This Changes RGB Forever

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  • Joylandi 11-Yan, 2019
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Fikrlar • 3 097

  • Aidchade
    Aidchade Kun oldin

    from the thumbnail I thought it was gonna be rgb m.2. Thank god thats not what it was.

  • C T
    C T Kun oldin

    Just one question: How many millions did they pay you to make this over the top home shopping stile commercial?

  • Tommy B.
    Tommy B. Kun oldin

    stuff for kidz... next put them in servers to make server rooms looks cooler...stupid stuff.

  • Chronoxshift
    Chronoxshift Kun oldin

    I only watched this to see with captions to see if auto generated caption actually spelled corsair wrong. And it did. "coursera"

  • Figrin D'an
    Figrin D'an Kun oldin

    I clicked this thinking it was a new way to improve component cables lmao

  • sideslick1024
    sideslick1024 Kun oldin

    Wait, where's the link for the mouse?

  • Pascal33Hitman33
    Pascal33Hitman33 Kun oldin

    What do you think is in an OLED Panel?
    Wait, is it possible that these LEDs are even smaller? :O
    Wow, I didn't know they excist in a different size than the cheapest ones straight from aliexpress!!!

    RANDOMlagFTW Kun oldin

    It's the same, but different, but still the same.

  • Edoran
    Edoran Kun oldin

    But why?

  • Gabriel Paiva
    Gabriel Paiva Kun oldin

    man, you look like Brann Dailor, Mastodon's drummer

  • michwoz
    michwoz Kun oldin

    I don't understand this RGB bullshit. Why would anyone need this crap?

  • Peter Lunk
    Peter Lunk Kun oldin

    I still do not understand why lashy lights are so important.
    I just care for the performance. And the extra lights are just extra wasted power consumption to me.

  • Ben Kucenski
    Ben Kucenski 2 kun oldin

    Pretty soon you'll have a monitor worth of LEDs in your PC. You might be better off just strapping a 4k monitor to the side of your case.

  • Mike B
    Mike B 2 kun oldin

    The reinvention of a vintage time when neon signs coloured our World.

  • Sam J
    Sam J 2 kun oldin

    At first I thought it was an RGB m.2 drive that was frightening

  • Thomas Howl
    Thomas Howl 2 kun oldin

    Maybe they'll discover individually addressable in 10 years.

  • Tony ManFlash
    Tony ManFlash 2 kun oldin

    4:17 "50 Bucks"

  • TheMinch19
    TheMinch19 2 kun oldin

    How come for that mouse it says 10,000 DPI. Bought it plugged it in highest setting is 5,000 Dpi.

  • RedYoshikira
    RedYoshikira 2 kun oldin

    R E V O L U T I O N A R Y A E S T H E T I C

  • Vamavid
    Vamavid 2 kun oldin

    I literally don't care about this

  • solomon mallela
    solomon mallela 2 kun oldin

    Plz God stop being so foolish talking about RGB , plz ,,,,, I fed up about that useless junk shit

  • Athaariq Ardiansyah
    Athaariq Ardiansyah 3 kun oldin

    But can it CMYK?

  • Alex W
    Alex W 3 kun oldin

    I don't think I'm ever going to use another mouse that doesn't wirelessly charge on my Logitech PowerPlay, though.

  • johnson wu
    johnson wu 3 kun oldin

    ugh lol I already have a trillion of these led for my computer for looks lol so you can’t find them essentially cranks up the value :3

  • s1dest3p
    s1dest3p 3 kun oldin

    Those are small hands... and if they are small, something else must be small...

  • -Rocketkids4-
    -Rocketkids4- 3 kun oldin

    at some point you are simply mounting an external display to your graphics card.

  • xXOMFGitsROBXx
    xXOMFGitsROBXx 3 kun oldin

    Thank you for being one of the few streams to use 18/9 aspect ractio.

  • djbare9
    djbare9 3 kun oldin

    Ooh look, shiny!

  • Khandar William
    Khandar William 4 kun oldin

    RGB will change to CMYK?

    SHAZAMAZZ 4 kun oldin

    biggest shill on youtube

  • Jay Knight
    Jay Knight 4 kun oldin

    At 2:25 Linus's sounded polite; yet his body language was. " Seriously you made this shit dude, why am I explaining this to you"

  • HardcorePooka
    HardcorePooka 4 kun oldin

    But.... tiny surface mount LEDs are not a new thing.

  • bp968
    bp968 4 kun oldin

    Nice corsair commerical Linus.
    Why not ask them when they will support other standards or make an open standard? Im planning on selling my RGB corsair fans because they are all alone. Thermaltakes products work with ASUS gear, and Razor gear! Corsairs work with...... corsair.

  • Wakifo
    Wakifo 4 kun oldin

    so just use OLED?

  • Robbie Holmstedt
    Robbie Holmstedt 4 kun oldin

    Man i enjoy my NVIDA NVS 310 version 296.88... i can really feel how it might be the best grafiks card ever made

  • Bo_Hazem
    Bo_Hazem 4 kun oldin

    RGB craze will be laughable 5-10 years from now.

  • Elliot Sneddon
    Elliot Sneddon 5 kun oldin

    Hang on, that mouse has 30 HOURS of battery life? I think I last changed the battery in my current Logitech mouse a year ago.

  • to daer wonk tnod i
    to daer wonk tnod i 5 kun oldin +3

    Keyboard stops working corsair, corsair, CORSAIR!

    NOFOOD? 5 kun oldin


  • yahya chagri
    yahya chagri 5 kun oldin

    Isnt that a oled disp?

  • Lexter Is Here
    Lexter Is Here 5 kun oldin

    lvl 1 crook - rgb
    lvl 69 Boss - roygcbpm

  • Freerunner Film
    Freerunner Film 5 kun oldin

    Wow, why they don't just build Monitors in there...

  • DASWorkshop
    DASWorkshop 6 kun oldin

    Zero interest in this sort of "technology". I'll spend my money on something that actually matters, thanks.

  • Natt Zero
    Natt Zero 6 kun oldin

    Just put small led screens everywhere already

  • sinni800
    sinni800 6 kun oldin

    You know, I challenge you to a hand size duel. I am in my late 20s and I think I have more delicate hands than Linus. And yeah, I'm a guy too.

  • onelikeandidie
    onelikeandidie 6 kun oldin

    So it's a small led screen

  • Jared Williams
    Jared Williams 6 kun oldin

    I didn't want more LEDs per inch. I just wanted to control all of my LEDs in one convenient application so they can all be synchronized.

  • TheMarsBus
    TheMarsBus 6 kun oldin

    Im sure his wife aint happy about his small fingers.

  • Kosmos
    Kosmos 7 kun oldin

    Linus praising this shit for not being priced at $100.
    Why these cunts are getting away with over charging & robbing everyone bind.

  • Thomas Mann
    Thomas Mann 7 kun oldin

    There no link for the harpoon!?!

  • Steve Cook
    Steve Cook 7 kun oldin

    Old news, we have have doing this in our racing quadcopters for a couple years

  • Foxtrot Delta
    Foxtrot Delta 7 kun oldin

    Dream job !

  • david sherwood
    david sherwood 7 kun oldin

    The Billy mayes of pc hardware.

  • PyspherE
    PyspherE 7 kun oldin

    sounds like a RGB COB almost

  • Tomas Muszkowski
    Tomas Muszkowski 7 kun oldin

    Bring back the Vengeance M95 I say.

  • InfinitiCrafter
    InfinitiCrafter 7 kun oldin

    I ❤️ RGB

  • Andy D.
    Andy D. 7 kun oldin

    "I have very small hands folks!" lmao really Linus

  • thedungeondelver
    thedungeondelver 7 kun oldin

    Came here hoping that "changes RGB forever" meant "turns it off forever, everywhere, and no PC has these stupid lights in it that make it look like a Japanese semi-truck's front bumper", was disappointed.

  • flashtu
    flashtu 7 kun oldin +1

    I wish a RGB solution for which i dont need a extra software. At this time every manufacturer got his own software wich brings you to so much compatibility problems and of course slow your gaming Monster into some kind of office pc.

  • dhedhe
    dhedhe 8 kun oldin

    how to make you PC even more doucebagy

  • John John
    John John 8 kun oldin

    I don't understand the rgb hype. I get you wanna support gay pride 'n shit but why you gotta spend hundreds of dollars to do this?
    All joking aside, did this seriously need a video? Is rgb really more important than solid specs?

  • Peter Kay
    Peter Kay 8 kun oldin

    So essentially it's like a small panel of oversized OLEDs....! - Wow Corsair... well done....

  • The Rabbit
    The Rabbit 8 kun oldin

    Can I put this rgb inside my laptop?

  • Andrew Goldin
    Andrew Goldin 8 kun oldin

    "I have very small hands, folks"

  • tacklemcclean
    tacklemcclean 8 kun oldin

    Coming up next - music equalizer display on your ram

  • LimPu
    LimPu 8 kun oldin

    Give us the M65 with Slipstream already. Logitech scrool wheels on the G706 are just beyond a joke and I miss the feel of the good ol M65.

  • deez nuts
    deez nuts 8 kun oldin

    i hate useless rgb.

  • Klavs Kalnins
    Klavs Kalnins 8 kun oldin

    and there isn't a left handed mouse right?

  • Kristofer Richter
    Kristofer Richter 8 kun oldin

    Fuck RGB, I don't need my computer to be a frigging night light 24/7.

  • James Haxardous
    James Haxardous 9 kun oldin

    And then, I will wait for a Chinese guy to make a copy and sell them on a knockout price.... the current RGB peripherals are a ripoff..

    STEENSEN STUDIO 9 kun oldin

    Who cares about RGB lighting. It's distracting

  • IraQ Nid
    IraQ Nid 9 kun oldin

    So when ya gonna do a review of these in a video fabric like LED curtains used at outdoor and mobile DJ/VJ events?

  • dingus153
    dingus153 9 kun oldin

    At what point are they just going to put full OLED screens on these things

  • General734
    General734 9 kun oldin

    pls tell corsair to make me a car wrap made out of led's, ty :)

  • blackflag486
    blackflag486 9 kun oldin

    Don't worry folks, he has "very small hands".

  • Tiny Oats
    Tiny Oats 9 kun oldin

    Oh no RGB

  • yurimow
    yurimow 9 kun oldin

    ... still waiting for rgb memory for my laptop

  • uhoofno
    uhoofno 9 kun oldin

    i have a corsair harpoon wired. not a fan of the shape,grip, or DPI options.

  • Neko
    Neko 9 kun oldin

    Linus tech is now an infomercial channel

  • yumri4
    yumri4 9 kun oldin

    a hundred RGB options per LED will be at least 100 connects but for more control it will be 300 contact points . I am actually interested in how they made that work on a physical level to put 300 contacts onto such a small surface .... assuming it works properly of course. If built correctly it will be a little over 500 pins / contact points. To that I am pretty sure most of the LTT audience do not care how it is built inside and why it is built that way but cares about what it is and that it does work.

  • PsychoLucario
    PsychoLucario 9 kun oldin

    they could RGB cables and rgb mouse pads now, thus no component is safe from the blinky lights

  • PsychoLucario
    PsychoLucario 9 kun oldin

    fantastically expensive too!

  • Christian Nøhr Knudsen

    In before 8mill subs 😃

  • danielthesantos
    danielthesantos 10 kun oldin

    Who really gives a fuck about your memory modules emitting light? What the actual fuck!?

  • GavWrecker
    GavWrecker 10 kun oldin

    lel just shut it linus we know your just blabbing about rgb cause you got a sponsorship

  • Its Neight
    Its Neight 10 kun oldin

    says we can buy Harpoon using link in video description... but there is no link in video description..... :|
    Allow me... They're sold out on amazon right now...

  • lastnameid
    lastnameid 10 kun oldin

    Gabber Tech Guy

  • Peizhong Cong
    Peizhong Cong 10 kun oldin

    I cannot believe how stupid this is.

  • Blue Collar Hero
    Blue Collar Hero 10 kun oldin

    I'm so sick of RGB, it's just too distracting when trying to keep your view on your screen. My next PC is going to be dark and quiet.

  • Derpa Derps
    Derpa Derps 10 kun oldin

    I like the Corsair products
    I hate their manuals, they are basically stock paper with a line saying "you know what to do!"
    Also, I don't like that their water coolant and LED controller need to be be on different USB board hookups. What gives! What a board hog!

  • MrWoooMaker
    MrWoooMaker 10 kun oldin

    Linus needs to go to ISE or Prolite and Sound... LED videowall products for days...

  • Parker Shaw
    Parker Shaw 10 kun oldin

    Why not make a monitor?

  • Chromatic
    Chromatic 10 kun oldin +7

    Imagine wireless monitors. That’s probably going to be a thing in the future.

    • Isaaru Narom
      Isaaru Narom 3 kun oldin +1

      dont you own a cellphone?......

    • MasterMech77
      MasterMech77 5 kun oldin

      +Zaid Omari ... Laptops are monitors attached to a computer, through wires and installed in to a case. However there are such things as wireless connected Monitors. That only require a single connection to power... BUT the source is wirelessly connected.

    • Zaid Omari
      Zaid Omari 6 kun oldin +1

      They're called Laptops

    • MasterMech77
      MasterMech77 7 kun oldin

      Wireless monitors/TVs already exist, of course some are better then others, and depending on what you want out of them, depends on the pricing. However it is possible to just connect to power and have no other cables running to the monitor/TV. NOT saying the tech is perfect, BUT if you absolutely need to go wireless then it is possible right now today (17Jan19). One model example: Dell S2317HWi 23" Screen LED-Lit Monitor with Wireless Connect and Wireless Charging Stand

  • Five Nights at Fennekins Pikachu location

    At a first glance at the thumbnail I thought it was chocolate XD

  • Lex
    Lex 10 kun oldin

    Is it just me or doesn't he sound like Todd Howard?

  • Anton Su
    Anton Su 10 kun oldin

    To have a higher resolution on your RAM than your actual display. :^)

  • postleg__
    postleg__ 10 kun oldin

    you know what they say about small hands...👀 f

  • Thomas C
    Thomas C 10 kun oldin

    I use a ccd camera to image space, check out my experience doing it here

  • chckycrk
    chckycrk 10 kun oldin

    1:33 weird flex but okay.

  • William Mansfield
    William Mansfield 10 kun oldin

    Says he’ll put the mouse in the description, yet he doesn’t.

    Top 10 anime betrayals