Father & Daughter Get Put In the Hot Seat 🔥 | Wild 'N Out | #TalkinSpit

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  • Mister816
    Mister816 16 soat oldin

    She look just like nia long

  • Wade Higgins
    Wade Higgins 18 soat oldin

    Her lace wig looks puffy

  • Niyyah Hamid
    Niyyah Hamid 20 soat oldin

    He failed with that joke when he told it to zendaya

  • Deyoungtay Lakes
    Deyoungtay Lakes 23 soat oldin

    I’m sorry but that mustache joke almost made me wana shoot myself

  • jack Murphy
    jack Murphy Kun oldin

    I hoping for a windshield wiper joke about the dad's collar :(

  • Angel Youngblood
    Angel Youngblood Kun oldin

    DC so fucking funny 😂😂🤦🏾‍♀️

  • slieeshow
    slieeshow Kun oldin

    bro justina so damn sexy 🤤🤤

  • 1k subs No vids
    1k subs No vids Kun oldin +1

    Go b Simone with yo fat azz 4:59

  • Zack YRN
    Zack YRN Kun oldin

    4:58 “go B. Simone witcho lil stupid ass” 😂😂😂

  • Kiokya Zileca
    Kiokya Zileca Kun oldin

    timothy lowkey digging her tho

  • calle hansen
    calle hansen Kun oldin

    That man ran a marathon every time he laughed

  • Gawd o Stage
    Gawd o Stage Kun oldin

    Bruh Yvng Swag should not b on the show his jokes are always lame

  • King Smalls
    King Smalls 2 kun oldin

    So nobody gone point out the fact Chico pops outta know where like on the show 😭

  • Erik Moore
    Erik Moore 2 kun oldin

    Why don’t this niqqa get his own damn style, he just taking Martin gimmick and running with it

  • IMzKDC23
    IMzKDC23 2 kun oldin

    Dc made'em both spit xD

  • SaberTheMouse
    SaberTheMouse 2 kun oldin

    Chico Bean had me dead

  • Jorge Gutierrez
    Jorge Gutierrez 2 kun oldin

    Bruh dc youngfly funny asf😂😂

  • Amaya Grinstead
    Amaya Grinstead 2 kun oldin

    As soon as Timothy mentioned the lion king I knew exactly what he was abt to do 😂

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee 2 kun oldin

    That girl doesn’t spit she swallows. Lol

  • Doctor Dludla
    Doctor Dludla 2 kun oldin

    "Why the hell you grey hair at the back of your neck?" 😂😂😂

  • Sierra Parsons
    Sierra Parsons 2 kun oldin

    I clicked on this because of that wig 😭💀

  • Robert Jimenez
    Robert Jimenez 2 kun oldin

    These new guys suck

  • Trevon Adkins
    Trevon Adkins 2 kun oldin

    We Need More Of These 😂😂

  • sdfghjkl
    sdfghjkl 2 kun oldin


  • Skizzzy Styles
    Skizzzy Styles 2 kun oldin +1

    0:10 deeeaaamn dats some dope ass bars

  • Isaac sita
    Isaac sita 2 kun oldin

    Dc always delivers ma niGGa!!!!

  • Andee Smith
    Andee Smith 2 kun oldin


  • bralyn passmore
    bralyn passmore 3 kun oldin

    That so good. Just a thought I having a good time with your daughter

  • A D D A R I O U S
    A D D A R I O U S 3 kun oldin

    “Go B Simone, witcho lil stupid ahh” 😂😂😂

  • OMG
    OMG 3 kun oldin

    3:39 DC OMG😂😂😂

  • David Medina
    David Medina 3 kun oldin

    He looks young for his age

  • M.C
    M.C 3 kun oldin

    I love wildn out but this is the worst wildn out segment I’ve ever seen. Other than DC and Chico this shit was just embarrassing.

  • Armonni Booker
    Armonni Booker 3 kun oldin +3

    "her wig is on her eyelashes"💀💀😂 D.C. did her dirty omg he funny😂❤ you gotta love him💯😂😍

  • Baby V
    Baby V 3 kun oldin


  • Tiatay Harris
    Tiatay Harris 3 kun oldin

    Wild n out makin moves 😂💪🏾

  • chris boyd
    chris boyd 4 kun oldin

    RIP O.B looking like Mister Fantastic stretching to his kneecaps to hold his pants On ...

  • Flippidiflopp ,
    Flippidiflopp , 4 kun oldin

    Why he always running tho

  • ItsAmberDuhhh
    ItsAmberDuhhh 4 kun oldin

    Lmaooo dc said "go bsimone, little ugly ass" 😭😭😭😭💀💀 he will forever be my fav!

  • Buddy Farmer
    Buddy Farmer 4 kun oldin

    Dc sjould of called him harambe

  • Myss Jaye
    Myss Jaye 4 kun oldin

    DC called that man a silver back gorilla 😂😂😂 Done!

  • Jigga Boo
    Jigga Boo 4 kun oldin

    The dude that came out said “Get yo dumbass outta here Boyy” yo that shit had me crying 😂😂😂

  • Peka Hauhnar
    Peka Hauhnar 4 kun oldin

    Thought he was Martin Lawrence

  • Cameron Butler
    Cameron Butler 5 kun oldin +1

    Black team sold

  • Tay Tay
    Tay Tay 5 kun oldin

    Big Mac look like he smell like fried chicken grease

  • Christina Wright
    Christina Wright 5 kun oldin

    The red team jokes sucks lol im sorry but the only one i liked was Justina

  • Cardale Patterson
    Cardale Patterson 6 kun oldin


  • Cardale Patterson
    Cardale Patterson 6 kun oldin

    Like Dang get um

  • SpekksHOA
    SpekksHOA 6 kun oldin

    Flames his shirt

  • Gerrar Maya
    Gerrar Maya 6 kun oldin

    Half a hoody 🤣

  • Brandon Green
    Brandon Green 7 kun oldin +4

    When DC said her wig is on her eyebrows I lost my s*** needless to say I'm showing this to everybody

    • Vlogs By Si
      Vlogs By Si 6 kun oldin

      Brandon Green He got my ass 😂😂 Follow my Instagram @stylebysi

  • May Flower
    May Flower 7 kun oldin

    Chico kept going for this guys collar

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  • hillary11084
    hillary11084 8 kun oldin

    The daughter

  • hillary11084
    hillary11084 8 kun oldin

    Simone is ugly with them toes

    • Jigga Boo
      Jigga Boo 4 kun oldin

      hillary11084 um....random but ok

  • Mrs J.
    Mrs J. 8 kun oldin

    Tim! Retire that joke! Argh! 😣🤣

  • melena hammond
    melena hammond 8 kun oldin

    this is so awkward

  • Lil Lãlo
    Lil Lãlo 8 kun oldin

    He got his ass with them collar jokes 😂👏👏

  • Nestor Melgar
    Nestor Melgar 8 kun oldin

    Kinda cringe these guys not that funny

  • The o-MG
    The o-MG 9 kun oldin

    About to say something that's going to make you cringe ... hard

    Bet that was the first time her dad saw her spit.

  • MikeyEND
    MikeyEND 9 kun oldin

    Hey Tim, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it

  • Dan. Palm.
    Dan. Palm. 9 kun oldin

    Register to Vote (if you haven't already) and Vote Republican. It is almost Game Over for the Deep State!

  • Ronisha Hughes
    Ronisha Hughes 9 kun oldin

    Who’s the dude that started with the knock knock joke

  • Issa Slimeee1
    Issa Slimeee1 9 kun oldin

    These new niggas is trash 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Aleah Holly
    Aleah Holly 9 kun oldin

    nick need to put funnier rookies on wild n put, it seems like he' going more off people who have big followings. Almost every joke from a rookie was WACK.

  • yo boy cash lang
    yo boy cash lang 9 kun oldin

    Funny mike

    QANAAH KALAYA 9 kun oldin

    Black squad was too funny

  • JeNique Thomas
    JeNique Thomas 10 kun oldin

    Lmao this was a waste of however long I stayed ;(

  • ZBoy 21
    ZBoy 21 10 kun oldin

    Who remembers that werid Karate dude from martin 😂

  • Younghomie Jay
    Younghomie Jay 10 kun oldin

    Nick must’ve had better shit to do

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  • Valeeda Davidson
    Valeeda Davidson 10 kun oldin


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  • Lobao Samson
    Lobao Samson 10 kun oldin

    Does anyone notice that this guy who alway says "according to my calculation" look like black logic

  • Jaide Pattillo
    Jaide Pattillo 10 kun oldin

    My black squad DC my favorite

  • azaria hilton
    azaria hilton 10 kun oldin +1

    DC Say Her Wig On Her Eyelashes 🤣🤣

  • Daniella Hernandez
    Daniella Hernandez 10 kun oldin

    That wig need to be put in the hot seat

    • Vlogs By Si
      Vlogs By Si 10 kun oldin

      Daniella Hernandez maybe you should be in the wild n out cast you’re so funny

  • King Lev
    King Lev 10 kun oldin

    tim always usin that damn joke 😂

  • Jaedens blog Channel
    Jaedens blog Channel 10 kun oldin

    Go b Simone with yo lil stupid ass😂😂😂😂😂

  • Tina Fortson
    Tina Fortson 10 kun oldin

    Her wig😱😱😱😱😱😱

  • Jaedens blog Channel
    Jaedens blog Channel 10 kun oldin

    First 3:30 is pure cringe

  • Diego Dinero707
    Diego Dinero707 10 kun oldin

    Can anyone explain to me wtf is goin on who are all these new kids with the unfunny as joked

  • Super Fan
    Super Fan 10 kun oldin

    Live action lion king. Thanks I'll google now

  • Kim Walker
    Kim Walker 10 kun oldin

    Dumb. Black people being made fun of using stereotype illustrations.

  • Oklahoma City Bass Fishing

    She's fine

  • Terri J.
    Terri J. 10 kun oldin

    All of this is whack!

  • Trippy Red Crew
    Trippy Red Crew 10 kun oldin

    Too cringey for me, fake laughing bad jokes.

  • Kash Tv.
    Kash Tv. 10 kun oldin

    ok who else thought there jokes was lame asf? ccmon wild 'n out jokes and shit just aint funny anymore and where the resst of the stage at?

  • LinzzzZ Faust
    LinzzzZ Faust 11 kun oldin

    Her wig is horrible sh should be ashamed

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      Vlogs By Si 10 kun oldin

      LinzzzZ F I am so ashamed...Follow me on Instagram @stylebysi

  • queen kam
    queen kam 11 kun oldin

    This episode looks a little bit duller than usual

  • queen kam
    queen kam 11 kun oldin

    Justina be trying too hard

  • Daily News
    Daily News 11 kun oldin

    Where is nik cannon

  • Aaron Beardsley
    Aaron Beardsley 11 kun oldin

    Damn she is fugly as hell

  • utubedeez
    utubedeez 11 kun oldin

    I'm just here to get my son some more views and subscribers. Thanks

  • Sara Cruz
    Sara Cruz 11 kun oldin

    love this video. by the way Text me i'm alone home 😜😜👅💦💦💦: (724) 721-1691

  • Tia 70X
    Tia 70X 11 kun oldin

    Why is everyone leaning on her shoulder? I know that shit hurts.

  • Sharno Livne
    Sharno Livne 11 kun oldin

    That w
    That wa
    That was

    You really thought I was gonna do one of those?
    AND you were gonna like it?
    Shame on you...

  • Paul Nelson
    Paul Nelson 11 kun oldin

    That pimp and girls on the strip joke was the ultimate cringe!! 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • myagentvic
    myagentvic 11 kun oldin

    His daughter one Jordan Peele face looking ass!!!

    A1BELLS 11 kun oldin

    For people who say employees don’t get paid they obviously do. They probably get paid above most people but not as much as Nick. Nick makes bank from the show.

  • DoggyDaddy
    DoggyDaddy 11 kun oldin

    This is garbage