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  • TheMultiTuber
    TheMultiTuber 24 kun oldin

    How does he have millions of subscribers, but 2 vidoes

  • Wowisawow
    Wowisawow 24 kun oldin

    Subscribe to PEWDIEPIE See, I'm doing my part!

  • tobin smithson
    tobin smithson 24 kun oldin

    after a Bob Marley Extra Crispy

  • tobin smithson
    tobin smithson 24 kun oldin

    If this is real everyone must do at least 1 full Cock Push-up

    PUBGEZZ 24 kun oldin

    imagine jack actually becoming the number 1 most subscribed youtuber lol

  • iTzDony _
    iTzDony _ 24 kun oldin

    WRF 1,8 million

  • Emil Frederiksen
    Emil Frederiksen 24 kun oldin

    Looking pretty sweet and if it's anything like Tenacious D, I am all aboard the Jablimpsk.

  • Søren Luplau
    Søren Luplau 24 kun oldin

    I'm only subscribing, because i like Jack. And if he can get some money from this, to start making a new movie, mission accomplished!

  • HenryTheGreenEngine03Studios

    skadoosh, now it has 80 million subs. that wallpaper..

  • Grath101
    Grath101 24 kun oldin


  • Game Over ZI
    Game Over ZI 24 kun oldin

    I'm subbing just for pure aesthetic at this point, wonder what direction this is heading.

  • Gaming watermelon
    Gaming watermelon 24 kun oldin

    Why is the banner a human Peppa pig???

  • Teddyimaginemc
    Teddyimaginemc 24 kun oldin

    Jack Black has come down from heaven to save UZclip, the hero we needed but didn't deserve.

  • fark tis
    fark tis 24 kun oldin

    This cunts gonna play runescape or some shit because he looks like hes been in a cave since 1999. Runescapes the best game in the world... it was the best game in the worlllllllllllldddddddddddddddd.... fuck you jack black.

  • Gnorrm
    Gnorrm 24 kun oldin

    where is kyle?

  • kumakonran
    kumakonran 24 kun oldin

    Only good celebrity

  • Captain Kongou
    Captain Kongou 24 kun oldin

    This isn't the best gaming channel, it is just a tribute

  • Octo and Dolphin
    Octo and Dolphin 24 kun oldin


  • BillyBob BoBoss
    BillyBob BoBoss 24 kun oldin

    Ok, now THIS is epic.

  • adamoggy
    adamoggy 24 kun oldin

    I can't wait for the first gaming video!! Wrote an article on the channel :) dailygamingreport.co.uk/latest-gaming-news/jack-black-youtube-channel-jablinski-games/

  • Speederzdudes
    Speederzdudes 24 kun oldin

    this channels growth is scary

  • Maggot !!!
    Maggot !!! 24 kun oldin

    This is Greatest channel in the world Alright

  • MadMads24
    MadMads24 24 kun oldin

    I am excited for whatever happens next!

  • L. Motmans
    L. Motmans 24 kun oldin

    Almost 2 mil sub without even a single video to the purpose of this channel. The hype is real.

  • The Coloniser
    The Coloniser 25 kun oldin

    oh its real

  • -Strife- A
    -Strife- A 25 kun oldin

    how the fuc...

  • wolfpein
    wolfpein 25 kun oldin

    Please play Brütal Legend

  • Take 2
    Take 2 25 kun oldin

    At this rate I think he'll be the fastest growing beginning channel ever

  • Joshephy
    Joshephy 25 kun oldin

    This is gonna be epic

  • Brian BigBri Jones Music

    hey everyone.please subscribe to my youtube channel.love you alllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

  • Tyrese Stanley
    Tyrese Stanley 25 kun oldin

    Just Imagine all the games he will play and the people he will be talking too lol

  • Memez 5
    Memez 5 25 kun oldin

    u r going to be popular ahem PEWDEPIE

  • ExplodingGriffy!
    ExplodingGriffy! 25 kun oldin

    Is this really Jack Black? 🤔

  • Alienbol
    Alienbol 25 kun oldin


  • noah walsh
    noah walsh 25 kun oldin

    poll: will it happen on jan 5?

  • Dylan Taylor
    Dylan Taylor 25 kun oldin

    fastest growing channel on youtube, 1 mil in 1 week...

  • Aiden
    Aiden 25 kun oldin

    I'm confused

  • slacker animations
    slacker animations 25 kun oldin

    who remembers Tenacious D

  • slacker animations
    slacker animations 25 kun oldin

    i love JB

  • John Goold
    John Goold 25 kun oldin

    Yeah, my thought. No videos. Nothing. Jack are you just asking people to subscribe so you tell everybody how stupid we are afterwards?

  • ShutupChr1s
    ShutupChr1s 25 kun oldin

    i fucjk

  • EpicGamesFeed
    EpicGamesFeed 25 kun oldin

    Congratulations with 1,6 million subscribers! You have been working towards this for a long time! 😄

  • A Chicken
    A Chicken 25 kun oldin

    I like spaghetti bolognese

  • Jimbles
    Jimbles 25 kun oldin

    where are the video games, jack you said there would be video games

  • WuzWutz
    WuzWutz 25 kun oldin


  • Илья Ионкин
    Илья Ионкин 25 kun oldin

    круто чо

  • Lok Media
    Lok Media 25 kun oldin

    If this shit ain't a joke i can't wait to see if they play brutal legend i would love to see him play that shit

  • BluekrabsDomino
    BluekrabsDomino 25 kun oldin

    this is way better than i thought it was gonna be

  • Ohkae64
    Ohkae64 25 kun oldin

    Okay...This is epic.

  • Biggle Boink The Great

    T-series who?

  • Regular Lug
    Regular Lug 25 kun oldin

    I bet 5$ hes gonna play Jumanji

  • C4st 4w4y
    C4st 4w4y 25 kun oldin

    because?????? Jack black??????? why not me??????? why not Zoidberg ????????

  • Mikelelele
    Mikelelele 25 kun oldin

    Please play Peter Jackson's King Kong- The official game of the movie THAT WOULD BE EPIC!!!

  • Spazmatism
    Spazmatism 25 kun oldin

    THAT BANNER THOUGH i see your a man of culture

  • Old Gregg
    Old Gregg 25 kun oldin

    please don't do fortnite it would be lame as fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck

  • Parrot Bird
    Parrot Bird 25 kun oldin

    love this dude

  • NikiWin
    NikiWin 25 kun oldin

    who is this guy? :o i dont know em

  • killa hassy
    killa hassy 25 kun oldin

    bot subscibers

  • Pixicope
    Pixicope 25 kun oldin

    We're in pursuit..

  • Bary_is_cool
    Bary_is_cool 25 kun oldin

    i respec

  • Rob Hood
    Rob Hood 25 kun oldin

    Play with me! 3rdEyeVision on Steam.

    ELI MONTEITH 25 kun oldin

    This is going to be fun, VERY FUN

  • Carlo Ponte
    Carlo Ponte 25 kun oldin

    1.5mil subs yas

  • TwistedLogik
    TwistedLogik 25 kun oldin

    Fucking Kung Fu Panda made an ironic UZclip channel. K.

  • X HanX
    X HanX 25 kun oldin

    Chicken saves lifes

  • Özgür
    Özgür 25 kun oldin


  • Cooper Long
    Cooper Long 25 kun oldin

    its so good i hope he does terraria as his first game

  • Randymash
    Randymash 25 kun oldin

    Jack Black NEEDS to play Brutal Legend as his first Let's Play. Seriously, I wanna hear some behind the scenes stories about the production too! XD would be so hilarious!

  • Kyle Samuelson
    Kyle Samuelson 25 kun oldin

    Why does he look like a bum? The Jack Black I remember was always clean shaven

  • Giblet
    Giblet 25 kun oldin


  • UnbaptisedCommentator
    UnbaptisedCommentator 25 kun oldin

    I dont understand why little kids are lauding you like some God. Im sure thats not your intention. I want all people to succeed but i wish the model of what success looks like would change. Kids are being trained to misplace their trust and faith. hope you do something good with this channel.

  • Just Ask it
    Just Ask it 25 kun oldin

    Jablinski gives life

  • TheFacksake
    TheFacksake 25 kun oldin

    Jack looks like a fluffy bear, i just want to hug him <3

  • Nikolas Kroslak
    Nikolas Kroslak 25 kun oldin

    1,5 mil in 8 days > 5 mil in 6 months

  • Nikolas Kroslak
    Nikolas Kroslak 25 kun oldin

    that scene from the house with the clock in the walls or whatever it is where jack black was a baby gave me nightmares. look it up

  • Jaynautic
    Jaynautic 25 kun oldin

    at this point, i'm convinced we live in a simulation, and something has gone terribly wrong

  • Lofty Lofty
    Lofty Lofty 25 kun oldin

    Jack Black is an inspiration. Tenacious D is the greatest rock band in the world. This is not the highest compliment they have ever received, this is just a tribute.

  • jake o
    jake o 25 kun oldin


  • KQEN
    KQEN 25 kun oldin

    very cool

  • Boer
    Boer 25 kun oldin

    please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite

  • TheLastBabyMan
    TheLastBabyMan 25 kun oldin

    Jack Black should play games that have Blackjack in them.

  • JeansBoi
    JeansBoi 25 kun oldin

    Is this the lucid dream people are talking about?

  • 『♥IrArobot♥』but festive

    ummm.... octagon? Am i funny yet?

  • Robbie Curtis
    Robbie Curtis 25 kun oldin

    every Friday my dudes

  • no u
    no u 26 kun oldin

    this better make our 2019 start off great

  • Terraria Muramasa
    Terraria Muramasa 26 kun oldin

    Okay, this is epic.

  • Masterpengin
    Masterpengin 26 kun oldin

    I love it

  • SmSumodude20
    SmSumodude20 26 kun oldin

    Please just keep uploading videos promising to post real content soon and see how high you can get your sub count!

  • Frode
    Frode 26 kun oldin

    my favorite youtuber

  • Hang It Out
    Hang It Out 26 kun oldin

    why does his pic look a lot like stephen hawking?

  • Jacob Waters
    Jacob Waters 26 kun oldin

    I feel live this is fake, and im really hoping its not.

  • BobSummonerofrain
    BobSummonerofrain 26 kun oldin

    I can't tell if this channel fits Jack Black's character or if he's just lost his mind

  • Sonaint
    Sonaint 26 kun oldin

    This guys gonna b so famous

  • gani
    gani 26 kun oldin

    i love men

  • Bless
    Bless 26 kun oldin

    im hoping for some good ass content for jack black

  • Aaron Beal
    Aaron Beal 26 kun oldin

    no pewdiepie + no t-series = Jablinski Games this the exact math i did it on a calculator

  • Poles
    Poles 26 kun oldin


  • Philip C Coggin
    Philip C Coggin 26 kun oldin

    Jablinski I need your help beating the new COD Zombies on PS4, I'm stuck on the end-game boss, Big CHUNGUS and I need help defeating him utilizing akimbo scissors and a tuning fork but the map Hara-Kiri Rock is infamous for it's flip into flap-jaw space. Jables, add me on PS4, we can take him.

  • Oliwally
    Oliwally 26 kun oldin


  • Justin Cook
    Justin Cook 26 kun oldin

    Alright. Play some damn games.

  • wintomint
    wintomint 26 kun oldin

    god has given us this man to save us

  • Mystrix
    Mystrix 26 kun oldin

    When Are you going to DisneyLand, Jack Black?

  • Thoth McThotherson
    Thoth McThotherson 26 kun oldin

    The first time I ever saw Jack Black was in the movie The Jackal. I was 7, I still have nightmares.

  • DBram2016
    DBram2016 26 kun oldin

    JB hook me up with an internship man. It'd mean the world and then some. I don't have much of a portfolio to link you to but you contact me, give me a challenge or something to prove myself, and I'll shred it bruh. Sincerely, your boy DBram

    TONKAHANAH 26 kun oldin

    long shot, but jack, you ever ever see Jack Black Mutant Ninja Turtles? uzclip.net/video/sdwxdhxndgw/video.html you should totally do a legit voice over with kyle for it.

  • Acid Punk
    Acid Punk 26 kun oldin

    this is so sad alexa play tribute.

  • Nice Name
    Nice Name 26 kun oldin

    like hentai?

  • FrankenHeavy
    FrankenHeavy 26 kun oldin

    2019 is already looking brighter. This is gonna be a ball. A big, bouncy, rambunctious ball.

  • Gnome
    Gnome 26 kun oldin

    I’m hard Bc of this. All I wanna see is a sax a boom

  • Serkel
    Serkel 26 kun oldin

    please play sonic

  • FoxKami
    FoxKami 26 kun oldin

    I am prepperred for epic memeirinos

  • PP Man
    PP Man 26 kun oldin

    Jack black can you play a kung fu panda game as your first video

  • LemonLoaf_64
    LemonLoaf_64 26 kun oldin

    I still cannot grasp the thought that this is real

  • Meulord 888
    Meulord 888 26 kun oldin

    congrats on the 1mil subscribers

  • napster4152
    napster4152 26 kun oldin

    congrats on the 1m subs dude I hope this message find you in good spirits and great health. I am contacting you on behalf of my good friend who has been a pillar in his community and is outstanding family man and an overall good guy. On the 25th of December at approximately 0300 while dreaming of Santa’s blessings the unthinkable happened. Fire broke out on the third floor of his family home fortunately a neighbor alerted the family and everyone was able to escape to safety. while we count our blessings that everyone is alive and well a lifetime of collected contents were destroyed and while many cannot be replaced many essentials will need to be required please consider reading more about their story here. abc22now.com/news/local/man-saves-a-sleeping-family-of-7-from-burning-home you can also see a small portion of the aftermath here. uzclip.net/video/vquq5hudxey/video.html Also, a GoFundMe has been started to assist the family in their difficult journey ahead please consider sharing the link or donating here. www.gofundme.com/shortt-family-christmas-day-house-fire Thank you for taking the time to read this. Best wishes and happy holidays.

  • Haroon
    Haroon 26 kun oldin

    jablinski will beat pewdiepuss

  • LanternCorp Yohltel
    LanternCorp Yohltel 26 kun oldin

    Tfw only 2 videos and 1 million subs.

  • MorganMlgMan
    MorganMlgMan 26 kun oldin

    i love jack black and his movie jumanji

  • Little Bombb
    Little Bombb 26 kun oldin

    god has incarnate itself to be in youtube

  • Torva
    Torva 26 kun oldin

    I love the banner

  • Russell Fleming
    Russell Fleming 26 kun oldin

    Jack Black has entered the battle field.

  • mechgladiator
    mechgladiator 26 kun oldin


  • KingLich
    KingLich 26 kun oldin

    please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite please don't play fortnite

    • x2RaW_Invader
      x2RaW_Invader 24 kun oldin

      he's gonna do it no matter what we do its the way this gaming community works

    • Mikelelele
      Mikelelele 25 kun oldin

      Exactly what I thought

    • Olivia Mendez
      Olivia Mendez 25 kun oldin

      I agree one million percent !!

    • TyTy Chow
      TyTy Chow 25 kun oldin

      I agree

  • Dexter Wilson
    Dexter Wilson 26 kun oldin

    will sniff

  • Dexter Wilson
    Dexter Wilson 26 kun oldin

    t pain

  • Dexter Wilson
    Dexter Wilson 26 kun oldin

    pewdi puss

  • Trumpasaurus Rex
    Trumpasaurus Rex 26 kun oldin

    What the fuck did I stumble upon

  • cat lover meow meow
    cat lover meow meow 26 kun oldin

    1 mil with only an intro video

  • Shadow Reaf
    Shadow Reaf 26 kun oldin

    Maybe he can use his new channel as a chance to show us the magical powers of the saxaboom (which takes years to master)

  • kami tavo
    kami tavo 26 kun oldin

    i just get hype with a youtube channel that only has 2 videos, is that normal?

  • thebraininsideahead
    thebraininsideahead 26 kun oldin

    the next video he'll upload will be on april first

  • Lewd
    Lewd 26 kun oldin

    1 mil on youtube in one week, never done before

  • Gentle Mane
    Gentle Mane 26 kun oldin

    What the internet needs right now is more Jack Black.

  • El Catire
    El Catire 26 kun oldin


  • zack ford
    zack ford 26 kun oldin

    Can't you guys tell he's the guy

  • Alex Everidge
    Alex Everidge 26 kun oldin

    God found a way to communicate with us...

  • zed force
    zed force 26 kun oldin

    i swear ,if this is only two videos for the rest of 2019, i'll hunt you down.....u don't get people excited and then leave, capiche...love from the other side of the world :)

  • rat vomit
    rat vomit 26 kun oldin

    we lov u

  • J R
    J R 26 kun oldin

    cat vids

  • rabbid man
    rabbid man 26 kun oldin

    get rid beard

  • Toal
    Toal 26 kun oldin


  • Joe Wright
    Joe Wright 26 kun oldin

    he has big gay

  • Spearszy
    Spearszy 26 kun oldin

    Love you Jack <3

  • The Silver Llama
    The Silver Llama 26 kun oldin

    lol. I wish 1M was this easy.

  • nathanial spangler
    nathanial spangler 26 kun oldin

    Yo jack, Huge fan, Could I ask a small favor of you?

  • cjdudeman14
    cjdudeman14 26 kun oldin

    You gonna subscribe to Pewdiepie with this channel?

  • kwon lok
    kwon lok 26 kun oldin

    oh my double g

  • Pyschadelic
    Pyschadelic 26 kun oldin

    you are hands down my favorite youtuber

  • Rowan Carroll
    Rowan Carroll 26 kun oldin

    I kinda feel like he got drunk on christmas and decided to make a gaming channel

  • Big Chungus
    Big Chungus 26 kun oldin

    I am from the future and yes, it is true that this channel will surpass Pewdipie

  • Pepper
    Pepper 26 kun oldin

    You are doing God's work, Jack.

  • Lemoney
    Lemoney 26 kun oldin

    I can't believe he doesn't have a community tab.

  • kkwolf
    kkwolf 26 kun oldin

    whats going on

  • usernamewaster
    usernamewaster 26 kun oldin

    Lee and KG better make a guest appearance.

  • Fruit Roll Up God
    Fruit Roll Up God 26 kun oldin

    1 mil on youtube in 3 days

  • Fruit Roll Up God
    Fruit Roll Up God 26 kun oldin

    he is too powerful

  • No Name
    No Name 26 kun oldin

    This better be the most subbed channel

  • weeb.
    weeb. 26 kun oldin

    wow i cant believe he has 1mil already

  • Lord Spookerz
    Lord Spookerz 26 kun oldin

    cant believe he's a meme god.

  • Akiraiss
    Akiraiss 26 kun oldin

    what want wrong in jacks life to become a memester

  • BlazeTheDrago
    BlazeTheDrago 26 kun oldin

    i want 79 million by tonight

  • Raptorial
    Raptorial 26 kun oldin


  • Mystery 7112
    Mystery 7112 26 kun oldin

    We want a face reveal when u reach 2Mil subscribers!

  • Shiwo
    Shiwo 26 kun oldin


  • B S
    B S 26 kun oldin

    Victory Royale.

    SEAN KAY 26 kun oldin

    Jack Black will Make UZclip Great Again

  • Cooper The Cat
    Cooper The Cat 26 kun oldin

    please be real and not a joke, I actually want to see gaming vids from jablinski

  • kazzy
    kazzy 26 kun oldin


  • Cloudyhunter2
    Cloudyhunter2 26 kun oldin

    Bet that the first game he finna play will be sAnStAlE

  • YourBoiBob
    YourBoiBob 26 kun oldin

    i hope this is real

  • Goober Sweber
    Goober Sweber 26 kun oldin

    Jack Black is now the hidden boss in the Pewdiepie and T-series saga

  • skull films
    skull films 26 kun oldin

    Ok, i´m getting mad, where the hell is the friking video?.

  • Denis Aljic
    Denis Aljic 26 kun oldin

    Cant Wait to see you turn on your PC and show the world how real gaming is Done!

  • rRainb0w
    rRainb0w 26 kun oldin

    Its friday.... get ready

  • Omar
    Omar 26 kun oldin

    New favorite actor *cough* I meant gamer

  • Hussain Abdul Rehman
    Hussain Abdul Rehman 26 kun oldin

    Shit I forgot also persona games :p

  • Hussain Abdul Rehman
    Hussain Abdul Rehman 26 kun oldin

    I request u play shin megami games, phoenix wright games and dagganronppa games, kingdom hearts, shadow hearts and final fantasy games. Thank u very much :)

  • Jared Packard
    Jared Packard 26 kun oldin

    What would be THE most epic thing ever? Running into Jack Black, my favorite rockstar/actor, in one of my games!

  • HeavyDahn
    HeavyDahn 26 kun oldin

    Where is it?!

  • InvaderTee
    InvaderTee 26 kun oldin

    I really hope this is gonna be a thing

  • TheGameAccess
    TheGameAccess 26 kun oldin

    He grew so fast, still didn't get Community tab :D

  • RC4567
    RC4567 26 kun oldin

    hopefully he plays brutal legend.....hopefully

  • ClockWorkCrew
    ClockWorkCrew 26 kun oldin

    Whelp everybody. It is Friday, the day of the rapture, where our Lord, Jesus "Jack Black" Christ said he would return to this world. I hope you all gather here today with me, waiting for the anticipated rearrival of the one, true God.

  • Dublesenho
    Dublesenho 26 kun oldin


  • Jester The Nitro Kid
    Jester The Nitro Kid 26 kun oldin

    Where is Jabblin?

  • LightngHb
    LightngHb 26 kun oldin

    Brutal Legends is underrated.

  • JooJYuri
    JooJYuri 26 kun oldin

    ok now this is epic

  • Jalif ee
    Jalif ee 26 kun oldin

    it is friday my dudes ...

    • KingLich
      KingLich 26 kun oldin

      aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa yeah

  • Grace Reed
    Grace Reed 26 kun oldin

    it's friday, b!!!

  • Agent OMEGA
    Agent OMEGA 26 kun oldin

    its friday today but no video

  • Uncle Bezi
    Uncle Bezi 26 kun oldin

    its been just a week and you have over a milion viewers waiting for new video xd

  • mean J o k e r
    mean J o k e r 26 kun oldin

    where's the fucking video

  • mean J o k e r
    mean J o k e r 26 kun oldin

    where's the fucking video

  • Lucy D
    Lucy D 26 kun oldin

    It's Friday when is another one comin'???

  • Luka Bjørnestad
    Luka Bjørnestad 26 kun oldin

    when does the vid come out?

  • Aastro
    Aastro 26 kun oldin

    i want to hate this but his meme aren't dead

  • Eat this
    Eat this 26 kun oldin

    ok... now i want Sir Jablinski to be on numba 1 yo!!! PewPew and T ser could just *EAT THIS*

    • Eat this
      Eat this 26 kun oldin

      HAaaaaaaaaaa... why am i like this...

  • Krodant
    Krodant 26 kun oldin

    Channel has one video, 6-7 days old over 3M views and the channel has over 1M subs already. Fastest grwoing channel yet?

  • Pablo Ilave Velásquez

    omg the real moment has come, im waiting for this a decade ago, im so happy. U made the Happy in Happiness