2018 iPad Pro: The Total Experience (Unboxing & Impressions)

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  • Erica Griffin
    Erica Griffin  Oy oldin +98

    4K will be available shortly...

    • Daryl Chang
      Daryl Chang 24 kun oldin +2

      Erica Griffin Do you still feel the 11" is the better size to get even though the 12.9 allows you to use two full size iPad apps side by side vs two iPhone apps on the 11"?

    • Sohail Khan
      Sohail Khan 28 kun oldin

      +Sally Smith Watch MKBHD!

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      +Sohail Khan UZclip only does 16:9

    • Clemens Längle
      Clemens Längle Oy oldin

      No need to... my ipad does not support 4k 😂

    • Amit Kumar
      Amit Kumar Oy oldin

      Excellent simple review. Focusing on the product not the reviewer is quite rare on UZclip, especially from a female reviewer.
      Unlike other UZclip reviews, the video has good amount of content from buyer’s perspective.

  • Annielou
    Annielou Kun oldin

    Just bought the 12.9 256gb cellular iPad and trying so hard to save it for Christmas. I’ve been reading a lot about apps not displaying properly with black bars. I’m using the 8 plus as my phone so don’t have any issues with that. Why is this iPad getting black bars? Is it to do with aspect ratio? Hope Developers fix them asap.

  • Mj Jones
    Mj Jones 3 kun oldin

    This lady’s so considerate Getty the 11 inch i pad pro it’s so much easier for thieves to hide under there jackets When they’ve ripped her off 😀 👋

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen 3 kun oldin

    Its so damm funny.... "See how bigs it is compaired for the old one..." And you put it futher down, with a strange camera angle. What about put them together properly? But that aside... Good unboxing and a good rewiew. :)

  • Mark Lennard
    Mark Lennard 4 kun oldin

    If I am mainly using the iPad Pro to consume media and just surf the web and will really only using it on the couch, do you think the 11inch is a better choice? I will not be using the iPad on a desk at all, as I already have a MacBook Pro 15inch for that.

  • ki4vo
    ki4vo 4 kun oldin

    About the "It's definitely not gonna bend".. go watch the jerryrigseverything' approach LOL

  • izoyt
    izoyt 7 kun oldin

    afraid about scratch, but not about new bendy ipad.

  • shayakumar thiyagalingam

    Erica I can’t use my iPad Pro for call google hangout not working in uk for call

  • Nr Akash
    Nr Akash 9 kun oldin

    I cannot afford it my entire life. :c

  • Oriya Travel
    Oriya Travel 13 kun oldin

    ipad with a iphone 5 design and iphone x features...

  • Pablo Daniel
    Pablo Daniel 16 kun oldin

    @10:19 what she said

  • MrHuckabst
    MrHuckabst 16 kun oldin

    Nice but I got the 10.5 with 256 gig. Cash in some gift cards and 408 bucks out of pocket.

  • Armando Jaime
    Armando Jaime 16 kun oldin

    Those are some fat fingers

  • Edward Fenn
    Edward Fenn 17 kun oldin

    anyone agrees that the 2017 10.5 pro actually looks better?

  • Randi
    Randi 18 kun oldin

    Get an Anker screen protector on amazon! They’re the best. Easy to install. Trust me you won’t regret it

  • x crazy x chan x {the blogging hobo}

    I hope you test out several cases and screen protectors (especially glass!) With the 11"

  • Carlos Cueva
    Carlos Cueva 18 kun oldin

    Debating between 3 Apple devices with all the apple gifts that I accumulated for the 2 years I pad Pro 2018 1TB 12.9 inch, MacBook Air 2 512GB and MacBook Pro 13 inch 512 GB. The 1TB version on both MacBook Air and Pro is way too expensive

  • Prahlad M S
    Prahlad M S 18 kun oldin

    3:17 definitely not gonna bend.. okay

  • Eli Dannen
    Eli Dannen 19 kun oldin

    weird question: would you sell or give away your old ipad? 😅

  • QCYK
    QCYK 19 kun oldin

    no file system, no external HDD = Apple stock -20%

  • liu tony
    liu tony 19 kun oldin

    Looks like a fracture when something hard pressing down on the keyboard cover. Anyway after I watched this video I went out and bought the 10.5 inch model, hopefully it doesn’t bend like the 11 inch model.

  • Rose Barton
    Rose Barton 21 kun oldin

    Im probably going to get the 12.9 inch because I’m using it as a replacement for my laptop. It’s as big as a laptop. I’m also using it for high school.

  • Gene E
    Gene E 22 kun oldin

    Great review. Coming from 9.7 Pro to the new 12.9 Pro, I can tell you it only takes a couple of days to get used to the bigger size, then it is fantastic.

  • The Swedish Girl
    The Swedish Girl 23 kun oldin

    Lmao there are so many lucky lucky souls that already have gotten the ipad pro, wish I could have it too and stop doing art on my Iphone 8

  • Riyad Assaf
    Riyad Assaf 23 kun oldin

    Is the 64 gb version enough for artworks?

  • Antivlogger
    Antivlogger 24 kun oldin

    I find this video oddly disturbing.

  • Kodiak and Grizzly Bears

    Looks really good.

  • Roberto Villani
    Roberto Villani 24 kun oldin +1

    GRANDE ERICA im always excited to watch your review keep rocking

  • Samuel M Cohen
    Samuel M Cohen 25 kun oldin

    Watching while playing with my 2018 Ipad Pro 12.9 and I really like the extra size and don't find it awkward to handle at all. Probably helps having bigger hands.

  • Glenn Wilcox
    Glenn Wilcox 26 kun oldin

    Good review! Your overall analogy was spot on. I am also planning on getting the same configuration as IOS isn't quite there yet and the premium for 512 or 1TB is quite large and I already have a Surface Book 2 with 1 TB. Just looking to replace my aging iPadAir2 with 128GB and this is the right price point plus I get a little more storage.

  • Sally Smith
    Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

    Erica, you should get the GOOD NOTES ios app for the Apple pencil because it is the most amazing writing app ever made. It models real notebooks with lined, graph and Cornell note pages that you can also insert photos. Different pen types and slider for the point from 0.1 up to 10mm in 1/10 increments. Very authentic 🤩 And your choice of color, or make your own from the color wheel.

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 5 kun oldin

      +Brian I actually like the look and feel of a natural notebook. I do not why most stylus notebooks are just blank white screen that go on forever.

    • Brian
      Brian 5 kun oldin +1

      I prefer notability, do not really use Good Notes anymore.
      With Notability you are not limited to a page of certain size, you can just write and write and do not have to bother with fitting everything on the page.

  • Jesus Uribe
    Jesus Uribe 28 kun oldin

    Can you review the Microsoft surface laptop 2

  • Sonny Bradley
    Sonny Bradley 29 kun oldin

    MacBook Air videooooo plsssssss!!

  • Pilates Bumps Beyond
    Pilates Bumps Beyond 29 kun oldin

    11” or 12.9” can’t decide

  • Helio Farias
    Helio Farias 29 kun oldin +1

    Do you recommend a screen protector? How can that affect the use of the Apple Pencil ?

  • Collins Embry
    Collins Embry Oy oldin

    It definitely bends have you seen review videos

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      Jerryrigseverything easily bent and cracked it like atwigg

  • Neuroboy Pi
    Neuroboy Pi Oy oldin

    Excellent video Erica, I'm still using my Note 8 which works awesome and I can do almost the same thing that this iPad, I want to question... I can change my Note 8 for the 9 this month, is it worth or continue with the 8 and bought this pack of your video... What would you do?

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      Another review said says keep your 8 and money and save for 10

  • Medusa Saurus
    Medusa Saurus Oy oldin

    I preordered the 11inch, but changed to the 12.9 because I am using it for photo editing and digital art.

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      So you should be excited that Adobe is releasing the full Photoshop on iPad next year 2019 😁

  • Chris Summers
    Chris Summers Oy oldin

    It takes almost nothing to bend the iPad. On day one I put it in my backpack and it bent. The pen charging area and mike whole on the other side is a week-point. Nothing out of the ordinary happened to my backpack and by the end of the day my one day old iPad was had a bend in the frame. Do Not Use until you put it in a case to give it structural support. If you watch a tear down video you will see the glass is really thin and the shell is supper thin with no built in support. It takes nothing to bend it in half. A case is a must!!!

  • Ahmad X GAMER
    Ahmad X GAMER Oy oldin

    iPad Pro is shit!!!🤮🤮

  • aslaned67
    aslaned67 Oy oldin

    Nice job. Will be getting one in a few weeks. Out of about 10 videos this has been the best. Subscribed.

  • Jessica Josche
    Jessica Josche Oy oldin +1

    This is a really cool unboxing and review video, not like all the withe girl crap on UZclip of girls only screaming and freaking out unboxing their iPads.

  • Mr Derpalope
    Mr Derpalope Oy oldin

    Is it worth the upgrade from a half broken ipad 4? I would be using Bluetooth headphones and the apple pencil

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      haha... the new Apple pencil doesnt work on the old ( obviously) but the old Apple pencil doesnt work on the new. Tried it, didnt work.

  • Tiger25NYC Brooklyn

    Put a tempered glass screen protector

  • Pam Pinese
    Pam Pinese Oy oldin

    Omg when you showed that scratch, my skin crawled ....reminds me of the feeling I get when someone scratches on a chalkboard...awful 😬 ... Thx for the review, new sub !

  • scotty thompson
    scotty thompson Oy oldin +2

    cool ipad pro unboxing did you like the ipad and do you still have it erica

  • Maggie M
    Maggie M Oy oldin

    I really enjoyed your energy.....ty 👌🏼 New sub here

  • Garrett Mineo
    Garrett Mineo Oy oldin

    Re the scratch on your old Ipad. Did you or someone you let use it have on a diamond ring that could have contacted the glass while swiping or otherwise using? Excuse my paranoia....

  • Zulficar hamid
    Zulficar hamid Oy oldin

    IPad Pro 2018 still not available in Europe

  • Anthony Martin
    Anthony Martin Oy oldin

    Thanks for saying "insane for you" rather than passing judgment on anyone who wants to buy the model he/she wants or needs (need is not the only reason to buy something). Too many people seem to think that their needs/desires should be the same as anyone else's, which is never true. I don't see an iPad ever completely removing the need for a traditional computer, whether it be a laptop or desktop, but because they are light and very portable, one can do many useful things with them. For this reason, I plan to own all three while I am still kicking and not broke. :)

  • Samuel James
    Samuel James Oy oldin

    Did I miss your iPhone XS MAX review?

  • Luigi A
    Luigi A Oy oldin

    Looks like a great device. You mentioned that the new iPad has 4 GB of RAM, that’s exactly the same as what the 2nd gen iPad Pros came with. No upgrade there for 2nd gen ipad pro users except for the 12.9” 1 TB iPad Pro which as you said has 6 GB.
    There is something else that has me surprised: the new gestures used in the new iPad Pros with no home button were also extended to all previous devices that still got the iOS 12 update despite that they still do have a home button (so yes, on older iPads too you can open your device or return to the home screen from an app by swiping up instead of pressing the home button and you do access the control center from the top right). Why on earth did Apple NOT do the same for older iphones when they launched the iPhone X for the sake of uniformity? looks like a pretty blatant iphone sales gimmick.
    Finally, you fell in Apple’s trap. One of the reasons why they are removing the headphone jack from their devices is precisely to push people to buy the airpods. And you did exactly that.

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 27 kun oldin

      +Luigi A Yeah, I judt tried it. Seems cool, but I actually never use the control panel so it makes sense that I wouldnt know. I use all devices (mac, pc, ios, android) and end up using basically the same functions common to each most of the time.

    • Luigi A
      Luigi A 27 kun oldin

      Sally Smith More likely that will happen with iphone. I don’t see it happening with iPad because Apple touts it as a computer replacement, which it couldn’t be without at least one USB-C port (which they just put on the latest models in place of the lightning port). Also, I’m surprised you weren’t aware of the control center access from the top right. That did change from iOS 11 to 12 on all iPads and you’re no longer able to access control center the old way (swiping up or double clicking the home button, which used to bring up both the task manager and the control center)

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      I have the 10.5 inch iPad Pro with iOS 12 and wasnt aware of the gestures, thank you for the heads up. I believe with the iPad we are gearing towards a pure display smooth all the way around with no ports. The iPad will be charged wirelessly just like the pencil.

  • blue1901
    blue1901 Oy oldin

    no OIS. i would say your older ipad is better :)

  • Perry Sy
    Perry Sy Oy oldin

    Erica is a legit tech nerd. Unlike those bitches pretending to be techies. They should stick to doing DIYs and slime tutorials.

  • The Champion2242
    The Champion2242 Oy oldin

    Best tech review channel

  • xeamus
    xeamus Oy oldin

    how much does this bad boy weigh with the keyboard cover + pencil?

  • GamingMan247
    GamingMan247 Oy oldin +1

    I feel like I’ll need the 1tb because I purchase a lot of media and I like having them saved locally. I currently have a iPad Pro 9.7 inch with 256gb and it’s all filled

  • QTronicProductions
    QTronicProductions Oy oldin +6

    “Like it’s not gonna bend” LOL it bends

    DOT ROT Oy oldin

    What exactly does it do that the last one didn't?

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      It now is like a giant iPhone X, and the pencil clips to the edge and charges wirelessly.

  • John Daimary
    John Daimary Oy oldin +1

    Really beautiful voice. Love it. And I just subscribed!

  • WarriorCatsfan 63

    Maybe before you get Apple Care for your new iPad get a screen protector so the glass won’t get scratched.

  • Nicholas Webb
    Nicholas Webb Oy oldin +1

    Hi Erica, we there be a user review for the OnePlus 6T?

  • TheJoeShow
    TheJoeShow Oy oldin

    Definitely don’t trust that case

  • Skullcrusher Gaming

    I think the iPad could become a full laptop replacement if it came with MacOS instead of iOS.
    I wish there was a way to dual-boot both OSes. Tablet when you want it, Computer when you want it.
    Maybe when you have the folio with the keyboard out, use MacOS and when it’s in Tablet mode, use iOS.
    Would be a cool concept, but I’m sure Apple could make a more intuitive way.

  • SuperGalaxyGirl
    SuperGalaxyGirl Oy oldin +5

    Girl this is the best ipad pro unboxing i have seen so far.

  • Shima Vsco
    Shima Vsco Oy oldin

    Thanks for comparing and talking a bit about the choice of both sizes in the beginning of the video.
    Well, I made the mistake of not looking at the iPads irl before asking a friend to buy me the 11-inch from abroad.
    I intend to use it for photography editing, and rarely bring it along.
    For that purpose, I would say that the 12.9 inch is definately more immersive, with a comfortable distance to the screen.
    The 12.9" should actually sit quite comfortably in the lap.
    For taking it along, the 11" might make more sense.

  • Dennis Brill
    Dennis Brill Oy oldin

    The Jogo came in the iPhone boxes for a while so if you bought a iPhone do you thousand eight 2007 he would’ve gotten a Doggo whatever it’s called the piece that you listen to your music with us so he got a iPhone is you got to

  • Mark Rhoades
    Mark Rhoades Oy oldin

    How is the lap usability with the keyboard cover? That’s the only hesitation keeping me from picking one up.

  • petluv214
    petluv214 Oy oldin

    Very nice video. Replying with the old model iPad Pro 12.9.

  • मार्तण्ड उर्फ मारू

    i start your video and then start my dinner.!

  • ~ShadowNightcoreAmvs~

    If the ipad had a screen lottery like the 3ds TN Will stand for Type No and ips will stand for improvement picture stabilization

  • Keoni Chicago
    Keoni Chicago Oy oldin

    I returned my 12.9 256gb for a 11inch 512gb. Best decision of my life. The 12.9 is perfect if you’re leaving it on your desk or couch at home... if you’re using the iPad for transportation for school and work the 11 inch is wha makes sense.

  • Lizeth Lp
    Lizeth Lp Oy oldin

    La misma chingadera sin botón alv :v

  • Jack Yarrow
    Jack Yarrow Oy oldin +1

    Would never not have a case and screen protector on my iPhone and iPad

    ABCD EFGH Oy oldin

    Thenk you Erica

  • George Washington

    I don’t see what the big hype over this I just an I pad with no home button and finger print scanner replaced with Face ID same old boring shit.

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      It is the iPad Pro finally iPhone X.

  • Bunny Bun
    Bunny Bun Oy oldin +1

    Where is she from the green behind her in the beginning is so pretty

  • Ali Najim
    Ali Najim Oy oldin +1

    Nope it will bend ... You should see the bend test ... Its awful

  • Jus X
    Jus X Oy oldin

    Is it heavy and too bulky to use with the keyboard folio?

  • Curtis Jarvis
    Curtis Jarvis Oy oldin

    The home screen looks like shite

  • Richard van Pukkem

    I don’t want to spend 500 euros after selling my old iPad pro to buy this new one, but i keep watching those review videos and keep thinking i want one lol 😜

  • MogMovies
    MogMovies Oy oldin

    I ordered the 11 inch a week ago. It still hasn't arrived yet but I'm super excited to get it in my hands.

  • Max Santos
    Max Santos Oy oldin

    Definitely wanted the new iPad but wasn’t sure which, 11 inch or 12.9, to pick. I have watched many reviews, some favouring the 12.9 and some the 11 but none seem to explain the overall feeling when holding the iPad in portrait and landscape, which you have. So upon watching your review I have just ordered the 11 inch. Thanks By the way I am upgrading from a 10,5 and yes I do think it is worth it; my two cents.

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      To me, I compared my 10.5 to the 11 at the store and both seem to have the same shell.

  • Super Saiyan God
    Super Saiyan God Oy oldin +2

    Im poor

  • Noah On 5G
    Noah On 5G Oy oldin

    Finally, a youtuber that didn’t spend $2300 on an iPad. I’m so proud!

  • aniket sen
    aniket sen Oy oldin

    ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ so want it 😪😪... Apple why you so expensive ??

  • Billy Reynolds
    Billy Reynolds Oy oldin

    5:20 You should not be using ANY phone or tablet without a screen protector.

  • Ronald Burse
    Ronald Burse Oy oldin

    Hi Erika this is Ron from Buffalo I have a question about my iPad which is a first gen model without a sim slot built in how can I get service without a sim do you know any apps I can install so I can sign up for a great plan?????

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin

      not only a sim, but you also need a wireless cellular antenna on the inside. if you wifi they you cant get it no matter what.

  • Carlos McKinley
    Carlos McKinley Oy oldin

    Really good unboxing and review. Great feedback on 11” vs 12.9”. Before this I was definitely getting the 12.9, but now seriously considering the smaller version. Thanks

    • Sally Smith
      Sally Smith 28 kun oldin +1

      The 12.9 seriously looks like a detached MacBook Pro screen

  • R MCK
    R MCK Oy oldin

    Thanks for an in-depth, informative video. I still want the larger iPad Pro.

  • Jane Smitherson
    Jane Smitherson Oy oldin

    Give it a week till the thrill is gone and realized the money you spent.

  • geek
    geek Oy oldin

    $1,176.19 64gb ipad pro + kb + pencil ... gotta save some money!!!

    • George Washington
      George Washington Oy oldin

      geek 130 bucks for s pencil that’s asinine it shouldn’t be more than 30 bucks

  • Kevin Den
    Kevin Den Oy oldin

    Bigger toy

  • Younes Layachi
    Younes Layachi Oy oldin

    A12 "ten" 😂

  • Mario Cadena
    Mario Cadena Oy oldin

    Can you get Microsoft office software on it?

    • Kevin Den
      Kevin Den Oy oldin

      Mario Cadena it’s not free on screen bigger than 10 inches, also is not the same ms you r using in pc

  • Cerystal Gaming
    Cerystal Gaming Oy oldin

    Wish I was rich 😥

  • Thamsanqa Mvayo
    Thamsanqa Mvayo Oy oldin

    The base 64GB WiFi version costs $976 here in South Africa, and if you take the same storage with Cellular capability, it will take you down $1185 which is exactly equal to the 256GB WiFi version. Costly

  • Keith Whisman
    Keith Whisman Oy oldin

    My 12.9” Space Gray 256gb iPad Pro keyboard and pencil arrived from Verizon yesterday. 12 year old daughter got my old IPad Pro Gen 2 and she is very happy. I love the camera on the new iPad.

  • Jim Long
    Jim Long Oy oldin +3

    Get a screen protector, problem solved. My issue with the new smart folios is that they don’t protect from side impact at all. Better to find a premium case.