Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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  • Faisal Hamad
    Faisal Hamad 8 soat oldin

    Wooooooow my bro really iam so proud of you...that you showing the world your childhood and your incredible grandmother. Thank you for everything Trevor.

  • Damon Franken
    Damon Franken 9 soat oldin

    I love this video but there is hectic road rage in South Africa so I don’t know what he is talking about

  • Jose German
    Jose German 9 soat oldin

    From Mexico YOU are the best. #####1

  • Nikki Clark
    Nikki Clark 9 soat oldin

    I love your relationship with your grandma. She is adorable.

  • bobgodwinx
    bobgodwinx 9 soat oldin

    awesome. So lovely

  • Missy Miss
    Missy Miss 9 soat oldin

    I don't know if you didn't remember about what she said and never asked or you acted as if you didn't know the things she told you about your youth? Doesn't seem like you have a lot of contact with your grandmother.. weird to go on a TV visit like that wouldn't you just want to have a tea with her for alone? Well maybe it doesn't show

  • Jacinto Avila
    Jacinto Avila 9 soat oldin

    Trevor you better make sure grandma has electricity all day long. Get her solar, generator, whatever. Cute lady

  • Ro sy
    Ro sy 9 soat oldin

    Can some explain to me ، is she coco the blind grandmother from the book?

  • faith wangari
    faith wangari 10 soat oldin

    how good is her english!!For those complaining about the status of her dont touch an African womans house.We built my grandmother a three bedroom modern ,self contained brick house,we didnt take down her old house because she could not hear none of it.,she is even rarely in the new house.They keep their memories untouched.Clearly,that is a modern house that gogo trevor is livin in.

  • Kibet Yego
    Kibet Yego 10 soat oldin

    We say "Kogo" for grandmother in Kalenjin tribe from Kenya!

  • Gregg Stirton
    Gregg Stirton 10 soat oldin

    She's too precious, what a sweetheart

  • Angel
    Angel 11 soat oldin

    00:58 "I thought everyone was my friend." That's the most adorable thing I ever heard

  • Shanise Harris
    Shanise Harris 11 soat oldin

    even africans have the fruit refrigerator magnets lol

  • Khadeen Mcshine
    Khadeen Mcshine 11 soat oldin

    Love this man! Thank you for educating the world Trevor

  • Pamela Barlow
    Pamela Barlow 11 soat oldin

    Love Your Grand Mother My Great Grand mother was 1001&still painting the Barn in Connecticut.My Nan na, Would Have lived over 100 but My Mom passed first death in 50 Yrs She passed At 64 Were Tough ones As You I wish you all the Best Your Story Touched My Heart Love You .Thank You So Much for sharing ...We Owe Everything To The Tough Ones Before us Peace Pamela Barlow

  • Pamela Barlow
    Pamela Barlow 12 soat oldin

    Thank You For Your life Experience I grew up poor too ,I sought my own education,In school &good jobs Love Ya

  • Ama Vivian
    Ama Vivian 12 soat oldin

    Wow, so impressed! 🤩

  • Brittany Baisley
    Brittany Baisley 12 soat oldin

    This was so sweet and educational. His grandmother is amazing ❤️

  • sosueme1000
    sosueme1000 12 soat oldin

    So lovely...catching my breath

  • Martin Neumann
    Martin Neumann 12 soat oldin

    Trevor, wear your damn seatbelt!

  • Melissa Jones
    Melissa Jones 12 soat oldin

    CoCo is the best! I'm in love with this entire video!

  • C B B
    C B B 12 soat oldin

    I love how people in the comment section are bashing white people. Yes, white people did do things back then, but don't bash white people today for what their past family did. White people aren't the only people of crime, so don't play the victim in today's world.

  • Kim Jackson
    Kim Jackson 13 soat oldin

    She is marvelous!!

  • Uzbah Ji
    Uzbah Ji 13 soat oldin

    She is a great lady!

  • Kambura kirimi
    Kambura kirimi 14 soat oldin

    Trevoh you magic place is so fancy...hahha...we had a latrine growing up...u spread ash every morning eeh....

    PATTON 14 soat oldin

    Ahh this is the reason I just respect Trevor.Im glad you introduced to us your Gogo .🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Love and Respect from Northeast India.

  • Darksydesamy
    Darksydesamy 14 soat oldin +1

    I really doubt he remember anything about apartheid. Still informational at face value.

  • Alysia Mer David-Wasser
    Alysia Mer David-Wasser 15 soat oldin

    Something in my eye..😅

  • Tomas Kuli
    Tomas Kuli 15 soat oldin

    Grandmother made me smile. And I don't know why, but she seems so familiar? She reminds me of old black southern women. When I lived down there, I loved talking to them. And they were so beautiful inside and out. Salt of the earth.

  • Mimi Mock
    Mimi Mock 16 soat oldin

    she s amazing..great sense of humor...

  • Genet Eshete
    Genet Eshete 16 soat oldin

    Trevor 👊👊✊✊✊ a real person who has the best grandmother, and you have unbelievable mother.

  • Myriâme Morteau
    Myriâme Morteau 17 soat oldin

    Sending you much love to you and your family Trevor. Thank you so much for sharing !

    LADY SHORTY 17 soat oldin +1


  • Deborah Santamaria
    Deborah Santamaria 17 soat oldin

    I love this Grandma! Their wisdom and their experiences are priceless...She is positively Deliciously wonderful!!!

  • Rabbit Hare
    Rabbit Hare 17 soat oldin

    What a sweet & intelligent granny she is, reminds me of President Obama and his grandmama. Very simple n humble lifestyle. They enjoy their modest life without the extravagant things our generation craves for... Thanks Trevor for the special visit to GOGO!!!!

  • Rabbit Hare
    Rabbit Hare 18 soat oldin

    Owwwww what a darling granny. She is too intelligent and very funny.. No wonder Trevor is a comedian, it runs in the family!!!!

  • 916DwiLL510
    916DwiLL510 18 soat oldin

    He gave u problems bkuz he light skinned. Growing up lighter black where more privilege meaning porch or house niggas where light. Us Darkys coin the phrase wait 1 cotton picker minute

  • 916DwiLL510
    916DwiLL510 18 soat oldin

    5:34 gamma had a flash back. She had that get out look on her face

  • 916DwiLL510
    916DwiLL510 18 soat oldin

    So is my hood like lil Africa we always walked and Rhode bikes in the streets bkuz in the hood every1 had dogs but not every1 had gates

  • 916DwiLL510
    916DwiLL510 18 soat oldin

    3k ppl think Africa dont exists an we never landed there

  • Star Lah
    Star Lah 18 soat oldin

    How much of the Apartheid did Trevor really experience?

  • Mak Alagha
    Mak Alagha 19 soat oldin

    Trevor, I adore your personality and your show. I am thankful that apartheid has ended in SA. I am looking forward to the day apartheid also ends in Palestine/Israel where Palestinian people regain their self determination. Salute to SA and Trevor.

  • Derexican
    Derexican 20 soat oldin

    This was an incredible segment Trevor. I have so much respect for you and your family. Thanks for sharing.

  • Sizwe Ntuli
    Sizwe Ntuli 20 soat oldin

    As much as the vid is kinda funny but it shows how bad and dangerous white people are to blacks and it's sad!

  • Carlos Dominguez
    Carlos Dominguez 21 soat oldin

    Thank you Trevor and the team for such beautiful content :-) a true gem in this fucked up media world

  • Affanaman H
    Affanaman H 22 soat oldin

    Just learning about real Africans and what they have gone through their life, it just makes me cry and be thankful to God that we are living much better life because of them. They went through some tough times and some still are facing this in different part of African countries and other world not only Africans some other race and mostly because of the religion they believe in.

  • Desy Burhanuddin
    Desy Burhanuddin 22 soat oldin

    2:24 we've got those tooo!!

  • Elzette Schutte
    Elzette Schutte 22 soat oldin

    wow she's witty like you. She's wonderful :)

  • She King Lifestyle Vlog
    She King Lifestyle Vlog 23 soat oldin

    I thoroughly enjoyed this Trevor! Your grandmother represents all our grandmothers in SA. Your raw laugh gave me life, truly!

  • bijender Jakhar
    bijender Jakhar 23 soat oldin

    Trevor, I am fan of your work. Grandma reminded me of mine. She is beautiful, happy and strong woman.

  • increDble things
    increDble things Kun oldin

    If you want a special gift for your lover this Christmas , Don't hesitate! she'll live it !

  • Phebee White
    Phebee White Kun oldin

    oh Trevor, I love your grandma, she is so funny.

  • Maria Carmen Van Horn

    He is so sweet and gentle

  • rafiya kazi
    rafiya kazi Kun oldin

    Good Trevor and grand mom love from India

  • Kosu 1225
    Kosu 1225 Kun oldin

    She is blessed still strong.

  • Baaba Assiaw-Dufu
    Baaba Assiaw-Dufu Kun oldin


  • GMcKBack
    GMcKBack Kun oldin

    That was... beautiful! Who didn't smile like an idiot the whole segment?

  • Tosh Coleman
    Tosh Coleman Kun oldin

    I love Trevor. He and his granny are so cute together

  • net surfer65
    net surfer65 Kun oldin

    So lovely grandma. She is like home wherever she will be.

  • J S
    J S Kun oldin

    Trevor, I absolutely enjoyed this video.

  • MD Girl
    MD Girl Kun oldin

    I am crying because of this. I too am mixed. Thank God we have ended apartheid.

  • Raven Shaw
    Raven Shaw Kun oldin

    This was a dope video Trevor!! 🙌🏿👏🏿✊🏿

  • Adhenn Akbar
    Adhenn Akbar Kun oldin

    Wholesome grandma

  • Del Rent
    Del Rent Kun oldin

    She is way funnier than you. She should co host ur show Travor .. trust me.. you would have more viewers and more Ching Ching coming...

  • kerry y
    kerry y Kun oldin

    Trevor, huge respect stay tuned on ur roots funny grand Mom god bless her💕

  • Pine Tree
    Pine Tree Kun oldin

    Can the big issue be whether or not to pass a Constitutional Amendment
    to expel Jews from the United States? Including expelling Jews who don't
    advertise their Jewishness, such as Stephen Miller, Trevor Noah, Conan O'Brien, and
    Barack Obama? That's an issue that would be worth my time.

  • Saint Sebastian Hart of one world

    Not a fan of this man and or neither his work but, this video brings a different perspective of who he really is. Respect for this man and his family. Cribs Oppression Edition.., this is where the magic happens

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    Styles by Nancy Kun oldin

  • Vash The Animator
    Vash The Animator Kun oldin

    But she is right there is load shedding

  • c22
    c22 Kun oldin

    Is Trevor single? Asking for a friend.

  • Vash The Animator
    Vash The Animator Kun oldin

    Trevor was a mulongo

  • Judy Taylor
    Judy Taylor Kun oldin

    Just Beautiful. Thank you for sharing her💕

  • Florinda Collins
    Florinda Collins Kun oldin

    awwwww. I love his grandmom.

  • millindollamovies
    millindollamovies Kun oldin

    now crime is RAMPANT a doctor invented a fcn BEAR TRAP DEVICE tyo insert in VAGINAS to halt rape,,u people are stone aged animals

  • Robert Coyle
    Robert Coyle Kun oldin

    Good TV.

  • Miriam Molina
    Miriam Molina Kun oldin

    OMG I love her, the honesty she answers is wonderful

  • Felipe Garcia
    Felipe Garcia Kun oldin

    Coco is so sweet. Just wanna give her a big hug. ❤️❤️

  • Freddrick Criddell
    Freddrick Criddell Kun oldin

    man just think of the shit she has seen,yeah you can tell that's her grand baby.she looks good for 91 years and 9 months and her speech is still good...

  • Lisa Tate
    Lisa Tate Kun oldin

    She is simply a treasure! SO Wonderful of you to share her. She is just beautiful!!! Much Love!

  • Pedro Rodriguez
    Pedro Rodriguez Kun oldin

    Trevor love your grandmother. She is a great women with such a big heart

  • William Rafael bocanegra


  • Awowe Hussain
    Awowe Hussain Kun oldin

    Our elders like to visit their relatives ,friends and like ppl to visit them to not in Europe or in U. S where u take u parents to elderly shelters n forget them in those horrible place unlike us Africans we take care of them. Am sure she's staying with some of her grandchildren or relative's n he's providing 4 them

  • AJ Powell
    AJ Powell Kun oldin

    OMG did she say Trevor had a big bump LOL

  • AGilbert
    AGilbert Kun oldin

    This! I love this so much. His grandma is amazing and so sharp. I wish her many blessings! Trevor is blessed and you can tell he has much respect for her. (his big bumps know her slippers well! :) )

  • Nancy A
    Nancy A Kun oldin

    Planting potatoes for no pay is upsetting enough. Then there's burying a co-worker in that same field who has died of exhaustion and continuing with your work without making a fuss. Flying squads of police knocking down your door in the wee hours. Neighborhood kids terrified of children with lighter skin. These stories are challenging to contemplate, process and really sit with. Then TN puts this information of a mock MTV Cribs episode. It's difficult not to marvel at the miracle of creative, productive authority that Noah has embodied in his short life. Quite a journey from being born a crime.

  • MacKenzie Mitchell
    MacKenzie Mitchell Kun oldin

    So PRECIOUS! She's reluctantly proud of you Trevor....beautiful lady

  • Risma Kuswanti
    Risma Kuswanti Kun oldin

    I like your grandmother 🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • Rawda Aljawhary
    Rawda Aljawhary Kun oldin

    Isn't this the cutest exchange you've ever seen?? I love how genuine they are and how gogo just cracks Trevor up. They know each other better than anyone else, and that's what makes this so special; we got to witness that love and connection.


    I need your number Trevor please

  • Elizabeth North
    Elizabeth North Kun oldin

    Your grandmother is amazing!

  • Bryan C.
    Bryan C. Kun oldin

    Never have I ever. Cudos, Trevor. Cudos to you.

  • Alexander Sanchez
    Alexander Sanchez Kun oldin

    She is a very lovely lady! Thank you for this video Trevor! 🤙🏽👏🏼

  • East London [Team-Gqom]

    Beautiful. AmaXhosa akuthi. Trevor you have our back.

  • Kxdd Blxzer
    Kxdd Blxzer Kun oldin +4

    Same gogo who beat him for making up an imaginary friend😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kxdd Blxzer
    Kxdd Blxzer Kun oldin +1

    Trevor is back to jozi son!!!!
    Eh boi come shaya show pela Zuma is gone😂😂😂😂

  • Barbara Pasina
    Barbara Pasina Kun oldin

    Wow 91 years old such a blessing for you to have your grandmother at that age. May God bless her with more years to come.

  • Theresia Dorothy
    Theresia Dorothy Kun oldin


  • Francois C
    Francois C Kun oldin

    Why is this video not available in Canada?
    Personally it doesn't affect me because I have a VPN and I can make you believe I am from any country.

  • PrezTjus Woman
    PrezTjus Woman Kun oldin


  • Chantell Janse van Vuuren

    Trevor se Gogo ROCK!!!