Shaq and Charles Barkley's EPIC Fast Money! | Celebrity Family Feud

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  • Tonya Lee
    Tonya Lee Kun oldin

    Shaq...!?! How did your momma dress you,feed you, shoes... I feel her 14 my baby boy was 6'4" wearing a size 14 shoe big AND tall, did I mention he was 285 lbs

  • Autumn Wilkins
    Autumn Wilkins Kun oldin

    Steve addressed the elephant in the room... Love him lol

  • cesar c.
    cesar c. Kun oldin

    bbq chicken alert

  • Jude Lewis
    Jude Lewis 2 kun oldin

    Damn!!! Shaq makes Steve look about 5 feet tall! 😁

  • Kyle Serra
    Kyle Serra 4 kun oldin

    lol "Aww hell no!"

  • Walter Jagielski
    Walter Jagielski 7 kun oldin

    He said pads!!!! 😂😂😂😂

  • Angela Wheeler
    Angela Wheeler 9 kun oldin

    Now that was funny

  • Ronald Ehmke
    Ronald Ehmke 9 kun oldin +1

    He definitely said pads...

  • honduras honduras
    honduras honduras 11 kun oldin

    Daniel suckd at fortnite

  • RoKid Tv
    RoKid Tv 11 kun oldin


  • RoKid Tv
    RoKid Tv 11 kun oldin

    Name somthing that mite b

  • George Hernandez
    George Hernandez 12 kun oldin

    Kid rock

  • Invidious
    Invidious 12 kun oldin

    Was fun. Thanks.

  • Larry DeLeau
    Larry DeLeau 13 kun oldin

    Shaqs baby diapers...Beach towels 😅

    KENNY KA$H 13 kun oldin

    Normally I put my arm around a person lol 😂😂

  • Antonette Nesbitt
    Antonette Nesbitt 16 kun oldin

    I thought Steve was tall. But chuck is huge compared to Steve and Shaq is like a giant

  • Jose Cruz
    Jose Cruz 17 kun oldin

    I need to see the wholeee run since all of the guys from Inside NBA are there

  • Michel Madaire
    Michel Madaire 17 kun oldin

    Dammmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm he's big.

  • D L
    D L 17 kun oldin

    My God. Steve looks like a child next to them.

  • Jomar Estrella
    Jomar Estrella 18 kun oldin

    Wanna cum inside kirsten ledlow

  • Deaaron Robinson
    Deaaron Robinson 19 kun oldin


  • Bill Blass
    Bill Blass 20 kun oldin

    what were the teams, the NBA TNT team and ?

  • Shay Cotterell
    Shay Cotterell 21 kun oldin

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  • melagkomas20
    melagkomas20 22 kun oldin


  • Marie Moore
    Marie Moore 23 kun oldin

    My shaq is a Burnt Biscuit

  • Raidah Mahmud
    Raidah Mahmud 23 kun oldin

    Where was the epic part, man? I’d say this is clickbaiting 🤷🏻‍♀️

  • rastin Kosha
    rastin Kosha 23 kun oldin

    I wish someone like Shaq aks me to marry him 😌

  • Brad West
    Brad West 24 kun oldin

    Shaq is a big dude. wow

  • Stephanie Mays
    Stephanie Mays 24 kun oldin


  • Teddy Bear/ AKA Master E.

    Lol 😁.

  • stewart little
    stewart little 25 kun oldin


  • Steph foster
    Steph foster 26 kun oldin

    Omg they so funny love it

  • Max A
    Max A 27 kun oldin


  • Chris
    Chris 28 kun oldin

    “Pads” “pants” whatever tf. Jerseys are the tightest things ever lmao and pants but jersey should’ve been more than 5

  • Bnice0713 Roughneck959
    Bnice0713 Roughneck959 28 kun oldin

    I love Shaq and they would of won anyway but he said pads not pants.

  • Roy W-G
    Roy W-G 28 kun oldin

    What would i do next to Shaq? I am taller than average and he is still 44cm taller than me. Harvey looks like an oomph loompa!

  • Solomon Askie
    Solomon Askie 29 kun oldin


  • Avery L
    Avery L Oy oldin

    The whole part were he said “pads”/“pants” is like yanny or Laurel.

    I turned on captions and it said he said pants. But I’m positive he said pads

  • Liam Suddes
    Liam Suddes Oy oldin +2

    Shaq really still putting up 60 points a night?? Damn.

  • Juniper SRX
    Juniper SRX Oy oldin

    Any man will look Good dressed up in a Suit....But, unfortunately NO clothing brand do justice to Big & Tall Men. They make it in such a way that it looks ugly on Big & Tall Men.
    Some fashion brand should look in to this seriously or else.....there are not too many Good Tailors around to stitch a well Tailored suit for Big & Tall Men.

  • Travis The Gamer
    Travis The Gamer Oy oldin

    Harvey and Charles are practically big brother and little brother.But Steve Harvey does not shave his mustache to make him seem older.

  • ChiTown Scratcher

    Shaq is a pretty smart guy.

  • Paulie Walnuts
    Paulie Walnuts Oy oldin

    shaq don't smile to fast or your lips will bleed lmao!!!!

  • Jfaithdapoet Affirmative

    Yoo steve palm dude ass ...da Fuc they got going on???

  • Ryan Basilio
    Ryan Basilio Oy oldin

    Damn you're tall Shaq,,God damn 😂😂👍

  • Carver Whitt
    Carver Whitt Oy oldin

    Two pants ash cookie coffee

  • poetdrowned
    poetdrowned Oy oldin

    Oh my god, Steve looks TINY beside Shaq and I know he’s not a small person.

  • Molly Carpenter
    Molly Carpenter Oy oldin


  • Chris71379
    Chris71379 Oy oldin

    The ONLY Game, when Barkley Got More points than Shaq.

  • Jor Dan
    Jor Dan Oy oldin

    I think this is rigged..... but as long as the money goes to charity

  • Cristian A
    Cristian A Oy oldin

    so it was Inside the NBA against... who? lol... i don't know anyone in the other team xD they famous?

  • Brady Craig
    Brady Craig Oy oldin +1

    He is so tall

  • Steve Fuentes
    Steve Fuentes Oy oldin

    wheres the sauce???? THE LAMMMMMMMMMB SAUCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • TruthSeeker
    TruthSeeker Oy oldin

    Barkley wins??? Barkley wins!!

  • Don’t drop the soap

    Steve never said no homo

  • Andrew May
    Andrew May Oy oldin

    bbq chicken alert

  • Kesha Adjomadogbo

    Love it

    • melagkomas20
      melagkomas20 22 kun oldin

      that's what your wife said last night.

  • Mhlengi Ntswane
    Mhlengi Ntswane Oy oldin

    Ernie's Laugh though🤣🤣

  • Yong Kevin
    Yong Kevin Oy oldin

    This probably will be the first and last time for Shaq and Chuck team up together

  • GruntMasher117
    GruntMasher117 Oy oldin

    He said “Fortune Cookie” 😂

  • Yungmoney DGoat
    Yungmoney DGoat Oy oldin


  • Antonio Zuniga
    Antonio Zuniga Oy oldin

    Sounds like Shaq said pads or pass instead of pants. BBQ had me dying😂BBQ Chicken Alert! 🚨

  • Ced Cuddi
    Ced Cuddi Oy oldin

    If u played football, u know them pants were tight 💀, I hated it

  • Productions CEO
    Productions CEO Oy oldin

    Got brains these 2

  • Invincible Young Empire


  • SweetDWillie
    SweetDWillie Oy oldin

    God Kristin is sexy but her voice is so fucking annoying she reminds me of jaws(former eagles quarterback) neither of them can just talk normal

  • Tyto Do'Urden
    Tyto Do'Urden Oy oldin

    Except 1

  • Charley Chiplin
    Charley Chiplin Oy oldin

    He definitely said pads

  • Corey Parker
    Corey Parker Oy oldin +1

    Cuuuu coffee

  • Reuben Ahmed
    Reuben Ahmed Oy oldin +1

    i like kristen

  • Neil Arora
    Neil Arora Oy oldin

    Good show

  • Nhat Tran
    Nhat Tran Oy oldin

    that was awesome

  • MikuoHatsune139
    MikuoHatsune139 2 oy oldin +4

    Had volume on quiet and heard Shaq say Pants

  • Jason Keith
    Jason Keith 2 oy oldin

    The sauce is the boss!!!

  • Raz3 MK
    Raz3 MK 2 oy oldin

    Holy moly... Shaq is 7ft tall..
    Robert Wadlow was 9ft tall
    im suppose to he 6ft8

    • John Boona
      John Boona 2 oy oldin

      My dick is 15 ft tall go ask your mom if you don't believe me

  • quad8
    quad8 2 oy oldin

    Exactly 200!

  • Ninjakick 258
    Ninjakick 258 2 oy oldin

    Barbecue Chicken Alert. Like if you understand this Shaq reference.

  • Billy Messimer
    Billy Messimer 2 oy oldin

    I agree he said pads!!

  • Marilyn Cruz
    Marilyn Cruz 2 oy oldin


  • Kathy Simonton
    Kathy Simonton 2 oy oldin

    Aaa Cody Cody is cring I think 🤔

  • v DEFENSE v
    v DEFENSE v 2 oy oldin

    I love shaq

  • Michael Tripes
    Michael Tripes 2 oy oldin

    Respect Charles, Shaq !!! @shaqoneal

  • Ashlyn Lynch
    Ashlyn Lynch 2 oy oldin

    wow i just remembered that Barkley is from a icy hot commercial

  • Nrogara Odorf
    Nrogara Odorf 2 oy oldin

    Oh my God I thought Steve was a big man he looks tiny next to Shaq

  • FlamingRavenMC
    FlamingRavenMC 2 oy oldin

    you guys know steve is over 60 in this clip

  • Ashton Warner
    Ashton Warner 2 oy oldin

    I’ve never seen Steve look so small.

  • L I G H T N I N G
    L I G H T N I N G 2 oy oldin

    Shaq seems darker

  • Mitch mitch
    Mitch mitch 2 oy oldin

    shaq said pads lol

  • Mitch mitch
    Mitch mitch 2 oy oldin

    shaq 😂😂

  • Mary Graham
    Mary Graham 2 oy oldin

    Shaq was too funny.

  • PR PR
    PR PR 2 oy oldin


  • Joshua Han
    Joshua Han 2 oy oldin

    they didn't have all of them they only had the number 1 for the last 4 they didn't have the number one for the first one

  • TheBencore
    TheBencore 2 oy oldin

    Sassy Shaq, Big Cuddles, Smooth Operator and Caddy shaq. All his nicknames, at least that i know of

  • Arseen RC/ Radio control hobby

    Is he 3.5 meters high ?

  • David Jun Laping
    David Jun Laping 2 oy oldin

    You cant start a barbecue if you dont have barbecue

  • Ray Chan
    Ray Chan 2 oy oldin

    This game so fake

  • Stephanie Nicole Trajano

    Hhahaha that "one" reaction

  • GS Coldshot
    GS Coldshot 2 oy oldin

    Did shaq acually say bbq sauce

  • Yohannes Semere
    Yohannes Semere 2 oy oldin

    He said pads why he give him pants