Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2

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  • Joylandi 4-Dek, 2018
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  • HordiqHordiq

Fikrlar • 92 841

  • Primix
    Primix 18 soat oldin

    As a white male, i’m over represented in her audience, and i want it to be more diverse.
    So I won’t be paying Brie.

  • Jackson Mandle
    Jackson Mandle 18 soat oldin

    Yo Captain Marvel can you kill Thanos?

  • EvilBakaCat
    EvilBakaCat 19 soat oldin

    Nope can't watch it after Brie's constant misandry

  • Round
    Round 19 soat oldin

    If all is well the trailer will make more money from ad revenue than the movie itself.

  • Hector Martinez
    Hector Martinez 19 soat oldin

    I would rather go watch another sequel to spiderman

    ROOFTOP BANDIT 19 soat oldin +1

    I would go and see this movie, but I'm a white male and was told my race and gender was not welcome.

  • Boleriv
    Boleriv 19 soat oldin +1

    i am a white male. and i will support this movie. because i love brie and the character of carol danvers :)

  • Sam Cruz
    Sam Cruz 19 soat oldin +1

    Black widow movie please

  • Jenny Cadilla
    Jenny Cadilla 19 soat oldin

    Line delivery is dull, but so was Captain America's. Anyway, I don't understand these comments going on and on about feminist propaganda. Imagine Captain marvel was a dude. Would you call it propaganda? You'd just critically review the trailer right? The very fact that you accuse a random trailer of propaganda makes your bigotry shine through. Equality is important, and if seeing equality irritates you, it's time you sort yourself out.

  • Ogameitor Dominus
    Ogameitor Dominus 19 soat oldin

    Imagine if it were a man

  • Murray Hough
    Murray Hough 19 soat oldin +1

    I WILL NOT PAY to see this movie. Tired of the crap agendas.

  • Black Phillip
    Black Phillip 19 soat oldin

    I'm always so excited when a new Marvel movie comes out. It's such a shame there are only 70 released per year.

  • Red Bandit
    Red Bandit 20 soat oldin

    Well now, I thought Kirsten Steward had the award for plank face 'acting'....but here comes 'Ms. Marvel' can fill a bottle cap with all the hype. Honestly, if you take the music away from the trailer you'd leave half way through.

  • Woozi the Great
    Woozi the Great 20 soat oldin

    Not looking forward to this at all

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime 20 soat oldin

    This movie looks average at best, the lead character seems out of place. I'm sure there will be a few cool moments but I think I'll Redbox this one 😐.

  • Matthew Brieman
    Matthew Brieman 20 soat oldin

    A real hero doesn't call themselves "A Hero". Their actions does that for them, or better, the people who witness their actions and perceive those as heroic

  • Furious Angel
    Furious Angel 20 soat oldin

    There is a movie a i highly recommend called Alita Battle Angel, it has the coolest action scenes and one of the best graphics and story development. And good thing that the main female lead isn’t a whinny feminist

  • Claire Yanaitis
    Claire Yanaitis 21 soat oldin


  • Jordan Rowland
    Jordan Rowland 21 soat oldin +1

    Movie looks awesome

  • josh crutchfield
    josh crutchfield 21 soat oldin +1

    Some superhero’s are Human.

  • josh crutchfield
    josh crutchfield 21 soat oldin +2

    Captain Marvel Is stronger Than Thanos.

  • Boda yaku
    Boda yaku 21 soat oldin

    Captain marvel will destroy thanos?

  • m
    m 22 soat oldin

    “iM nOt gOinG tO fIgHt YoUr WaR iM GoiNg To End iT”
    yeah. just like you’re going to end the MCU, sister.

  • Jeremy Classen
    Jeremy Classen 22 soat oldin

    As soon as Stan Lee died, the lefties took over

  • Elaine Sorto
    Elaine Sorto 22 soat oldin

    They're being compared to their comic counterparts it's unrealistic Marvel probably her train anyways

  • PUBG Player Unknown Battlegrounds

    Brea Larson hates men well I'll definitely not see this movie

  • MultiMindGamer
    MultiMindGamer 23 soat oldin

    At 0:09 promoting violence against elders, SOOO Woke… (slow clap)
    Good thing that Alita battle angel came out, at least that seems to have actual plot.

  • Lyric Venom
    Lyric Venom 23 soat oldin

    Man, I hope they sued her for punching an old lady. That would be a nice ending.

  • Jerky Murky
    Jerky Murky 23 soat oldin

    God this looks like absolute hot trash

  • RayTV HD
    RayTV HD 23 soat oldin +1

    Captain marvel VS Shazam
    Like for Captain Marvel
    Reply for Shazam

  • Aparna Naik
    Aparna Naik 23 soat oldin

    It would be great disappointment if she defeats thanos

    ENJOY TIME Kun oldin

    Not so good

  • Bren Valdez
    Bren Valdez Kun oldin


  • anton driver
    anton driver Kun oldin

    I don't feel too good Mr marval... Its mam!

  • Xebys
    Xebys Kun oldin +1

    White men portraying themselves as victims of sexism and racism. I need to read those history books again....

  • Shahriar Saif Naveed

    I am going to watch DC's Captain marvel... Means Shazam ...
    I like Shazam more than Captain marvel ...

  • Arman TV
    Arman TV Kun oldin

    Fury is different in this movie
    can anybody notice his eye

  • tpockert
    tpockert Kun oldin

    She's got a lego head.

  • Noah Zbinden
    Noah Zbinden Kun oldin +3

    Everyone is like: "ooohhh Proopagaaaandaaa!"

  • Matthew Welch
    Matthew Welch Kun oldin

    Boycotting captain marvel for her sexist and racist comments.

  • Mike Cabral
    Mike Cabral Kun oldin

    This movie still look trash

  • Heyy Qall
    Heyy Qall Kun oldin

    That is my grandma 😎

  • Dwayne Jackson
    Dwayne Jackson Kun oldin +1

    and this is where the super hero Genre comes to an end it literally just committed suicide. this sucks to say the least...

  • Wayne Gassmann
    Wayne Gassmann Kun oldin

    Yawn, okay worse than the first trailer.....Whew gonna wait for Netflix on this one I think. Not too humble either, seems odd for a Marvel superhero. Especially one that is unsure of her past and if she had a life on earth.

  • Eziano Pudoski
    Eziano Pudoski Kun oldin

    Captain marvels- I don't want white males.
    Captain America, Iron man,Thor- Am I joke to you.

  • Evelyn Fitch
    Evelyn Fitch Kun oldin


  • MotoSapien
    MotoSapien Kun oldin

    Larson is sexist and racist... keep the social justice warriors out of the mcu... we haven't had to put up with this divisiveness from any of the previous mcu cast....bad casting choice for sure!!!

  • Andre Brandon
    Andre Brandon Kun oldin

    Thanos has snapped

  • Slack Starfish81
    Slack Starfish81 Kun oldin

    This seems like a parody but it’s said because it isn’t.

  • Seila
    Seila Kun oldin

    This is my end credit prediction at the end of captain marvel:
    The credit open at the avenger's facility where all the remaining avengers are. Everyone (except tony) sitting and discussing about the devastation after the snap then suddenly interrupted by the alarm about strange object entering earth's atmosphere. Then cut to captain marvel flying through space entering earth. Just my weird and silly prediction.

  • Md Zaid
    Md Zaid Kun oldin +1

    Epic music

  • lisa roy
    lisa roy Kun oldin

    she doesn't have the looks of a superhero to pull this off, even her voice is not suitable for a hero!

  • nitin kumar
    nitin kumar Kun oldin +1

    Outstanding trailer

  • Poisonedblade
    Poisonedblade Kun oldin +1

    My wife's boyfriend is buying me a ticket for opening night, while they go to Hawaii.
    I'm so exctied! I'm gonna break out my new Gillette razor!

  • Poisonedblade
    Poisonedblade Kun oldin

    Captain Cat Lady with the personality of a wooden block.

  • SotnEC
    SotnEC Kun oldin +1

    Hoping American men will finally take a stand against this racism towards white men, Disney and Marvel should be ashamed but they haven’t said anything and no apology for Brie Larsons racist comments

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist 18 soat oldin

      what comments the one where she said she wanted to be interviewed by a diverse group of people? give me a break.

  • Lucky coconut
    Lucky coconut Kun oldin

    Oh my god

  • Setting Mind
    Setting Mind Kun oldin +1

    The girl is so basic and boring.

  • John Lab
    John Lab Kun oldin +1

    This will be the first marvel movie I skip.

  • Paige Anne
    Paige Anne Kun oldin

    I get super mad when people get all political ab everything but like dude the graphics cgi that binary mode all looks badass and I’m gonna set my hated of people like aside and hope that this is a good movie because I love captain marvel😍

  • Nagato Sarutobi
    Nagato Sarutobi Kun oldin

    When they bring in a women who states she hates white men and that is good portion of the fanbase.. Good way to make sales...

  • Raymundo Garza
    Raymundo Garza Kun oldin +1

    the marvel heroes acting bar has dropped significantly.... and it was never that high to be honest.

  • No No
    No No Kun oldin

    tfw Marvel secured the 'Captain Marvel' name but the actual Captain Marvel gets a better movie.

  • Adam Gottlieb
    Adam Gottlieb Kun oldin

    I'm getting weird Wolverine vibes

  • j rez
    j rez Kun oldin

    As I get older I listen to my body more.
    Im all cringe when she speaks in this trailer so pass it is.
    Her acting skills are as deep as a puddle.

    THE VIEW IS SPEW Kun oldin


  • Gael Diaz
    Gael Diaz Kun oldin

    guys it is time to start panicking Marvel is goin Full PC on us!!!

  • MidFairAsh 1
    MidFairAsh 1 Kun oldin

    A lot of man babies in herw

  • Brian Mackey
    Brian Mackey Kun oldin

    I don't know who that wimpy male next to her is, but it ain't Nick Fury

  • C H
    C H Kun oldin

    Ill pick this movie up at the Goodwill half off days.

  • Kai McCarty
    Kai McCarty Kun oldin +1

    Only watch bc endgame

  • Komplex
    Komplex Kun oldin +3

    Attention white people! Brie Larson doesn't like you and would prefer if you did not see this movie! Get woke, go broke!

    • Komplex
      Komplex Kun oldin +2

      +the cartoonist Brie Larson is a racist. Facts.

    • the cartoonist
      the cartoonist Kun oldin +2

      speaking as a white man, you clearly didn't do your research, as none of that was true.
      but, it would seem purposefully misinterpreting what someone said is more fun then the truth.

  • prapapapapapa
    prapapapapapa Kun oldin +1

    why do people hate on this?i think she's perfect!captain marvel belongs to a superior race,better than humans and she acts like it.i swear every of her line sounds exactly what i would imagine from captain marvel.i cant belive the hate this movie gets even when the movie is not even out yet lmao

  • Miles Morales
    Miles Morales Kun oldin

    *Miles Morales Joins the chat*So Excited for the Movie Should I see it or Not see it?

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood Kun oldin

    This lookin' like a Captain America rip off

  • Just talk 2 you
    Just talk 2 you Kun oldin +1

    People should take their family to a A museum, aquarium and beach. Kids don't want to sit and watch a boring movie.

  • Rodi Mayer
    Rodi Mayer Kun oldin +1

    I cant believe this is Captain Marvel ....... she looks like a school teacher or a cold heart employer in the government and the roll doesn't fit her and she looks annoying I wasn't able to stand or bear her in this trailer how about the whole movie omg .......captain Marvel should be a man will fit more

  • Baby Shark
    Baby Shark Kun oldin

    Guess nothing happened to fury???

  • Hans Hubner
    Hans Hubner Kun oldin +1

    I am on team Thanos now.
    Thor should have become the saviour, he actually earned it.
    This is just another feminazi Marry Sue, just like Rey in the new Star Wars.

  • Jay
    Jay Kun oldin

    The people that are saying she is a bad actress, you couldn't even see any of her acting. The only thing there was were her running and fighting, you couldn't see her face when she talked and the only time she ever talked was from a voice over so I don't understand how you could possibly judge somebody's acting when you haven't even seen it yet.

  • SeoulMan
    SeoulMan Kun oldin

    Punch the cat, Fury.

  • Brian Plays Games
    Brian Plays Games Kun oldin

    What if someone dissapears in the movie.Because that was before
    Thanos snapped

  • Ray C
    Ray C Kun oldin +2

    Anyone else really hate her?

  • Globaros The gamer
    Globaros The gamer Kun oldin +1

    This is the wrong name, it should be captain wamen

  • TheDragan505
    TheDragan505 Kun oldin

    No thanks. It is so easy to go do something else and not to give you my money.

  • Salea Gilner
    Salea Gilner Kun oldin +3

    "I'm gonna end it."

    • Poisonedblade
      Poisonedblade Kun oldin

      "You're like so totally going to end it. Like Oh Emm Geee!"

  • Salea Gilner
    Salea Gilner Kun oldin +2

    Her voice sounds too soft for a super hero.

  • particle9productions

    Bleh! Sadly, this looks to be the first Marvel film I won't be seeing at the theatre I think. Visuals look great as always, but Brie Larson is atrocious to watch. She sounds like that obnoxious brat in you class you couldn't stand but had to tolerate. Can't wait for Avengers: END GAME!!!! and Spiderman Far from home though :)

  • ChimpoTalks Gaming
    ChimpoTalks Gaming Kun oldin

    Oh look, more progressive TRASH.

  • TheButtonMash3r
    TheButtonMash3r Kun oldin +2

    That is some heavy cg

  • ThePvps
    ThePvps Kun oldin

    My wifes bi anti abortion boyfrend loved this trailer

  • megan cooper
    megan cooper Kun oldin +1

    Arghhhh why Marvel??? After seeing Ms Marvels stone face......Sorry captain marvel! I really want Thanos just to end it all properly now. SHAZAM!

  • Ana Gonzalez
    Ana Gonzalez Kun oldin

    She has blue blood

  • redviper163
    redviper163 Kun oldin

    Her comics have been hated for years, why are you bringing her in to the mcu

  • EnervatedSociety
    EnervatedSociety Kun oldin

    Dammit, they couldn't have picked a worst person for this role. Feminism/Intersectionality is cancer.

  • ByMii_66
    ByMii_66 Kun oldin

    All comments are full of dc fans saying that she is a "bad actress" OMG

  • Yash Belsare
    Yash Belsare Kun oldin +2

    She wouldn't act well even if her life depended on it

  • oummou zuria
    oummou zuria Kun oldin

    I cant stand all the hates you insult her by saying that she doesnt know how to play while it's done expressly if she does not show emotions that's the character. just go see the movie and judge after okay. Courage to Brie Larsson may she go over all these criticisms

  • Mambo91549
    Mambo91549 Kun oldin +4

    Can't people just WAIT until they've seen the movie and THEN decide if they don't like it? There's no need to spread such fear mongering :)

    • Rulliyana Fajri
      Rulliyana Fajri 21 soat oldin +1

      +Mystery Man care to explain why white men doesnt matter?

    • Mystery Man
      Mystery Man Kun oldin

      It's ok, I'm sure it's mostly white men saying negative stuff so it doesn't matter

  • Mindy Dwyer
    Mindy Dwyer Kun oldin