Being the Best/Worst Ever

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  • Goldfish Man
    Goldfish Man 37 daqiqa oldin +1

    Jaiden deserves way more subs

  • Dean Kracht
    Dean Kracht 38 daqiqa oldin

    Ooooooohhhhhh dab dab hater

  • KenDoesThings
    KenDoesThings 49 daqiqa oldin

    cue the American Presidential Anthem: Hail to The Chief

  • Jason Li
    Jason Li 49 daqiqa oldin +1

    Jaiden is the Best Animator just for sneaking in PewDiePie in UZclip Rewind!!!!!1!1!1!1!1!1!1!!!!!!1!1!1!1!!1!1!1!1

  • KenDoesThings
    KenDoesThings 51 daqiqa oldin

    nice pewdiepie reference

  • Rasputin
    Rasputin Soat oldin

    Now you have recognition at least.

  • Doctor Wallace
    Doctor Wallace Soat oldin

    5:44 : I see a THICC bowsette

  • Atomic CPU3
    Atomic CPU3 Soat oldin

    Nice jabs 👌🏼

  • Jian Awesome
    Jian Awesome Soat oldin

    Face reveal on google

  • Maria LPS Gaming
    Maria LPS Gaming Soat oldin


    Do you see GREEN?? 💚

    Lol this doesn’t work so don’t do this

  • SpringInYourStep
    SpringInYourStep Soat oldin

    *dab on those haters*

  • Looko legendarywafu
    Looko legendarywafu Soat oldin

    Thank You, Jaiden
    You knew what we wanted in a cringy rewind video

  • Jrome GT
    Jrome GT Soat oldin

    Jaiden what are your thoughts on painted plummet?

  • KiSilenT「イッセー」

    Notices Jaiden & $299 Chair.
    OwO What's This?

  • Lani de klance gal
    Lani de klance gal Soat oldin

    How do you fingure out who you are?

  • Isbjor YT
    Isbjor YT Soat oldin

    You did the best part in YT Rewind

  • Bendy And The Poke-Machine

    (your an Under Tale AU Jaiden. how dose it feel? your have your vary own AU. you don't need to improve anymore now.)

  • King Doodle Dee
    King Doodle Dee Soat oldin

    I loved your apperence in youtube rewind

  • Kenz A
    Kenz A 2 soat oldin

    Bo Burnham My QUEEN!!!

  • Ernest P worrell
    Ernest P worrell 2 soat oldin

    No thanks

  • Isabelle Russell
    Isabelle Russell 2 soat oldin +1

    Did nobody else see that about right after she started showing the fan art credits, there was a My Hero Academia one? It was All Might, but they added jaiden animations hair instead, with a purple shirt... (sighhhhhhh) Someone named floating_megane made it, (ANOTHER SIGHHHHH!!) ..... I... LOVE IT!! MY HERO ACADEMIA IS AMAZING YASSS!!

  • Viarel Pasillas
    Viarel Pasillas 2 soat oldin


  • Isabelle Russell
    Isabelle Russell 2 soat oldin +1

    someone named floating_megane, *sigh* at the end, that person had a fan art, and they changed All Might from My Hero Academia...the anime... into Jaiden..but kept the face of All Might on it.....
    *another long sigh* I... LOVE IT YASSSS HEHEHEHE XDDD😅😂

  • Plantern 45
    Plantern 45 2 soat oldin

    Jaiden I miss le *BLOOPERS!!*
    I hope u add em to your next vid.
    Great team effort btw guys bc of this the animations are getting better and this channel's content is improving!

  • Loggie1p random whale
    Loggie1p random whale 2 soat oldin

    That rewind tho you pute pewdiepie into it it my life is complete thanks.

  • A Guy
    A Guy 2 soat oldin

    They're making porno of Jai-- I mean... Thanks for showing PewDiePie

  • Jorge Tijerina Jr
    Jorge Tijerina Jr 2 soat oldin

    I want to self emprovement but this helped me a little bit

  • bolopopoy
    bolopopoy 2 soat oldin

    It is my bday today

  • lcruzveliz 0001
    lcruzveliz 0001 2 soat oldin

    hey jaiden ! what can of drawing pad do you use? i really want one for chirstmas ! 😊

    pin me plz even tho its to late now........

  • Jonah Miller
    Jonah Miller 2 soat oldin

    My age is blah blah and I really liked your video if you couldn’t tell this is a joke from one of your other videos

  • The Tag King
    The Tag King 2 soat oldin

    You have boy name

  • Scummm Gang
    Scummm Gang 3 soat oldin +1

    thanks for bringing pewds into yt rewind,i did not know you until i watched yt rewind!!so you helped pewdiepie we also help you!

  • blake paul
    blake paul 3 soat oldin

    You and james should get together like bf and gf.
    Please do it i love both of you guys so

  • Lars Lundberg
    Lars Lundberg 3 soat oldin

    I spat out my drink at 6:28. You got us Jaiden

  • cool wow
    cool wow 3 soat oldin

    Yay i have anxiety and asthma.

  • Khanyile Langa
    Khanyile Langa 3 soat oldin

    This is so deep but maybe u need a mans

  • Lars Seefelt
    Lars Seefelt 3 soat oldin

    A new queen has risen.

  • david jimenez bozzi
    david jimenez bozzi 3 soat oldin

    Is TinyStars copyrighting you by posting your deleted video about people impersonating you??

  • Hope Barabad
    Hope Barabad 3 soat oldin


  • Mike Hulbig
    Mike Hulbig 3 soat oldin

    So I just watched this video, your burnout video, and anxiety video and I really really like them thank you so much for making them they have helped me a lot understand what I am feeling right now. It's nice to not only know there are people who feel similar things that you do but also talk about it and how they got through it. I hope you make more videos like this, thank you.

  • mrdoom king of died
    mrdoom king of died 3 soat oldin

    I love your vidos

  • Engine emrald Gaming
    Engine emrald Gaming 3 soat oldin

    Thank you for telling people to sub to pewds in rewind I saw the submarine the ✌ and the Pewdiepie logo I love you

  • David Alexander
    David Alexander 3 soat oldin

    Is that Daphne Caitlin from Pokemon?

  • Jesus Castro
    Jesus Castro 3 soat oldin

    Anyone noticed 6:28 lol 👌

  • MUI_KID X11010101010101

    NO BAD FUSION DANCE!oops caps

  • Saeid Jones
    Saeid Jones 3 soat oldin

    Lmfao the dabs 😂😂

  • The weirdo kids
    The weirdo kids 3 soat oldin

    I love bo Burnham!

  • gielcraft gamer
    gielcraft gamer 3 soat oldin

    As un video en español

  • Pixel Breakfast
    Pixel Breakfast 3 soat oldin

    Would you do it for two Ari-Snacks?

  • Adriana Acosta
    Adriana Acosta 4 soat oldin

    I actually needed to see this, thank you.

  • inoob
    inoob 4 soat oldin


  • Lukas Saavedra
    Lukas Saavedra 4 soat oldin

    Such a hero, there is 3 reasons why yt rewind 2018 is good, the pewds references, the memes and the good youtubers whit animators.

  • thegrim418
    thegrim418 4 soat oldin

    What if my goal IS to be worthless.

  • Happy Kid
    Happy Kid 4 soat oldin

    So be proud of yourself just don't get caught up in your improvements?

  • thelonetemplar
    thelonetemplar 4 soat oldin

    important PSA and adorable art style?
    just watched again :D

  • SteamyCheese
    SteamyCheese 4 soat oldin +1

    Dear Ms. Jaiden, Are you aware that there is pornographers of you in your animation style, I want to hear your opinion on this.

  • Poke master Andrew
    Poke master Andrew 4 soat oldin


  • TarantulaKingdom
    TarantulaKingdom 4 soat oldin

    8:26 Jaiden Animations gone DANK

  • enderman cat
    enderman cat 4 soat oldin

    Jaiden... you are an amazing animator. I watch every video that comes out at least ten times. You remind me of well... me. You are so good at drawing and animating. You have inspired me a lot to get better. I want to be an animator like you so I am practicing and I am going to buy a drawing tablet. You have been an amazing inspiration. I am worthless I can't animate and I can't get anyone to subscribe. When you said that people who like purple are freaks did you say that because purple is your favorite color? It is mine. It is my bday today and I wanted to tell you this stuff today. You are so great and I want to meet you so bad!!
    I got the flu today and threw up at school on a computer. So I watched your videos. I got home and basically died. If you read this bless your soul and thank you.
    Bye and thanks

  • Alia Alia
    Alia Alia 4 soat oldin

    At the beginning I thought the guy was eating baseballs (was that the right sport? Idk)

    CHASE BANK 4 soat oldin

    you very cool

  • N7ce Gaming
    N7ce Gaming 4 soat oldin

    Thank you Jaiden for doing your part. And by supporting pewdiepie.

    NINJA WOLF 4 soat oldin

    8:30 oh the dabs😂😂😂😂

  • Wittit ?
    Wittit ? 4 soat oldin

    Excuse I'm not a freak I just like the nice shade of a nice purple

    I'm so Mad I'm going to like the video
    I'm sorry dont cry

  • the demonic wolf
    the demonic wolf 4 soat oldin

    Nice advice

  • Nate Mullin
    Nate Mullin 4 soat oldin

    8:26 that's me dabbing like a boss

  • QU0B3N 9999
    QU0B3N 9999 4 soat oldin

    So close to that 10 minutes mark for the ads

  • Wittit ?
    Wittit ? 4 soat oldin

    Every 1 is talking about the chair but I like how she put on the shelf a sub 2 fingers and a brofist which equals sub 2 pewdiepie

  • Aela Katria
    Aela Katria 4 soat oldin

    Got 'em

  • Jessica Y
    Jessica Y 4 soat oldin


  • xX-DrAgon Rage-Xx
    xX-DrAgon Rage-Xx 4 soat oldin

    Aaaaand..... I'm fucked.

  • SNN95
    SNN95 4 soat oldin

    Welp.. I like purple...

  • Liam Whitney
    Liam Whitney 5 soat oldin

    At 6:27 GOT EM

  • Daniel Gaastra
    Daniel Gaastra 5 soat oldin +1

    8.24-8.27 : my life and awesomness (lol)
    Also plz like because I will come back and add a ;3 to every like for this comment! ( in the replys)

  • Sophia Stevens
    Sophia Stevens 5 soat oldin

    0:50 poor ants...

  • j. jimenez
    j. jimenez 5 soat oldin

    A balance is necessary, to much pride is detrimental but no pride at all is also a problem.

  • René Morfin
    René Morfin 5 soat oldin

    Edit: that loser doesn't know how to dab...

  • Carolyn Rodriguez
    Carolyn Rodriguez 5 soat oldin

    Subscribe to Jaden animations give her thumbs up!!!!!!!!

  • Kilava1231
    Kilava1231 5 soat oldin


  • Kilava1231
    Kilava1231 5 soat oldin

    we need more jaiden gifs. There. I said it. Take the challenge


    Hi jaiden im new here only here 3 moths

  • Samuel
    Samuel 5 soat oldin

    I want to give this a like for each time it made me smile

  • guitarguy951
    guitarguy951 5 soat oldin

    Honestly, I've always seen projects/bettering myself as constants, and if their finite and achieved, I always find myself asking "ight, what's next?" If it's a break then it's a break, but if it's another project, then I have the drive/motivation to dive right in!

  • Mr Top Eight
    Mr Top Eight 5 soat oldin

    dos puntos uve

  • Dinosaur Man
    Dinosaur Man 5 soat oldin

    Congrats on being in UZclip rewind!
    Dont think I didn't see pewdiepie chair OR the Submarine, the two or the P

  • orrit orrit
    orrit orrit 5 soat oldin

    thank you for doing your part by adding the pewds chair to youtube rewind

  • Dawkie The Hawkie
    Dawkie The Hawkie 5 soat oldin

    Dammit Jaiden, U got me Reeeeeeee

  • Juana Cruz
    Juana Cruz 5 soat oldin

    Ok i kwit drawing i suck 😢😢😢

  • kevin garzon
    kevin garzon 6 soat oldin


  • kevin garzon
    kevin garzon 6 soat oldin


  • kevin garzon
    kevin garzon 6 soat oldin


  • kevin garzon
    kevin garzon 6 soat oldin

    Thank you for doing your part

  • Logan Easley
    Logan Easley 6 soat oldin


  • Elizabeth Tawa
    Elizabeth Tawa 6 soat oldin

    Could you do more devils vs angles P.S I LOVE UR CHANNEL

  • XDrago GamingX
    XDrago GamingX 6 soat oldin

    U have 20 20 me to and I need surgery for my eyes

  • Rat
    Rat 6 soat oldin

    Thanks for the PewDiePie references in the rewind. You're a guardian angel.

  • Cameron Pasteris
    Cameron Pasteris 6 soat oldin

    According to CinemaWins, Jaiden Animations is now officially always a win.

  • Gamervirus
    Gamervirus 6 soat oldin +1

    Hey jaiden this is my own personal opinions but I think your animations and voicing is so good you should make a movie or tv show with the animations. Get different voice actors different characters and make a show. I mean that's my opinion you don't need to agree with me like if you think jaiden should make a anime movie

  • Lowhack 1
    Lowhack 1 6 soat oldin +1

    Did you really put sub ✌️ pewdiepie in rewind?

  • Josue Garcia
    Josue Garcia 6 soat oldin

    God she's always right