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  • The Ward Archives
    The Ward Archives 6 oy oldin

    you guys should react to the Irish accents in gangs of new York. its a great movie and i'm wondering if it portrays the accents correctly. i'm most curious about Happy Jack (John c. Reilly). a friend and i Fought over whether his accent was legit or not. Love your Chanel!

  • Melangell ATC
    Melangell ATC 6 oy oldin

    A few months ago, I watched a C130 fall out of the sky (from the tower, I'm ATC) and had to handle 2 kids who've never seen such..... FACTS/TRY guys.... you get me through days... Thank you

  • TJ Cassidy
    TJ Cassidy 6 oy oldin

    Next: Irish people go railfanning.

  • Russell Barth
    Russell Barth 6 oy oldin

    Get Montreal Style Smoked Meat.

  • Shady Bear
    Shady Bear 6 oy oldin

    Is THERE AN EMAIL to send an IDEA to?? hello? =/

  • Shannon Harer
    Shannon Harer 6 oy oldin

    I was so upset when the facts channel went away. I watched every video you created and went through withdrawal when it ended. I was beyond ecstatic when I found the Try channel! You guys make my day and I just wanted to say thank you from a big fan in Minnesota.

  • p0pp4
    p0pp4 6 oy oldin

    I just saw a video of people playing all the way through the game "Portal". Have the Try-people/Facts alumni tried this game? I've read that it only takes about 5ish hours to play through. I think this would be VERY amusing for all of you to try.

  • Tom Graham
    Tom Graham 6 oy oldin

    Also, please do more videos with chicken and pizza. (How about a collaboration with the TASTY channel? They show us how to make it, you show us what happens when you eat it.)

  • Tom Graham
    Tom Graham 6 oy oldin

    Thank you for crediting the cast. It is much more enjoyable for us as fans, and I'm sure they don't want to be remembered as "the guy who cranes his neck back and forth," or "the one with the weird hair."

  • ADreadedShadow
    ADreadedShadow 6 oy oldin

    Going along with the beers from America, you all should try Hops Rising. Would love to see the faces made drinking that!

  • Kimberly Laza
    Kimberly Laza 6 oy oldin

    Glad the gang's back together!!

  • robert samuelson
    robert samuelson 7 oy oldin

    Please limit LJG to 1 appearance a month.

  • robert samuelson
    robert samuelson 7 oy oldin

    Good to see nearly all the old gang. Still waiting for Elga and Harker.

  • Matthew Stich
    Matthew Stich 7 oy oldin

    Irish people try cooking with the Sorted food guys! Irish people try blacksmithing with Alec Steele!

  • Laryssa Phillabaum
    Laryssa Phillabaum 7 oy oldin

    Try Pumpkin Flavored things!

  • sehaj singh
    sehaj singh 7 oy oldin

    is this Facts.?

  • slucas937
    slucas937 7 oy oldin

    You should do a shaving episode. I recommend Dollar Shave Club, Executive Level. If you get the guys to shave the beards, trim them to a stubble first! Don't hack it off directly! That's just asking for problems with the shave.

  • Alan Leonard
    Alan Leonard 7 oy oldin


  • loganinkosovo
    loganinkosovo 7 oy oldin

    If you need a good laugh you should watch some of the Bronze Cowboy Videos. And THANK YOU for not letting the "Leather Jacket" guy back on camera.

  • BCPR
    BCPR 7 oy oldin

    You guys should do a video where you either compare accents and dialects with Newfoundlanders, or just review some videos of Newfoundlanders speaking (like this one, featuring Canada's Rick Mercer, a Newfoundlander and political satirist, talking to some cabbies in St. John's. It's amusing: A lot of people in Newfoundland are descended from immigrants from the south of Ireland, and the province's history as a latecomer to Confederation kept the accent very isolated and well-preserved, over a couple of centuries. "Newfoundland Irish", closely related to dialect(s) in 18th century Munster, was once widely spoken in the province. I'd just find it fascinating, because the more well-known Newfoundlander accent comes from an Irish immigrant population so isolated, I see a lot of Irish people in the comments for these videos remarking that the people could be dropped in some part of Ireland or another, and fit right in. Would be neat to see you guys check it out and spot the similarities and differences.

  • NoPoachedEggs
    NoPoachedEggs 7 oy oldin

    I'll have that!

  • Pamela Niemi
    Pamela Niemi 7 oy oldin

    Are you really back? sniff....really?

  • Jon Bastian
    Jon Bastian 7 oy oldin

    Yay! Facts is de facto back. Happy dance!

  • Melangell ATC
    Melangell ATC 7 oy oldin

    YAY!!!!! My life is good again!

  • BroadBandTv - Chris

    Hi, I wanted to follow up in regards to a YT Message I sent you. It was about a business offer -

  • Michael J Reilly
    Michael J Reilly 7 oy oldin

    I'm so glad that you guys are back. didn't realize how much id miss you till you were gone.

  • Pvt. Shifty
    Pvt. Shifty 7 oy oldin

    Try to connect with GMM. Anything with Rhett and Link is a good promo.

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters 7 oy oldin

    Thanks for coming back!!!!!!

  • Anthony Peters
    Anthony Peters 7 oy oldin

    Irish people try a match of Quidditch (yes... Harry potter)

  • L.A.Wolfman
    L.A.Wolfman 7 oy oldin

    I'd be very happy to never see another "Irish People Watch [Horrible American TV Show]" or "...try [Aerial Aerobics, Hillbilly Line Dancing, etc.]" video again. Food and drink is where it's at. (burrrp) Was really glad to see your familiar faces again! :)

  • robert samuelson
    robert samuelson 7 oy oldin

    Do the Irish wear cargo shorts? They appear fascinated by American culture on tee shirts. I would guess your women would hate them.

  • KiloShank
    KiloShank 7 oy oldin

    Started watching the facts videos about a week ago. Finally got recommended paddy saying facts is done and Try was in the recommended. Instant sub.

  • Todd Margaret
    Todd Margaret 7 oy oldin

    Waaah! Cool beans. Missed you guys a lot. Silly, but finding this made me stupid happy today. I've got a reason to look on YooToob again.

  • Hypatia4242
    Hypatia4242 8 oy oldin

    Some ideas for my lovely Irish folk: 1. worldwide coffees; 2. worldwide teas; 3. worldwide biscuits (particularly those for tea); 4. fermented foods; 5. Japanese sandwiches; 6. themed craft beers (different fruits, different malts); 7. Try Monk's craft beer (from New Mexico); 8. watch Archer; 9. watch Rocky Horror Picture Show (while intoxicated); 10. watch old educational videos (50's style sexist/racist crap they showed in schools); 11. South American candies (include fermented fruits); 12. ancient recipes (ex. ancient breads, stews, chocolates, beers that are becoming popular.

  • harashkupo
    harashkupo 8 oy oldin

    Welcome back! Although, can I say? You guys missed an incredible opportunity. If your first video was Irish people reacting to abstract art, well it probably would have been coolest comebacks of all comebacks. Anyways I'm super excited that you're posting videos:)

  • bryan keefhaver
    bryan keefhaver 8 oy oldin

    try this DIY lawn games out such as.....Giant jenga, giant kerplunk, corn hole(LOL), giant water pong, tic tac toe frisbee, or giant connect 4

  • tieneeddo awestruck

    I am so happy to see my favorite people back in action and super thrilled to see how fast your sub count is growing. Much love and luck from Kentucky

  • Zithrandmir
    Zithrandmir 8 oy oldin

    So glad the gang found a new home!

  • Joe Stewart
    Joe Stewart 8 oy oldin

    I love you all for finding a way back after FACTS. I'm going to TRY not to miss a single episode.

  • Sam Takara
    Sam Takara 8 oy oldin

    Nice to see some familiar faces! What happened to Facts though? :(

  • laweber11
    laweber11 8 oy oldin

    It took a WHOLE MONTH for this to pop up in my recommended?! But, needless to say, I never hit subscribe so fast <3

  • Shanée Paige
    Shanée Paige 8 oy oldin

    Is this the new FACTS channel?!

  • Glen MacDonald
    Glen MacDonald 8 oy oldin

    welcome back

  • DigitsRPG
    DigitsRPG 8 oy oldin

    I'm glad you guys popped up on my recommended list. Nice to see you back.

  • Meli Havoc
    Meli Havoc 8 oy oldin

    This makes me soooo happy!!!

  • Shawn Wilkes
    Shawn Wilkes 8 oy oldin

    Glad you all are back. UZclip is a brighter place for it. Cheers.

  • BoomerAUS00
    BoomerAUS00 8 oy oldin

    I see you guys have got 28k of sub's already good to see the word is getting out there. :)

  • Dennis Chamberlin
    Dennis Chamberlin 8 oy oldin

    So now that they are back........well some of them. I would like to see them "Try" The Hot Ones Challenge. Lets see them do 10 wings with 10 sauces and talk there way thru them.

  • pardotkynes1
    pardotkynes1 8 oy oldin

    fer you guys ill even hit that god forsaken bell icon. so glad you back one and all. yes even you Ryan.

  • Eli Kagan
    Eli Kagan 8 oy oldin

    Happy you're back! Just one, tiny, request - please chill (like, 3 hours in a freezer) your hard liquor before tasting it. That way we'd get a true tasting instead of you shouting while your throats are melting.

  • Mark R
    Mark R 8 oy oldin

    All I want to know is one thing... Will it go good with a cup of tea?

  • Matthew Montgomery
    Matthew Montgomery 8 oy oldin

    YAY! I'm so glad! So good to see you all together again. Just curious is TRY totally separate from the same people that owned Facts.? Are there any producers/staff from Facts. involved? I think it would be really cool if it was a joint venture by all or some of our favorite Facts. stars/reactors.! :-) either way I'm glad your back!

  • Uridet
    Uridet 8 oy oldin

    Welcome back!

  • Noah Stearns
    Noah Stearns 8 oy oldin

    Damn, did the This is America video get copyright striked?

  • BCPR
    BCPR 8 oy oldin

    Oh, hey! Yer back!

  • Fafski11
    Fafski11 8 oy oldin

    OMG....Welcome back guys, missed you......subbing new channel now.

  • BoomerAUS00
    BoomerAUS00 8 oy oldin

    Good to see you guys are back on the air hope you get all the team back :)

  • Jason S
    Jason S 8 oy oldin

    Don't know if you have done American craft beers yet, but we do have some good ones, like "Arrogant Bastard" it is a dark lager, and quite tasty too!😀

  • WhiteCamry
    WhiteCamry 8 oy oldin

    Next: Irish people watch hockey fights.

  • Berk the Jerk
    Berk the Jerk 8 oy oldin

    honestly, i was getting a little sad not seeing random but lovable Irish people complain about my country's food, and yes i still stand by PBandJ and twinkies. ints-sub from me, look forward to watching your videos.

  • mrscary3105
    mrscary3105 8 oy oldin

    Glad to find you, you all rock.

  • John Hink
    John Hink 8 oy oldin

    Good to see you're enjoying the shoot! Starburst has a Sweet Heat variety also you should try. Cheers from Wisconsin, USA!

  • MrTrydell
    MrTrydell 8 oy oldin

    So does this mean that facts is no more?

  • shawn Z
    shawn Z 8 oy oldin

    Try the hot chip challenge.

  • FaerSher
    FaerSher 8 oy oldin

    YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Glad to see you all back together

  • Rl Badger
    Rl Badger 8 oy oldin

    IP watch the PBR. (bullriding)

  • Steve Fisch
    Steve Fisch 8 oy oldin

    I am so happy that all of you are back together again. I am a subscriber to most of your individual channels and now I'm proud to say that I am one of the first 10,000 subscribers to this new channel. Keep up the great work.

  • NiceGuy Jo-El
    NiceGuy Jo-El 8 oy oldin

    SO. FUCKING. STOKED! If leather jacket guy's in the mix then... damn. it would be perfect.

  • Christopher L
    Christopher L 8 oy oldin

    Regretfully I didn't find out about FACTS. until its last few months on air. I'm glad to have subscribed before your new channel launches!

  • Oak Ridge
    Oak Ridge 9 oy oldin

    "Irish People try writing the date MM/DD/YY." :) Welcome back!

  • C G
    C G 9 oy oldin

    You cant get great people down!!! So happy this is happening!

  • Luke Wulfe
    Luke Wulfe 9 oy oldin

    More curious why the transition what happened?? Who cares I will always be a Fact. sub Glad your back lets get a cup of the black stuff sometime

    • Lee Canady II
      Lee Canady II 8 oy oldin

      As I understand it, Facts ownership declared it unprofitable and immediately shut it down, so everybody just made their own channel so we can have our videos back! And we thank them profusely lol!

  • Nelson Ricardo
    Nelson Ricardo 9 oy oldin

    Woo hoo!

  • EavingOLarkin
    EavingOLarkin 9 oy oldin

    Welcome back guys, can't wait.

  • Dana delorme
    Dana delorme 9 oy oldin

    cant wait for the videos, please make them a little longer then 4 min. love you guys ∞