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  • Wes Baker
    Wes Baker 20 soat oldin

    Rewatching this and I only just now realized Shayne's prison shirt is just backwards lol. Always thought he had a completely different style

  • Maya
    Maya Kun oldin +1

    “you are a white male you are fine”

  • Cute Cactus
    Cute Cactus Kun oldin +1

    My dad said in prison he actually ate this!🤢

  • Logic Guy
    Logic Guy 3 kun oldin

    This reminds me of eating MREs in the Stan.

  • Mireya
    Mireya 3 kun oldin

    17:04 is it just me or did i hear Olivia say he wouldn't take her virginity xDD

  • Smarter Dude Than U
    Smarter Dude Than U 5 kun oldin

    I would rather eat this than school food

  • Aayush Gujudhur
    Aayush Gujudhur 6 kun oldin

    If Courtney Miller is writing this well where's Courtney Freaking Miller

  • ParkourInSky
    ParkourInSky 6 kun oldin

    why is not in the video Courtney Freaking Miller ¿?

  • wackofriend 5096
    wackofriend 5096 6 kun oldin

    Olivia is giving protection from cortany frickin miller

  • The Ducc
    The Ducc 7 kun oldin

    This is F o O d

  • TheXug
    TheXug 8 kun oldin

    There’s a clock in the background, they waited 10 seconds.

  • Nicholas p
    Nicholas p 8 kun oldin

    officer food girl is hot you need more of her in the show

  • Lydiibug
    Lydiibug 9 kun oldin +1

    All that stuff looked so good, but I wanted to let my guts spilled out just because I wasn’t hungry.

  • Jairo Francisco Valverde Mancisidor

    Isn't shayne alergic to peanut butter??

  • KitTheGamer Xx
    KitTheGamer Xx 13 kun oldin

    These are called chichi’s in prison not ramen tamales lol

  • JustASheithLover OnTheInternet

    prison food is much better than school food

  • Izabel Nowack
    Izabel Nowack 13 kun oldin

    I did not know Shayne was on the Gold Burgs

  • Lydia Larson
    Lydia Larson 13 kun oldin

    Trust me prison food is disgusting especially the " meat loaf "

  • ImAWeirdo
    ImAWeirdo 14 kun oldin

    Anyone else realised that the Color of the bag changed

  • StrikeWolf 22
    StrikeWolf 22 15 kun oldin +1

    Courtney looked sexy in cop uniform

  • adgp
    adgp 16 kun oldin

    But isn't Shayne allergic to peanuts...? Are they using a robot now? 😂😂

    NIGHTMAREdp GAMES 16 kun oldin

    Well, I know what I want to do for my movie... PRISON SCENE.

  • Fisizion
    Fisizion 16 kun oldin

    wasn't the bag yellow? when they took it out of the microwave it became red lol

  • Olivia Wright
    Olivia Wright 16 kun oldin

    Keith reminds me of Kevin heart

  • Larae Whatmore
    Larae Whatmore 16 kun oldin

    My dad used to make this

  • Bethany Zdrojewski
    Bethany Zdrojewski 17 kun oldin

    I think that Joven stole the baton.

  • ta ta treasure
    ta ta treasure 18 kun oldin

    If you try COLOR CHANGERING MICROWAVE, this could be you
    Before: Yellow bag
    After: Red Bag

  • Landon Grooms
    Landon Grooms 19 kun oldin

    February what?

  • Hai Jade
    Hai Jade 20 kun oldin

    The first one they made was a jail house burrito my dad always made them for me and my sisters

  • Brianna Cullum
    Brianna Cullum 21 kun oldin

    The color of the bag changed

  • Ninja Dog
    Ninja Dog 24 kun oldin +1

    This seriously does not look like prison food. One time family member spent a night in jail and he had runny oatmeal and other non good foods

  • The coolcreeper
    The coolcreeper 24 kun oldin

    Thats Ian voice 3:04

  • Mr Mojo Rising
    Mr Mojo Rising 25 kun oldin +1

    Eso no es un tamal. No mames

  • gacha potato sky
    gacha potato sky 26 kun oldin

    I like how olivia said “it reminds me of my husbands legs...that I cut off” and nobody even icnowldged that she said she cut her husbands legs! XD

  • Hannah Wade
    Hannah Wade 26 kun oldin

    Dirtiest show name ever 😂😂😂

  • Ron Nash
    Ron Nash 28 kun oldin +1

    Did you notice she had a phone in her hand

  • Jad Hallak
    Jad Hallak 28 kun oldin +1

    Hey Olivia I have a friend that needs protection

  • Leonie Rivera
    Leonie Rivera 29 kun oldin

    IT WORKS GREAT! It's really easy to make for a snack! MY MOM LOVES MAKING IT SO MUCH!

  • Rania Selders
    Rania Selders 29 kun oldin

    Hold a moment didn't you just have a yellow bag and then after I got done it's orange!😨😱😐

  • Felicia Coe Taylor
    Felicia Coe Taylor 29 kun oldin

    Once I knew there was Romans in there I started making some

  • speeddemon150
    speeddemon150 29 kun oldin +1

    Prison rocks.

  • milena star
    milena star Oy oldin


  • kitty kat
    kitty kat Oy oldin

    My friend does not at all like ramen

  • Asia almuhanna
    Asia almuhanna Oy oldin

    After this video I really wanna go to prison!! Anyone want to join me?

  • Adventure Marcus
    Adventure Marcus Oy oldin +1

    no he offered to use protection

  • Tina Buell
    Tina Buell Oy oldin

    You guys did really good. I've been to jail back before I got clean. I totally turned my life around and have been clean for over three years now. I have a son and a husband and even own my house now. But 3 years ago I was a drug addict living on the streets. In the past 3 years i have worked from literally having nothing but the clothes on my back to having a home, a job, a family. I completely turned my life around. Anyways, when we were in jail you would make these concoctions called "spreads" mostly out of top ramen. If you had money you could buy stuff from commissary twice a week. And since the jail food is so nasty it's nearly inedible but you eat it cuz you are constantly starving, we would make these spreads. You don't have a microwave so you put hot water in a bag and wrap a towel around it like they did and let it sit so it will cook. Then add whatever you have into it and mix it in the bag. You don't have utentils, so you wrap everything in a tortilla and eat it. Top ramen burritos. They are actually super good. And you are really lucky if you have money to buy the stuff to make them. But yeah you guys did a great job making the stuff we would invent. And your right most of it is actually really good. Which is super suprisingly. Please don't comment mean stuff about me being in jail. I worked really hard and changed my whole life and I'm not even close to the same person anymore. But I wouldn't change a thing, because if I never did that stuff I would've never met my husband and made my son. And my son makes all the hell I went through living on the streets worth it. He is the best thing I ever did. And I'm going to be completely honest with him about my life before. And sincerely hope and pray he doesn't go down that road. I will do everything I can to give him a better life and hope he never tries drugs. Didn't expect to go on this long rant. And no one will probably read this super long comment. But oh well maybe someone will. And if you are struggling with addict. Know it's possible to change. I did it, im not special so you can too.

  • Unknown 123
    Unknown 123 Oy oldin

    10:20 this is good lol

  • JAM 20
    JAM 20 Oy oldin

    6:00 to 6:02 - Discount Wilhelm Scream

  • killer trxp
    killer trxp Oy oldin

    Ooh sh*t prison shank

  • Eliel Perez
    Eliel Perez Oy oldin +1

    The bag was yellow then it was red

  • dylan Leeper
    dylan Leeper Oy oldin

    My birthday is in February to

  • Em
    Em Oy oldin

    I thought Shayne was allergic to peanut butter???

  • Nayeli Delgado
    Nayeli Delgado Oy oldin

    Did anybody notice that they used a yellow bag but then when they took it out of the microwave it was red

  • Harleigh Victoria

    Anyone else here on a binge after hearing the news??? I hope they find a new home because I don’t think I can live without them. Their videos make me so happy and have helped me through depression. I love you guys so much. Hope everything turns out ok

  • Nicholas Behan
    Nicholas Behan Oy oldin

    0:43 u called him shayne topps

  • Maven Mazoon
    Maven Mazoon Oy oldin

    Noah reminded me of the boy in the stripped pajamas😐

  • Emina XD
    Emina XD Oy oldin +1

    Now that smosh has gone dark, this just seems so sad

  • Jazzmyn Sauceda
    Jazzmyn Sauceda Oy oldin

    Its so white

  • Jazzmyn Sauceda
    Jazzmyn Sauceda Oy oldin

    How they say tamales

  • Millie Rocks
    Millie Rocks Oy oldin

    Why does prison food sound better than school food?😂

  • Pandorix X
    Pandorix X Oy oldin

    Who else watched and finished Part timers? Lie, this comment if u did

  • Random Person
    Random Person Oy oldin +4

    Them: I don't know what an orange porkie is? Me: I do. DONALD TRUMP!

  • supafreak666
    supafreak666 Oy oldin +1

    is it just me or does courtney look sexy in a cop uniform

  • TSM_red Jelly
    TSM_red Jelly Oy oldin

    My cousin was in prison and he said everything had ramen in it

  • Loucius Sanchez
    Loucius Sanchez Oy oldin

    He kind looks like Taron eagerton

  • Anais Dogs
    Anais Dogs Oy oldin +1

    When is noah’s birthday

  • Emily Grace
    Emily Grace Oy oldin

    She looks like a character from Orange is the new black

  • Abby Dean
    Abby Dean Oy oldin +1

    Keith needs to be on this show!!!!

  • KylaW
    KylaW Oy oldin

    Anyone know where to find that orange porkies recipe?

  • Ashley Emfinger
    Ashley Emfinger Oy oldin +1

    I made the first dish and it wasn't half bad!

    • ToonDude
      ToonDude 15 kun oldin

      would you eat it again or was it a one time thing i was thinking of making of what they ate

  • Nike_. Gui
    Nike_. Gui Oy oldin

    "Hello Clarice" .... h a n n i b a l y a a a a a s s s

  • Shie Sweetheart
    Shie Sweetheart Oy oldin +3

    Noah is the most adorable human ever

  • Super GrillGamer
    Super GrillGamer Oy oldin

    Why does Noah look like he is related to pewdiepie? I don't know... just tell me why he reminds me of pewds 😂

    • Rithika Yerra
      Rithika Yerra Oy oldin

      Super GrillGamer lol idk I can’t see pew’s face

  • AlremixACB
    AlremixACB Oy oldin

    first off, that is not a scythe, those were for cutting grass before the lawnmower was invented. Second, if it was, it wouldn't be a very good weapon since the very tip of the blade isn't actually sharp making impaling very difficult. Third, the weapon you have is called a sai or hairpin in English.

  • Spotvermin games
    Spotvermin games Oy oldin

    Why did the yellow bag turn in to a orange bag

  • The Doctor
    The Doctor Oy oldin

    Tried it! Not bad!

  • Adelynn Romero
    Adelynn Romero Oy oldin

    Shane,Noah,Olivia,Keith and Courtney you are all so funny and amazing.I can't stop watching ya'lls vids.

  • Gavin Reddig
    Gavin Reddig Oy oldin

    She straight up pit the fork in her hair and then ate with it

  • Mindless _M1ND
    Mindless _M1ND Oy oldin

    Do every prison ever

  • Damarys Cerda
    Damarys Cerda Oy oldin

    um those aren't tamales

  • mirian3256
    mirian3256 Oy oldin

    As they say we just talked and I will not fight they abuse a bag

  • Big Red
    Big Red Oy oldin

    Courtney looks like u slutty cop 😂😂😂

  • Dianathe Dinosaur

    They arent saying tamale right and its literally making me so mad

  • Lacey Denney
    Lacey Denney Oy oldin

    I like how shayne is acting so calm.

  • John Hush
    John Hush Oy oldin

    My bro told me he called it a brick when he made it

  • cringe storm O.o
    cringe storm O.o Oy oldin

    All I did is put milk before cereal

  • Sam Mario
    Sam Mario Oy oldin

    Zoargo diffuse (current time)

  • Aesthetic Tutorials

    who else remembers shayne in sam & cat when he played the magician? he couldn’t get cat out of the box

  • Chels Zakia
    Chels Zakia Oy oldin

    That means you guys are going to be eaten by rats

  • Jakinius F
    Jakinius F Oy oldin

    Did the color of the bag change when they put it in the microwave?

  • MrCrispy
    MrCrispy Oy oldin

    I think as of now ive seen this video about 6 times someone help

    LPS FOCUS Oy oldin


  • Mama Mia
    Mama Mia Oy oldin

    Do they have Ramen in prison?


  • Maia Aly
    Maia Aly Oy oldin

    I like how Noah did nothing wrong but gets in handcuffs even though Olivia tried to kill Shayne.

  • GregGamez
    GregGamez Oy oldin

    Cutest Prison guard IVE ever seen

  • Gavin Hanel
    Gavin Hanel Oy oldin

    please help us subscribe to my pewdipie so that he can win the war of a life time

  • Raven Dragon
    Raven Dragon Oy oldin

    Shayne would be good as acting as hostage

  • thatemoguyAnimations

    Ummm. The bag is not yellow after it was put in the microwave... Have i been using that the wrong way all this time..................................................

  • VRFY_ Atlas
    VRFY_ Atlas Oy oldin

    Good comin in bad comin out