
    Cameron Bennett Kun oldin

    You pathetic waste of diapers!
    That was funny.
    Also this was a great video.

  • Boterf Kids
    Boterf Kids 2 kun oldin

    This video was very meaningful! Thanks so much! I think you made lots of good points so everyone can relate! Thx again!

  • Stacey Reyes
    Stacey Reyes 2 kun oldin +1

    This just inspired me to live a better, happier, and more productive life.. huh. I mean why not? It’s good for you so 🤷🏻‍♀️.

  • Robens Monteau
    Robens Monteau 2 kun oldin

    7:11 Push to be better then you are today, but don't forget that you're better then you were yesterday.

  • Robens Monteau
    Robens Monteau 2 kun oldin

    1:58 ok, I can deeply..... it's not even funny.
    It's like looking at myself in a mirror that makes me Asian, female, somewhat more of an over achiever, and differently named with much more friends then I had. *(Nothing wrong with any of that.)*
    Kinda freaky from my point of view *(and I'm not saying you're creepy, even though this comment may seem creepy as hell.)*
    At this point, the only thing that could freak me out anymore would be if we had the same birthday.

  • drift5318 #fearless dino

    4:35 actually anything is art like this dot is art. . and yes keep trying try 3 times and if you cant you now know you can accomplish your goal so try something new.

  • nine tailed wolf
    nine tailed wolf 2 kun oldin

    I dont think I deserve recognition for my achievements because I feel like Im getting cofertibal with and will just stay at that leval but this really helped me thanks Jaiden

  • Alen Wolker
    Alen Wolker 2 kun oldin

    Aprendere a hablar ingles solo para poder ver tus videos

  • AOGood AOG
    AOGood AOG 2 kun oldin

    Omg, I had that same crisis when I started high school... 'twas a fun time...

  • Mintakah
    Mintakah 2 kun oldin

    "Must have been to easy "
    Nice, keep playing God.

  • ItsYour LocalYandere
    ItsYour LocalYandere 2 kun oldin

    This sociopath, who might this be?

  • ayo_its_luna _
    ayo_its_luna _ 2 kun oldin

    Surey I meny wuts up wety the dabs

  • ayo_its_luna _
    ayo_its_luna _ 2 kun oldin

    Wuts wety dabs?

  • Maurice Johnson
    Maurice Johnson 2 kun oldin

    Was that a jojo reference ??

  • Reece Jording
    Reece Jording 2 kun oldin

    6:28 dang she got us...

  • Eve Wallace
    Eve Wallace 2 kun oldin

    But I love purple
    And blue.....

  • Liv Draws
    Liv Draws 2 kun oldin

    Yeah 8 year old Tyler don’t paint your walls pastel and love unicorns because everyone else likes that YOU SHOULD BE IN A DARK BLUE ROOM SAT IN A STRANGER THINGS SHIRT BECAUSE DATS WHAT YOU LIKE BUT NOOOOOO

  • Xylona
    Xylona 2 kun oldin

    So much shade thrown in this video

  • Chris W
    Chris W 2 kun oldin

    8:21 turn on captions

  • gavins freind
    gavins freind 2 kun oldin

    theres someone at my school who has bullied me since near the middle/end of middle school ,i cant over my fear of his words /actions wich made my life hell ,iv been wanting to fight him but iv never gotten the chance nor iv never got the curage

  • Elliephant 618
    Elliephant 618 2 kun oldin

    0:21 is he eating the baseball

  • The A Channel
    The A Channel 2 kun oldin

    6:00 omgg same here basically I was in reception and this guy my bestfriend told me his fave colour was green, and I didnt rlly have a fav colour so I said "mines green as well" and the since then my favorite colours been green, i rlly like it.

  • Amisia PL
    Amisia PL 2 kun oldin

    My go- *eHeM-* i'm drawing and it's my hobby. (i'm in 6th grade) When im drawing in school my friends... Are just.... Staring what i'm doing. And that kinda annoys me. And on the next Day my best friend gave me drawing. I was really happy that someone tries do what i do. And alot of my school mates want me to draw them something and i'm like " *MONeH BiAcH* " .... Ok jk xD but that annoys me .


  • Makyla Norvell
    Makyla Norvell 2 kun oldin

    did anyone think the daphne at 3:33 looked like rey?

  • layla oxford
    layla oxford 2 kun oldin

    is no one gonna talk ab how a character that looks suspiciously like logan paul is almost called a sociopath at 3:06 ?

  • Unicorn Rebel cat
    Unicorn Rebel cat 2 kun oldin

    I like purple

  • Drans 07
    Drans 07 2 kun oldin

    You should be proud to of yourself but don’t let that stop you from improving yourself more

  • PixelPix
    PixelPix 2 kun oldin

    6:08 *But purple is a cute color..*

  • Jolie K
    Jolie K 2 kun oldin


    got em

  • - GMB248
    - GMB248 2 kun oldin

    Jake Paul has entered the room 3:06 Glad you called him a sociopath.

  • GradyArt
    GradyArt 2 kun oldin

    6:28 tho she got us all

    SHRUTHI S M 2 kun oldin

    5:37 I saw that nod to Dale Carnegie. Superb content!

  • bella’s stuff
    bella’s stuff 2 kun oldin

    jaiden “
    jaiden “l
    jaiden “li
    jaiden “lik
    jaiden “like
    jaiden “likes
    jaiden “likes”
    jaiden “likes” b
    jaiden “likes” bl
    jaiden “likes” blu
    jaiden “likes” blue
    jaiden “likes” blu
    jaiden “likes” bl
    jaiden “likes” b
    jaiden “likes”
    jaiden “likes
    jaiden “like
    jaiden “lik
    jaiden “li
    jaiden “l
    jaiden “

  • Lizagna 618
    Lizagna 618 2 kun oldin

    Me: Jaiden, should we be proud of ourselves?
    Jaiden: Yes, but actually no

  • The Golden Block
    The Golden Block 2 kun oldin

    8:20 Ricegum in a nutshell.

  • AntiGamerKid
    AntiGamerKid 2 kun oldin +5

    Jaiden: gets video to 9:59
    Just one more frikin second
    Ok I can’t animate for one more second :/

  • Truce Truce
    Truce Truce 2 kun oldin

    What a beautiful moral that really shines through (despite all the shade)

  • Whiz Kid Videos
    Whiz Kid Videos 2 kun oldin +1

    She called me a freak😭 I’m sad

  • DarkBunni_Gacha
    DarkBunni_Gacha 2 kun oldin

    This is the self esteem corner
    Everyone who needs a better self esteem can read some of the comments that nice people put in here
    Compliments wanted

  • that guy
    that guy 2 kun oldin

    Aw man, but I love the colour purple

  • Crazy pandas
    Crazy pandas 2 kun oldin


  • Tmangame Mitchell
    Tmangame Mitchell 2 kun oldin

    My favorite color is purple too

  • Milly Lessin
    Milly Lessin 2 kun oldin +1

    *_MY NAME IS BO, YO-_*

  • Tape Face
    Tape Face 2 kun oldin


  • Undertale LPS
    Undertale LPS 2 kun oldin

    welp i guess im a freak

  • Cactus
    Cactus 2 kun oldin


  • chatter box kitty
    chatter box kitty 3 kun oldin

    ok ik that the thing at the begaing that was like why dose every thing i do look like **- was a joke but before i relised it was a joke i was like huh. i gusse i should do whatjadens doing then. but i loiked the video and ceep the good work up :).

  • H Robertson
    H Robertson 3 kun oldin

    I AM NOT A FREAK I really like your channel

  • Cole Man
    Cole Man 3 kun oldin

    U r the best youtuber ever

  • Ahri Fox Lady
    Ahri Fox Lady 3 kun oldin

    "No, you got a fucking complex"

    -FilthyFrank to people who sees criticism as hate

  • That Percy Jackson fan


  • MrJackolicious
    MrJackolicious 3 kun oldin

    man, true feels though. i have a mix of thinking that i am a fast learner and naturally skilled which ends up making me not work hard enough to reach my goals in life. i want to get better at the piano but instead of practicing i just laze around all day... really disappointed in my self for that. i want to get up and do more things, but i don't know the how to motivate myself to improve. trying really hard not to bash myself too... what a mess.

  • what a bendy fan
    what a bendy fan 3 kun oldin

    8:25 ROFL