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  • Angel Caban
    Angel Caban 9 oy oldin

    Way to go, looks amazing

  • Kickass TV
    Kickass TV 9 oy oldin

    I like your new video, good work.

  • milkbunnies
    milkbunnies 5 yil oldin

    Yo Vice...let me watch the HBO specials, or I'll torch my computer!

  • jackofblades94
    jackofblades94 5 yil oldin

    Why can't I watch your video? Wtf Vice...

  • Martin Labrosse
    Martin Labrosse 5 yil oldin

    Why put up all the HBO series only for all of them to not be available in my country? Has vice gone mainstream and screwed all of it's supporters?

  • Vikinger Icelandersson

    I am from Iceland,The uploader has not made this video available in your country-Can anyone tell me the reason for that?

  • Random Schmid
    Random Schmid 5 yil oldin

    how is the Hermit Kingdom not available in my country? is this a mistake? fix / explain!

  • Ambedo
    Ambedo 5 yil oldin

    wtf would be nice to see the new videos... how can canadians block content to their canadian friends?

  • JackDoodle121
    JackDoodle121 5 yil oldin

    you made a big mistake vice.

  • Its Jake The Brake
    Its Jake The Brake 5 yil oldin

    Yeah great logic Vice... people tell you they don't get HBO in their country, but would love to see your documentaries, so you say you're going to upload some episodes to youtube...and the you block them in those countries?

  • bigmouth356
    bigmouth356 5 yil oldin

    why is vice not available in canada? fix this

  • Wooden Spoon
    Wooden Spoon 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country - what is the point of making somewhat educational documentaries than limiting the audience?

  • ajbenius
    ajbenius 5 yil oldin

    I would love to see a Vice documentary on Christian terrorism. Everyday on the news, we see and hear about Muslim terrorists. Why not some about Christian terrorists? By the way, I don't hate Christians. I just want a different perspective on stuff.

  • JackDoodle121
    JackDoodle121 5 yil oldin

    unsubbed. vice is scewed : (

  • Troop goodguy
    Troop goodguy 5 yil oldin

    Vice is going down the fucker shitter. It started with crappy documentaries and stuff people didn't care about, then HBO, and now this?

  • AIIUserNamesInvalid
    AIIUserNamesInvalid 5 yil oldin

    can't watch your latest video..

  • TheAGCteam
    TheAGCteam 5 yil oldin

    Everyone commenting here should google for "UZclip Proxy" Thank me later.

  • bigbadcrazykillahbee

    ill unsubscribe untill you make your docus visible for everyone again , in the mean time i really hope someone would capture / upload it to e.g the piratebay etc so we all can download / stream it :) thanks in advance

  • xBadBoy4Lif3
    xBadBoy4Lif3 5 yil oldin

    i remember that video of u Shane SMith whene u were happy cus u had 2mil subsucribers and went naked, now i understand that was becus u feelt that money is coming ur way, money aint shit u dumb ass.

  • xBadBoy4Lif3
    xBadBoy4Lif3 5 yil oldin

    Unsubbed ur ass vice, i hate u guys now, oh and yeah FUCK YOU and FUCK YOU HBO

  • baycrdor
    baycrdor 5 yil oldin

    make the hbo episodes available in canada... or else you're racists

  • JackDoodle121
    JackDoodle121 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. UNSUBBED

  • JackDoodle121
    JackDoodle121 5 yil oldin


  • JackDoodle121
    JackDoodle121 5 yil oldin

    fuck you vice.

  • Bill Roberts
    Bill Roberts 5 yil oldin

    Yup, definitely not a mistake, thanks for purposefully cutting us non-americans out, unsubbing. I had so much respect for VICE too.

  • iggysawdust
    iggysawdust 5 yil oldin

    It is pretty disappointing to see you've blocked your recent videos for viewers outside the US...

  • Mat Nope
    Mat Nope 5 yil oldin

    Unsubscribed, encourage other people to do the same so that Vice could learn their lesson.

  • Dave Panther
    Dave Panther 5 yil oldin


  • motrace202
    motrace202 5 yil oldin

    watch ***

  • motrace202
    motrace202 5 yil oldin

    i cant wath the hermit kingdom in Canada ..please make it available here ;)

  • Dougolaii
    Dougolaii 5 yil oldin

    HBO... Sucks to be not from the U.S.

  • ugogatto
    ugogatto 5 yil oldin

    italians are not welcome bah

  • Robert Drake
    Robert Drake 5 yil oldin

    Blocked. Unsubscribing.

  • Is mayonnaise an instrument?

    I understand that it's HBO and only operates in America, but shit loads of the people who watch aren't American. If you're only going to upload HBO stuff barely anyone is able to view it.

  • Allan C
    Allan C 5 yil oldin

    And yet the subscriber count continues to grow...pathetic

  • toofastforlove22
    toofastforlove22 5 yil oldin

    WTF is up with HBO not being able to be viewed in Canada and other countries... You guys have to fix that cause alot of people are getting pissed off bro.

  • Thomas Egan
    Thomas Egan 5 yil oldin

    i will unsub then gratz vice

  • Thomas Egan
    Thomas Egan 5 yil oldin

    why the fuck did you block holland form watching your vids?

  • DesecraterNmH
    DesecraterNmH 5 yil oldin

    Thanks vice, for not letting me watch really the only thing I come on youtube for.

  • aaroninky
    aaroninky 5 yil oldin

    unsubbed. VICE, so edgy now they're only uploading content for american mega-media institutions. radical, bro.

  • Paulo D
    Paulo D 5 yil oldin

    Are you going to say something about it to your subscribers? All general website inquiries should be directed to All editorial-related inquiries should be directed to All photo-related inquiries should be directed to All media inquires should be directed to All internship inquiries should be directed to All video related idea submissions should be directed to All article submission ideas should be directed to If you want VICE in your place of business, email for more details. All advertising related inquiries should be directed to

  • cramulh4o
    cramulh4o 5 yil oldin

    UNSUBSCRIBED. It is pointless to upload content not available for everyone. If it is HBO's exclusive do NOT FUCKING UPLOAD IT TO youtube just to TEASE US.

  • Paulo D
    Paulo D 5 yil oldin

    Please! put these fuking restrict videos out of here, if you don't want people to watch let on TV!

  • OLA Pharm
    OLA Pharm 5 yil oldin

    The documentaries not available to the rest of the world is due to the fact that it is quite incriminating to America as a country. LOL the greatest terrorist in the world.

  • Con Esterhuizen
    Con Esterhuizen 5 yil oldin

    not available in my country, well go fuck yourself vice im not wacthing anymore. information control much CUNTS!!!

  • Drizuz
    Drizuz 5 yil oldin

    WTF VICE, regionlocking is lame. I expected more from a pioneer in internet docs. Unsubscribed!

  • emokillerr
    emokillerr 5 yil oldin

    WTF this video cant be seen in your country SERIOUSLY FUCK VICE unsub.

  • OLA Pharm
    OLA Pharm 5 yil oldin

    LOL i can watch it in the UK by proxy. Love you Shane. Vice is officially the pirate UZclip channel

  • CoolRidge
    CoolRidge 5 yil oldin

    Stop regionlocking content plz.

  • Ricardo Rubiano
    Ricardo Rubiano 5 yil oldin

    It's completely ridiculous post a video that can not be seen worldwide. That is segregation. Es completamente ridículo publicar un video que no es posible ver en todo el planeta. Eso es segregación.

  • tigerclaw1000
    tigerclaw1000 5 yil oldin

    What the guy under me has said, and the guy under him.

  • iamandris
    iamandris 5 yil oldin

    Don't be stupid, use a proxy from America. Watch the HBO series. Easy.

  • TheAGCteam
    TheAGCteam 5 yil oldin

    Dear VICE, Please stop region locking your videos, it takes me exactly 5 seconds longer to watch them so it isn't useful anyway. Proxy sites for the win. Greetings, An avid fan.

  • Cynthia Tiny
    Cynthia Tiny 5 yil oldin

    Hey why is it I can't see the HBO documentaries?

  • Relaxen
    Relaxen 5 yil oldin

    Fuck HBO this is bullshit well I guess it's over with the free media / free speak idiologie

  • spikeyfish
    spikeyfish 5 yil oldin

    So let me get this straight.. You say in your first video that you are letting non HBO owners watch the series. You then block countries which don't have HBO from watching the videos. I'm really annoyed about this Vice, because you're kind of giving us the middle finger on this one. Sorry Vice, but you've lost a subscriber.

  • Hot Communist A-10 Warthog

    Wow really block the new video in Canada. Is it because hbo ask you not to let us see it or because you desided to fire all your Canadian crew andsend us the finger. Its bullshit.

  • BrendanGBR
    BrendanGBR 5 yil oldin

    Damn Vice sort out whatever regional restrictions you have going with HBO pronto!!

  • RageMorePlox
    RageMorePlox 5 yil oldin

    same shit in croatia unsub bai shitlords

  • xBadBoy4Lif3
    xBadBoy4Lif3 5 yil oldin

    wth ? not available in canada ? what the hell Vice, did you forget about us already ? i was very happy this morning to see some new content, unfortunatly not for me to watch, make it available vice, thats just not fair.

  • samthedarkpaladin
    samthedarkpaladin 5 yil oldin

    screw you vice that is fucking bullshit

  • Joaquin Calderon
    Joaquin Calderon 5 yil oldin

    make the new episodes available everywhere !!! is not fair that in central america we cannot see them ,

  • Banane23
    Banane23 5 yil oldin

    Why can't I see the newer stuff? Did you grow to fast and now you fuck your german subscribers...???

  • Wojciech Zubowicz
    Wojciech Zubowicz 5 yil oldin

    "not available in Your country " How could You do that to us SHANE !? !! FUCK HBO !!

  • Sakuraba85
    Sakuraba85 5 yil oldin

    So i cant watch your stuff anymore VICE, becuse i live in sweden?

  • MrWaddefak
    MrWaddefak 5 yil oldin

    All your interesting content is on HBO. Guess I'll unsubscribe. Fuck.

  • Alex Lawi
    Alex Lawi 5 yil oldin

    Fuck HBO

  • Dan Walker
    Dan Walker 5 yil oldin

    It's ok guys, they hate us for our freedom.

  • icca bod
    icca bod 5 yil oldin

    fuck you vice al of a sudden I cant watch in Canada fix that please

  • b1gg5y
    b1gg5y 5 yil oldin

    Sort it out already FFS Vice ! Fuck HBO !

  • Gary Corrbaz
    Gary Corrbaz 5 yil oldin

    Well VICE. Nice going being bullied by corporations. Free media they said. Corporately controlled they meant.

  • TheBigTroll1226
    TheBigTroll1226 5 yil oldin

    this is stupid

  • DeiviZZZ
    DeiviZZZ 5 yil oldin

    Vice how does it feel having HBO d**k is your anus?

  • Stryker Red
    Stryker Red 5 yil oldin

    i'm in Puerto Rico, a fucking US Territory and i can't watch your HBO Docs? this is bullshit.

  • fuyocouch
    fuyocouch 5 yil oldin

    Hey come watch this cool doc....DENIED!!!

  • Snarfindorf
    Snarfindorf 5 yil oldin

    Fuck off VICE, not letting Europeans watch your excellent docs? What a piss take

  • Nestul
    Nestul 5 yil oldin

    I can easily work around this issue but are you fixing it or just be a major sellout? Cause if you aren't, I'll just do the same as these people and unsub for the sake of fairness. Why'd a information channel deny it's own purpose and limit the viewers to this extent?

  • Andy Fisenden
    Andy Fisenden 5 yil oldin

    Don't send me emails to watch your unavailable videos. Unprofessional as always Vice. Also, why do you find it necessary for your reporters to say fuck all the time. Also unprofessional. Go to school.

  • Wild Open
    Wild Open 5 yil oldin

    Sigh, can't watch the HBO episodes..... I guess that's what I get for being european.

  • jeppe jonholt
    jeppe jonholt 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country WHY??????

  • cramulh4o
    cramulh4o 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU... FUCK YOU...

  • Jonathan Chen
    Jonathan Chen 5 yil oldin

    Wow, i was so looking forward to watching the full episodes for days... Please kindly sort this out if possible

  • wardymull
    wardymull 5 yil oldin

    vice why are you telling me what information i can and cant watch? unsubbed

    SERIOUSRONAN 5 yil oldin

    VICE What the fuck --- The uploader has not made this video available in your country. ---

  • CallousDnb
    CallousDnb 5 yil oldin


  • OLA Pharm
    OLA Pharm 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country.

  • jom jimison
    jom jimison 5 yil oldin

    fuck you vice for not making shit available in australia you bunch of analcacti!

  • kiddaedalus
    kiddaedalus 5 yil oldin

    I seriously hope you get that HBO shit sorted out, very disappointing.

  • Ben Smith
    Ben Smith 5 yil oldin

    Seriously wtf happened to you vice, Not available in your country!? WTF is this and people wonder why others turn to piracy.

  • sZeRo0Xx
    sZeRo0Xx 5 yil oldin


  • sZeRo0Xx
    sZeRo0Xx 5 yil oldin


  • Fiach O'Byrne
    Fiach O'Byrne 5 yil oldin

    Saw Bill Mahers name as a producer on one of the shows , anything connected to that c*******r is tainted . Unsubbed .

  • Brad Hunt
    Brad Hunt 5 yil oldin

    I really love the content of this channel, but now I can't even watch it... I thought that Vice was all about fun and enlightening people. You have a video of a guy going to a dog show on acid for fuck sake and you are going to let these assholes tell you who gets to watch it? Shane really wtf man!? You go to Liberia and hang out with a cannibal general who allegedly drank the blood of innocent children before he goes out to battle! Yet you let these HBO dipshits tell you what to do... I'm dissapointed man and this may cause me to unsub.

  • Steve Griffiths
    Steve Griffiths 5 yil oldin

    wow nice to see you have bitched out and sold out to a corporate like HBO so now i can watch any of the TV content legally in New Zealand any more. fuck sakes guys i thought you were trendy hipster types that gave a fuck not poser ass holes.

  • tasty2choc
    tasty2choc 5 yil oldin

    you know what, i'm deleting the subscription! was fun until now!

  • tasty2choc
    tasty2choc 5 yil oldin

    thanks for nothing VICE! blocking videos in parts of europe!

  • Mat Nope
    Mat Nope 5 yil oldin

    Yeah, they Vice shouldn't be surprised when people pirate their stuff after they do this exclusionary shit and rub it in peoples faces.

  • Rikki Renigage
    Rikki Renigage 5 yil oldin

    Sellouts! thanks for cutting the rest of the world out of the news loop wankers!!!!!

  • Njoroge's With an eye

    no longer feeling guilty of downloading torrents with HBO stuff.

  • Lord Pinedo
    Lord Pinedo 5 yil oldin

    Why would you block your videos from other countries? Thins information is previous and very valuable. Dont be a bunch of sellout salad tossers

  • Njoroge's With an eye

    why the hell can't I watch some of the videos, are you guys racist. Nairobi, Kenya! subscription lost!

  • Duncan
    Duncan 5 yil oldin

    suck a fuck vice. you really rustled some jimmies here

  • Adam R.
    Adam R. 5 yil oldin

    im pretty sure im quoting you guys when i say you don't believe in the control of information based on geography. well good work with the upload of the HBO show.

  • Truthbetold
    Truthbetold 5 yil oldin

    American living in Poland here, you just lost my subscription..

  • أبوســعدون

    watch?v=X9jmdsv85_o Guns & Ammo

  • أبوســعدون

    /watch?v=lNNIYPhD7wc Gangs & Oil

  • petej222
    petej222 5 yil oldin

    why cant i view any videos in Australia? think someone fucked you over!

  • MustardTiger
    MustardTiger 5 yil oldin

    no point in being subscribed if I cant watch the videos in my feed

  • MustardTiger
    MustardTiger 5 yil oldin

    In some of your documentary's you claim to be Canadian rather than american to get out of some situations yet you block fucking Canada? GO POUND SOME SAND UP THE EYE OF YOUR COCK YOU WEIRD LOOKING WALRUS FUCK!

  • LadBooboo
    LadBooboo 5 yil oldin

    Unblock us you fucking sellouts

  • Igor Presnyakov
    Igor Presnyakov 5 yil oldin


  • Spirit Animal
    Spirit Animal 5 yil oldin

    blocking the Eu...

  • travis bickle
    travis bickle 5 yil oldin

    unblock the uk you bunch of salad tossers!

  • krazykanadian6
    krazykanadian6 5 yil oldin

    Fuck it I am bailing as well.

  • Shadowfire
    Shadowfire 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in Australia? Say goodbye to another subscriber.

  • أبوســعدون

    i downloaded them i can uplod them HD 720 if you guys whant

  • spelunkerd
    spelunkerd 5 yil oldin

    What's with no viewing from Canada? How can you justify your decision? The great thinkers of the world would never censor themselves.... does Vice define themselves with provincial boundaries?

  • Stu Saville
    Stu Saville 5 yil oldin

    No point in me being a subscriber to Vice anymore now that you're now blocked in my country (Australia) Say goodbye to your once loyal international viewership you fucking sellouts!

  • Scotchegz_
    Scotchegz_ 5 yil oldin

    Go tell HBO to go fuck itself.

  • 1quickdub
    1quickdub 5 yil oldin

    The subscribership still increases.. this is incredible, and disgusting..

  • ghasem zolfaghari
    ghasem zolfaghari 5 yil oldin

    u talk about human rights, u go to julian assange, u record the humans suffer and death..... but u are not allowing me to watch videos in malaysia... is your right higher than me that u can see, but we cant,,, are u just making money from youtube viewer or you want to be the right media ((((please)))) dont go to julian assange, because you are ruining what he tried to do, u are ruinning human rights just like any american media does.

  • david daudi
    david daudi 5 yil oldin

    Vice blocked in Kenya , I might as well unsubscribe

  • Sideshow Massacre
    Sideshow Massacre 5 yil oldin

    Canadian company blocks viewers in Canada, so now I have a wack of unwatchable videos in my feed. Time to unsubscribe.

  • Nathan Jacobs
    Nathan Jacobs 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in Australia. I was just starting to get into it :(

  • Belmin Agic
    Belmin Agic 5 yil oldin

    Why would VICE block most of their videos in Canada? This is idiotic. I've been following VICE for ages, can't believe you let other people buy you out.

  • 1quickdub
    1quickdub 5 yil oldin

    Strangely enough, the number of subscribers has increased since they have blocked most of the viewing world. I guess hypocrisy does pay..

  • Angus Wallace
    Angus Wallace 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in Australia, been watching vice for ages. What bullshit.

  • Daniel Nochta
    Daniel Nochta 5 yil oldin

    blocked at South Korea... really don´t understand the point!!!

  • Matt Sinz
    Matt Sinz 5 yil oldin

    guess what assholes lost a sub!

  • agpshadow
    agpshadow 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in Canada. Fuck HBO, this is the reason the pirate bay exists.

  • Brian Frain
    Brian Frain 5 yil oldin

    Cya Vice. It was fun while it lasted. I don't think I need to say why im unsubscribing since it is all said below. Dick move vice, real dick move.

  • kahah2
    kahah2 5 yil oldin

    Bad times Vice, we've got a lot of respect for you, don't listen to the flaming idiots but please try to get your HBO videos shown to the world! Regards, a UK citizen

  • Max
    Max 5 yil oldin

    MAKE THIS SHIT AVAILIBLE IN ENGLAND, i love vice shit wtf is going on

  • omly85
    omly85 5 yil oldin

    It's blocked in Australia..WTF...

  • Allan C
    Allan C 5 yil oldin

    Im fucking serious people. I just hit the unsubscribe button and I am streaming there videos that those money hungry asshole are trying to keep away from us! Google VICE HBO SEASON ONE PROJECT TV! Don't let money censor information! This is the internet where the people have control!

  • Allan C
    Allan C 5 yil oldin

    And still no one has unsubbed yet. Cmon on people this is bullshit show vice we wont take this shit

  • Rhyas9
    Rhyas9 5 yil oldin

    Awww Vice, why you do this? There are no borders on the internet! :p

  • 1quickdub
    1quickdub 5 yil oldin

    Vice Loses Millions Of Subscribers After Decision to Block Non-US I.P. Addresses

  • Ryan _
    Ryan _ 5 yil oldin

    Not available in my country you fuck wit

  • Simon Delaney
    Simon Delaney 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT !!!! OMG I WANT TO WATCH Cmon

  • PyrotechnicTutorials

    Blocked in New Zealand.... Grow up vice....

  • Hermann Tinoco
    Hermann Tinoco 5 yil oldin

    i'm from Tegucigalpa, Honduras, yesterday and many other days i have been watching VICE's videos in youtube and i liked the way you guys make the investigations and taking it at a new level, giving the opportunity to see what happens all around the world, it is unfair that here at my country people has problems accesing information even accesing to a computer, newspaper even TV and to see this kind of restriction for those who have the chance to watch the videos it is dissapointing. How u guys r supposed to show ur work to all the world if u block access to videos? is it because Honduras is one of the dangerous places to live because of violence, drugs or i don't know why? we are not the only ones believe me, who has army and political influence in many countries without having a war or have the chance to make one? correct U.S.A, who sends lots of weapons and warfare to latin america countries, causing thousands of deaths every year? u r right U.S.A. Fix this shit selfish bastards

  • ujustlostTheGAME12
    ujustlostTheGAME12 5 yil oldin

    proxy it is.. this is the internet you fucking assholes you really should know better than anyone why this shit is wrong...just a minor annoyance to anyone who knows anything. but a piss off to all your fans. haha read your comments you sellouts..

  • ujustlostTheGAME12
    ujustlostTheGAME12 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in fucking Canada.. Go fuck yourselves ..

  • lolzinjo12
    lolzinjo12 5 yil oldin

    srbia 2 is blocked

  • can nack
    can nack 5 yil oldin

    WHY THE fuck is canada blocked

  • Nick N
    Nick N 5 yil oldin

    Unsubscribed from Canada

  • QuicheDude
    QuicheDude 5 yil oldin

    Canada blocked? WTF Vice!?

  • Allan C
    Allan C 5 yil oldin

    I seriously thought this was a mistake. I will unsub if this doesn't change..

  • Martin Botwin
    Martin Botwin 5 yil oldin

    Sweden blocked please fix this Vice...

  • Marijo Jukic
    Marijo Jukic 5 yil oldin

    Blocking Croatia? WTF!?!

    ILIKEWALLS 5 yil oldin

    So, murdochs first move has played out. unsubscribing, never going to have anything to do with vice ever again. i hope that $70m was worth all that credibility and fanbase you dickheads.

  • 1quickdub
    1quickdub 5 yil oldin


  • 1quickdub
    1quickdub 5 yil oldin

    Why are you blocking Canada? What has happened to VICE?

  • Magpie
    Magpie 5 yil oldin

    Stop blocking the rest of the world Vice. There are other countries than the U.S out there, if somebody should know, it's you.

  • Ryan Bondy
    Ryan Bondy 5 yil oldin

    wtf vice is canadian!!! watched hbo specials and now i cant!!!! errrr smack

  • Mista Mase
    Mista Mase 5 yil oldin

    ...please explain why you are doing this

  • Mista Mase
    Mista Mase 5 yil oldin

    please make your videos available for everyone to watch! i live in the UK and are unable to watch your recent videos! please change this!

  • Amelia Ikeda
    Amelia Ikeda 5 yil oldin

    Also, time to go and pirate and host a shitload of your videos. Literally the only reasonable (or indeed possible) course of action when content is blocked.

  • Amelia Ikeda
    Amelia Ikeda 5 yil oldin

    Why on earth are you blocking everywhere but the US? A vast portion of your viewers are outside the USA. Fuck up and stop blocking them. You're not journalists now. You're just a bunch of pathetic sensationalist pigs catering to Americans because it's clearly the only country in the world.

  • CheeseBon
    CheeseBon 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country!?!? common guys! Australia needs gun porn, we are deprived here

  • live2lovepeace
    live2lovepeace 5 yil oldin

    The uploader has not made this video available in your country. NOW THATS vice! mtfs

  • Gunnaras Grinkevicius

    Blocked your shit in Denmark... i have been subscribed for 3 years and now this... so i guess its all about money huh?

  • Nathan Callidor
    Nathan Callidor 5 yil oldin

    WOW VICE, seriously you are blocking your series episodes? Way to alienate the people that made you even able to have a TV show, your fans. If HBO wont let you unlock them tell them to get stuffed and cancel your show with them, be moral or gtfo.

  • Dextrosol
    Dextrosol 5 yil oldin

    why cant i watch the videos? ive been subscribed for 5 years, dont start with this crap now when im hooked... im sure that I and about half of your subs dont live in the u.s. so stop this nonsense! I've so far seen comments saying its turned off in all of europe, canada, australia, the middle east and china.. Sort out this legal bs and give us more documentaries. Please?!

  • Paul Emplois
    Paul Emplois 5 yil oldin

    unsubscribed, peace.

  • أبوســعدون

    is it cuse its HOBO we non US cant whatch the show ?

  • JimmyWigglePantz
    JimmyWigglePantz 5 yil oldin

    Why can't I see videos in Australia?

  • CanadianCyclist
    CanadianCyclist 5 yil oldin

    How come I can't watch your vids here in Canada? Fix that shit.

  • Phil R
    Phil R 5 yil oldin

    Just unsubscribed from this channel after seeing many new videos banned in my country (Canada).

  • elefanti400
    elefanti400 5 yil oldin

    blocked in austria. what is this shit i was just telling my friends how cool it is that they started releasing this series on youtube and now this!?!?!

  • Thankless
    Thankless 5 yil oldin

    Why would you country ban something on the internet, i'l never get it.

  • Klime
    Klime 5 yil oldin

    blocked in uk?

  • Terry Dacktill
    Terry Dacktill 5 yil oldin

    blocked in Plymouth you fuckin fraggle cunts

  • schwimma
    schwimma 5 yil oldin

    blocked in germany... geldgeier!!!

  • Troop goodguy
    Troop goodguy 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in the UK? Fuck you.

  • SenpaiSilver
    SenpaiSilver 5 yil oldin

    Blocked in France... I feel like torrenting all of that. :/

  • hopintheroflcopter
    hopintheroflcopter 5 yil oldin

    What the actual fuck? I used to love watching your documentaries, but lately all I'm getting is 'The uploader has not made this video available in your country.' Well fuck you! Unsubbed.

  • diggs
    diggs 5 yil oldin


  • Oling107
    Oling107 5 yil oldin

    why should i even be subing this chanel if i cant see the vids i my country?

  • Francis Cloutier
    Francis Cloutier 5 yil oldin

    Vice was founded in Canada, but moved to NYC and now completely turn their backs on Canadians but shutting us off from viewing content. What in the actual fuck is this. You realize I'm just gonna proxy and watch it anyways right? What's the point?

  • Mikjaash
    Mikjaash 5 yil oldin

    Stop blocking videos...

  • Sublight Productions

    haha fuck you vice I live in the UK and im watching those videos you blocked for us asshole. Just use a proxy site if you're in the UK.

  • Superjive
    Superjive 5 yil oldin

    unsubscribed for making videos unavailable

  • Digital Freedom
    Digital Freedom 5 yil oldin

    Why are you blocking videos in germany? it won't stop us from watching it anyways it just makes it more annoying. if that's your goal well done. i really thought you wouldn't do such shit.

  • Bill Roberts
    Bill Roberts 5 yil oldin

    Not available in my country huh? Am I to assume us canadians are not worthy of the content or did someone just fuck up. If this is what I have to look forward to in the future, not much point in staying subbed.

  • Allan C
    Allan C 5 yil oldin

    Us Canadians want to see the videos! C'mon Vice!

  • wardymull
    wardymull 5 yil oldin

    you can find the hbo stuff here free-tv-video-online dot me/internet/vice/

  • Kalynchuk93
    Kalynchuk93 5 yil oldin

    npot availible in canada either

  • F145h1
    F145h1 5 yil oldin

    Come on Vice let us British people view the videos as well!

  • A
    A 5 yil oldin

    WTF make the fukking hbo guns & ammo available in sweden !!!!

  • flyingpotato136
    flyingpotato136 5 yil oldin

    make the HBo stuff avaliable

  • MrIpazza
    MrIpazza 5 yil oldin

    Nice Vice. Make that shit avaible to everyone. Or are you just a bunch of sellouts when a big media company shows some money?

  • fearfatch
    fearfatch 5 yil oldin

    Haha, as long as everything's available soon people may calm it.

  • fearfatch
    fearfatch 5 yil oldin

    Ohh no, I think a lot of your long time subscribers have turned on you VICE. Perhaps you should clear some things up... illuminate us.

  • b1gg5y
    b1gg5y 5 yil oldin

    Would be great if i could view them in my Country ( Ireland/UK ) FFS. How about fixing that for us Vice.

  • zhain0
    zhain0 5 yil oldin

    Please make the HBO stuff available to all

  • Asher Burridge
    Asher Burridge 5 yil oldin

    I was half way through your HBO series when It stopped and told me It was unavailable in the UK.......>:(

  • Tony Straus
    Tony Straus 5 yil oldin

    VICE on HBO: Episode 9 - Gangs & Oil Not available in Canada...VICE aren't you Canadian? Send us some love! Let us watch!

  • demsche
    demsche 5 yil oldin

    I hope you did get my post :/