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I Shaved My HeadI Shaved My Head
I Shaved My Head
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  • The Living Free Family

    Love your channel x

  • Press2 Perfect
    Press2 Perfect 9 oy oldin


  • PopTartJellyFish 1216


  • k a t y
    k a t y 2 yil oldin

    do any of you realize that shane used the same pic of himself on the 2 latest scary videos "Larry Stylinson" and "Plane Crashes"

  • E lincoln
    E lincoln 2 yil oldin

    hey shane can you help me

  • Muumuu
    Muumuu 2 yil oldin

    Shane, you literally only wear three shirts and that's sad.

    • Heather Duncan
      Heather Duncan 2 yil oldin

      I feel like when he broke his leg he did a lot of videos back to back to get ahead with his book tour, & with him now being in London, he's pretty busy. I had the same thought for a while, but in a lot of his videos there will be disclaimers like, "sorry this is in my hair it's from another video," or there was one where he had some face cream stuff on his nose from a previous video as well. So if you think about it, even though he probably should've picked a few different shirts to change into while recording, he was pretty smart to utilize his recovery time to catch up on his channel.

    • It’s Brie
      It’s Brie 2 yil oldin

      lol hes like YOLO

  • Arsenal 69 1o1
    Arsenal 69 1o1 2 yil oldin

    Shane do the delete your channel challenge

  • Des Diamond
    Des Diamond 2 yil oldin

    SHANE I'm worried about you UR getting fatter

  • Krys Bauske
    Krys Bauske 2 yil oldin

    Play cards against humanity

  • Nayeli Cervantes
    Nayeli Cervantes 2 yil oldin

    I don't know if many people would be interested, but you should do a conspiracy video on the death of Paul McCartney. There is a conspiracy that Paul McCartney died in 1966 in a car crash. There is a documentary and multiple subliminal messages in songs, album covers and in the famous Abbey Road picture.

  • Luke Mata
    Luke Mata 2 yil oldin

    Honestly Shanes channel has gone to crap he just promotes his books and what? TASTES BASKIN ROBINS?!! Do skits or something the only reason why I watch this channel is for wtf news. So shane either eat something or become a good youtube F U

  • anas alsamaneh
    anas alsamaneh 2 yil oldin

    cover MICHAEL JACKSON in your conspiracy videos PLEASE !!

  • Anne Qu
    Anne Qu 2 yil oldin

    omg please react to the music vid for jojo siwa's boomerang

  • Jake Lorenz
    Jake Lorenz 2 yil oldin

    read instagram dms!!!

  • reyessa viggue
    reyessa viggue 2 yil oldin

    Shane! I thought you might enjoy this story from my area about freaky deaths! Wild Waves theme park had a 32 year old man drown in the activity pool. The creepy part is that he was reported under water for more than 15 minutes before someone found his body. Two young teens have come forward saying they reported the body to a life guard who "thought it was a prank"! You have to google Wild Waves deaths in Washington.

  • The Stallion
    The Stallion 2 yil oldin

    Hey shane you are like my favorite youtuber I would like it if you subcribe to me you dont have to I would just like it thank you bye bye :)

  • Kate Jaime
    Kate Jaime 2 yil oldin

    LITT wat is this

  • Talia Lynn Yepes
    Talia Lynn Yepes 2 yil oldin

    Onision challenged you to the delete you channel challenge.

  • David
    David 2 yil oldin

    where is todays post???

    • Kiki
      Kiki 2 yil oldin

      Then why are you on this channel?

    • Savannah Gonzalez
      Savannah Gonzalez 2 yil oldin

      Sooo I get the sense you don't like shane. But I'm confused as to what the fuck your doing on his channel then lmaoooo . #TROLL

    • Arsenal 69 1o1
      Arsenal 69 1o1 2 yil oldin

      shane dawson is cancer

  • AlienPro81
    AlienPro81 2 yil oldin


  • Sara Lee
    Sara Lee 2 yil oldin


  • Zackarie Savard
    Zackarie Savard 2 yil oldin


    • Tyu SilverTail
      Tyu SilverTail 2 yil oldin

      >Grow up. Says the 12 year old.

    • SeleneForte
      SeleneForte 2 yil oldin

      and your not? All your saying is negative shit about someone else which shows exactly where you stand as a human being and where your intelligence stands. Grow up.

    • Arsenal 69 1o1
      Arsenal 69 1o1 2 yil oldin

      no cancer

  • Keagan Le Roux
    Keagan Le Roux 2 yil oldin


  • xxwestygamingxx
    xxwestygamingxx 2 yil oldin

    im a person#

  • Fantasia Jones
    Fantasia Jones 2 yil oldin

    I bought your book It Gets Worse....OMG I CAN'T PUT IT DOWN. GREAT BOOK SHANE! :D

  • Breanna Idfk
    Breanna Idfk 2 yil oldin

    hi l0l

  • ardnassac lotsirb
    ardnassac lotsirb 2 yil oldin

    Question: Does Shane watch the show Stranger Things? I think he would love it, from the kids to the teenagers to the weird alien sci-fi.

  • Tammy Moore
    Tammy Moore 2 yil oldin

    shane please read this and my other comment. I am a new Yorker and I bought your book it gets worse. I relate to your book so much, especially in the best buddies essay. I'm not going to give away any thing to people who havnt read it yet but I relate to it so much because I'm in a special group myself. After I was diagnosed with ADHD, I was made fun of and the only place where I was excepted at the time was with people like me. When you had made the video about your body dysmorphia disorder (I think I said that right) I don't feel so alone. Yea it's two completely different things but you talking about it made me realize that even famous people have their own struggles. Shane you are an amazing person and I hope you read this because you have thought me how to except myself and that God made us all different for a reason. I will always support you shane dawson, don't you ever forget that.

  • Gabby
    Gabby 2 yil oldin

    can you do a house tour PLEASE

  • Danielle Barber
    Danielle Barber 2 yil oldin

    i am totally obsessed with shane now i've been watching all his videos like all day love you shane you have made me smile more in one hour than i've ever smiled. <3

  • Fernanda Zarate
    Fernanda Zarate 2 yil oldin LINK FOR NEW SHIRTS YOUR WELCOME <3 instead of wasting your money on food (no offense) use it on clothes & shelter

  • me me
    me me 2 yil oldin

    How I found this channel: I looked up google myself and watched two. The first one was Connor Franta, who I hadn't heard of. The second one was Shane Dawson, who I was like okay, he's good... But compared to the first one, was like, a fajita with just lettuce. Plus the wrap. obvi. I looked up the first guy's channel and couldn't find it, so I looked up this one and was like fine, it'll do donkey, but now this channel is like birthday cake m 'n' ms and he's just like, the peanut ones. idk but your welcome

  • Nadia Lynise
    Nadia Lynise 2 yil oldin

    Can you please apologize to beyhive they are being ridiculous ?

  • TheKTCM
    TheKTCM 2 yil oldin

    You should collab with someone and call in sick to places you don't work, or do it on your podcast!

  • Stevie Fagan
    Stevie Fagan 2 yil oldin

    Guys, the shane channel just became more popular the the Shane Dawson TV channel.

  • The Stallion
    The Stallion 2 yil oldin

    do deaths at circuses

  • N i l l a m a t s u
    N i l l a m a t s u 2 yil oldin

    Please react to Hamilton < 33

  • Emme
    Emme 2 yil oldin

    Hey shane ya know how youz makes all those death videos at carnivals and stuff you should make one about the halloweens favorite Haunted houses

  • GidjetRawxi Gaming
    GidjetRawxi Gaming 2 yil oldin


  • ivy is dead
    ivy is dead 2 yil oldin

    Sometimes I see that there's a new video up on this channel and it's just sad to see a grown man fake vomiting in a thumbnail as click bait.

  • Azana Jones
    Azana Jones 2 yil oldin


    • Azana Jones
      Azana Jones 2 yil oldin

      +Arsenal 69 1o1 First of all, honey, Shane Dawson is most definitely NOT cancer to youtube. He's more like the cure to cancer. And secondly, joking about cancer is not funny. My mother passed away 3 years ago because she lost the battle to cancer. Don't EVER diss me, Shane, and most importantly cancer. It's a serious disease and should not be joked about.

    • SeleneForte
      SeleneForte 2 yil oldin

      Well as it seems he has millions of fans so some people would disagree with you. Stop being bitter

    • Arsenal 69 1o1
      Arsenal 69 1o1 2 yil oldin

      the trend is done honey and shane is cancer to youtube posting shit content

  • Aja
    Aja 2 yil oldin

    You should really update your merch! I'm sure lots of people would love/appreciate some new T-shirt designs! <3

  • Audrey Boyle
    Audrey Boyle 2 yil oldin

    Hi shane i think you should check out Cristina Grimmie's channel if you haven't already a music video is posted of her singing, and i think you would enjoy watching it.

  • octou
    octou 2 yil oldin


  • Laquisha Barnes
    Laquisha Barnes 2 yil oldin


  • potatospudgaming
    potatospudgaming 2 yil oldin

    weres the new vid

  • prettykitty 33
    prettykitty 33 2 yil oldin


  • The Patrap
    The Patrap 2 yil oldin


  • Kendall Novacek
    Kendall Novacek 2 yil oldin

    every time I come to Shanes channel I get stuck for hours lol

  • Matthew Simons
    Matthew Simons 2 yil oldin

    Where my Australian UZcliprs at?!

  • I need Mental help
    I need Mental help 2 yil oldin

    Shane needs to waffle iron two sticks of butter. Yes all of the butterrrrr

  • Erasmus Raven
    Erasmus Raven 2 yil oldin

    Dude! WTF is that SD TV ? with 20.000 subs ?

  • LPS Angel
    LPS Angel 2 yil oldin


  • erikamorrisonsings
    erikamorrisonsings 2 yil oldin

    Galaxy Bath Bombs 🌙Full instructions:

  • frosted_cookie124
    frosted_cookie124 2 yil oldin

    Remember when people actually used to use this

  • désirjeon
    désirjeon 2 yil oldin

    The fact that everyone comes here to talk crap about Shane is making me mad >:( You're just jealous because Shane is better than u

    • Jordan Peckham
      Jordan Peckham Yil oldin

      +Lunar AJ Thank you! :D

    • désirjeon
      désirjeon Yil oldin

      Good for you :D +Jordan Peckham

    • Jordan Peckham
      Jordan Peckham Yil oldin

      +Lunar AJ Well, it kind of is actually :) I finally seem to have extinguished him from my notifications. The continual blocking and unrecommending seems to have finally worked! :D

    • désirjeon
      désirjeon Yil oldin

      +Jordan Peckham So don't watch them. It's that simple. They're not affecting you in any way

    • Jordan Peckham
      Jordan Peckham 2 yil oldin

      +Abby Haithcoat I don't click on his. I load any video, and *poof* he's there in the recommendations >:P

  • beast on m16
    beast on m16 2 yil oldin

    about to pass the main channel

  • Merk Bluez
    Merk Bluez 2 yil oldin

    he calls his other channel his mane channel yet he post more on here

  • genevieve fuchs
    genevieve fuchs 2 yil oldin

    Shane you need to do a reaction video to some of Melanie Martinez's music videos. (Crybaby, pity party, dollhouse, carousal, Alphabet boy)

  • TSquad_05
    TSquad_05 2 yil oldin


  • Tara Snyder
    Tara Snyder 2 yil oldin

    i love u

  • Angle Buck
    Angle Buck 2 yil oldin

    Hi Shane I am one of your many fans, but I truley believe I am the biggest ! When I am sad you make me laugh from right at the start if the vid just with your intro ! You are such an inspiration to all. You deserve the very best ! Thank you for making everyone one of your 7.5 million fans smile every single day. Ps: I have bought both ur books. You are so creative and funny, how do you come up with ur ideas?! ;D Love from your biggest fan ever !!!!! Xx

  • Tammy Moore
    Tammy Moore 2 yil oldin

    Just so you know Shane, you are a life saver. You are an amazing person. I want you to know that you have saved my life and others lives and I thank you for that. Love you Shane!!!💜💜

  • Hải Nguyễn
    Hải Nguyễn 2 yil oldin

    shane is fucking in-shane

  • Huntress
    Huntress 2 yil oldin

    Ever thought of reacting to old cartoons? Anastasia, Olivers Company, etc.

  • Daniela Cortez
    Daniela Cortez 2 yil oldin

    i love you Shane

  • Nadia Stine
    Nadia Stine 2 yil oldin

    You will probably never see this but i have battled with depression and bipolar disorder and watching your videos makes me so happy i actually laugh [which is something im proud of]! You make me happy, for lot of reasons, one reason is your hilarious, we have a lot of the same ideas, and i think your great and i love you. Cringe on.

  • cunch
    cunch 2 yil oldin

    Happy belated birthday Shane!!!

  • Samanatha Henwood
    Samanatha Henwood 2 yil oldin


  • TheCobraGamer
    TheCobraGamer 2 yil oldin

    Why did you challenge Trisha to do that? xD

  • Mirey Msp
    Mirey Msp 2 yil oldin

    you looklike UhOhBro but hes more Emo

  • Hobi TheFlower
    Hobi TheFlower 2 yil oldin

    shane where you the reason trisha paytas put 100 layers of cum on her face lol watch her video

  • Jessica Penny
    Jessica Penny 2 yil oldin

    Why do you have two different channels?

    • Crazy cupcake Chloe
      Crazy cupcake Chloe 2 yil oldin

      Because one's for sketches and one's for conspiracy theories and boring food tasting 😊

  • Crazy cupcake Chloe
    Crazy cupcake Chloe 2 yil oldin

    🙅🙆🙇🙎🙏😺😼😸😹😻😽😿😾🙀🙈🙉🙊💩👶👦👧👨👩👴👵💏💑👪👫👬☺😊😀😁😂😃😄😅😆😇😈😉😯😐😑😕😠😬😡😢😴😮😣😤😥😦😧😨😩😰😟😱😲😳😵😶😷😞😒😍😛😜😝😋😗😙😘😚😎😭😌😖😔😪😏😓😫🙋🙌🙍👭👤👥👮👷💁💂👯👰👸🎅👼👱👲👳💃💆💇💅👻👹👺👽👾👿💀💪👀👂👃👣👄👅💋❤💙💚💛💜💓💔💕💖💗💘💝💞💟👍👎👌✊✌✋👊☝👆👇👈👉👋👏👐 🔰💄👞👟👑👒🎩🎓👓⌚👔👕👖👗👘👠👡👢👚👜💼🎒👝👛💰💳💲💵💴💶💷💸💱💹🔫🔪💣💉💊🚬🔔🔕🚪🔬🔭🔮🔦🔋🔌📜📗📘📙📚📔📒📑📓📕📖📰📛🎃🎄🎀🎁🎂🎈🎆🎇🎉🎊🎍🎏🎌🎐🎋🎎📱📲📟☎📞📠📦✉📨📩📫📭📬📮📤📥📯📢📣📡💬💭✒✏📝📏📐📍📌📎✂💺💻💽💾💿📆📅📇📋📁📂📃📄📊📈📉⛺🎡🎢🎠🎪🎨🎬🎥📷📹🎦🎭🎫🎮🎲🎰🃏🎴🀄🎯📺📻📀📼🎧🎤🎵🎶🎼🎻🎹🎷🎺🎸〽 🐕🐶🐩🐈🐱🐀🐁🐭🐹🐢🐇🐰🐓🐔🐣🐤🐥🐦🐏🐑🐐🐺🐃🐂🐄🐮🐴🐗🐖🐷🐽🐸🐍🐼🐧🐘🐨🐒🐵🐆🐯🐻🐫🐪🐊🐳🐋🐟🐠🐡🐙🐚🐬🐌🐛🐜🐝🐞🐲🐉🐾🍸🍺🍻🍷🍹🍶☕🍵🍼🍴🍨🍧🍦🍩🍰🍪🍫🍬🍭🍮🍯🍳🍔🍟🍝🍕🍖🍗🍤🍣🍱🍞🍜🍙🍚🍛🍲🍥🍢🍡🍘🍠🍌🍎🍏🍊🍋🍄🍅🍆🍇🍈🍉🍐🍑🍒🍓🍍🌰🌱🌲🌳🌴🌵🌷🌸🌹🍀🍁🍂🍃🌺🌻🌼🌽🌾🌿☀🌈⛅☁🌁🌂☔💧⚡🌀❄⛄🌙🌞🌝🌚🌛🌜🌑🌒🌓🌔🌕🌖🌗🌘🎑🌄🌅🌇🌆🌃🌌🌉🌊🌋🌎🌏🌍🌐 🏠🏡🏢🏣🏤🏥🏦🏧🏨🏩🏪🏫⛪⛲🏬🏯🏰🏭🗻🗼🗽🗾🗿⚓🏮💈🔧🔨🔩🚿🛁🛀🚽🚾🎽🎣🎱🎳⚾⛳🎾⚽🎿🏀🏁🏂🏃🏄🏆🏇🐎🏈🏉🏊🚂🚃🚄🚅🚆🚇Ⓜ🚈🚊🚋🚌🚍🚎🚏🚐🚑🚒🚓🚔🚕🚖🚗🚘🚙🚚🚛🚜🚝🚞🚟🚠🚡🚢🚣🚁✈🛂🛃🛄🛅⛵🚲🚳🚴🚵🚷🚸🚉🚀🚤🚶⛽🅿🚥🚦🚧🚨♨💌💍💎💐💒 🔝🔙🔛🔜🔚⏳⌛⏰♈♉♊♋♌♍♎♏♐♑♒♓⛎🔱🔯🚻🚮🚯🚰🚱🅰🅱🆎🅾💮💯🔠🔡🔢🔣🔤📶📳📴📵🚹🚺🚼♿♻🚭🚩⚠🈁🔞⛔🆒🆗🆕🆘🆙🆓🆖🆚🈲🈳🈴🈵🈶🈷🈸🈹🈂🈺🉐🉑㊙®©™🈚🈯㊗⭕❌❎ℹ🚫✅✔🔗✴✳➕➖✖➗💠💡💤💢🔥💥💨💦💫🕛🕧🕐🕜🕑🕝🕒🕞🕓🕟🕔🕠🕕🕡🕖=-O :-P ;-) :-( :-) :-! :-$ B-) :O :-D :'( :-\ O:-) :-[

  • MoonLitStar !
    MoonLitStar ! 2 yil oldin

    ;w; why are your videos sooo bad now??? I used to love your vids Shane i even illegally downloaded all your songs like 4 times (dont ask why 4) ;w; I hope these vids are just a phase Shane otherwise im gunna have to unsub.... I'm sorry.......

  • The Night Spectator
    The Night Spectator 2 yil oldin

    I like how this channel is mostly us just trying too fatten Shane up as he eats a bunch of junk... But, then again... I binge eat sugary junk... :I

  • Lee Wassup
    Lee Wassup 2 yil oldin

    I'm getting it gets worse for christmas :3

  • Lexi Smallworlds
    Lexi Smallworlds 2 yil oldin

    i wish shane woukd come to england ☹️

  • Lexi Smallworlds
    Lexi Smallworlds 2 yil oldin

    I love you shane such an insperation

  • John Currie
    John Currie 2 yil oldin

    I hope you do get to read this Shane, although I doubt you will. I understand you have your own problems and so does everyone else out there. I just wanted to say this I do kinda wish to you directly because of how insightful you are also all of the experiences you've had. Between last night and tonight at around 9 in the evening I've been struggling to keep my two best friends in the world and they have more or less written me off as a chapter in their lives because i no longer live close to them and I have a baby and fiance. they were the two most important people to me aside from my soon to be wife and 4 month old baby. I guess i just wanted to know if anyone had dropped you as a friend before without any real reason and if so how did you cope?

    • Hasni OULD CHEIKH
      Hasni OULD CHEIKH 2 yil oldin

      if you dont mind im gonna respond to you, thats called life congratulations on your wife and kid those are real blessings and we all had friends that ditched us and thats normal people change, you as well, you will meet new people dont worry about that its hard at first but its worth it and at the end you have to show them that it was a mistake for letting you go by being happy with other friends. Even our own shadow leaves us so dont expect too much from people. I hope you see my message as well i got threw the same thing not long ago (6 months ago)and it was really difficult and mostly difficult to not be all petty about it but like i said life goes on...

  • DC plush Flims
    DC plush Flims 2 yil oldin

    Shane I just got your book! :D

  • Erizaberf
    Erizaberf 2 yil oldin

    Furby! Furby! Furby!

  • Madison Stearns
    Madison Stearns 2 yil oldin


  • Madison Stearns
    Madison Stearns 2 yil oldin

    i love u shan

  • Emily West
    Emily West 2 yil oldin

    I need to she Shane watch tonsil stone removal videos

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles 2 yil oldin


  • Mariposa Redimida
    Mariposa Redimida 2 yil oldin

    Enough food videos Shane, please do something else, are you okay?

  • NinJor
    NinJor 2 yil oldin

    i wuz here

  • yikeshowell
    yikeshowell 2 yil oldin

    Why is his Deaths on Live TV age restricted?

  • Richard Stalker
    Richard Stalker 2 yil oldin

    U FUCK M8!

  • OOf
    OOf 2 yil oldin

    fuck shane you ain't looking so good

  • ShiraiRyuNinjaRanmaru

    You ever wondered why you don't have bass in your voice?

  • Kai Ulysses
    Kai Ulysses 2 yil oldin

    Hey, shane, I hope that you will not be very sad about when you lost a friend a month ago, she was a great person and I really would like to make you happy, but idk how to do that, tell me what to do to help. I love you and cant wait to see another video

  • LaTasia Greene
    LaTasia Greene 2 yil oldin

    Shane Dawson, Im going to start making "THAT IS EVERYTHING" memes for you! Ill send them to you via email

  • Jhames
    Jhames 2 yil oldin

    r u gay

  • Zoe Voyek
    Zoe Voyek 2 yil oldin

    I'm so sorry you have to deal with a bunch of crazy beyonce fans it's absolutely stupid. You are a really chill dude, keep doing you ♥♥♥♥

  • Way Toomuchwork
    Way Toomuchwork 2 yil oldin

    i love shane to bad i only have 1 year left to see him

  • Aliyah Lea
    Aliyah Lea 2 yil oldin

    Can you do conspiracy therios about things that happened during the holocaust? I know it's a serious even and I mean no offense but can you do it about Josef mangela and the land of twins and others like that....

  • Amurican
    Amurican 2 yil oldin

    You should have been in the pulse night club

    • talia quinn
      talia quinn 2 yil oldin

      Dude tf

    • Gray C
      Gray C 2 yil oldin

      There is only one lord.Cthulhu master of r'lyes

    • Amurican
      Amurican 2 yil oldin

      find the lord

    • Maddy Hutson
      Maddy Hutson 2 yil oldin

      Uhm that's so rude what gives you the right to say that to other people??

  • TheEnderDragonHuman
    TheEnderDragonHuman 2 yil oldin

    shane you should start posting your fullscreen podcasts to youtube red

  • Jillian Juskiewicz
    Jillian Juskiewicz 2 yil oldin

    why isn't he posting?

  • George Lally
    George Lally 2 yil oldin

    During me watching the 'Mem Kennedy' video, I decided to look her up. THERE'S A WHOLE IMDB PAGE ABOUT HER! Go check it out!

  • Bori Wongkha
    Bori Wongkha 2 yil oldin

    i didn't know youtube had discussions

  • Best Sport In The World


  • miguel youtube channel

    hay shane im a big fan im 9

  • Lee Stockwell
    Lee Stockwell 2 yil oldin


  • TheXwerecat
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    Shane, I was wondering if you can do something really creepy for your scary videos playlist. This idea I suggest to you might be kind of stupid and maybe dangerous but here goes. I have been recently walking back home and while walking back home, I pass by a cemetery. It was kind of dark at the time and I thought "hmmm, maybe I should walk through it? I mean you only live once right?," so I ended up being in there all alone, in the dark, at first it was scary and I think I was seeing some things but it was a fun experience. Anyways, I hope that you could do this.... no you don't have to but if you want to but you're a little scared which I don't really believe that much but are then maybe going with a friend.

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    Um... Shane? Hi, I really love you and your UZclip videos (you inspired me to come out of the closet at school) but... CAN YOU PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE REACT TO THE BAND HOLLYWOOD UNDEAD? They are so cool and I think you would like them a lot. You reacted to the more mainstream bands like 5th Harmony and 5SOS and Panic! At The Disco so I think it would be really cool to look at something less mainstream? So... Yeah! It would mean a lot to me! Thanks!

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  • Second Captain Homosexual

    i don't understand how people can like you. it just feels like you have absolutely no self awareness and steal other people's jokes and ideas shamelessly to try to make money off of your subscribers. honestly, i don't think that your videos have any redeeming quality, i mean, at least some try not to laugh compilations have one or two genuinely funny clips in between people failing at parkour and splitting their skulls open on the pavement, and maybe one or two people who do reaction videos does anything other than make weird noises at the camera and laugh a few times. it just feels like everything you do is just you trying to market yourself to the widest groups of people possible to get youtube revenue and avoiding making anyone angry by watering down your personality to the point where it's impossible to see you as a human being. it's just stupid and annoying.

    • Second Captain Homosexual
      Second Captain Homosexual 2 yil oldin

      because i find it annoying that he's so successful even though all he does is steal jokes from people and re-use them and do stupid things for no apparent reason, there are many other more creative and funnier people than him, and even some of the ones that aren't as funny at least take the time and effort to make their own origional content or hone really specific skills that they base their careers around like beatboxing, parkour, or music composition. i seriously just can't find a single reason that he should be so popular and it's really annoying to me, even pewdiepie does some interesting content by shining a light on smaller games or doing weird thing on photoshop. there just isn't a reason and that bugs me way more than it probably should.

    • Not Riley
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      thats who he is why does that matter to u

    • Second Captain Homosexual
      Second Captain Homosexual 2 yil oldin

      yes, it is hate, but that doesn't mean it's invalid. i have reasons for it, such as stealing from one of my favorite youtubers, his complete lack of self awareness, and just his irritating persona that i honestly can't think of as anything other than him watering down his actual personality to be as inoffensive as possible.

    • Not Riley
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      bc its hate

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