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  • Nicole Haddad
    Nicole Haddad 11 oy oldin

    Beautiful channel. Come by mine lets support each other

  • Greeen Shoots Productions

    Your channel is great :) I would be glad if you subscribe me too.Thank you.


    Awesome channel duder

  • Mohnish Isaac Kariappa

    Awesome review, would you mind checking the reviews on my channel?

  • HushGloss
    HushGloss Yil oldin

    WOW...Loved your work!

  • Ralph Garrett
    Ralph Garrett Yil oldin

    Keep up the great work in The Lord!!

  • Gabrielle Irwin
    Gabrielle Irwin 2 yil oldin

    Could you please do a "testing pinterest makeup dupe" video?

  • lilithmarleen
    lilithmarleen 2 yil oldin

    Was yesterday a holiday in the US? Because I kept refreshing my subscriptions page for new videos and still no Tati! I love getting my daily Tati, where was she? :) Hope everything is well!

  • V MD
    V MD 2 yil oldin

    This is how my morning now goes... Wake up Make lunch for later Work out Shower Go to work See what Tati's up to! Love your content. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider teaming up with youtubers of color to test products for darker skin tones. Most Beauty UZcliprs test the same products anyway so why not do it together. Jackie Aina (Make Up Game on Point), Shlinda1, Destiny Godly, Beauty by JJ and Its My Raye Raye would all be great but there are many MANY other women who you could possibly collab with.

  • Casen
    Casen 2 yil oldin

    Hey Tati! I have a question about a drugstore foundation. I'm 17 in a few days and I try to take care of my skin. recently I've been saying "YOLO!" and going to Sephora and buying some nice face products. I'm doing this because one of the foundations I've tried is the Maybelline Fit me matte (the foundation you swear by). I really do like the idea of it, and for a while I thought it was nice until I looked closely at my skin and noticed, it looks really fake and caked on but I barely used anything. I've tried damp beauty blenders, high end foundation brushes and even two primers at a time. It looks so bad around my nose where it's the most oily and I want to fix it. I have combo skin, my cheeks are fine with cleansers for oily skin as long as I use a light face cream. I avoid using a whole lot on my nose. My nose is the only place that I notice is super oily. Should I give up this foundation or find someone to help me out? I don't have bad skin, but I just want foundation to really look like I try to look nice. Do you have a cheapish but still works foundation or face cleansers/creams that works for combo skin?

  • Desirae Flores
    Desirae Flores 2 yil oldin

    I love your videos so much! I might be crazy but watching you try out luxury products is just so damn entertaining. I've really been loving the content and quality of your videos but what I love the most is your hilarious personality! You're so real and funny I'm just so ecstatic to find someone as awesome as you to watch. Thank you so so so much for being you!

  • Smudge
    Smudge 2 yil oldin

    Hey girl hey! I am dying to see a hot or not on Huda beauty! Especially now she has a eye-shadow palette on top of her layer-able liquid lipsticks.I know she is on Cult beauty, but I'd love to hear your thoughts on her entire range! Thanks, you're the best. :D xoxo

  • AllieTexas
    AllieTexas 2 yil oldin

    Hey Tati thanks for doing a review on the Jelly Flower Lipstick, the color pay off almost reminds me of Victorias Secret Custom Color Lip Plumper, I love the videos you make and how inspired you are by the beauty industry. Your reviews have definitely helped make some better decisions on my investments in purchases. - Allie!

  • April Jo
    April Jo 2 yil oldin

    Tati, do you have a video on how to do eyes with all the new glittery shadows and stuff coming out. Applying bases, sealers, etc. Any tips? You said to use a dry finger for some then use eye drops to wet the shadow. Is there or can you do a video on just eyes?

  • V Ashley
    V Ashley 2 yil oldin

    Tati, could you possibly do one video with all Avon Makeup? It just seems like its one makeup brand that most people can find and is also affordable. I don't use Avon much but if there were more reviews on it, perhaps I would. Like you, I have very sensitive eyes so I don't try mascara unless others have said it is "ok", you being one. Thanks.

  • Saba Umar
    Saba Umar 2 yil oldin

    Hi Tati thank you so much for your videos i don't feel i start my day unless i see your video new or old they are just amazing and i feel like when you say go for it i do that (if its in budget ;) .. i need just few minutes of your life if you could just help me and tell me what is best and must have in these drugstore brands.. i am bit new in makeup and don't have a chance to get all the brands but my cousin could bring few but i dnt know what is best in that particular brand .. so what is best and should get in Milani , LA girl,NYX ,PUR ,Pixi ,ELF ,and Stila Thank you so much and love you and your videos Have s fantastic day ahead :)

  • estefany villarroel
    estefany villarroel 2 yil oldin

    Hi tati!! I love u!!! you have such a great channe...and I have a question for you...whats the difference between white an fair high definition powder? besides one of them is white and the other has a skin tone XD

  • rachel clinkman
    rachel clinkman 2 yil oldin

    Please make a video on all your favorite firming products!!!!!!

  • Saucier Marie-Michelle

    I'm looking for a lipbalm with SPF... any suggestions? Thank you :)

  • Nastia Fabrikant
    Nastia Fabrikant 2 yil oldin

    (I just want to say that I am addicted to you (also my bf hahahahah (love all of your videos, I LOVE James and Puka (hope I spelled it right !!keep going on girl YOU ROCK

  • Ronni Guiney
    Ronni Guiney 2 yil oldin

    Hey Tati, I love your videos and your honest reviews! I was wondering if you would consider reviewing some of the products from Sleek Makeup, especially the highlight and shadow palettes. I have seen some products mentioned elsewhere on youtube and am very curious to see more of their line!

  • Neel Tara
    Neel Tara 2 yil oldin

    BEAUTY KILLER EYESHADOW PALETTE by Jeffree Star Cosmetics review this product

  • Kimberly Mueller
    Kimberly Mueller 2 yil oldin

    Hi Tati! I've recently discovered your channel, and I'm having such fun catching up:). Not sure if this has been addressed before, but do you ever do videos, or recommend other videos for the... ahhhh, more mature woman? Ha! I'm in my late 50's, and a lot of what you talk about applies really well no matter the age, but I obviously have some challenges that a younger woman doesn't. Any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated! Keep up your great videos:) Thanks!

  • Purr Meowinton
    Purr Meowinton 2 yil oldin

    Hey Tati! Big fan of your videos, they have been a pleasure to watch while procrastinating for school :). I would just like to throw an idea out there for you (hopefully you'll see this!) Watching your videos it seems like you would have a lot of products that you don't like or want to use anymore. Have you ever considered selling those on eBay, and donating the money to charity? Just saw another youtuber do that (can't remember the name), and I thought it would be a cool thing you did that too! You'll get to destash and not have too much clutter but help out the community as well :D. Anyways. just thought I'd throw that out there. Great job on making the videos! Excited to see you release some more.

  • ocicatty
    ocicatty 2 yil oldin

    This is an apology for asking about how you afford the fabulous things you show us. None of my business of course. Love every video and wish you and James great happiness in your new home.

  • Simon Bannoura
    Simon Bannoura 2 yil oldin

    Hey Tati! I recently started watching you .. and you can't even believe how cute and appealing you are ! i really enjoy watching your videos :) please can you do a sensitive skin makeup & skin products haul for such skin conditions as rocasea, eczema etc. thank you

  • Krystalleification
    Krystalleification 2 yil oldin

    Hey Tati, I love your channel and all your videos. I really trust your recommendations because you are so honest. Just curious (nosy): What does James do for a living? xo

  • Valerianann
    Valerianann 2 yil oldin

    Tati !!! Please try new cosmetic line called MAKEUP REVOLUTION. They have a lot of stuff, everyone who tries loves it. They have like the most simillar to NAKED pallets. Would like to hear your opinion

  • Cool Cat w/ Sunnies
    Cool Cat w/ Sunnies 3 yil oldin

    omg Tati i absolutely adore you and your channel and i was wondering if you could please please please do a WTF on the les merveilleuses de laduree face color rose blush !!!! its $170 (INSANE RIGHT?!!) but it's so beautiful and i want to hear your opinion on whether it's worth the money or not because i trust your reviews the most !! Hope you have a wonderful day/evening/night!!

  • Avea Krause
    Avea Krause 3 yil oldin

    Hi!I don't know if you have an answer for me, but I would hope you do! I'm a trans girl who wears glasses, I have REALLY bad eyesight, my script is -8.75 with a -1.5 astigmatism in both eyes. With my glasses on I can see just fine, without them, about the tip of my nose is my limit. As you can imagine, this makes eye makeup VERYYYY hard to do, specifically eyeliner. Do you have any tips on how I can do it either without a mirror (have to get so close there isn't room to fit the eye pencil) or with my glasses on?

  • tristan cyprien
    tristan cyprien 3 yil oldin

    tati you should do more sephora collection hot or not ? like blushes , shaodows , idk tools and skin care . the whole line in general . i definetly trust your judgment with these kinds of things and i love sephora but im scared of their collection.. but i love the prices.

  • Cap MIam
    Cap MIam 3 yil oldin

    New subscriber and I am HOOKED ! Love your luxury vs. drug store comparisons, but am especially enjoying your WTF series. Please review the ARTIS brushes to see if they are worth the $$$ pricetag. Have a fabulous 2016 !

  • Maggie Makeup
    Maggie Makeup 3 yil oldin

    Can you do a video comparing all the nars foundations (Tinted moisturizer, All Day luminous, sheer glow, and the new velvet matte skin tint) and which one you like the most! :) Love your videos and snapchats so so much!!

  • Marbella Salgado
    Marbella Salgado 3 yil oldin

    I do not mean to take away from your channel when I say this, and please be merciful. I have followed you for a long while. I always end up using the make up you recommend (as long as I can afford it), but I've really been faltering since you've started doing this "$100 MASCARA!? WHAT?!" It's nothing against you or your channel. You just always say how "you're trying new make up for your viewers..." and stuff. In all reality, your average viewer probably can't afford a $30 foundation much less a $100 mascara. Are you REALLY trying this high end expensive make up for your viewers or is it just for you? I ended up following you because you mixed high end make up with drugstore make up. I have bought a lot of the products that you end up recommending. It's a good mix of good, cheap stuff. Seeing as how you just got 1 million subscribers (I may be only 1 in a million), you may not miss me if I unsubscribe. I would hate to unsubscribe, though, since you've brought me great joy and pleasure from watching your videos. But spending that much on trivial make up when your average viewer is only 18-28 years old and can barely afford to spend $20 on an eyeliner, is it really for your viewers? If I'm wrong in any way, please let me know. I don't want to upset you. You've so awesome! I would hate to unsubscribe. I just don't find a lot of use in your videos anymore. Please tell me that I'm wrong or if I'm stepping out of line. :(

  • How To Make Sushi
    How To Make Sushi 3 yil oldin


  • Kelly Pedro
    Kelly Pedro 3 yil oldin

    Hey I have a question if you know another color other than INTERLACE- Palest creme peach LIP TAR / RTW that is really nice like the one in your dupes video? please let me know. OCC is sold out of INTERLACE

  • Candice Judish
    Candice Judish 3 yil oldin

    Love your videos!! Do you ever do demo's on particular products that viewers request?

  • Sarianna S
    Sarianna S 3 yil oldin

    Hi! I'm a new follower, and really enjoying going through your back catalogue. I'd love to hear more about the H&M Beauty stuff, especially their eyeshadows. The range of colours is great, but I'd like to know how the quality holds up!

  • Sierra McFarlin
    Sierra McFarlin 3 yil oldin

    Please do a hot or not on the wet n wild color icon lipsticks. They are on of my favorite drugstore matte lipsticks because they are so pigmented and beautiful.

  • Pandokie3
    Pandokie3 3 yil oldin

    Can you do a review on the new Lorac Nude Necessities Eye Shadow Palette? It's like any other ole neutral palette, but I love Lorac's shadow formula, so wondering if it's a must-have.

  • Katherine Rhodes
    Katherine Rhodes 3 yil oldin

    Tati - I am in love with your channel!! I recently started watching you (ok recently binge watching) and I can't tell you how useful your videos are, especially at the drug store. All of my recent makeup purchases were on your recommendation and you have saved me a lot of money and introduced me to some fantastic products. Thank you for this channel. xoxoxo

  • Rachael Holden
    Rachael Holden 3 yil oldin

    Tati!! Please do a review of the L'Oreal Lumi cushion foundation!

  • Heather McDonough
    Heather McDonough 3 yil oldin

    Hey Tati I love your channel. Can you give a tour of your Beauty Room sometime?

  • Lee Ann Guthrie
    Lee Ann Guthrie 3 yil oldin

    please do a review on the up&up target brand makeup brushes! ive been using them for years and there are some real gems!

  • Ella Gene
    Ella Gene 3 yil oldin

    Tati, Your videos are awesome! I miss it when I don't get to see one on the weekends! You're addicting! :) Anyway. my question is could you please do a review on Juice Beauty products? I would love to know how you really feel about them.

  • Tracex 45
    Tracex 45 3 yil oldin

    I've only recently found you on UZclip and I'm really liking what I see - keep up the great videos Tati. I would love to see more healthy living videos or a 'playlist' with all of them together. Gotta go and get some organizing done but I'll be listening to some more of you videos while I work - Cheers !!

  • Sarah Salazar
    Sarah Salazar 3 yil oldin

    Hey Tati! I was wondering if you ever did a review of the L'Oreal True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation..... I saw the video where you purchased it but haven't heard anything since. Let me know. Xoxoxox

  • Sonya Malone
    Sonya Malone 3 yil oldin

    Hey Tati, Im interested in trying false lashes but I have never even made an attempt at it. What kind would you recommend to someone who has never used them or doesn't have any clue how to put them on?

  • Danz-In The-Shadows
    Danz-In The-Shadows 3 yil oldin

    Hey have you ever found a good drugstore red lipstick with gold undertones or just gold through it?

  • x x
    x x 3 yil oldin

    Tati, I love you! I love makeup and I have learned SO much about it from you. I love your reviews because they really help me to find useful things and products for my type of skin. And you are such a lovely woman! I hope you keep doing this for a very, VERY long time! Greetings from Argentina <3

  • Shana Lawson
    Shana Lawson 3 yil oldin

    I need a facial moisturizer, I have sensitive skin, this weather is making my face really dry but its usually combination skin and on a drug store budget. What would you recommend?

  • samantha Machimity
    samantha Machimity 3 yil oldin

    do a shop miss a haul please :)

  • Lena Popescu
    Lena Popescu 3 yil oldin

    i can't wait for makeup collection!!!!!!!!!!luv u!!

  • poisonivy794
    poisonivy794 3 yil oldin

    Will your app eventually come out for Windows phones?

  • Abi Collins
    Abi Collins 3 yil oldin

    Totally random, but any suggestions on how to avoid frown lines? Seems like nothing I do helps! I use a face primer and I've tried putting eye shadow primer on the area and also I use powder. Could this just be a natural face issue?

  • Tracy Sutherland
    Tracy Sutherland 3 yil oldin

    I can't get enough of watching your videos! I caught up on all of last year and your new videos, so I'm slowly creeping backwards to your earliest videos! Thanks so much for your consistent and always humorous AND educational content!

  • Tanya Fernandez
    Tanya Fernandez 3 yil oldin

    Tati I would love if you did a review on Chanel Hydra Beauty Gel Creme! :)

  • Satrina Roulette
    Satrina Roulette 3 yil oldin

    NEW MILANI AT CVS?!? Saw lip treatments, finishing powder and primer!

  • Luciana Hurtado
    Luciana Hurtado 3 yil oldin

    hey tati can you please do a first impressions on the new mac liquid lipsticks?

  • Luna MP
    Luna MP 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati, can you do a review over the Cargo The Essentials Eye Shadow Palette please!, thank you

  • kristi hatina
    kristi hatina 3 yil oldin

    why no videos???

  • Marissa Ritter
    Marissa Ritter 3 yil oldin

    I have a few questions. 1 is it possible for you to do an Asian beauty review? 2 do you happen to have another channel because there is someone who has your name picture and a couple of your videos loaded up. I absolutely love your channel and can't wait to see more!!

  • Sariah Jose
    Sariah Jose 3 yil oldin

    TATI! Congrats on 1,000,000 subscribers! I'm glad you got there; you deserved it a while ago. Your channel is absolutely amazing. Are you still in LA? I'm moving to the area at the end of January.

  • neon471
    neon471 3 yil oldin

    Hey Tati, love your videos! I would love to see you review some of the makeup from Lush (It's not always available in store but it's online). I'm a total Lush junkie but their makeup is kinda pricey and I would love to know if it's worth the price. Thanks!

  • dolly caldwell
    dolly caldwell 3 yil oldin

    Am I doing this wrong.....I am 63 yrs old & have worn make up since I was 16..I have always put on my makeup in this order...primer, concealer, foundation, eye shadow, liner, mascara, blush, then setting powder.....the more I become involved in UZclip videos I noticed that a lot of the professionals put on all their eye make up 1st....then the balance of the face...what are the pros & cons of doing this...I am open to suggestions and change....thx & Happy New Year

  • Amanda Moscirella
    Amanda Moscirella 3 yil oldin

    Could you do a video for your full makeup collection and room? I love all your videos and your commentary!

  • De Loreto
    De Loreto 3 yil oldin

    by the way.... I forgot... could it be not too matt?

  • De Loreto
    De Loreto 3 yil oldin

    please do a review on best MINERAL PRESSED POWDER FOUNDATIONS, I'm using Physician Formula Airbrush and I like it, but this brand also have B.B., C.C., Youthfull Wear.... so many to choose from. Must say I'm 45, and fair skin with some open pores but no other problem... I prefer a medium coverage and I dont like the liquid foundations at all! Could you please help me with this? I'd appreciate it. Thanks- It could also be any other drugstore brand... keep on with your channel! Thumbs up!

  • Professor Top Hat
    Professor Top Hat 3 yil oldin

    Can you please do a video on Bourjois foundations? I see them everywhere lately and there's so many to choose from that it would be interesting to see a video on how they wear and which one is actually worth the money ^^

  • Alejandra Deleon
    Alejandra Deleon 3 yil oldin

    what do you do with all the makeup you don't like?

  • Alejandra Deleon
    Alejandra Deleon 3 yil oldin

    can you do a makeup storage video??

  • Niamh Bell
    Niamh Bell 3 yil oldin

    I am from Australia and seeing the WTF luxury reviews legit makes me cry. In Australia we actually consider most of your "drugstore" makeup to be higher end lux and for those of us addicted to good quality it is a living hell. Watching your reviews is also incredibly addictive because I get to actually see them tried out instead of seeing a picture of the bottle/container and then crying over the price. Love your work! xo

  • Iris Ma
    Iris Ma 3 yil oldin

    Tati, could you please do a review for Foreo luna? and maybe foreo issa as well?

  • Arianna Gillespie
    Arianna Gillespie 3 yil oldin

    Hey new to your videos! Not sure if you've done a review of it but I'll love to hear youvopinion on Besame lipsticks.

  • YeninCT
    YeninCT 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati ..I know you have done many videos on foundation. I do have melasma for my second pregnancy and have not found the perfect full cover foundation ..any suggestions? ..many thanks !!!

  • Rani B
    Rani B 3 yil oldin

    Hi how I know if you reply my answer on comments on any of your video

  • Marilyn S
    Marilyn S 3 yil oldin

    anybody else agree that tati should do reviews on the Morphe palettes?:D

  • Beauty Talk with Sam

    1 million subscribers!! Yay!! So happy to see that today and I am so happy for you! You so deserve it! I love watching your channel and seeing your channel grow over the past month has been incredible! Can't wait to see what more you have in store!

  • Yesenia Castillo
    Yesenia Castillo 3 yil oldin

    do you use Shadow Shields ??? any recommendations

  • Fernanda Brizuela
    Fernanda Brizuela 3 yil oldin

    Congrats! Could you please try the touch mineral liquid to powder foundation from younique products? I've seen only the best about it, but most reviews seem to be sponsored and I'd love a non biased review!!

  • Irene García
    Irene García 3 yil oldin

    I am so sad that I cannot get your products shipped to Spain, I wanted to try them sooooo bad! :'( I'm sure you'll someday have a meet & greet here, and I cannot wait for that day <3

  • KL
    KL 3 yil oldin

    I hope you have a Merry Christmas, Tati!

  • Eunice Chan
    Eunice Chan 3 yil oldin

    Congrats on hitting 1,000,000 subscribers Tati<3

  • xxrachelxxrainbowxx
    xxrachelxxrainbowxx 3 yil oldin


  • sonicistheway
    sonicistheway 3 yil oldin

    Hey Tati! This is surprisingly not makeup related, but I've been dying to know what kind of car you guys have because it's gorgeous! Also- since I'm here- I love your channel! Thanks so much for creating wonderfully helpful and fun content :3

  • Naomi Bedgood
    Naomi Bedgood 3 yil oldin

    please do a reveiw of the body shop poducts

  • Jennifer Krawet
    Jennifer Krawet 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati, Thank you for all your videos! You are an amazing artist and I've learned so much from you. I'm an animal lover and would love to see a video(s) in which you highlight/demonstrate your favorite cruelty-free brands. Thank you! Jen T

  • Christea bell
    Christea bell 3 yil oldin

    Hi i love your videos. I'd love to see a hair care video. i dont really see many. maybe a hair care routine, top 10 hair care products, or hair masks! thanks

  • stephanie
    stephanie 3 yil oldin

    Can you try out the ginger shampoo from thee body shop? Everyone says it's amazing but how is it compared to Phillip B.?

  • Cassie M
    Cassie M 3 yil oldin

    Can you a top favorite drug store look: Who has the best mascara, eyeliner, bronzer, etc? I've already taken a few recommendations from you and so far I've been really impressed :)

  • Jennifer Bain
    Jennifer Bain 3 yil oldin

    hi tati! im so in love with your videos. i love how you're so genuine and sweet. thank you so much for your reviews. i dont even have the guts to get out of the house without makeup yet you're so courageous and kind going without on camera to show us tutorials. frankly you're beautiful inside and it shows outside so really you don't need makeup. and for all those haters out there who give you negative comments, don't even bother reading them because deep down, they're just jealous you're beautiful and you have a sweet life in california playing with makeup with your cute dog and bf. keep up the good work. you make me smile. xox

  • Yamila Cálcena
    Yamila Cálcena 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati! i am an argentinian girl that follow your channel recently. i have two questions for you: 1. which thing do you get in your professional makeup kit when you go to a job? 2. have you ever tried the peel off lip tint? i asked you because here in argentina we have a loooot of restriction to buy makeup so we buy it to people that travel to U.S.end resale it to us (obiously much more expensive) example w&w is more expensive than mac. sorry for my english i understand more than i can talk and write. Thank you so much for your time!! Yamila

  • toni thorson
    toni thorson 3 yil oldin

    new cargo palette called Venice at Kohl's and on there web love to see a hot or not

  • Ainara Arteaga
    Ainara Arteaga 3 yil oldin

    You are the best Tati!! Love your videos, specially because you upload 5 times a week!! There are so informative and really really helpfull. THANK YOU. Kisses from Spain.

  • Femmigirlz
    Femmigirlz 3 yil oldin

    I'm use to seeing you daily. Where are you? Come back Tati. LOL, Missing your video's. Making me go through Tati Withdrawals. I miss how you make me smile. xoxo

  • Erika Bruna
    Erika Bruna 3 yil oldin

    Could you please do a review on the BareMinerals locked and coated mascara top coat? P.S. I love your videos!

  • Danielle Erickson
    Danielle Erickson 3 yil oldin

    Someone created a fake channel using your name, pictures and videos.

  • Shannon Salamone
    Shannon Salamone 3 yil oldin

    Tati help - I have such oily skin. . . I use an anti-oil moisturizer, setting powder and Urban Decay de-slick setting spray and I STILL need to blot and powder twice a day! Are there any products out there for oily skin that you can recommend?

  • Nicole Pedroso
    Nicole Pedroso 3 yil oldin

    Love you Tati!

  • Monika Griciūtė
    Monika Griciūtė 3 yil oldin

    Hello, Tati, please please please, do a review video about Rimmel London Provocalips :) please please please... xoxo

  • Tiago Hogan
    Tiago Hogan 3 yil oldin

    Hi there!Tati!!subbed your cool channel! if you like mine please subbme as well? thank you very much

  • McKenna Cartt
    McKenna Cartt 3 yil oldin

    you should do a makeup graveyard for mascara

  • Joanna Model
    Joanna Model 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati, Can you PLEASE do a tutorial on the Estee Lauder wet/dry eyeshadows that you reviewed in Hot or Not. I want to make a purchase, but have no idea how to apply them. Thanks so much! Love your videos.

  • McKenna Cartt
    McKenna Cartt 3 yil oldin

    what was the name of that chocolate milk she mentioned in one video? ik that is super random but I wanted to try it

  • Victoria Coles
    Victoria Coles 3 yil oldin

    Please do a hot or not on micellar waters! reviewing a whole bunch of them!

  • Livia Weingarten
    Livia Weingarten 3 yil oldin

    Just stumbled upon your channel and I love your videos! You give really good advice on makeup and have helped out already! Thanks so much!! <3

  • Danielle Boulanger
    Danielle Boulanger 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati! Love your videos, they are so informative:) I was hoping you could tell me which of the Coty Airspun powder shades is best....Naturally Neutral or the translucent? I'm travelling to the U.S and I have always wanted to try since you recommended it way back when! Thank you!!

  • László
    László 3 yil oldin


  • Kimberly Freed
    Kimberly Freed 3 yil oldin

    Morning Tati, So I went to Ulta this past weekend to get some new foundation based on your recommendation of the Loreal Infalleble line. I think the color I got is too yellow for me. What color do you think would compare to MAC's studio fix fluid in NW20 which is what I usually wear?

  • lisare1967
    lisare1967 3 yil oldin

    I love watching your videos and need some help and I just know your the person to ask who will give me the most honest answer. What is a great truly transfer resistant and sweat proof foundation? I'm getting married in Michigan in the summer and I don't want to put makeup smudges on everyone I hug nor do I want to sweat it off! I have combination skin and menopausal uggh hahaha Help! Thanks in advance :-)

  • kristina v
    kristina v 3 yil oldin

    don't know if this is an appropriate place to ask if it'll ever get answered. but for someone who is in her 20's and has little to no experience in make up... when i go to the drug store or wherever and i try to find products i get overwhelmed. i don't know what products to get , what brands because there's a lot mentioned. it'll be great if you could make a video on all the things you need... from make up brushes to which eyeshadow and all that. idk.. :X

  • uls86
    uls86 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati! I was thinking of buying a whole lot of makeup from elf since they are super affordable, but I paused because I have no idea what the quality is like. I was wondering if you are ever going to do a review on any of the elf cosmetics? I think a lot of people would absolutely appreciate it. On a side note, if I google your name from my location the first thing that comes up is Toronto Art Therapy Institute lol.

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    Breathless404 3 yil oldin

    Hey Tati. ELF have new palettes that looks like dupes for urban decay nude palettes. You should check it out~

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    Elizabeth Bullock 3 yil oldin

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    jms16gm 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati. Great videos. I am really interested in the new Buxom Customizable eyeshadow bar. It came out a few days ago and is exclusive to Sephora. They came out with a bunch of new single shades that you can put together in a palette of 6 for $40. They are normally $12 each. I would love to see swatches and a review on them, especially the matte and soft shimmer neutrals. Thanks!

  • electrobeat14
    electrobeat14 3 yil oldin

    Hi Tati! Love your videos! I want to know if you can make a review /tutorial about nude air serum to powder foundation, as well as the same for the lancome one (serum to powder)? I would love you to compare setting powders (Nars, Dior, and Make up forever). Thank you!!

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    TATI!!! first off, love u!! But also, have you tried the Physician's formula Matte color quad? I just saw it recently and was wondering if you, or anyone reading this, has given them a shot. Thanks!!

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    Ann Faust 3 yil oldin

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    Thank you so much Tati for introducing me to some pretty awesome drugstore products. I tried the Rimmel eyeliner today and im pleased with that. I can see myself using it more in the future. Also liked the Caress body wash (smells so good!) and the Physcians Formula Jumbo mascara. Though I did have mild complaints, I can see myself buying it again. I look to you for helpful, honest reviews, and you haven't disappointed yet. You rock! Peace and positive vibes. :)

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  • Clare Sneddon
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    Hi Tati! Been a fan for a while now, and thought I'd share with you something I created that came to me in a light bulb moment :) I've noticed that the J Lo " dewy skin" has become popular, but the moisturizers and primers that give you that glow are quite expensive, so I put some moisturizer into a pump bottle and added a pin head amount of the NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in the white, shook it up and tested it on my hand, and loved it! Next I put it on my face then applied my foundation and it looked great! I got the dewy look without breaking the bank! Thought it might be a helpful tip for your other fellow followers who are on a budget.. Hope you have great week and the wedding plans are going a bit more smoothly now :)

  • Brit Kernahan
    Brit Kernahan 4 yil oldin

    I just saw something on Sephora that I am so enamored with! Hourglass has new eyeshadow palettes. They're called Modernest Eyeshadow Palettes. I would love a review!!! They look so pretty! Especially "Graphite" and "Field".

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  • Survivormj
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    Hey Tati, Thank you so much for your makeup graveyard series. I have been able to purge, purge, purge, skin care and make up that just wasn't for me. My daughters were here for Christmas and one by one, each selected items until all was gone. My youngest doesn't know much about it but, found skin and body products to enjoy. My oldest asked "do you know how much this costs?" I don't use mascara but, had just about every kind of high end because they came in sets. She was very excited, I think she drolled a little. Now I am down to what I use or what I am interested in trying. Happy New Year.

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    Dear Tati, most of UK youtubers are raving about W7, Revealed 2, and iconic revolution pallets that they are dupes for Urban Decay Naked pallets. I like the way you break down the color pay off and quality of the products. I will put the link below for those pallets Coastal Scents revealed 2 www.amazon.com/Coastal-Scents-Revealed-Palette-Ounce/dp/B00KYWDP1A/ref=pd_sim_bt_1?ie=UTF8&refRID=102HE069RWGVJ7SG0SC4 W7 Natural Nudes Naked Eye Colour Palette www.amazon.com/W7-Natural-Nudes-Colour-Palette/dp/B00MWS1EZS/ref=pd_sbs_bt_3?ie=UTF8&refRID=102HE069RWGVJ7SG0SC4 Iconic Revolution NAKED PALETTE 1, 2 & 3 DUPES? ♡ NEW Makeup Revolution Iconic Palettes Review, Swatches & Comparison!

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    • Bryony Carter
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      Yes, Thank you very much +Margarida Pereira <3 oxoxox

    • Margarida Pereira
      Margarida Pereira 4 yil oldin

      Her favorite organic mascara or mascara in general is Physicians Formula Organic Wear. She constantly raves and rants about it. Just thought id let you know :)

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    Hi Tati, Just watched your Target haul video. I went to Target too last weekend and bought a piece from the Altuzarra collection. I did not buy the python skirt because of the slit in the front, but it looked great on you so maybe you'll decide to keep it. As far as giveaways go, I like the gift cards, makeup sets and fragrance giveaways so thanks for always sharing. Your hair looks great and you are always beautiful! Canada loves Tati too. Wish we had an Ulta store here. :/ Bye for now. Diane Lauzon Lauzon.diane@gmail.com

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    • Amy Long
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      Well it feels old to me! Although that could just be my MS! :) I was diagnosis when I was 33.

    • rita f.
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      that was old in the 1700s... not in 2014 :))

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  • Yiovanna Rangel
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