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  • Michael Briskin
    Michael Briskin 7 oy oldin

    This channel quickly became one of my favorites. Just yesterday i used the Modified Ude-garami during sparring. Really great stuff. Thank you!

  • Jitsu Lee
    Jitsu Lee Yil oldin

    Hey i can't see any comments on your videos...they all seem to be deleted or vanished. Answer this mystery please.

  • Nelson Salazar
    Nelson Salazar 2 yil oldin

    Hey man, I'm a fan, just a blue belt at the time, could you please make a video t teach tips and ways t secure and get the arm bar in no gi?

  • Hieu Ly
    Hieu Ly 2 yil oldin

    your setups, transitions, creativity and overall flow are really fun to watch. they've inspire myself and my son to be very playful. this is the type of bjj-ing that i really gravitate to. thanks for the cool videos. keep them coming.

  • Geoming01
    Geoming01 2 yil oldin

    I really like your channel, I was inspired by your black belt story. I just started to train at 50, and I am glad older guys are out there doing this stuff! Thanks ! Geo.

  • Toby Maples
    Toby Maples 2 yil oldin

    I just got promoted to blue belt and your videos help me survive the new onslaught. Thanks!

  • Brent Coomes
    Brent Coomes 2 yil oldin

    been analyzing and studying your methodology. I'm planning on picking up your DVD flow-jitsu. I have noticed your bottom series and counter series that expand on the DVD. Has anyone contented dots yet and started cyclical drilling them? Thank you for all your hard work and innovation, I just started BJJ at 38 and this greatly helps us adult learners. Bridging that gap of rote static closed skill practice into randori (dynamic open skill practice). Thanks again. Brent

    • Bjj AfterForty
      Bjj AfterForty 2 yil oldin

      I have been releasing the flow drills on here little by little - stay tuned ninjas!

    • Brent Coomes
      Brent Coomes 2 yil oldin

      Well I picked up Flow-jitsu, good stuff. I was surprised not to see any cyclical drilling. I am brainstorming on that and will let you know what I come up with.

  • Carlosnaick Goncalves


  • Scott Maldonado
    Scott Maldonado 2 yil oldin

    Your chokes are insane!! Def. will be trying these out and mastering them. Good shit man!

  • Christopher Taloa
    Christopher Taloa 3 yil oldin

    Good shit. Been studying a few things from you where bigger guys and more advanced guys put me in positions where they think they got me and then..... Leg lace Americana.

  • Sammy M
    Sammy M 3 yil oldin

    Ninja Back Take and "Evil Ninja Choke" would consider this a trachea choke? if so would could this be modified to put pressure on the arteries instead? my son competes this would be great to add. the thing is he cannot do trachea chokes. i.e ezekial or sometimes baseball depends on ref. thanx in advance! great videos

  • bishopofapples
    bishopofapples 3 yil oldin

    Thanks for making these so well.

  • Diego Higuera
    Diego Higuera 3 yil oldin

    you are absolutely fantastic love your technical greetings from argentina! OSS!

  • hleibn
    hleibn 5 yil oldin

    I dig it I am 43 and just got my blue belt! What belt are you?