MasterChef Season 4: I'll Prove it to You

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Fikrlar • 8 014

  • jomsart
    jomsart 3 soat oldin

    That baldie cant even cook lol. Ive seen his cooking videos. Mediocre

  • Boygeorge Nepomuceno
    Boygeorge Nepomuceno 4 soat oldin

    the fat guy chef always says acid acid acid, acidity . he just have o mention the word acid every time.

  • eaglerabbit89
    eaglerabbit89 16 soat oldin

    Is that the girl from Dragon's Den? Looks just like her!

  • Diwash Rai
    Diwash Rai 17 soat oldin

    What is up with flipping the hair??

  • niladri sarkar
    niladri sarkar 20 soat oldin

    that chick is super hot

  • Marcus Hidalgo
    Marcus Hidalgo 23 soat oldin

    Good god..i hate that bald guy..

  • DENZ§(
    DENZ§( Kun oldin

    Why is gordon never cleaning th3 knife After sharpening it

  • Jacques de Morton
    Jacques de Morton Kun oldin

    I like the land whale with the glasses. If I owned a restaurant, I wouldn't employ him - no profits.

  • Ahmad Faezal
    Ahmad Faezal Kun oldin

    One thing blows my mind in Masterchef is that no one wears a head cover. My hair is barely half an inch. And every time I hit the kitchen, the odds of finding a strand is 1 in 10!

  • Delta3G
    Delta3G Kun oldin

    So dramatic

  • Bianca Hotca
    Bianca Hotca Kun oldin

    I'm sorry but I don't like women that dress and act like whores even if they are good looking and she plays the part well, that of a little prissy. She is cute. She was dressed to that is.

  • mrescobar28
    mrescobar28 Kun oldin

    Good tail

  • Reddog
    Reddog Kun oldin

    good tail

  • Leo Lee
    Leo Lee Kun oldin

    "good tail"... he says ;)

  • Maegan Barrett
    Maegan Barrett Kun oldin

    She needs her up when cooking.

  • Food4you
    Food4you Kun oldin


  • Velfeeda
    Velfeeda Kun oldin

    this seems scripted as shit

  • Dacus Decebalus
    Dacus Decebalus Kun oldin

    Cute and a good cook.very rare now day

  • hussein saab
    hussein saab Kun oldin

    2:23 "take off your pants"

  • vacantplanet
    vacantplanet Kun oldin

    Ramsey threw away like 70% of the fish. You call these guys chefs?

  • StorytimeKids
    StorytimeKids Kun oldin

    so staged!

  • T. Don
    T. Don Kun oldin

    Sexy sexy

  • Breeze Smith
    Breeze Smith Kun oldin

    "Good Tail"... You bet she has... O_O

  • _ Akraised79 _
    _ Akraised79 _ Kun oldin

    What they didnt know is she use to work on boat as a fisherman cutting up fish

  • Joe Mana
    Joe Mana Kun oldin

    If that was a man, his fillets would not pass gordon's judgment.

  • G Boss
    G Boss Kun oldin

    Gordon thinks he’s a bad man here I would’ve filleted his family in front of him

  • Frye's Moving
    Frye's Moving Kun oldin

    What the hell does a dish from the 80's mean ? Food from 10000 BC still food right ? Come on Gordon make sense with your food talk

  • Donald Ivan
    Donald Ivan Kun oldin

    Gordon Ramsay you are Mr.Gourmet !!! Nice way to test the lady...Cheers

  • HGT
    HGT 2 kun oldin

    damn.. i don't know if a lot of people here watched Food Wars(Anime), but when i watched the challenging scene it reminded me of it...

  • Helen Ivanic
    Helen Ivanic 2 kun oldin +5

    If Gordon made me fillet the fish, I would’ve FAILED big time.

  • bush Wookiee
    bush Wookiee 2 kun oldin

    fat guy would eat anything..Gordo tasted her fish after the show..

  • Abid Akram
    Abid Akram 2 kun oldin

    Kate from season 8 was hotter.😍😍😍

  • Anibal Carranza
    Anibal Carranza 2 kun oldin

    Plot twist challenge is on Epstein’s island 😂

  • UglyMaleee
    UglyMaleee 2 kun oldin


  • Trevor Capstick
    Trevor Capstick 2 kun oldin

    "Sometimes the best things in a dish is what's not in the dish"
    So poetic. Lmao

  • ERMisfit
    ERMisfit 2 kun oldin

    It looks good

  • Kortneys Collectibles
    Kortneys Collectibles 2 kun oldin

    0:08 “you got 5 minutes to blow us away”

  • kokenchi
    kokenchi 2 kun oldin

    Gordon can't stop flexing, He just can't help it.

  • Calvin Tan
    Calvin Tan 2 kun oldin

    the fish portion is horrible

  • Fiq Cnblue
    Fiq Cnblue 2 kun oldin

    Damn hot

  • bushchat28d
    bushchat28d 2 kun oldin

    Staged, fake, crap. At least she mad Ramsey look like a tool though so well done to her for that.

  • Sourav Paul
    Sourav Paul 3 kun oldin

    Y to care about so many technical terms....y not just eat it...n let the tastiest of them win

  • Taylor Hasal
    Taylor Hasal 3 kun oldin

    "the best thing that are in a dish, are the things that are not in the dish"..... he just failed trying to sound hella philosophic lol

  • bambino bambini
    bambino bambini 3 kun oldin

    "good tail"....give me a break

    THE SLICE 3 kun oldin


  • Malik Heartbreak Therapist

    Red sneakers and wears a suit... A grade wanker..

  • raha1277
    raha1277 3 kun oldin

    Good tail haha

  • Who da lee who
    Who da lee who 3 kun oldin

    "Good Tail" I agree that was definitely a good piece of tail!

  • InsularesHDxo
    InsularesHDxo 3 kun oldin

    The way Gordon Ramsey demo his sharpening his tools is like flexing his muscles in front of the girl like a tease, lol

  • Michael Dixon
    Michael Dixon 3 kun oldin

    The bald judge was just a dick! Clearly hates beautiful people. No other reason to come across so bitter and hardfaced

  • Rob H
    Rob H 3 kun oldin

    She won over that fat guy... that's an automatic win in my book. He obviously has the most experience in eating which makes him the most qualified imo.

  • Hapyy
    Hapyy 3 kun oldin

    i was pumped. felt like an anime death fight was about to break out. NANI!

  • Efthymios Gazetas
    Efthymios Gazetas 3 kun oldin

    She is hot.

  • hollisterthug90
    hollisterthug90 3 kun oldin

    I think this is so cheesy like the chefs are CIA members of some shit like big deal it’s just food lmao

  • Leo Bobby
    Leo Bobby 3 kun oldin

    It definetely helps that she was fit!!!!!

  • M.I.K.E
    M.I.K.E 3 kun oldin

    She looks like a hotter version of Bryce Dallas Howard

  • Ana María Suárez
    Ana María Suárez 3 kun oldin

    I think they felt it was a no because she came with confidence and attitude and they couldn't accept the fact that someone looked so sure in front of them.

  • MadLad Oye
    MadLad Oye 3 kun oldin

    God id have given her full points just for looking like that, shit she is f Lovely. God bless youTube

  • Meji Wolf
    Meji Wolf 3 kun oldin

    Every time Joe critiques he's trying too hard to up Gordon and then ends up looking like a complete jackass.

  • Tenac 300
    Tenac 300 3 kun oldin

    foursome is what it should have been

  • Just Your Average Joe
    Just Your Average Joe 3 kun oldin +1


  • Indy Vin
    Indy Vin 4 kun oldin

    Can’t stand the bald moron.

  • Alex2900
    Alex2900 4 kun oldin

    that was a lot of wasted fish.

  • Christian Canlas
    Christian Canlas 4 kun oldin

    *u g0T 5minS t0 BLOW uS aWAy*

  • R. H.
    R. H. 4 kun oldin

    "I expect something more modern." Fuck off upstairs, Gordon :) Classic things don't magically become nasty. And Joe's a fuckwad.

  • loyalarcher
    loyalarcher 4 kun oldin

    She's now married to an NHL player

  • ManWithNoName
    ManWithNoName 4 kun oldin

    So OVERdramatic.

  • ManWithNoName
    ManWithNoName 4 kun oldin

    Joe is to MasterChef what Barbara is to the people who appear on Shark Tank.

  • Vijay Kumar
    Vijay Kumar 4 kun oldin

    WOW!! She is so damm hot!! I would love to lick her sauce all day.

  • C C
    C C 4 kun oldin

    she did not even wash your hands before she touched his jacket

  • Systematiclol
    Systematiclol 4 kun oldin

    Now thats a smart girl

  • C C
    C C 4 kun oldin +1

    looks good to me

  • C C
    C C 4 kun oldin +1

    "Interesting" is "polite" for condescending attitude

  • rosser man
    rosser man 4 kun oldin

    I thought Ramsey was going to sexually assault her too.
    So if you cab fillet a fish you can cook well?

  • Elite 9
    Elite 9 4 kun oldin

    I am the only when she said "I'll prove it to you" i heard SHOKUGEKI!!!!!

  • mohammed reda
    mohammed reda 4 kun oldin

    "there is her tail , there is my tail " , " good tail"

  • Calm And rest
    Calm And rest 4 kun oldin

    She has no respect for them , hey guys to chef's , like are friends

  • Anthony N
    Anthony N 4 kun oldin

    I hope Joe goes to bed every night questioning why he hasn't shot himself yet.

  • Aaron Koeppe
    Aaron Koeppe 4 kun oldin

    Thank you chef ramsey!!

  • John Doe
    John Doe 4 kun oldin

    Fake and planned pffft

  • Linuxtrojan
    Linuxtrojan 4 kun oldin

    a man would not have had the second chance...let's be honest. It's great when you are a nice looking blonde woman....

  • Narrowpath247
    Narrowpath247 4 kun oldin

    The fat guys opinion is the only one that matters.

  • DJ ashtray
    DJ ashtray 4 kun oldin

    don't put your teeth on the cutlery !!!!!!! pliss

  • jay punzalan
    jay punzalan 4 kun oldin

    Ill prove it to you
    Gordon: lets find out

  • Kamal Mohamed
    Kamal Mohamed 4 kun oldin off gerk

  • Ethan Shaw
    Ethan Shaw 4 kun oldin

    God i'm in love

  • Ethan Shaw
    Ethan Shaw 4 kun oldin

    jessie who???

  • Jamie W
    Jamie W 4 kun oldin

    Funny how Joe always goes last so he can hear two other opinions first in order to make his own without seeming unqualified. He loves the drama of being able to throw something away and appear to be the big bad chef when in reality he's a short, bald, fake Italian and irritating.

  • I am an Alien
    I am an Alien 5 kun oldin


  • Briguy1027
    Briguy1027 5 kun oldin

    As someone who likes to saltwater fish it's always neat to find a woman who also likes to fish in the ocean. There aren't many of them.

  • Juan Ramirez
    Juan Ramirez 5 kun oldin

    I think the bald guy is gay

  • nathan0717
    nathan0717 5 kun oldin

    1:38 wtf? Stfu and sit yo bald ass down! That makes no sense! I know your in Ramsey’s shadow but you could do better!

  • Bill Loman
    Bill Loman 5 kun oldin

    Ramsay nailed it. Her making that dish was like Tesla making a Model T Ford replica. She needed to prove herself more and he gave her a shot to

  • The PooH
    The PooH 5 kun oldin

    She got it down well. Congrats to her.

  • Steve Yarnell
    Steve Yarnell 5 kun oldin

    Nice girl.

  • blakeyonthebuses
    blakeyonthebuses 5 kun oldin

    what is this conceited bullshit?

  • Herlgar
    Herlgar 5 kun oldin

    "It's tasty though" that should've convinced both of em

  • Dave Johnsen
    Dave Johnsen 5 kun oldin

    They're just pissed that she wouldn't give ANYone of them the time of day!

  • Azhar Iqbal
    Azhar Iqbal 5 kun oldin

    She was soooo good. Her, Natasha, James, Luca, Eddie, Bri, Bethy, Jordan.. great chefs that year. Imo season 4 is the best US season.