6 Reasons The Pixel Slate Beats The iPad Pro

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  • Joylandi 3-Noy, 2018
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    Though we don't have either device yet, there are a few key ways the Pixel Slate can beat the upcoming iPad Pro.
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  • Jean-Marie Blaineau
    Jean-Marie Blaineau 9 kun oldin

    Why not just choose a MacBook Air for all your work ? I don’t understand what benefits you have with the Pixel Slate instead

  • Rishi Pamulapati
    Rishi Pamulapati 9 kun oldin

    Can the slate run fortnite huh

  • Sebastian Garcia
    Sebastian Garcia 12 kun oldin

    How is iOS years ahead when you cant even do much on it ? It's too closed. There's no point in having a "A12 Bionic chipset " when it can't even use all that power for better things.. so idk how they are ahead.

  • Christopher George
    Christopher George 13 kun oldin

    And the pencil is just that, and shouldn’t be called a stylist

    • Christopher George
      Christopher George 11 kun oldin

      A stylist is just a piece of plastic

    • mamadillo
      mamadillo 12 kun oldin

      Just a small nit to pick: it's a stylus, not a stylist.

  • Christopher George
    Christopher George 13 kun oldin

    Well, Android is great for personal, but not for industry.

  • Ur mum big gei
    Ur mum big gei 14 kun oldin

    Won’t buy just because of lag

  • Andreas Lechthaler
    Andreas Lechthaler 16 kun oldin

    ...there are millions of highly educated engineers (i call them the "nobel-whores") on the only planet hosting intelligent life (as far as we know) and those assholes (remember the first steps with the apple newton almost 30 years ago?) allow the so called "business professionals" (the useless male bees who will never ever fuck the queen...) to turn everything they touch into shit. what a shame! a box on the ears to the first apple monkey for wasting our children's resources for a childish game. ;)

  • Alex McCaffrey
    Alex McCaffrey 26 kun oldin

    How about the Surface Pro? The Pixel Slate has much more in common with Surface Pro, than iPad which is closer to an Android tablet. The Pixel Slate should be be a better tablet, it actually has a decent selection of tablets apps but Surface Pro maybe a better laptop depending what you need it for.

  • Jacob Last_name
    Jacob Last_name 28 kun oldin

    Ya hat hardware tho. The pixel slate is just useless. If the pixel slate can even run without lagging all the “Benefits” if the pixel slate don’t exist. Look up some reviews, the pixel slate is not even a product. Best review video: Tailosive tech

  • John Blackledge
    John Blackledge Oy oldin

    Really excellent well-thought out revue. Thanks.

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar Oy oldin

    Title is misleading. This video is about 6 reasons chromeOS beats the iOS.

  • Corey Gomel
    Corey Gomel Oy oldin

    does it have 5G or do I wait

  • kakaido
    kakaido 2 oy oldin

    Watching this on my Surface Pro 6

  • Ben Cowher
    Ben Cowher 2 oy oldin

    Great points

  • M BoXi
    M BoXi 2 oy oldin

    Chorme can connet with date ?

  • xguy9
    xguy9 2 oy oldin

    After reading and seeing all the poor reviews for this product, it’s seem very half baked ☹️

  • V. Sriram Sundar
    V. Sriram Sundar 2 oy oldin

    What all points you made macOS can do them all in a better way.

  • Jaya Raya
    Jaya Raya 2 oy oldin

    6 Reasons The iPad Pro beats The Pixel Slate:
    1. Face ID that work in any orientation
    2. Fucking Apple A12X Bionic (Better Performance)
    3. 5 Microphones
    4. 4 Stereo Speakers
    5. 12MP (4K Video)
    6. 120HZ display

  • Jaya Raya
    Jaya Raya 2 oy oldin

    6 Reasons The iPad Pro beats The Pixel Slate:
    1. Face ID that work in any orientation
    2. Fucking Apple A12X Bionic (Better Performance)
    3. 5 Microphones
    4. 4 Stereo Speakers
    5. 12MP (4K Video)
    6. 120HZ display

  • Yusuf Gökçe
    Yusuf Gökçe 2 oy oldin

    Why is the video stuttering

  • Tim Bates
    Tim Bates 2 oy oldin

    I've been trying to incorporate my work activities since the day one introduction of the IPad, so I've own every revision and they all became book/door stops. I've picked up a few Chromebook's, in the past I was even part of the Initial Chromebook alpha releases, and they just didn't do it for me for the same reason in your video. I even bought the first Googe Pixel tablet, it was okay but the screen failures and not having a functional Linux console with an ability to load an IDE killed it for me. But I've had the Google Slate for a few weeks and now I have full control from playing my games with Steam Link to My beloved Linux console, and the ability to actually code and load every IDE I use, and then on top of that I can draw and take notes, and its all integrated with everything else I do without being crippled which is what the IPad was doing to me.. I just wish the pen was magnetic I'm sure I will be losing a few of these. ;) Great Job on not being Bias toward either device. I can official call this Non-Fake News.. :)

    • H2Daily
      H2Daily 2 oy oldin

      What idea can you use on the slate? How are they installed/used?


    iPad Pro >> Any laptop/tablet

  • Jay Borrero
    Jay Borrero 2 oy oldin

    Weak points, but good try!
    Steve refers no stylus for the iPhone not for the tablet

  • Ryan Nys
    Ryan Nys 2 oy oldin

    This dude has some seriously great hair.
    P.S. iPad's are for sheep

  • ian walker
    ian walker 2 oy oldin

    The lack of mouse support is disappointing on the iPad pro.

  • Majora Boy
    Majora Boy 2 oy oldin

    Can the iPad Pro 10.5 be a laptop replacement???
    Check out my review on this subject

  • Rene Lol
    Rene Lol 2 oy oldin

    Chrome OS is better then the iOS

  • XueGuang Lu
    XueGuang Lu 2 oy oldin +1

    get a mac AND an iPad, you can do anything you want! mind blown!

  • Rupin Kothari
    Rupin Kothari 2 oy oldin


  • giodotzone
    giodotzone 2 oy oldin

    Honestly no disrespect, but the price of this Pixel Slate makes all the info and comparison you provide irrelevant. Specially on how much emphasis you put into the extended display part. iPad and Pixel Slate to me is to do a light work that don't necessary needs a heavy equipment for it. If you work 6-8 hours on an iPad and won't be productive than your are using it for the wrong purpose. Might as well get a 13" Macbook Pro for less money than the Pixel Slate and avoid all the trouble, more power, more storage, more connectivity, bigger screen, more battery, better durability and of course the weight is still light enough to carry around on a small Backpack. Running FULL DESKTOP OS WITH REAL DESKTOP APPS!
    "Trust me I see people everyday being very productive just using their SMARTPHONES"

  • eric hsin
    eric hsin 2 oy oldin


  • ron
    ron 2 oy oldin +1

    I’m a graphic designer as well as a student. I have a MacBook Pro and an iPad Pro. I use both but use my iPad Pro more to illustrate, and take the file to my MacBook. I also see myself using my iPad Pro more than my macbook, battery last longer and it’s a lot more convenient to carry around. I use my iPad Pro to take notes at school, annotate, type my paper.


    We need a video editing app

  • Glenn Snel
    Glenn Snel 2 oy oldin

    what's the price point of the pixel slate? There are M3, i5 and i7 variants, are there more variants?

  • n!tromy
    n!tromy 2 oy oldin

    Google seriously has a pricing illness..disease...whatever they just can’t properly price their crap for the users

  • Byron Jin
    Byron Jin 2 oy oldin

    And this is why I bought a surface

  • Ra's Al Ghul
    Ra's Al Ghul 2 oy oldin

    Never knew Al Gore was a tech nerd

  • lijuz mntgfdhbewrqthvnukz,luizhtxs

    Wow I can’t believe you slowed down the iPad presentation video to make look like the device is slower than it really is!

  • Kenneth Humphrey
    Kenneth Humphrey 2 oy oldin

    I'm a big fan of Chromebooks because they have been a cheap alternative for kids and schools. The Google Slate has gone the other way and is in iPad territory this is very disappointing.

  • ben shiller
    ben shiller 2 oy oldin

    WAKE UP PEOPLE. IPADS ARE TARGETED DEPOPULATION WEAPONS. please watch and understand why they want it in your lap and now they're in every childs lap nationwide. if you have children and want them to have children listen up uzclip.net/video/phews2wdnnm/video.html

  • Jesse Vaughn
    Jesse Vaughn 2 oy oldin

    Sorry at 1500.00 bucks I am going with iPad.

  • Tony Jacobson
    Tony Jacobson 2 oy oldin

    This video is legit and totally on point!

  • Restia Ashdoll
    Restia Ashdoll 2 oy oldin

    Surface Pro 6 is better than both

  • DrewSwagger
    DrewSwagger 2 oy oldin

    What do you think of the base Pixel Slate model with the Celeron processor?

  • Jason Hunt
    Jason Hunt 3 oy oldin

    Why is no one mentioning what spec would equal that of the user experience of an ipad pro - celeron to i7??? Ram??

  • ARS
    ARS 3 oy oldin

    I am an Apple user, but I really enjoyed the video

  • Yt/ csabidealer
    Yt/ csabidealer 3 oy oldin

    Now do a “999 things the iPad pro 2018 is better than that pixel thing”

  • Valrhona Ar
    Valrhona Ar 3 oy oldin

    There’s no way 😏

    MALVIN GANDHI 3 oy oldin

    The future is cloud computing and not on-board processing power. Yes, it is good to have on board processing power, when the internet is down or you are in a flight, and you want to get the work done, you can with on board power. Nonetheless, the future is definitely cloud computing, the best example i can give you now of cloud computing is Project Stream. Google is working on gaming service where you can play a high end AAA title game on your cheap chromebook or any computer that has Chrome browser installed. You don't need $1000 machine to play these games. All you need is stable internet connection and a decent processor. I have tried gaming on intel i5 dual core with on board intel gpu (no nvidia graphics or Amd graphics) machine and the game ran smoothly. I like chromebooks and it meets my needs.

  • Alicson K
    Alicson K 3 oy oldin +1

    File management (or rather lack thereof) with iOS is an unbelievable mess, I don't know how you Apple people live, really. Such great hardware, and everything stays jailed inside.

  • Sathya Krishna
    Sathya Krishna 3 oy oldin

    More importantly the Android interface must be developed like hell that, it isn't user friendly at all.
    Just increase the swipes than to clicks so that the notes and textbooks that are being especially released in Android will be used easily.

  • Sathya Krishna
    Sathya Krishna 3 oy oldin

    The major difference between the apple and the pixel is the cost. Apple is relatively cheaper that we just need to sell our kidney, but the pixel just costs our liver and heart together!
    See how relative they both are!

  • Carol Teater
    Carol Teater 3 oy oldin

    I am eagerly waiting for reviews of the Slate. I feel that Chrome OS is far better overall than iOS (Apple wants you to buy an iPad Pro, Macbook, and iMac, and an iPhone, so they cripple their devices so you have to buy more to meet all your needs). *However, my #1 reason for wanting a tablet computer is to make art, and for that I need something with great stylus support. If the Slate comes close to the iPencil, I am am probably there (though of course the art apps are not there with Android, hopefully there is something close enough). If the stylus isn't good on the Slate, I will probably get a 12.9" iPad Pro, and just deal with not being able to really use it for anything but drawing and painting. I have to give it to Apple, they have really focused on that aspect, and I hear next to nothing about this on Android.

  • Dirk Stevenson
    Dirk Stevenson 3 oy oldin

    IMO there is absolutely no reason for a tablet that weight like a small laptop. It ultimately ends up a desktop experience, and -well- real laptops are better at that.
    Apple tries to bring the couch/bed ... WC experience to the masses. In fact only Apple does this on such a high end note.
    IMO the two are not comparable products. One is a keyboard less laptop , the other is a true tablet. Using a 1lbs vs an 1.7 lbs device for long is not even close. Both Microsoft and Google don't get this market. People who like laptops overwhelmingly prefer laptops instead of low end keyboardless ones...
    There is a reason why iPads absolutely murder this market segment.

  • Aadesh Osmanzade
    Aadesh Osmanzade 3 oy oldin


  • Dhamodharan V
    Dhamodharan V 3 oy oldin

    Both are overpriced
    Not for pro users
    Not worth the money

  • Sambarta Banerjee
    Sambarta Banerjee 3 oy oldin

    Can the iPad pro run AutoCAD and matlab?. Also is there any lag using AutoCAD or Matlab on iPad pro? Pleaseake a separate video of it.

  • Unownimus :D
    Unownimus :D 3 oy oldin

    If google release a 128gb ram 32gb gpu gaming pc with chrome os ,that would be ridiculous! Haha and name it Pixel Station! :D hire me Google i would give more dump ideas🙄

  • Prince Plotena
    Prince Plotena 3 oy oldin

    I really like the dialogue but I don't exactly have to see your face doing it. Next time I think you should add more graphics and pictures!

  • Unownimus :D
    Unownimus :D 3 oy oldin

    You don't need an ipad you just need a Windows laptop.

  • TB
    TB 3 oy oldin

    If you want a laptop, get a laptop with Windows or MacOS. If you want a tablet, get an iPad. If you want a bit of both in one machine, get a Surface. Pixel Slate wins at none of these scenarios. Only reason why Pixel Slate wins iPad Pro in this video is because this channel is named "Chrome Unboxed"

  • Mike Mai
    Mike Mai 3 oy oldin

    What is the point exactly in this video?

  • Corey Pattison
    Corey Pattison 3 oy oldin

    Go outside. Stop wasting your life with devices. Read books. Go outside. Live life. Don't be lived by life.

  • Turb0wned
    Turb0wned 3 oy oldin

    Yeah, this will make the 3 people that are buying a Pixel slate happy...

  • Abhijit Biswas
    Abhijit Biswas 3 oy oldin

    Amazing Intellectual stuff, I know all this but never thought so deeply..

  • tonynitrox
    tonynitrox 3 oy oldin

    I just came to laugh at Google

  • Ini Ony
    Ini Ony 3 oy oldin

    Criticism is needed in life

  • temp_ man
    temp_ man 3 oy oldin

    Keyboard sucks compared to the iPad Pro. Round keys?

  • Philip Soderberg
    Philip Soderberg 3 oy oldin

    Alphabet (Google) is a huge company so, please, no excuses about Apple having a lot of time to plan what they will do with a tablet. Alphabet has just as much time to plan what it will do with a tablet and a clamshell Chromebook. Alphabet is rich and has many employees with talent so why can't they just plan what they will do and forget what Apple plans. Alphabet can afford to do as good a job as Apple.
    PS: If I was willing to pay what a Pixel Slate costs or a 2018 iPad Pro then I'd buy a Windows 10 device, maybe a Lenovo or an HP or possibly a Microsoft Surface device, maybe a Surface Laptop or a Surface Pro.

  • Cecilia Marín
    Cecilia Marín 3 oy oldin

    Ya estamos bien hay negociacion. Y quiero beneficios económicos¿?. Recuerden a mi nadie me ayudo y no es sarcasmo.

  • MrDididick
    MrDididick 3 oy oldin

    No one really cares about the pixel slate to be honest. So don’t try to point out limitations of ipad pro just to try to sell your pixel slate.

  • Dailon : Watch me play

    Just buy a bloody laptop

  • Ken G
    Ken G 3 oy oldin

    When an app is written well for the iPad you don't need multiple windows. iOS for the iPad has lots of great apps like that. For me as a photographer, Affinity Photo is one of those apps. Also, Adobe is about to release a desktop like experience version of Photoshop for the iPad Pro. Procreate is another one which comes to mind for artists. Apple built the device and software makers are embracing it.
    I will agree though that the file management system on iOS is lacking but I am able to access my external hard drive wirelessly via a wireless router.

  • db4ip
    db4ip 3 oy oldin

    I LOVE my new 2018 12.9 iPad Pro but this guy is clearly and honestly pointing out the current limitations of using an iPad to replace your computer. Hopefully, iOS 13 will address these limitations.

  • Z-Mack Dos 6 Echo
    Z-Mack Dos 6 Echo 3 oy oldin

    I built computers since 86 till 05. I’ve experienced the evolution of computer tech devices during that time. In 05 it became easier to buy a machine than to build one. I’ve always been aware of Apple products during that time, but wouldn’t consider them until their OSX came out along with stable cable internet speeds. All their gear works flawlessly within their eco system. They don’t require a lot of adapters. Upgrades a just a click away without constantly buying or subscribing for them. Their apps are incredible and powerful, which are better with each iOS upgrade. I’ve never seen where one device had everything to do everything for everyone’s own needs. I’m a PC person who’ll never let go of my iPad Pro and will be upgrading to this new iteration for everything it can do and not what you feel it can’t. That saying apples to tech devices of one’s perspective if the glass is half full or half empty. I ask, does it full fill MY needs, not someone else’s. Thanks to the tariffs Apple’s gear is priced for the Apple loyalists.

  • Adrizan Ali
    Adrizan Ali 3 oy oldin

    Those 6 reasons are not going to help Pixel Slate anymore than Pixel 3 can help Google with their business. Ugly, half ass products and they expect people to buy those things? These OS too is useless. Problem with Google is.. they give OS for free and now it back fired. They need to develop both products and OS while Samsung just need to focus in one. Good job Google.

  • SemiMono
    SemiMono 3 oy oldin

    Tablets are like smartwatches. They're trying desperately to fill an important gap in the world, but that gap is a lot smaller than industry leaders think. Go buy a $150 tablet to watch movies and do some light web surfing. There's a small set of jobs that can be performed as well on a tablet as on a regular laptop (if at all), and the tablet version will always cost more. For most of us, there's no good reason to buy a fancy tablet, not as they stand right now.

  • Jonas Quinn
    Jonas Quinn 3 oy oldin

    From an artistic creator’s position, the Apple Pencil on its own makes even the regular 2018 iPad with a Bluetooth keyboard, way better than any chrome Os device.

  • BioGOD009
    BioGOD009 3 oy oldin

    This guy was not informative at all; kinda ignorant regarding tech...

  • Geth270
    Geth270 3 oy oldin

    So are there any reasons to get the Slate over a Surface device?
    Surface has a better keyboard, pen and full Windows experience heck you could probably install linux on it if you tried hard enough.

  • Matthew Lucas
    Matthew Lucas 3 oy oldin

    Can you code in chrome os?

  • Copisetic 1
    Copisetic 1 3 oy oldin

    This google product could do everything including wipe my butt.
    Google likes to inhibit conservative speech on its search engine, buying their products or supporting google in any way is not in anyone’s best interests. They are a very dangerous global fascist tech corporation.

  • CarlWiganer
    CarlWiganer 3 oy oldin

    What the hells a pixel slate? 😂

  • Divyateja Pasupuleti

    For those who are speaking about iPad pros build quality
    It is the worst
    Check jerry rig everything's iPad pro test

  • Cameron McCray
    Cameron McCray 3 oy oldin

    So the pixel slate will give us everything we get on a computer but in a mobile package? Like Adobe flash player?

  • Alex Harvey
    Alex Harvey 3 oy oldin

    Could we get a video on Chromefy soon>? claims it can give full chrome os on other computers complete with linux and android support

  • Alan Tay
    Alan Tay 3 oy oldin

    Good try. You are not comparing Apple for Apple. Show me Lumafusion and Procreate can work with on Chrome.

  • Bamb00fled
    Bamb00fled 3 oy oldin +2

    1. It’s a computer
    2. It’s foldable
    3. It’s a computer
    4. It’s foldable
    5. It’s a computer
    6. It’s foldable

  • Adam James
    Adam James 3 oy oldin

    Software aside, Apple has one thing that is 100% more important; Build Quality.
    Not one google product that I touch or owned could last even half as long as the Apple equivalent. It’s sad but true.
    And watching the value of the Pixel 2 XL go from $799 to $250 resale value in a year, as opposed to a far less appealing 4.7” iPhone 8 that is worth about $450 just proves it. Googles hardware needs some traction.
    I love Google. I love their software. Their hardware feels like an after thought. Great design language, continuity and creativity. It’s like one of those gorgeous modern chairs, that no one wants to sit in for a 4 hour Netflix and chill sesh.
    My iPad Pro 10.5, is my only computer. Yeah, I over paid for more storage (with killer read/write speeds). I bought the Smart Cover (magnets and shitty felt). But, when I grab my Apple Pencil to edit some video, plug in a midi keyboard and use some of the best music software I have ever had the pleasure of not spending $750+ on, make a quick graphic, and text my mom back, it becomes a reality that I can do this for 10 plus hours of battery life. The ‘ugh Apple ‘ lightning plug is miles beyond USB-C in terms of strength and reliability. The speakers sound better than my Bluetooth speaker I spent $150 on (to do one thing). Apple has a way of not cutting corners, and it honest about its own limitations; which I have never had an issue working around.
    I would say, if you want to save the money, buy the 2018 iPad, they are going to give the experience that we have come to expect from a tablet. If it ends up just being a glorified Netflix and doodle station, it didn’t cost you that much. If you want something pro, go pro. If you aren’t ok with the limitations of iOS, go by a laptop. I for one will see all of you, in the future.

  • jugapugz
    jugapugz 3 oy oldin

    cough* surface cough*

  • Life IsGood
    Life IsGood 3 oy oldin

    I have yet to see anything that beats the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil when it comes to creating art. Also, why mouse on a tablet"

  • morris portlock
    morris portlock 3 oy oldin

    I think he's trying to say all of them are good devices depending on what you do.for most people watching videos is all they do and go on social media, writing a few letters, printing a few documents, paying bill they both work

  • Al13n1nV8D3R
    Al13n1nV8D3R 3 oy oldin

    The video is spot on. Apple isheeps would be furious. Putting on my flame suit now!

  • iammike
    iammike 3 oy oldin

    Great unbias discussion. It's a relief compared to all the horrible content out there when you want info like this. One thing I want to say though, the whole no stylus thing that Jobs said has to be considered in the context and time it was said. Back when the original iPhone came out, I was messing around in the Windows Mobile and Palm OS stuff and really, to do anything, even type, you had to pull out the stylus. Without the stylus it was near impossible to do anything. The original iPhone was really the first touch screen device designed you could use every day and not need a stylus.
    Anyway, thanks again for a good video where I actually learned stuff.
    EDIT: Wanted to add, the thing about a trackpad has been the big thing that's kept me from replacing my laptop with an iPad (still have a desktop so this is just for on the move). Really wish Apple would give that capability.

  • ritag82
    ritag82 3 oy oldin

    I switched from IPhone to the pixel 2 xl exactly for productivity. I'm so happy I did. I'd love this as my tablet too.

  • Hadri Aziz
    Hadri Aziz 3 oy oldin

    His point is basically about a mouse

  • Jason Huebel
    Jason Huebel 3 oy oldin

    Unfortunately, the deal killer for me is connectivity. That I can see, there is no Pixel Slate model that supports LTE. That's simply a must-have for a business-friendly 2-in-1 tablet. If not for that one oversight, I would happily spend $1200 for a Pixel Slate. I'm heavily invested in the Google ecosystem for work and personal use.

  • iceberg4436
    iceberg4436 3 oy oldin

    talk to fucking much, lost me like 2 minutes in on blah blah blah

  • Brett the Behemoth
    Brett the Behemoth 3 oy oldin

    If you need a productivity device in this form factor, you'd be hamstringing yourself by not getting a surface pro.

  • gaguil13
    gaguil13 3 oy oldin

    Suggestion: while you talk record the product. Don’t like seeing ppl when we want to se what your talking bout